Chapter 1093

(Are you satisfied with being an orc?)

A survey was conducted on players who changed races. The response rate was 68%, which was very good. Of those, 80% answered positively. It must be positive. Most of the players who switched race to an orc were melee damage dealers. In the first place, they chose the orc race because of the orc’s physical power. Stamina that didn’t wear out easily, high health, destructive power, a broad vision, and so on—the orcs’ superior physical abilities greatly satisfied them.

-It is a race optimized for battle. Survival is guaranteed, and there are fewer blind spots in your vision. You can’t lose if you’re fighting a player of the same level.

-The problem is that mana is reduced by two times, so you can’t use many skills.

-I agree. The mana itself is lacking, and mana recovery is so slow that it is vulnerable in long fights. When it comes to intelligence, buffs are essential.

-The intelligence coefficient should really be buffed. I lose every time I meet a magician. I can’t resist the abnormal statuses caused by spells, and my health drops every time I’m hit by magic.

-Don’t you want too much? I’m in a position to wish for a buff. But to be honest, if I receive an intelligence buff in my current state, it will be too much.

-That’s right. ㅋㅋ There are more advantages than disadvantages right now, but if we receive a buff here, who would stay human? Everyone would be orcs ㅋㅋ

The conversations and reviews between orcs in various communities attracted thousands of people. The orcs’ strengths were clear enough to attract those who were reluctant to be non-human. Of course, there were many drawbacks. Apart from the intelligence issue, there were the irregular teeth, rolling eyeballs, and jutting chin.

First, it was a fatal problem that their appearance didn’t meet the usual aesthetic standards. Additionally, the quest contents were generally simple and disregarded level because the intelligence of orc NPCs was generally lower than that of humans, resulting in significantly higher difficulty. They often made players do crazy things. There was even a joke that orcs had no quests.

Either way...

‘I’m going to change my race to an orc.’

‘Me too!’

Many people raised their hands based on the merits, instead of the disadvantages of the orcs. In particular, players who had a class with low dependence on skills attempted to change race to become an orc. Meanwhile, the Chinese media’s attitude was noticeable.

『 Chinese martial arts are one of the most popular in the world. As a result, most Chinese people are interested in and proud of martial arts. In Satisfy, they often choose the martial artist class. Just imagine how many Chinese martial artists changed to the orc race to maximize their strengths? What do you think? Yes, your imagination will come true. Not only will the proud Chinese people dominate the various PvP competitions, but they will also rise to the top of the rankings. 』

『 Chinese players are pure. While Grid has his items and Kraugel relies on skills, Hao only trained in control and is a complete version of a Chinese player. The Chinese attitude of focusing on training yourself rather than relying on external factors... It is misleading to argue if it is right or wrong, but it is undeniable that such an attitude has alienated Chinese players. In order for China to regain its title as a gaming powerhouse, players need to change their attitudes. Now the orcs are a means to overcome the weaknesses of the Chinese players. Thus, the future of China is very bright. 』

『 If China’s top rankers change their race to an orc and adapt well, China’s overall ranking in this year’s National Competition will be at least second. Then in the next one or two years, we will completely surpass the United States and South Korea. 』

This was fanatical praise. The ambitions of the Communist Party were lurking in the background of the various media outlets praising the orcs. It was intended to make their players become orcs and increase their national status. It was media play that was almost to the extent of brainwashing. The media even took out the card called Hao to complete the picture that the Communist Party wanted.

『 Hao, the world is hot about orcs these days. Recently, you are becoming a topic of discussion because the half draconians receive no separate stat benefits. There is speculation that you will become a supreme player if you change your race to an orc and strengthen your physical abilities. What do you think about this? 』

『 It is true that the stats benefits of a half draconian are the same as those of a human. Just like in the orc’s case, it is assumed that the stats coefficient will be adjusted only when players have a chance to choose to become half draconian. 』

『 That’s a shame. Then right now, are you considering changing your race to orc? 』

『 No. There are only two opportunities per account to change races, and once you change your race, you have to be cautious because you won’t be able to change it again for at least two years. Additionally, I am benefiting from the half draconian’s skills. Therefore, I don’t want to give up the existing benefits to change race to an ugly orc. 』

『 I-I see. 』

The Chinese media had long isolated and used Hao as a scapegoat. Now they started to mention Hao again and asked for an interview to take advantage of Hao’s reputation. The fact that Hao was China’s top ranker hadn’t changed. The media wanted Hao to empower the press by acknowledging the value of the orcs.

However, Hao sprinkled ashes on them.

『 Don’t be too blind about the orcs. The coefficient of health and stamina is obviously 1.8 times higher than that of humans, but as the second half progresses, skills will become more important than stats. A double drop in intelligence will grab at your ankles. Also, don’t forget that the power-loving thoughts of the orcs will provoke great upset sooner or later. 』

『 Ah, yes. I’ll finish the interview here. 』

Once again, Hao became a target of the media. They attacked Hao with the conspiracy theory that his master Grid was behind the reason why he opposed China’s experts. In a communist country where public opinion could easily be manipulated and controlled, it was simple to act against a single person. Hao’s claims were lost in the criticism.

