Chapter 1094

-The possibility of suffering direct damage seems very low....


Those who were anxious about the orcs’ march, calling it the ‘worst disaster since the great demon’, gradually regained stability.

-It is quite different from the great demon.

The great demons treated humans as cattle. They one-sidedly abused, slaughtered, and ridiculed humans. The orcs were different. They were also intelligent beings who could be classified alongside humans. Unlike the great demons, they were common-sense opponents and not as cruel as the great demons. They didn’t impose their ideas of justice on humans. However, they argued that they needed territory to live.

“I, the lord who leads the great warriors, Teruchan! Our great warriors don’t have the hobby of torturing the weak! Guruk! Gruruk! I will guarantee your safety if you raise the white flag and surrender your land!”

Howl City Fortress—it was the gateway to the Fold Kingdom, and there were always 30,000 elite troops stationed there. The soldiers were commanded by veterans who went through all sorts of hardships, and the knights led the way in defeating the invaders.

Yes, Howl’s army was valiant. They would stand up, even if the empire invaded. The reason why the Fold Kingdom wasn’t afraid of the empire’s retaliation after going under the Overgeared Kingdom was that they trusted Howl’s army. However...

“These sons of bitches. Why covet our kingdom? There are many countries richer than us.”

“That’s right. There is no use for this barren land.”

“Perhaps they aren’t aware of the state of our country? They are surprisingly good conversationalists. Perhaps they will step back if we explain it well?” 

Even Howl’s army was shrank back in front of the orcs. The sight of 100,000 dark-skinned orcs, with a height of at least two meters, under the walls placed a great pressure on them. In particular, the orc lord in the lead was terrifying. The mere sight of his eyes made them feel nauseous. A few soldiers’ pants were already wet.

Umm...” Marquis Veze—the lord of Howl and the symbol of the Fold Kingdom’s armed forces who was famous for being the idol of tens of millions of guardian knight players—came to a decision after agonizing over the matter. “A conversation. That is a good way. Open the gates. I will go out and talk to them.”

“That is impossible!” The marquis’ men were shocked.

Sure, the orcs were unexpectedly gentleman. They were like knights worshipping chivalry. When they heard that the small villages the orcs passed on the way were safe, they thought that orcs were better than some humans. However, this could be an act. In the first place, orcs were the enemy. There was no fool who would tell their commander to step into the middle of enemy territory.

“The fortress is doomed the moment they harm you or take you hostage.”

“That’s right! Please be cautious! Please send out the warden!”

“The captain is hiding while asking for a conversation? The orcs will respond well. They would laugh at us.”

“Just fight! It is too dangerous for you to go out in person!”

“That's right! They are orcs! Monsters! There is nothing to talk about!”

“Then shall we fight blindly?”

“We have 30,000 strong soldiers! We’ll be able to hold on if we stay in the castle!” 

“There is hope because an army has been dispatched from the capital!”

“Is it really possible?”

“...” Everyone shut their mouths at the marquis’ question. The marquis’ gaze was aimed at a large spear stuck in the city gates. It was a spear that Orc Lord Teruchan had thrown from ‘an invisible place.’ The spear caused cracks in the walls, and even dozens of knights combined couldn’t pull it out. It was as if it had been there since the beginning.

“We will only be able to hold on for two days. The moment they start the offensive, the walls will collapse, and the fortress will be thoroughly trampled on. Rather than increasing the number of victims with meaningless resistance, it is better to try and talk to them first.”

“However, if the marquis suffers a disaster, we won’t be able to last for even two days.”

“The moment they strike at my neck, throw away the fortress and retreat to the capital. Prince Shining will immediately grasp the situation and take you in.”

“Do you want us to be cowards who run away without even fighting?”

“Of course, some people will point fingers at you. Still, don’t worry. Everyone will know that today’s choice was the only way to protect the country. Endure the humiliation for our country.”


The people couldn’t persuade Marquis Veze any longer. He broke through the barriers made by his subordinates with his body and left the castle.


The pale nobles and knights urgently rushed to the walls. They saw Marquis Veze come face to face with Orc Lord Teruchan. The Marquis was a guardian knight who specialized in defending. Among the other nobles and knights, Marquis Veze’ body was large like that of a giant yet he felt dwarfed among the orcs. In particular, he looked like a little kid compared to Teruchan.

“I am Veze, the leader of this fortress and a marquis of the Fold Kingdom. Orc Lord Teruchan, I will tell you something despite the shame.”

Grruk. Kruruk! Go ahead,” Teruchan responded in an interested manner. He was very pleased with the courage of the slender man who jumped into the middle of the enemy alone.

