Chapter 1095

‘The odds of victory are sufficient.’

Most people rated the orc lord in the same class as the great demon. The orc lord was vulnerable to magic but his overall combat power was comparable to a great demon. Why? For a typical player, both the great demons and the orc lord were untouchable targets.

By normal standards, the orc lord and great demons were eventually perceived to be on the same level. However, Grid was different. Based on his experience of raiding two great demons and his level of knowledge of Satisfy’s worldview, the orc lord was far below the great demons.

It was impossible to know the story if the species was comparable to the lord of hell or had a special parent, such as the vampires. It was easy to understand when thinking of King Maxong of the water clan. The pinnacle of his species, he was a powerful being but he was eventually overwhelmed by Grid, Grid’s knights, and Iyarugt’s ingenuity.

What if he raided a great demon with the same amount of power he used when fighting Maxong at that time? It would’ve been impossible. That’s right. The orc lord might be difficult for high rankers and named NPCs but he was a child compared to the great demons. He couldn’t guarantee victory even if he fought one-on-one with Piaro or Mercedes.

‘Even if he fights with me.’

The epic sagas of transcendence. The new God Hands and the Blue Dragon Boots. Grid had grown rapidly in recent years but he still wasn’t confident about winning against Piaro or Mercedes. He might be catching up in terms of stats but he was still far behind them in overall skills. Grid was unable to cope with Piaro’s miraculous farming that changed the environment around him or Mercedes’ ability to see everything.

Still, the orc lord was different. Before coming here, Grid analyzed footage of the orc lord and was convinced he could win. Everyone knew that the orc lord was susceptible to magic, had no items, and used very limited type of skills. Therefore, it was easy to analyze his patterns.

Of course, the power of each skill was reminiscent of the great demon’s magic (the decisive reason why people placed the orc lord in the same level as the great demons), but Grid was capable of evading and he had the God Hands and the Blue Dragon Boots. In other words, not only could he defend, he could also fight back. From the orc lord’s first blow, to the next attack, and finally the throwing skill. During the first part, Grid never allowed an attack from the orc lord thanks to the reasons listed above.

‘I can win.’

He had to win. Grid once again vowed. He placed a lot of meaning on this confrontation. He was determined to win against the orc lord and be perceived as a strong man by the orcs. It was hard to see the effect of Pangea’s Duke of Virtue and Different Species’ King if he lost to the orcs who valued power.

‘Win and make them submit.’

It might be child’s play compared to the great demons but Teruchan was still the peak of a species. At least on this West Continent, the peak of a species was one of the strongest beings. It was better for Grid to obtain as many strong people as possible to fight against the great demons, the yangbans of the East Continent, and perhaps the gods. Therefore, he coveted the orc lord. He especially liked the hot-tempered but moderate personality.

“10 blows. If you can endure 10 blows then I’ll spare your life.”

Grid’s eyes were filled with greed as he declared to the orc lord. The moment Grid exposed his essence, some animosity aroused inside Teruchan.

‘I, the lord of great warriors. Being looked at like prey.’

It was disgraceful. Humans and orcs were different species and they each had a different talent. That’s why he didn’t impose strength—what the orcs valued—upon the humans or laugh at their weakness... With such a mindset, Teruchan respected but pitied humans. He would understand and be merciful.

In other words, he recognized them as weak and poor beings. By Teruchan’s standards, Grid attitude was crossing the line.

“Your eyes. Gruruk. They are arrogant.”

Teruchan’s eyes became ugly as he looked at the human—who identified himself as the Overgeared King—in front of him. Teruchan might be an honor-conscious warrior but he was an orc. Compared to humans, the orcs had poor patience because they prioritized their instincts. There was a degree of respect and mercy but he couldn’t tolerate a single strand of strength from a weak species.

“Get your head straight. Then. Gruruk. I will spare your life. Kurruk.

“You still don’t understand the situation?” Grid smiled calmly at Teruchan. “The one showing mercy isn’t you but me.”

Gruruk!! Rude!!”

