Chapter 1058

-Really? As expected, the value of the options is the greatest.

For the last week, Grid had devoted himself to hunting in the jungle, the first gateway of the Ruins of the War God. The followers in the jungle couldn’t easily stop him, Noe, Randy, Tiramet, the light elemental, and the Overgeared Skeletons. Randy was particularly active. The ‘doppelganger of the Mysterious Forest’, who could copy skills as well as the appearance of the target, evolved further with the development of Grid’s Swordsmanship. 

“Let’s take a break.”

Once his stamina gauge flashed, Grid sat down and summoned Overgeared Corn. Overgeared Corn confirmed that there were no women and ushered in Sage Time. He started to lick Grid’s cheek in a humiliated manner like he was a prisoner kissing the feet of an enemy leader.

Noe laughed. “Overgeared Corn is swearing about how his master doesn’t have a lover. A man who walks alone without a woman is the most pathetic and unsightly person in the world.”

Overgeared Corn responded like it was refreshing for his words to be heard. 

Grid snorted. “I’m a married man. You are the solo one.”

Overgeared Corn gave up. He bowed his head and cried. Grid stoked Overgeared Corn’s mane, pulled out his portable furnace and anvil, and focused on the whisper. He was contacting Chris.

-So, who is the lucky protagonist? 


During Grid’s absence, Chris had carried out a campaign. It was a campaign that said ‘make things for yourself.’ The campaign was to keep the alchemy facility running non-stop while not putting the burden on the Overgeared Kingdom’s finances. The Overgeared members participated in it actively. Hundreds of Overgeared members came to Reidan every day. They provided the materials and used the Production system.

Sometimes, they used the Transformation system. Other times, they used the Option system. Of course, the Option system could only be used by a limited number of Overgeared members as there was a 48-hour countdown. Well, the utilization wouldn’t be high even if there was no cooldown time. There was a limit to the number of options that could be attached to each item, and there was a great risk that the value of the item would be slashed entirely if they ended up with the ‘coolness’ option like Iyarugt.

However, one lucky person had been born. It was Vantner. He was fortunate to have the best ‘Add Skill’ option added to his main weapon. There was a celebration throughout the entire Overgeared Guild. 

The ultimate result in normal alchemy led to the facility’s experience rising by 0.01% percent. The best result in transformation increased experience by 1% while the best result in the field of adding options increased experience by 5%.

-A skill was added... I’m jealous.

-I thought I was going to die from a stomach ache watching him.

Vantner was the lucky one. Thanks to Vantner’s personality, he would probably boast about it for the next few years, making their ears sore. Grid grumbled for a moment before smiling.

-Well, I’m glad that the experience of the alchemy facility has increased dramatically.

-Yes. Grid, you guarantee 1% experience every 10 days. If this luck keeps up, the facility will level up faster than we think.

The situation was optimistic, and the campaign had greatly reduced the financial burden. The problem was the members who failed appeared one after another. In the worst case, the number of members using the alchemy facility could plummet and the rate of experience gain would slow.

-It is too much of a strain on the guild members. I will instruct them to increase the investment in alchemy at the national level, so distribute alchemy products to the members.

-Yes, I understand.

Chris was a top ranker. Among the two billion players, his power was at the top, and he had great experience running a large guild. Since he had many faithful subordinates and was a tycoon in the pursuit of founding a country, his actual pride was very high. Yet he was like this in front of Grid. He faithfully followed Grid no matter the circumstances.

Was it because Grid’s power transcended Chris’? No, humans weren’t animals. They didn’t simply give in to power. The biggest reason Chris followed Grid was his absolute trust in Grid’s nature. As Grid gew up, Chris genuinely came to respect Grid’s attitude that abandoned his arrogance and looked around. Chris always felt the desire to stand at the top with this man.

“Then let’s start again.”

Grid intended to be the first player to reach level 400. He recalled Overgeared Corn and got up. Then a follower from a bush came upon him. The follower used a bull-like rush similar to Bubat and instantly narrowed the distance to Grid. The bushes and branches shook in response to the wind that blew belatedly. By this time, the follower’s sword was already drawing a frightening arc. The sharp end of the weapon headed toward Grid’s neck.

