Chapter 707

[Unbreakable Justice Lv.1 (93.1%)]

Deals 300% of your attack power.

Skill Mana Cost: 350

Skill Cooldown Time: 100 seconds

It was a skill Grid acquired due to the Apostle of Justice title. Pagma’s Swordsmanship, Braham’s magic, Madra’s swordsmanship, etc. Unbreakable Justice was obviously a shabby skill compared with the legendary skills, but it was also classified as a top skill.

The damage coefficient was remarkable. A level 1 wide area skill usually had less than 100% attack power while Unbreakable Justice boasted 300% attack power. Unbreakable Justice was also a skill that activated immediately. It was easy to use because it wasn’t a skill that required certain motions like Pagma’s Swordsmanship. In fact, the Apostle of Justice’s Partner Huroi had long since mastered the skill after obtaining it.

Why? Why did Grid neglect Unbreakable Justice? It was naturally because of Pagma’s Swordsmanship. The aforementioned benefits of justice cannot defeat Pagma's swordsmanship and ended up second when compared to justice. The advantages of the above mentioned Unbreakable Justice were minor compared to Pagma’s Swordsmanship.

Of course, this didn’t mean that Grid didn’t use the skill at all. Grid used Unbreakable Justice, Continuous Stab, and Spear Shot in the right place when needed. In particular, Spear Shot was useful in the Tiramet raid and the 2nd National Competition.


[You have dealt 15,730 damage to the target!]

[You have dealt 47,200 damage to the target!]

[You have dealt 15,710 damage to the target!]

[Fighting energy has reached 61 points.]

[You have dealt 16,050 damage to the target!]

[You have dealt 16,090 damage to the target!]

[The black flame explosion...]

[You have dealt 48,040 damage to the target!]


Unbreakable Justice was linked between basic attacks and once the black flames exploded, Lorex received over 160,000 damage in a second. Grid thought after being hit by Lorex’s counterattack.

‘It has supplemented some of my lacking attack power. If both the red flames and red lightning summoning options are activated at the same time, the maximum damage will increase to 200,000.’

This was the damage per second. Theoretically, Grid could inflict one million damage in 10 seconds to Lorex. If Lorex boasted tens of millions of health, it was meaningless in front of Grid. The problem was that Lorex wasn’t a scarecrow. Lorex countered every time he was hit and Grid’s health was less than 100,000. If they kept hitting each other like this, Grid would eventually fall first.

‘If this was Kraugel...’

He could’ve avoided Lorex’s axe. Grid was sure Kraugel would one-sidedly attack Lorex without being hit by a counterattack.


Grid shook his head and got rid of the thought. He was tired of comparing himself to Kraugel every time.

‘I’m overgeared. The way I fight itself is different from Kraugel.’

He couldn’t avoid it? Then it was fine. So what if it hurt? He would have to hurt them back. Grid abandoned the sword.

[You have equipped the Motley Flail.]


Lorex was stunned beyond confusion. In the middle of a battle, abandoning the sword to pull out farming equipment?

‘Isn’t he a real idiot?’

Lorex got goosebumps. It wasn’t because the mutt was scary, but because it was dirty! Lorex unknowingly flinched back from Grid. It was apparent he didn’t want to associate with Grid. In the gap, Grid swung the flail a few times in the air.

Buong~ Buong~

‘Okay. Thanks to Alex's Glove, I can also wield the flail four times per second. I am expecting the debuffs.’

The buff expectation value was... Grid disregarded the worst situation.

[Motley Flail.]

Rating: Unique

Durability: 259/259  Attack Power: 143~191

* A special effect will occur every time the target is hit. The effect is unpredictable.

* Threshing speed will increase by 150%.

* There is no guarantee how the condition of the threshed grain will change.

It was a farming equipment he made a long time ago. No, a weapon. In the past, Grid determined he had no chance of winning against his clone and depended on the random ability of this flail.

‘I don’t expect the dramatic effect that occurred when I fought my clone. Just a little. It’s enough to drop the attack power for a short time.’

The health loss rate could be made up using potions, Doran’s Ring, and the blood-sucking abilities. It was just enough.


Grid screamed and rushed at Lorex.

“You bastard...!”

Lorex instinctively moved back. Previously, he experienced being incapacitated by the mysterious cloth. He had no choice but to be wary of this farming equipment.


“Unbreakable Justice!”

"...I thought he was the Basic Attack King.”

Ares said as soon as Grid used a skill, but the members of the Ares Army felt admiration. It was because Lorex was greatly shaken by the new skill. Lorex’s health gauge was visibly reduced. The Ares members gulped.

‘Isn’t Grid’s damage crazy?’

‘The attack speed is a scam.’

The Ares troops had fought him a few times and knew how high Lorex’s defense was. Even Luck, who had the highest attack power of the Ares members, only dealt 5,000~7,000 damage to Lorex. Grid’s basic attack was at least two times stronger than Luck’s basic attack and it was twice as fast. It seemed to be even stronger and faster.

‘Overgeared...! Is this being overgeared?’

The eyes of the Ares members followed Grid’s weapon and gloves. It was the first time they saw both items. Scott trembled.

‘Making new items...!’

This was the unrivalled power of a legendary blacksmith. It was a wake-up call.

‘A presence that destroys the balance itself.’

There were two main types of players. One levelled up and the other experienced a jackpot. However, it wasn’t easy to experience jackpots. In order to get better items, you had to go on more difficult raids. Even if you succeeded in the raid, you couldn’t always get the items you want.

