Chapter 706

'He isn’t shrinking back?’

Lorex was startled. It was because he confirmed the smile that spread on the face of the enemy.

‘Is he insane?’

Who was this person?

The Third Knight. As one of the powerhouses in the empire and the whole continent, everyone feared Lorex. However, the man in front of him was smiling. Lorex couldn’t think he was anything but crazy.

"I’ve seen many people who are terrified and sick when they see me...”

Surprise turned into anger. The blood vessels on Lorex’s forehead bulged.

"This is the first time I’ve seen someone smiling!”


Lorex didn’t feel the need to speak for long. It was shameful that the man in front of him killed all his soldiers. He would erase this person from the world.

"You broke through 50,000 troops? I can also do that easily! I will let you know how wide the world outside the well is!”


Lorex roared and the glow around his axe caused the atmosphere to shake. It was a shockwave generated by a mighty force. The stones became ashes in front of it. Ares saw it and shouted urgently.

"Don’t take it head on! He has a strength of at least 5,000! You have to unconditionally avoid it!”

Ares was aware that his advice to Grid was pointless. Lorex wasn’t a stupid fool. He was agile and clever. There was no avoiding it, despite knowing the attack was strong. It was too fast, the orbit was perfect, and it couldn’t be defended against. The moment it was blocked, there would be a big shock that would lead to the road of destruction. Ares’ evaluation of the Third Knight was ‘overwhelming even at Kraugel’s prime.’

‘I don’t want to admit it, but this is reality!’

The level of the players hadn’t yet reached 400. The solo number knights were the top talents that couldn’t be defeated unless the player had their fourth advancement. That’s what Ares thought.

“How do I avoid this?”

Grid’s hobby was destroying common sense.


Lorex’s axe struck Grid’s chest.

[You have suffered 14,300 damage.]

It was great damage despite the fact that Triple Layers greatly reduced physical damage. But he stood firmly.



Four times per second.  It was a counterattack against Lorex.

[You have dealt 6,900 damage to the target!]

[You have dealt 7,630 damage to the target!]

[You have dealt 8,400 damage to the target!]

[You have dealt 9,390 damage to the target!]

[The option effect of the Lightning Sword Born from Enlightenment and Strong Desires has summoned red flames. Additional 5,000 damage will be dealt.]

That's right. He was overgeared and he struck harder with his items. It was the unique overgeared battle style.


Lorex’s eyes shook after being hit by the four blows. He felt strange anxiety for the accumulated damage on his side.

‘It’s amazing that he survived my attack, but his attack seems to grow stronger with every hit...?’


Lorex was one of the strongest in the world. Despite being embarrassed by the counterattack, his body was constantly moving. While allowing Grid’s attack, his axe struck Grid’s shoulder.


It was a proper hit. Lorex believed that Grid’s body would naturally break apart. He tugged at the axe in Grid’s shoulder and tried to tear the armor. However.

‘It isn’t budging?’

An armor with multiple layers. The extreme sturdiness didn’t fit its elegant appearance and Lorex’s axe didn’t crack it one bit. Well, there were no problems up to here. There were many excellent armor in the world.  Lorex’s axe was famous for tearing steel like paper, but he didn’t always cut down armor.

The real problem occurred afterwards. The barbs of the armor started to damage Lorex’s axe.




The surprised Lorex wanted to retrieve his axe, but it was already too late.


Lorex’s axe barely escaped from the gap in the barbs and cracked slightly. It was the effect of the ‘Sword Breaker’ option attached to Triple Layers.

"Hit me as much as you want. Let’s see if I will die first or if your axe can’t be used anymore.”

Gulp gulp.

Grid declared to Lorex while drinking a health potion. He stabbed at Lorex’s side without a break. Whenever he accumulated an attack to the same target, his attack power increased.

[You have dealt 14,300 damage to the target!]


On the 10th blow, Lorex’s side was slightly dented. It was a phenomenon caused by physical pain.

"This guyyyy!”

Wuuong. Kwang!

Wuuong! Kwajak!

Lorex swung the axe successively and Grid couldn’t escape. But every time he was struck by a counterattack, damage accumulated.



An awkward silence filled the battlefield as the confrontation between the two people deepened. Ares made a blank expression as he uttered.

“Isn’t this a complete dog fight...?”

No high rated skills could be seen in the confrontation. It was like little kids fighting.

Nod nod.

Everyone nodded as if they agreed with Ares. It was friends and foes alike.

‘Well, I’m not joking.’

Ares’ expression became deeply shadowed. Grid and Lorex. The difference between the two was obvious to anyone. They were a player and NPC. The player’s health was decided by stats, titles, and items, but the NPC’s health level was adjusted separately. In particular, the health of a named NPC was as high as a boss monster, making it tens or hundreds of times higher than a player. While Grid’s health gauge dropped by 1/7th or 1/6th every time he allowed an attack, Lorex’s health gauge was still healthy.