However, Grid didn’t respond. He didn’t have to go out on his own.

Kyak kyak! Kyakyakyak!


The Overgeared Skeletons' dancing and laughter attracted the eyes of the follower, and the follower’s weapon naturally transferred from Grid’s neck to the Overgeared Skeletons. The weapon ended up hitting Tiramet’s chest, not the Overgeared Skeletons. Blood gushed out, but Tiramet didn’t blink. Rather, he scoffed and hugged the follower tightly around the waist.


“Grid’s Sword Dance! Link!”

Noe’s claws and Randy’s swordsmanship turned the followers into rags. The furious follower shook Tiramet off and tried to fight back.


The light elemental temporarily destroyed the follower’s vision. Grid’s basic attack slammed into its back. One time, two times, three times, four times, five times, six times, seven times, eight times, nine times... Alex's Quick Gloves, which increased general attack speed by three times, worked well with his transcendent status.

Previously, Grid was limited to the maximum speed and could only achieve six basic attacks per second. Now it was possible to go up to nine. He was even in a no-buff state. The follower kneeled down with a moan. Grid didn’t even look at the follower who was swept away by the black flames and turned to ashes. There was a smile on his face as he praised Noe, Randy, Tiramet, the light elemental, and the Overgeared Skeletons, “It was a great teamplay. Well done.”

Heh, this is no big deal. These low-level guys are ordinary food for the best demonic beast of hell.”

“Grid becoming stronger means Randy is stronger. I’m happy...”

Kyak kyak! Kya kya kyak!

Clack! Clack clack!

Flash flash!

Noe, Randy, the light elemental, and the Overgeared Skeletons clearly expressed their delight at Grid’s praise. Only Tiramet was unresponsive. The true blood vampire was still unable to understand the reality of being a human’s pet. All the true blood vampires that Grid met so far had their noses in the air, so he thought it was right to give Tiramet time to adjust.

‘It will be different if we keep staying together.’

Clack clack! Clack clack clack!

“Stop dancing,” Grid scolded the Overgeared Skeletons and moved deeper into the forest. He planned to keep on hunting until the cooldown time of Ultimate Transformation ended.


The vampire cities and the Galgunos Temple were the exclusive hunting grounds of the Overgeared Guild. Both hunting grounds had distinct advantages. In the vampire cities, a large number of vampires appeared, and it was good for raising the Overgeared members’ skill proficiency. It was also possible for them to obtain jackpots like the vampire items and elixirs. 

On the other hand, the Galgunos Temple guaranteed overwhelming experience instead of fewer monsters and dropped items. The high-leveled Overgeared members were using the Galgunos Temple while the low to mid Overgeared members were using the vampire cities as hunting grounds. 

“Wow, I’m going to die. It is so hard here. What about the Ruins of the War God?”

In the Galgunos Temple, Peak Sword returned the beautiful Iyarugt to his sheath and sat down. He was still stunned. Considering how Grid could play solo at the terrible Ruins of the War God... he felt more and more like a distant existence in the world.

Vantner replied with a grin, “The ruins aren’t a big deal for Grid. Well, I’m also going to move my hunting grounds to the ruins.”


“I’m too strong because of the new skill attached to my weapon. It is boring here. Huhuhut.

“Don’t drink a potion and tell me that. You will die.”

Hum hum.

It was hard. In the Galgunos Temple, the frequency of the followers was too high. Peak Sword, Vantner, Pon, Regas, Jishuka, and others of the 10 meritorious retainers hunted together, but the Overgeared members faced new crises every time. Ibellin and Zednos, the strongest members after the 10 meritorious retainers, had died three times in the past 10 days. Losing concentration for even a short period of time caused death, so the 10 meritorious retainers encouraged guild members to hunt in the vampire cities.

Sigh. It is hard because we don’t have enough buffers and healers.”