This was why there was a limit to the growth rate of players. Most players had a long stagnation period. Particularly for high level players whose level up speed was slow. In many cases, their combat power would be similar to what it was a month ago.

Then what about Grid? He could make and wear top quality items by himself, making the necessity of finding a jackpot obsolete. He could become stronger day by day. After not seeing him for a long time, he was incomparably stronger. Scott was really afraid of Grid.

'There’s no answer if he’s an enemy. Ares was clever when he decided to become Grid’s friend. Huh?’

Scott, who was staring at Grid with awe in his eyes, became stunned.

Grid suddenly put away his sword and pulled out a strange item.

“What is this?”

It wasn’t an item he had seen before. Scott frowned as he pondered on it. He realized that the item Grid pulled out was exactly like the tool that farmers used to thresh grain.

“Flail...? What is he doing when he was fighting so well?”

A confrontation with the strong. He suddenly pulled out farming equipment in an important match that would determine the situation? Scott couldn’t understand Grid’s actions at all. He wanted to dissect Grid’s mind. The soldiers and Ares troops! Everyone had fallen into confusion when Ares shouted.

"I understand...! I know Gri... No, I know the Basic Attack King’s intentions!”


Ares quickly figured out the intentions behind pulling out farming equipment during a battle?

“It truly is Ares...! Gri... No, you know the Basic Attack King’s intentions?”

The Ares troops admired it and asked questions. Ares made a meaningful look and explained to them.

“It’s a taunt. It’s taunting him.”

“A taunt?”

“Yes. The Basic Attack King is telling Lorex. I can beat you with a farming tool!”

“...No way.”

The Ares troops absolutely trusted Ares. But this time it was too much. It was impossible to accept Ares’ interpretation. Who was Lorex? He was the Third Knight. It was hard to find a presence stronger than Lorex. He was almost at the level of a final boss. How could Grid beat him with farming equipment? It was impossible, no matter how strong Grid was.

The moment everyone thought this. Grid struck Lorex’s face with the flail.


They didn’t know why but Lorex was shocked. His face was white.

At the same time.

“Quick Movements! Blacksmith's Rage!”

Grid used the saved buff skills and swapped back to the Enlightenment Sword after striking Lorex several times with the flail. It was the connection of basic attack, basic attack, and basic attack. But every time he was struck, Lorex’s health gauge visibly fell.


Ares and the Ares members stopped thinking.


[The target will receive three times the damage due to the effect of the Motley Flail. This effect will last for one minute!]

“This much...!”

Grid had only hoped for Lorex’s attack power to be lower. It was in order to avoid being hurt in the process of repeating the hits. Conversely, Grid’s attack power itself could be increased. The fact that the damage Lorex received would increase meant that Grid’s attack power increased.

“This will hurt!”

There was a one minute debuff but the opponent was the Third Knight. Grid thought that Lorex would resist the debuff in 30 seconds and rushed. He increased his agility with Quick Movements and raised his attack and attack speed again with Blacksmith's Rage.



He was affected by the steadily rising fighting energy and could do six basic attacks per second.

‘I have reached the highest speed.’

“Crazy guy...! Now I see that you are an assassin!”

An attack speed reminiscent of a legendary assassin! Lorex was frankly frightened by Grid’s attacks, which were much faster than before. It was to the point of goosebumps. But he didn’t fall into confusion. So what if the attack speed was faster than before?

These attacks weren’t threatening. He could return it...


Lorex screamed as he was brandishing his axe. It was because the moment he was stabbed in the side, he felt pain that transcended the range he assumed. Grid smiled.

[Fighting energy has reached 70 points.]

[You have dealt 69,100 damage to the target!]

[You have dealt 68,930 damage to the target!]

[You have dealt 70,800 damage to the target!]

This was a ‘basic attack.’ It was a result of Grid’s attack power rising by 25% due to Blacksmith's Rage and Lorex receiving three times the damage.

[The black flame explosion...]


[The effect of the title ‘Death in One Shot!’ has been...]

[You have dealt 489,300 damage to the target!]


So far, no matter how much Grid attacked, Lorex had only let out a small groan. But now he was screaming. He felt terrible pain and his health gauge fell rapidly. Even if he struck back, the amount of blood-sucking couldn’t keep up with the lost health.

‘Why did he suddenly become so strong?’

Lorex couldn’t imagine that this situation was causing by a farming equipment! A chill went down his spine.

‘Don’t tell me...! Has he been hiding his strength?’

Lorex couldn’t gauge the real ability of this freak. The anxious Lorex shouted at the Red Knights.

“How long are you going to watch? Help me!”

In fact, Lorex wasn’t a person suited for a one on one match. He used a large axe as a weapon and was a war specialist with many skills to destroy the terrain and sweep away many enemies at once. It was disadvantageous for him to fight in a one on one match against an enemy equal to himself.

“Cowardly bastard...! We will help the Basic Attack King!”


Once Lorex called the Red Knights over, Ares gave a command and the Ares members responded.

"No, don't come.”

Grid restrained the Ares Army. He leapt up high, Lorex and all the Red Knights filling his vision.

"100,000 Army.”


"Blockade Sword!"




Dozens, hundreds of stems of fighting energy flooded down from the sky with a red and purple light, causing Lorex, the Red Knights, and Oasis to feel shock and panic.

“The Undefeated King...!”