Teruchan exploded in anger and threw off the mask of a gentleman. He nakedly expressed an orc warrior’s fervor and mettle. It meant the shackles had been released. Teruchan became stronger. No, he was complete. A blackish-gray aura that was around 1.5 meters wide started to rise around Teruchan.

[Fighting energy is at the maximum.]

[Strength, stamina and agility have increased by 50%.]

Grid’s fighting energy, which had already responded from the moment he faced Teruchan, reached the peak in an instant. Teruchan’s eyes widened as a purple-red light appeared around Grid.

Gruruk!! The legend I’ve heard of...!”

The Hero King. The human known to be the strongest in history. Wasn’t it too much like the aura of Sword Saint Muller whom even the orc lord of that time worshipped? Teruchan was belatedly nervous. It was too late to realize that the person in front of him shouldn’t be regarded as weak just because he was a human.

“Transcended Link Flower.”

Grid aimed for this gap that Teruchan revealed and already completed his sword dance. Tens of thousands of blue petals floated over the plains filled with 100,000 twilight orcs. The darkness caused by the orcs’ thick skin lifted and the entire battlefield was brightened.


Was this the fragrance of the Peach Blossom Spring? The viewers were captivated by the mysterious and beautiful scene shown on the bleak battlefield. Every single orc in the army of 100,000 orcs watched with their mouths wide open. Meanwhile, Teruchan was extremely focused.

He grasped the situation and shouted to the orcs, “Gruruk!! Grit your teeth!!”

At the same time, 40 energy blades flew through the rain of petals and struck Teruchan. Tens of thousands of petals bombarded the orc army. Sharp winds swept through the orc army as they were cut by the petals. In between, there were lightning that seemed to be infinitely linked.

[Transcended Link Flower]

Three sword dances have been sublimated into a single field.

Fire 40 swords with 200% physical attack power, ‘marking’ all enemies in sight as a target.

An additional two sword energy will be generated per mark and the added sword energy will aim at the targets. Any marked target hit by the sword energy will receive 122% physical damage + 20% magic damage.

Every two hits by the sword energy will create an additional mark. A maximum of five marks can be stacked up.

Skill Usage Conditions: Have a sword type weapon equipped.

Skill Sword Energy Cost: 300

Skill Cooldown Time: 20 minutes.

★ The effect of Detect Force, Wind Cutter and Lightning will be applied.

Mana Consumption: 3,600

This was the greatness of the ‘field of view’ wide-area skill. Grid launched upwards with Lightning Speed ahead of time and his vision covered the majority of the battlefield, allowing him to wound tens of thousands of orcs at the same time. 

Teruchan shouted at Grid who was rising higher in the sky, “Gruruk!! Focus on the battle against me!”

They were in a one-on-one battle with their honor and pride on the line. Now it seemed like this person was dealing with his army without focusing on him? Grid’s arrogant attitude succeeded in greatly irritating Teruchan. His cool head heated up as he smashed his feet against the ground and jumped up. Unbelievably, he was hit by 40 energy blades and the sword energy yet his thick skin was almost intact.

‘It is definitely great.’

The orc army, which clenched their teeth in response to the orc lord’s call, didn’t utter a moan despite being cut by the petals and struck by lightning. The orc lord himself handled most of the impact of Transcended Link Flower without wearing armor. 

Orcs. Honestly, he hadn’t expected there to be such great warriors among the species he treated as monsters. Grid inwardly felt admiration as he floated in the air and started the steps for his next sword dance.


From the time Grid received Great Swordsman Pagma’s Swordsmanship, he had a formula for dealing with the enemy. First, stack as many marks as possible through the linkage of Flower.

“Linked Kill Flower Pinnacle.”

It was the strongest four fusion sword dance that could extract the maximum theoretical damage. Additionally, the weapon Grid was currently using was Belial’s Staff + the Enlightenment Sword.

[Belial’s Staff + Lightning Sword Born from Enlightenment and Strong Desires]

Rating: Myth (Transcendent)


* 30% increase in intelligence.

