Chapter 705

On the surface, the Overgeared Kingdom was neutral. Recently, they stopped giving tribute to the empire and even had two tributaries, so many people misunderstood the Overgeared Kingdom as a great power.

But what was the reality? They were surrounded by enemies on all sides. There was no statement more appropriate to express the reality of the kingdom. The Saharan Empire was a male lion and the Overgeared Kingdom was a deer stuck in a group of female lions. From the perspective of the empire, the Overgeared Kingdom was a meal to be cooked and eaten at any time.

Grid was resentful of this reality. The kingdom that he and his colleagues worked hard to build up was just like a sand castle.


‘Don’t look at me.’

Grid couldn’t miss the opportunity to weaken the empire’s power. He believed that every time he defeated an imperial soldier, he would save the life of one Overgeared resident. He abandoned any recognition.


[You have dealt 17,870 damage to the target!]

[The option effect of the Lightning Sword Born from Enlightenment and Strong Desires has added 5,000 fire damage!]

[You have dealt 20,100 damage to the target!]

[The target has died!]

[Your demonic power has increased by one.]

This was the result of combining Grid’s 3,000 points in strength and the power of the Enlightenment Lightning Sword. The imperial soldiers couldn’t withstand two of Grid’s strikes and turned to grey. There was no meaning in the level that was over 230 and their armor.

The Enlightenment Lightning Sword increased physical attack by 20%, fire damage by 30%, dark damage by 30%, and lightning damage by 15%. In addition to the options, Grid’s passive ability itself was very outstanding. 

Weapons Mastery that was obtained in the Behen Archipelago was intermediate level 5 and added 17% attack power, Pagma’s Swordsmanship Lv. 4 increase attack power by 34% when deactivated and the Dominion’s Blessing on the pavranium increased attack power by 15%.

Buffs, buffs, buffs, and Pagma’s Swordsmanship overlapped to give Grid’s ‘basic attack.’

Was that all?

[The option effect of the Lightning Sword Born from Enlightenment and Strong Desires has summoned a red lightning bolt!]

[You have dealt 44,900 damage to the target!]

[The target is caught in an electric shock for 1.2 seconds!]

[The target has died!]

[The option effect ‘Black Flames’ has activated from the Lightning Sword Born from Enlightenment and Strong Desires!]

[Splash damage equal to 300% of your total attack power has hit all targets in a 10 meter radius!]

[The target has died!]

[The target has died...]

[The target has died...]

[The target has...]


[Your demonic power has increased by 232.]

The various options attached to the Enlightenment Lightning Sword exploded out with Grid’s basic attacks. It was the continuous manifestation of mythical skills that didn’t consume resources. It was an invincible figure.


Pandemonium! Grid’s ‘basic attack ‘that was stronger than a player’s skills instantly destroyed the camp of the imperial forces.

“The enemy...! The enemy is behind us!”

"Hundreds of people collapsed in one blast...! It must be a great magician!” 

"When did a great magician come to Valhalla? Che! Be careful of large-scale magic!”

The imperial army was the strongest army on the continent. They quickly resolved the chaos from Valhalla’s ambush and Grid’s subsequent attack. What was the identity of the enemy that emerged in the rear, how many numbers, how to cope with it, etc. The imperial army moved quickly based on their good command system.  They identified the explosion of red lightning and black flames in succession as part of a magic system. The soldiers set up special magic shields against magic in the front while the minstrels sang songs that slowed the casting of magic. 

It was a foolish move.

“What? Why are you digging your own grave?”

Grid’s sword swept across the sea of enemies. He felt that the battle had become easier because the troops had less armor than before. He wondered if there were spies hiding inside the empire that were helping him.

"I don’t know what it is, but thanks!”



Four times per second! Grid’s attack speed when armed with Alex’s Quick Gloves was like a flash itself. The soldiers targeted by Grid died within one second and dozens of those within 10 meters of the target were affected.



The terrain of the forest was rough. The explosion of the black flames was like a disaster itself from the viewpoint of the imperial army. Every time the black flames exploded, hundreds of people turned to grey. It seemed like it wouldn’t take long for the 50,000 army to be annihilated.

Captain Beit of the imperial army couldn’t close his mouth.

“W-What? What is that monster?”

It was five minutes after the enemy’s surprise attack. Beit broke through the rear of the army and was able to visually confirm the approaching enemy. The opponent wasn’t a magician like he expected. He was holding a sword in one hand and there was only one opponent. Every time he swung the sword once...


Blood would spurt.



There was either a red lightning bolt or black flames. The camp of the imperial army that was as solid as a fortress? It didn’t function in front of this monster.

"I didn’t know there was such a talented person in Valhalla...!”