‘In this state, Grid has no chance. Let’s get rid of the Fifth Knight and look for an opportunity to help...’

The moment Ares thought this.


Sounds of admiration were heard. Liberon Forest had a high temperature and thick water vapor. Now a red and purple aura started to be emitted from Grid’s body, which had been hidden by the thick water vapor. It was fighting energy. In fact, Grid was wrapped in fighting energy since he first appeared but other people couldn’t see it because of the blood and water vapor. But as the color became thicker, it became visible through the water vapor.

[Fighting energy has reached 50 points.]




Lorex’s eyes widened as he allowed an attack from Grid. He couldn’t believe how much stronger the attack was.

“I see...! You’re a berserker!”

He felt that Grid’s defense was too high for a berserker, but he was forced to think like this. Grid shook his head at Lorex’s shout.

“Berserker? No.”


"It’s a basic attack.”

“Ik...! What nonsense does this guy keep saying!?”

Lorex was filled with anger. He was furious at Grid’s response. He roared like a beast and unleashed an onslaught.


[You have suffered 14,600 damage.]

[Fighting energy has reached 60 points.]

[You have dealt 15,660 damage to the target!]

[You have dealt 15,710 damage to the target!]

[You have recovered 1,885 health thanks to Elfin Stone’s Ring!]

[The experience of Elfin Stone’s Ring has increased by 0.3%!]

‘This bastard, his endurance is monster-like.’

Two minutes had passed since Lorex started the battle. But it felt like Grid had been fighting for 30 minutes or 1 hour. It was a battle that allowed one hit per second and four counterattacks. Grid’s stamina could afford it, but his mental power couldn’t. He needed to focus his concentration and power every second.

That’s right. Grid felt a strong sense of mental pressure.


‘I think he is equipped with a passive blood-sucking ability.’

Grid coughed up blood as his chest was hit by the axe and watched Lorex’s health gauge. It seemed to be rising a bit.

‘Damn bastard... It seems to be a passive skill since he doesn’t use too many active skills. That makes it stronger.’

Grid was well aware that Lorex was stronger than him. It was because his flat damage was much stronger than Madra and the experience of items such as Elfin Stone’s Ring, Tiramet's Belt, and the God Hands increased more than when he fought Madra. He thought carefully about it. He concentrated carefully in order to not miss anything. Then he reached a conclusion.

‘I don’t have a chance of victory.’

It seemed virtually impossible to defeat Lorex, who had more than 10 million health, with basic attacks.

‘It might be possible with Pagma’s Swordsmanship.’

This monster-like persistence? He would be able to neutralize it with the overwhelming offensive power of Pagma’s Swordsmanship. But the current Grid couldn’t use any techniques that symbolized the Overgeared King. It was because his identity couldn’t be discovered.

So? Was he going to run away because there was no chance?


It felt different from when he met Yangban Garam and First Knight Mercedes. Lorex’s presence fell far short of them. In addition, Grid had a high opinion of himself.  It wasn’t arrogance. A hero of heroes, was it an easy title to obtain? Grid trusted his skills.

‘Think about it, Youngwoo. How can I beat this guy?’

"Kuhahahaha! You must be tired!”


He had been thinking too deeply. Grid blanked out for one second. He didn’t strike back and in the gap, Lorex used a skill. The blue black aura around Lorex’s axe flooded towards Grid. The ripple of energy at the end of the axe looked like it was about to explode. It was likely to be an attack in the form of splash damage like the black flames.

‘I can’t stop it when I can’t even stop his basic attacks. Shit, I have to use Quick Movements for evasive purposes...!’

But it was better than losing the immortal passive. Grid determined and was about to use Quick Movements.

'Wait? Explode?’

An object passed through his mind. As Lorex’s axe flew towards his face, Grid pulled out a large fabric.


No, it was a piece of cloth.

“Grid...! Eh?”

Ares judged that Grid was in danger when Lorex used the skill. He ran out to help Grid only to freeze in place. He felt something when he saw Grid pulled out a piece of cloth. Right then, Lorex’s axe hit Grid. No, he cut the piece of cloth before it hit Grid.

Lorex snorted.

‘This guy really is crazy!’

He must be crazy to block Volcano Axe that could destroy the whole area with a piece of cloth. Well, he could understand. Volcano Axe was a strong technique that couldn’t be blocked or avoided. There was nothing strange about doing something crazy when it was meaningless to resist.


A dark smile appeared on Lorex’s face as he imagined the man being killed by an explosion. His mind went blank for a moment. It was because his axe, which should’ve emitted a powerful energy, became silent the moment it was wrapped in the cloth.


He felt possessed! Lorex couldn’t understand it, but he retreated because his vision was blocked. Grid’s sword stabbed his side. A basic attack as usual? That’s right. But this time, he immediately linked a skill between the basic attacks as usual.

“Unbreakable Justice!”



Lorex’s eyes turned white.