“The territory of our Fold Kingdom is famous for being the most barren on the continent. The mountains are common, and we don’t have the strength of the sea. It has no value even if the orcs conquer it.”

“Then we should invade other kingdoms? Grruk.

“...I’m asking you to step down.”

The number and types of monsters that appeared in the Fold Kingdom were much higher than other kingdoms. Marquis Veze, who always fought in the vanguard, had cut off the breaths of tens of thousands of monsters. It was a strange and difficult thing for Marquis Veze to bow his head to orcs whom he had always regarded as monsters.

Even so, he didn’t hesitate at all. He bowed his head politely. “The Fold Kingdom isn’t worth conquering. Please withdraw.”

Disparaging the country—it was a crime that couldn’t be forgiven, even if it was for the sake of the country. In particular, Marquis Veze felt more shame and guilt since he had been fighting for his country all his life. However, he was forced to speak honestly since he wanted the orcs to step down. The Fold Kingdom was a country that wasn’t even worth conquering… 

This was also a popular assessment in the world. Teruchan listened to him and laughed. “For our warriors, the territory of the Fold Kingdom is the best place.”


Marquis Veze had been looking forward to the orcs’ ‘ignorance.’ He thought they invaded the Fold Kingdom because they didn’t know anything. That’s why he believed a conversation would work. The orcs would leave easily once they realized they had nothing to gain from conquering this place. Yet he received a completely unexpected response. The territory of the Fold Kingdom was the best?

Teruchan smiled at the baffled marquis. His large teeth were more intimidating than any beast’s.

Grruk. We train and fill our hunger by hunting monsters.”


“More than any other country. Grruk. Kurruk. The Fold Kingdom is the right place for us.”

This was a failure. Marquis Veze took in a shocked breath as he realized the hope he sought was a vain dream. Simultaneously, he made a quick decision. He had to go back to lead the soldiers to retreat. In order to fight against the orcs, it was most efficient to rally all the armies throughout the Fold Kingdom to the capital. However, this idea was soon dampened.


Retreat wasn’t possible. The red-spotted leopard—thousands of these beasts were domesticated by the orcs. They were powerful enough to hunt monsters and were several times faster than horses. Teruchan saw Marquis Veze’s trembling gaze directed at the leopards and was merciful.

“Human with courage.”


“You can speak with dignity in front of me. Grruk. Based on your manner, you are also a warrior. Kurruk. Out of a warrior’s honor, I want to give you a chance.”


‘A chance!’ The lost hope was once again illuminated in the marquis’ eyes. The orc lord directly gave his country a chance, so there was no reason to resist.

“Thank you!”

Teruchan suggested to Marquis Veze, “Fight me.”

It was a duel. Moreover, it was a duel that was advantageous to Marquis Veze.

“If you compete with me, Orc Lord Teruchan, for more than 10 blows. Grruk. Kurruk. I will respect you as a warrior and withdraw. Grruk.

“...!” Marquis Veze was incredulous.

He didn’t need to fight and win. He just needed to endure 10 blows and the orc army would retreat...? Marquis Veze doubted it because it was too favorable. Teruchan thought the wary looking Marquis Veze was cute.

“The warriors who follow me and your men are watching. Guruk. Here. Kurruk. If I’m lying, grruk, I will be expelled from the seat of a lord.”

It meant he could be trusted. Marquis Veze nodded. “Okay. I’ll accept the suggestion. Please don’t forget your promise.”

He was forced to grab onto this line, even if it was rotten. If he didn’t grab onto this line, the only thing they would be waiting for was doom. With this resolve, the marquis pulled out his shield and his sword. He was a knight with a firm resolve. Not only was he revered by the knights of other nations, he was also the idol of tens of millions of guardian knight players. The orcs let out excited sounds. It was because he covered his entire body with a shield while he held his sword, causing him to exert a great pressure. There was no room to attack. Any attack seemed like it would be blocked and counterattacked.

Teruchan burst out laughing. “Indeed! An outstanding warrior as I expected! Kuhahahaha!

He had dark skin reminiscent of evening, and it was thicker than sheet metal. The twitching muscles were as majestic as rocks. The calluses on the hands, which were huge enough to hold a watermelon in one hand, proved that he was a trained warrior and not just a beast who relied on natural strength.

All the elements that made up Orc Lord Teruchan pressed on Marquis Veze. Even so, Marquis Veze didn’t shrink back. He was also a champion of reversal. Born in the weakest country, he had always fought against disadvantages. He knew better than anyone how to stand up to fight and defeat a strong enemy.