The opponent wielded the sword at a pace that was hard to follow with the eyes. How much infinite mana did he have to keep using flames, lightning, and dark power? Beit saw the man whose face was covered with a straw hat as equal to the solo number knights. It should be worth at least the 5th one!

“Sir Lorex...! Ask for support from Sir Lorex!”

The distance with the swordsman was gradually narrowing. Hundreds of troops were slaughtered every time the man got closer. Beit felt a great crisis. He saw that the rear of the army would collapse if this kept continuing. He thought that the power of the Red Knights was necessary.

He cried out urgently. “The Red Knights have fallen into the enemy’s trap!”

"Lorex is being attacked by the enemy leaders...!”

Only desperate reports were heard in succession.

“This... Everyone retreat! I will stop him!”

In the end, Beit moved directly. He was a captain of the empire. It might not be comparable to the Red Knights, but he was confident in his ability. He didn’t doubt that he could tie up this monster for a brief time.

‘Lizzie, I’m sorry. I can’t keep my promise to return safely.’

Beit kissed the pendant around his neck before confronting the monster. It was a farewell to his beloved wife.

“For His Majesty!”


Captain Beit was determined to change the atmosphere of the battlefield. He wouldn’t cower against the monster and raise the morale of the soldiers...




...Or he tried. Beit was running wonderfully on horseback. He was slain by the unidentified monster in the straw hat. It was eight strikes compared to the other soldiers but there was only one or two seconds of difference.

"T-The captain was so easily...”

“Hiik...! Run away! Run away!”

It was poison, since Beit was a person who was usually envied by the soldiers. The morale of the imperial soldiers fell and reached a point that couldn’t be controlled.

“He isn’t an ordinary person...! Not only are his skills excellent, he also knows our internal situation!”

The other captains were surprised when they witnessed Beit’s death. They interpreted it as the intentional sniping from the enemy.

The enemy knew the army would fall into a bad shape after Beit’s death and planned thoroughly.

"An amazing guy...! Shit! There’s no time to fix the army! Retreat to where the Red Knights are!”

A player above a certain level couldn’t be overpowered with numbers. The captains of the imperial army were aware of this grim reality thanks to watching the solo number knights. Therefore, they decided to quickly retreat. It was easier thanks to Grid’s activities. He reached the head of the imperial army, cutting down the treating imperial forces.

Why did he move forward towards where the Red Knights were? Of course, it was to attack the Red Knights.

"I am the Basic Attack King.”

It was the battlefield where the Ares Army and the Red Knights were fighting fiercely. Grid arrived there and declared after feeling attention on himself.

"The Red Knights of the empire. The empire is overpowering because you exist. Thus, I won’t allow you to exist.”


There was an awkward silence. There were two reasons for this. The Red Knights were overwhelmed by Grid’s presence while the Ares Army...



A chuuni with the worst naming sense! Was there anyone in the world other than Grid? The Ares troops had seen the video of Overgeared King Grid shouting 100,000 Army Massacre Sword and were convinced that the monster’s identity was Grid. Of course, Grid denied it.

"Grid is the Overgeared King and I am the Basic Attack King.”

“...I-I see.”

Ares nodded. He realized it wouldn’t be good if Grid’s identity was discovered here. He decided to follow Grid’s actions. Then he felt excited at the same time.

‘How strong is he?’

Ares admitted that there were many people stronger than him. There was Kraugel, Grid, Agnus, as well as Luck and Scott. He respected and admired many people. But unconsciously, he had the idea that Kraugel was unique. That was, until now.

‘The one who reached the sky....’

The video of the 2nd National Competition passed through Ares’ mind. Grid was the one who had pushed Kraugel to the verge of death. Now he was...

'Does he have the power to break the sky?’


Ares gulped while the red color of the sword in Grid’s hand heated up. The Enlightenment Lightning Sword. The best sword made by Grid aimed at Third Knight Lorex.

“Let’s fight.”


Lorex roared. He had no intention of forgiving the monster who suddenly appeared and slaughtered his soldiers. The opponent wasn’t someone that the soldiers could overpower, so he knew he had to do it himself.

"In front of our Red Knights, you’re just a frog in a well! I will paint despair on the face that is covered by that hat!”


The red armor that Lorex was wearing became redder. It was the true power of the Red Armor that had the ability to amplify the wearer’s stats. It meant that Lorex acknowledged Grid. At this time.

[A strong aura has been detected. Your fighting energy reacts and has started to boil.]

[From now on, fighting energy will naturally rise by 1 every 10 seconds.]

Grid smiled widely as he realized the true value of fighting energy.

"Let’s see.”

A knight who represented the continent and the hero of heroes. Who was stronger?