The healers were particularly problematic. Due to the nature of Satisfy, they were forced to hire NPC priests of the Rebecca Church if they wanted healers. However, the Galgunos Temple was too dangerous for the Rebecca priests. The priests became reluctant to go to the Galgunos Temple, and the healing drought in the Overgeared Guild became more severe. At this moment, the drought was over.

“Please let us into the party.”


The 10 meritorious retainers were helping the guild members hunt while blocking the paths of other followers. They were tired from the ongoing battle, but their eyes looked back. Only one person had the title of Saintess. Grid’s sister Ruby appeared in the temple with her friend and escort knight, Sexy Schoolgirl. The moment they entered the party, the Overgeared members were perfectly restored thanks to Ruby’s wide-area heals, and the members were happy and surprised.

“What’s going on here?”

Ruby and Sexy Schoolgirl had joined the Overgeared Guild since high school and were two of the few light users in the Overgeared Guild. They were studying, so their gameplay time was very low. Due to their low level, they were generally active in low level hunting grounds. Sometimes they were spotted in the vampire cities, but it was only sometimes. Why were they in the Galgunos Temple, which had a great level of difficulty? Had they gained so many levels after not being seen for a while?

Sexy Schoolgirl raised a V sign to the blank Overgeared members. “I’m a former university student who has transitioned to being a professional gamer.”


The power of the Overgeared Guild... The players they hoped would be their greatest power in the next few years were finally...

“Yes!” Vantner’s cry represented the joy of the Overgeared members. All guild members welcomed Ruby and Sexy Schoolgirl, and the party’s hunting speed increased by four times.


“Look. That’s him, that person.”

“The farmer of the Overgeared Guild!”

“The Seven Dukes... No, the one who made the Five Dukes of the empire bow their heads!”


A group of people flocked to Reinhardt’s granaries. There was only one reason why tens of thousands of tourists came here every day. It was to see the legendary farmer Piaro. People didn’t forget the absolute supreme person who caused the proud dukes of the empire to bow. The sight of the farming tools he used to smash Berith...

“Wow! Look at that! Piaro has started to dig up potatoes!”

Ah! Ahhh! His hand plow is sexy...”

The bright-eyed people gazed at Piaro with envy and respect. Now Piaro was the hero and idol of all players, not just Grid and the Overgeared members.

Some people argued that Piaro should be Satisfy’s mascot and some of the Korean markets famous for rice created characters in Satisfy to meet with Piaro. It was said that Vietnam’s prime minister, a country famous for its rice noodles, also started Satisfy through a back door, but it was impossible to confirm this.

Piaro, who was responsible for the army and food, was one of the greatest powers of the Overgeared Kingdom. It wasn’t easy for newbies to meet him.

Huhuhut, Aura Master Hurent laughed as he worked with Piaro on the fields. He was thrilled to know that so many people admired his master.

Administrator Rabbit approached Hurent as he was humming. “Look over here.”

Huh? Ah, yes. What did you need?”

“Please take this.”

“Isn’t this the rainbow potato?” Hurent cocked his head. Hurent couldn’t understand why the administrator was showing him a cart with dozens of bags of potatoes.

Rabbit explained to the puzzled Hurent, “Take it to the people and sell it. We shouldn’t miss this opportunity to sell to tourists.”


“Sell the potatoes.”


“We can get five times the price for potatoes grown by the legendary farmer Piaro... No, it can be sold at 10 times the price. What are you doing? Hurry up.”


On this day...

[Title: Today, I went to the Overgeared Kingdom and encountered Aura Master Hurent]

[He is selling potatoes...

ㄴafsij**’s comment: Then Huroi is reading a morals book.]

There were posts in communities all over the world about sightings of Aura Master Hurent but few people believed them.


In the capital of the Saharan Empire, Titan...

“Don’t resist and accept it. It will be more comfortable for you.”

Edan sat in front of the captured dukes and pulled out the Yatan Essence. The irresistible demonic energy started to harass and manipulate the minds of the dukes.

Dark clouds hung over the empire.