Chapter 704

[The Saharan Empire has declared war on the Valhalla Kingdom!]

[The relationship between the Valhalla Kingdom and the Saharan Empire has become ‘hostile’!]

[There are various restrictions on exchanges and activities of the people of the two countries!]

These notification windows appeared to all the players belonging to Valhalla. But few people were confused or frightened. From the time when the Ares Army rescued the descendant of the Undefeated King, or when they refused to give a tribute to the empire, the people of Valhalla were ready for this event.

"I don’t wish for war!”

Chatter chatter!

Ares’ powerful voice resonated in the capital’s square. The outward appearance of Ares planted awe and trust in the hearts of the people.

"In the future, we will enter into an infinite war with the empire! This war won’t end until one of us is destroyed!”

Ares was the god of war. The battlefield proved the reason for his existence. He planned to develop himself and his army, then Valhalla, through wars. The Undefeated King’s descendant candidate, Oasis, had a question.

‘What is behind this confidence?’

After joining Valhalla, Oasis was surprised when he grasped Valhalla’s power. After absorbing the Belto Kingdom, the population of Valhalla was now around 700,000. There were only 50,000 troops. The difference in national power with the empire, which was known to have a 10 million strong army, couldn’t be disputed. Valhalla couldn’t survive the war with the empire. It could be destroyed within as little as a few days.

Ares came down from the podium after his speech and explained to the questioning Oasis.

"The army that I command directly gains 200% more experience during a war. I also have the Plundering skill. I can take away the food, property, and troops of the enemies or enemy territory. If I use it well, Valhalla will be able to make a breakthrough in this war.”

Ares was an existence that specialized in war. His army wasn’t just strong, but boasted an extraordinary persistence.

“A base that can be hostile to the empire. Well, it would’ve been more ideal to grow step by step fighting against a small country rather than the empire.”

Unfortunately, it wasn’t possible. Most kingdoms on the continent were already tributaries of the empire. If they touched anything belonging to the empire, then they would become hostile to the empire. Therefore, the first place he tried to stare at was the Overgeared Kingdom. But Ares chose to become allies rather than enemies with Grid.

Oasis asked him.

"I understand your abilities. But your opponent is the empire. If they dispatch a large army to destroy you instantly, your ability would have no meaning.”

Ares laughed. It was an excited laugh.

"I don’t move without thinking. The reason why I chose a war with the empire is due to the instability of the empire. The empire is currently divided into several factions and doesn’t have the capacity to focus on one place.”

"But the Red Knights...”

Oasis knew the terror of the Red Knights. Solo number knights. Among them, the fifth knight upwards was on a different dimension. Ares also knew this fact.

"The Red Knights right now aren’t fearful.” There was a meaningful smile on Ares’ face. “I’ve received intelligence that the first and second knights are on probation. We know from experience that the Fourth Knight only emerges in special cases and the third and fifth knights alone can’t stop my army.”

There was another reason why Ares was confident. People needed to move through Liberon Forest to go from the Saharan Empire to the Valhalla. It was filled with a large number of doppelgangers and Ares planned to fully exploit the area with difficult terrain.

“The empire will just be my army’s prey. Puhuhut!”


"Liberon Forest is visible in front.”

The wave of 50,000 troops was spectacular. The best part was the Red Knights at the forefront of the great army. The Red Knights. The strongest knights of the continent, which symbolized the imperial power, were gathered at the front of 50,000 troops.

“Hmmm... Isn’t it much bigger than I thought?”

The white-haired man looking at the exterior of the forest was the Third Knight, Lorex. He seemed to be over 40 years old and one of the five pillars, Kyle, was next to him. Kyle was white from head to toe. White hair, eyebrows, skin, even lips and eyes. It was a bizarre impression.

"The forest is a good place to set traps and ambushes...”

Kyle started to observe Liberon Forest. It was common sense since the bushes were thick and not one animal sound could be heard. Lorex laughed. A respectful attitude couldn’t be found at all.

"Liberon Forest is different from ordinary forests. It’s so infested with doppelgangers that it’s difficult to place traps.”

"But from the enemy’s point of view, isn’t Liberon Forest their territory? Won’t they be more likely to figure out the terrain?”

“No. You will soon experience it but the most terrifying aspect of Liberon Forest is its high temperature and humidity. It is virtually impossible for ordinary people to work or wait in there. Especially if they are armored soldiers.

This was why Lorex stopped the march ahead of the forest. It would take around 4 hours and 30 minutes to break through the forest at normal speed. Lorex decided that it was important for the soldiers to recover their stamina prior to marching through the forest.

Clap clap clap!

Kyle nodded and firmly clapped. Then he laughed and praised Lorex.

“Sir Lorex is correct. I’ve heard a lot of stories about the Third Knight and there is a reason for it. You have a good grasp of the enemy’s position and are careful. I admire you.”