* 40% increase in magic attack power.

* 30% bonus fire attribute damage.

* 30% bonus dark attribute damage.

* 15% bonus lightning attribute damage.

* There is a certain probability of flames (large) being released when attacking.

* There is a low probability of illusions being released when attacking.

* There is a low probability of summoning a red lightning bolt when attacking.

★ There is a certain probability of a black flames explosion when attacking.

* 30% increase in magic casting speed.

* You can cast three types of magic at the same time. However, proficiency is required.

When fire and dark magic are cast simultaneously, the magic power of each one was increased by 200%.

* Every time a spell is cast, a shield that absorbs 5,000 damage is automatically created. Targets that strike the shield are subjected to the fear and slowed states.

★ The options such as fire emission, hallucinations, red lightning summoning, black flames explosion, and so on are considered as casting a spell.

* 20% increase in magic critical chance.

* 150% increase in magic critical damage.

The attack power and magic attack power were slightly lower than when they were individual items. It was the negative effect of the sword and staff losing their form during the combination.

There was also no significant change in the option values. However, there was only one area.

* Every time a spell is cast, a shield that absorbs 5,000 damage is automatically created. Targets that strike the shield are subjected to the fear and slowed states.

★ When triggered, the options such as fire emission, hallucinations, red lightning summoning, black flames explosion, and so on are considered as casting a spell.

This crazy fraudulent option made Grid semi-invincible. The effect was greater against the orcs who were vulnerable to magic.


Teruchan suffered a serious injury from Linked Kill Flower Pinnacle as he leapt through the air. For the first time since his confrontation with the previous orc lord, his skin was peeled off and cut. His eyes burned with a greater fighting spirit as he fought back.

A translucent shield enveloped the Overgeared King. It was only a short time before Teruchan ripped it apart. Yet whenever the Overgeared King danced with his sword or black flames exploded, it regenerated and protected its master along with the four moving hands. The hard armor and strange boots meant this person’s body was perfectly protected.

“A shell! Guruk! Hiding! Kurruk! Like a turtle!!”

He ridiculed loudly but Teruchan’s heart was uncomfortable. Every time he destroyed a shield, his body became heavier and his fear increased. Of course, Teruchan was the peak of his species and was ‘immune to many abnormal conditions or recovers quickly from them.’ He was completely resistant to the ‘fear’ abnormal condition. Additionally, only a small part of the ‘slow’ effect was applied.


“You...! Indeed...! Magician...!”

Teruchan’s attack speed as he swung the broadsword through the air was only a bit slower but it was definitely slowed. It was such a light slowdown that the viewers didn’t easily notice but it was a big hit for Grid who had grown to such a high level. Weapons appeared in the God Hands which were struck by Teruchan’s attacks, whether they were spears, staffs or a sword. Teruchan was struck by them but didn’t even budge.


There was no disturbance in his natural body. Teruchan believed that his skin and muscles were harder than armor. He was confident that none of the swords could breach the skin and muscles he had trained to another level. The orcs, who used crude tools compared to humans, couldn’t understand the concept of being overgeared.


Blood filled Teruchan’s mouth. He looked down with surprise and saw Grid’s weapon piercing his chest. The astonished Teruchan swung the broadsword in vain. Grid reflexively used a skill and overcame Teruchan’s slow speed with his lightning speed.


He reached maximum speed. Grid’s body was gradually engulfed in lightning. He carried out the steps of the sword dance while avoiding Teruchan’s attacks that fell like heavy rain.

“Transcended Linked Kill Pinnacle.”


The warrior screamed. There was no more shame. The rock-like giant, Teruchan collapsed to the ground. Grid didn’t pursue him. In his incandescent state, he stood in the air and moved one foot.

“Come Down.”

The sky split apart with lightning. A huge blue dragon descended behind Grid. It looked very different from a normal dragon. The lightning accompanied by an unidentified monster swept through the battlefield at Grid’s feet. Then.

‘One time, two times, three times...’

Teruchan hurriedly began to count. It was to calculate how many times Grid had struck.