“...It is tiring every time.” Hao found himself increasingly exhausted. Memories of the South Korea he visited a few years ago lingered before him. The streets were lined with the buildings belonging to Grid and the Overgeared members. He missed that free atmosphere.


Hao remembered the faces of his ancestors who had been respected from generation to generation and had to shake off his thoughts. He knew. In order to loosen the shackles of a mind that oppressed others and to start anew, he had to honor his country. As for the surest way to honor his country? It was to beat Grid.

‘Just once.’

...At least once. He would soar into the clouds if he could beat Grid once. The Chinese trend of treating Grid as a villain while painting Hao as Grid’s minion would be fixed. 

‘I must win once.’

For his new beginning and for Grid’s honor, Hao longed for victory.


“Orc warriors! You! Worship Teruchan! Guruk! Gruruk! I will give you the glory of going to war with me! We! Take away the territory of humans! Guruk! Kruruk! We will build our empire!!"

“This is crazy!”

The players who had changed to the orc species trembled. Their goal was to become a ranker or to play on the stage of the National Competition, but this was ruined once the long war appeared. To be honest, the players didn’t care about the orc’s country. It didn’t matter to them. After all, it had been less than a few months since they became orcs, so they didn’t feel any sense of belonging yet.

There weren’t even any quests. The new lord, who had taken the throne by force, was so ignorant that he didn’t know how to deal with people. He emphasized that it was an honor to follow him and didn’t intend to give any carrots. It was a madness that the players didn’t swallow.

“I want to leave this war!”

The players attempted to leave. In the first place, players were enjoying the game. They had the right to freedom and no reason to surrender to the orc lord’s orders. This was what they believed. Then what was this?

[If you leave the ranks now, you will be considered a deserter. All kinds of punishments and constraints will follow!]


“No, what is this?”

Orcs were a militant species that worshipped power. All its people were treated as soldiers, and the players were no exception. They couldn’t be freed from the military laws which were made one-sidedly by the orc lord. Of course, the people didn’t accept it easily.

Players ignored this and left the ranks. Then they were all killed. Their necks were cut by the other orcs next to them, behind them, or in front of them. Even if they died, resurrected, logged out, and then logged in again, they couldn’t escape from the orc army that had already begun its march.

In the orc society that valued instincts, the orc lord’s will was absolutely binding. The subordinate orcs couldn’t go against the senior orcs. It was the reason why some players had the ‘right to control some orcs’ after changing to a twilight orc.

[The great lord Teruchan has declared war!]

[You will join his army at Teruchan’s will!]

“What the hell is this X game?!!”

The biggest difference between Satisfy and existing games was the degree of freedom. Unless they committed a crime or were bound by specific quests, they could always play Satisfy according to their own will. At this moment, common sense was broken. Orc players encountered an ignorant leader and were forced to experience the barracks.

‘Someone kill that damn bastard!’

The twilight orcs launched a conquest war. Humans, as well as orc players, wanted their march to stop. However, it was hard to find the forces to stop Teruchan and his fanatical elites, who were strong enough to be treated as ‘magicless great demons.’ Everyone was in pain.


“Why is the development different than expected?”

In Reinhardt’s smithy, Grid clicked his tongue after receiving Lauel’s report. In many ways, the expressions in his and Lauel’s eyes weren’t good since they analyzed that the orcs were unlikely to expand.

Lauel replied, “The twilight orc lord is the king who rules over all orcs. I guessed before that he had great intelligence, and in fact, the previous orc lord was cautious. For hundreds of years, he pretended to be humane in order to not stimulate the empire, while not forgetting the helplessness his people had experienced under the oppression of the empire. So my analysis wasn’t wrong.”

“In any case, you didn’t expect it. You didn’t say that another orc could kill the old orc lord and become the new orc lord, waging a war.”

“It was so obvious that I didn’t say it. However, I did expect it. Since the orcs are a species that relies on strength, I analyzed that the path of succession to the throne would take place through strength and calculated that the orc lord could change at any time.”


Lauel's biggest weakness was his weak mentality. His mind often stopped working when he faced unexpected variables. Of course, he had the wisdom to block 99 out of 100 variables.

“Do you have a contingency plan that is within the expected range?”



Hey, this person was crazy.

Lauel shrugged at the anxious Grid. “The orc’s march has provided justification to the empire. The empire gave them freedom in order to achieve unity, but they can’t stand by and watch the orcs continue to wage war. The empire will once again fight the orcs.”


The orcs, who met the wrong master, would be sent to their graves.

“I see. It isn’t a problem for us. No, it isn’t a problem to care about.”

Right when Grid was nodding, it happened.

“There is news that the orc army has invaded the Fold Kingdom! It is the main army that Orc Lord Teruchan is leading!”

“What?” Grid’s expression stiffened. He rose from his seat as he recalled the loyalty shown by the Fold Kingdom and Prince Shining. “I will go. I have to sort this out.”

Lightning bounced around the Blue Dragon’s Boots. Additionally, four black hands floated in the air. They were the resurrected God Hands.