Marquis Veze used all types of defensive skills. There were seven skills that could each stand up to a player’s ultimate attack.

‘Being able to learn one of them will make you the strongest tanker.’ This was the guardian knights’ beloved statement that made Marquis Veze seem like a giant tree rooted for hundreds of years. 

His shield went up. Teruchan’s broadsword was inserted. Then...

Cough!” Marquis Veze’s body flew over 100 meters and rolled across the ground.

“S-Sir!” The 30,000 soldiers at Howl Fortress were astonished.

-Oh my god...

The viewers and netizens all over the world were dumbfounded. It was shocking to see the ultimate goal of the guardian knights, Marquis Veze, be knocked down with a single blow. Teruchan stood in place and waited for Marquis Veze.

“Now it is only one blow. Grruk.

K... Kuock...

Marquis Veze, who barely raised his body, stumbled like he was going to fall. Nevertheless, he persisted. He stood using the support of the shield and pointed his sword at Teruchan. An opponent with such a strong attack power that it made defense meaningless.

After a single blow, Marquis Veze realized that the only way to win the 10 blows exchanged game was to attack. Of course, this method didn’t work. Before Marquis Veze’s sword could touch Teruchan, the broadsword had already struck Marquis Veze.

One blow, two blow, three blows...

Up to that point, Marquis Veze barely shielded himself, but he soon became distracted and missed the shield. Tankers from all over the world felt skeptical as they watched the broadcast. There was an attack power that even the ultimate tanker couldn’t withstand.

Who would’ve become a tanker if they had known this? That’s right. The power of Orc Lord Teruchan was denying the notion of a tanker itself, destroying common sense. Teruchan’s presence began to surpass that of a great demon.

On the other hand.

"Kkuk... Kuoock...” Marquis Veze fell down and groaned, unable to compete with Teruchan after the fifth blow. Before the pinnacle of a different species, he felt the first sense of helplessness since he was born. He realized how insignificant he was and despaired at the power that the Fold Kingdom couldn’t stand up to.

Then Teruchan’s voice rang out, “A chance. Grruk. You missed it. Great human warrior. Kurruk. Return. Then wait with your subordinates in fear. Guruk. We will march.”

“...” Marquis Veze’s expression darkened. There was no profit. He was afraid to return with his wounded body and to face his soldiers. How could he soothe the morale that had plummeted with his defeat? How could he call on the soldiers to fight together? With his heavily wounded body, Marquis Veze’s steps were so heavy that they didn’t fall easily.

It was at this moment that a ray of light fell from the sky, and a man appeared. He had black hair with a crown on his head. All eyes on the scene, including Marquis Veze and Orc Lord Teruchan, were drawn to him.

“You. Who?” Teruchan asked. 

Hundreds of millions of viewers could anticipate the answer they would hear.

“The Overgeared King.”

“...King?” Teruchan’s eyes were filled with excitement. He didn’t wonder why the Overgeared King had appeared here. He just wanted to know how much strength the human king had. 

Grid smiled as he glimpsed Teruchan’s desire to fight right away. “Bring it on.”

There was no answer. Teruchan’s shoulders moved, and simultaneously, an over-two-meter-long broadsword flew toward Grid’s chest.


The chat windows of various countries were flooded with the viewers’ lamentations. It was an attack that even the best tanker couldn’t block. The people analyzed that even Grid wouldn’t be able to stop it. If only Grid had arrived one step earlier...

If he had seen the power of the orc lord, he wouldn’t have allowed such a sudden attack, and victory wouldn’t have been decided so easily. The viewers who were feeling regretful belatedly saw a shocking scene. Four black-gold hands—Grid’s old symbol which hadn’t emerged for a long time—blocked the path of Teruchan’s broadsword.

“How interesting. Grruk. A toy!” Teruchan threw off the God Hands and attacked Grid again. This time, it was a completely different orbit that aimed at Grid’s lower half. However...

“...!?” The one who withdrew was Teruchan, not Grid. It was because an unknown repulsion caused Teruchan’s broadsword to bounce off.


“A blacksmith.”


Lightning wrapped around Grid. Grid floated into the air so that his eyes were in line with Teruchan, who was two heads taller than him. “10 blows. If you can endure 10 blows, I’ll spare your life.”


Were human kings crazy? Teruchan seriously questioned it as he used a skill for the first time. He rotated his broadsword like a windmill and threw it to pierce his target’s armor. It was the strongest attack skill that had the effect of ‘Ignore 100% of the defense.’ Yet... the broadsword returned and pierced Teruchan’s chest.


Why? Teruchan was more angry than amused. He met a long-awaited rival, but rather than being happy, he was annoyed.