“Huh... This is really...”

Lorex made a cynical expression and scratched the back of his head.

Who was Kyle? He was one of the five pillars who hadn’t been able to accumulate any achievements, but he had obtained the emperor’s favor. The reputation of the five pillars was higher than the Red Knights, who had fought without rest, so Lorex really hated them. He perceived them as someone with the emperor behind them. He had been furious when he heard that Kyle would lead the Red Knights in place of Mercedes.

But what actually happened? Kyle was humble and knew how to respect the Red Knights. Despite being appointed as chief commander of this war, he delegated all authority to Lorex and was gracious to the Red Knights.

'Indeed, the five pillars don’t have direct experience. They are raised so high because of His Majesty.’

It was the will of the emperor to replace Mercedes and Kyle was just performing the command of the emperor.

‘Limit says I should be on guard. I won’t release my tension, but I won’t bother to hate him.’

Hum hum, Lorex coughed before giving an order to the army.

"The break is over! We will enter the forest!”


“They’re coming.”

Liberon Forest. It was a completely abandoned land when it belonged to the Belto Kingdom. But from the moment Ares considered a war with the empire after capturing the Belto Kingdom, he regarded Liberon Forest as an important base. The rest reason was that all the Valhalla soldiers had the ‘Climate Adjustment’ ability to adapt to the temperature of the forest.

That’s right. Ares’ soldiers had adapted to the temperature of Liberon Forest. In addition, they were able to grasp the terrain of the forest through training.

“The Red Knights’ ability to detect the presence of the enemy is the best. Wait for them to go deep into the forest. Attack as soon as you see them.”

Ares commanded the soldiers and they nodded silently. They were stationed all over Liberon Forest. They couldn’t make a sound to let the enemy know where they were.



The rear of Liberon Forest. The 50,000 imperial army were already exhausted from moving through the forest for more than three hours. At this point, the 50,000 large Ares Army led by Ares emerged from the bushes and attacked with arrows or swords. The imperial army couldn’t cope.

“W-What is this?”

“E...enemy! Kuaaaak!"


The imperial army were exhausted from moving through the hot forest. They moved without considering an ambush and were helpless in front of Valhalla’s surprise attack. The empire soldiers turned to grey while the Valhalla soldiers were surrounded by golden pillars of light. It was the signal of a level-up and was the prelude to a fiercer onslaught.

“Keep the momentum up!”

Every time Ares attacked, the morale and stats of the Valhalla army increased. Due to the Valhalla army becoming stronger in real time, the confusion of the imperial army intensified.



There was an unexpected ambush and the enemies became stronger as they fought? As the number of collapsing colleagues increased, so did the fear of the imperial army.

At this time.


Third Knight Lorex rushed towards Ares. He had fought Ares in the past and won. He thought he could subdue Ares in five strikes like before.

“This time I will have your head!”

He couldn’t leave this mistake alone! Lorex was angry as he remembered the loss of the soldiers and leapt towards Ares, his large axe moving in a half-moon arc.  In the past, Ares had commanded 10,000 troops and failed to defend against this attack, suffering serious injury. But Ares was currently leading an army of 50,000. This caused a 25% increase in his stats! In addition, there were a separate slight increase in attack and defense.

“I’m different from before!”



Lorex’s axe was stopped? Lorex was startled. He couldn’t believe that the guy who had fallen to one blow of his axe a few months ago could now exert such power. Lorex wielded his axe in rapid succession.

"Let’s see you stop this!”

"Oh my, isn’t this disgusting?”

Ares’ right hand was numb just from defending against a blow. He had no confidence in defending himself. Ares hurriedly avoided the axe and left it to Scott and Luck.

"Tie up the feet of that monster!”

"We'll both charge!”


Luck answered energetically! His small shield hit Lorex in the back of his head and attracted the aggro from Ares. Then it was Scott’s sword. Both of them used high class skills.

"Silly things like this!”

It didn’t even make a dent on Lorex’s health gauge. The Third Knight. He was weak compared to the first and second knights, but he wasn’t at a level that players could deal with.


Kwa kwa kwa kwang!

The axe swung by Lorex blew away Scott and Luck’s bodies at the same time. However, the Ares Army didn’t shrink back. Lorex’s dance was in the range they had foreseen.

"Block it all together!”

The top rankers of the Ares Army started to help Scott and Luck. Lorex was preoccupied as dozens of third advancement users attacked at the same time.

“These people! Help Sir Lorex!”

The Fifth Knight and other Red Knights busy with the army belatedly tried to help Lorex. Ares saw the scene and shouted.

“Now! Activate the trap!”


The eyes of the Red Knights widened. The ground suddenly fell and they were swallowed up by a large pit. Ares held his belly and laughed from above them.

“Puhahat! You morons~ I wouldn’t be unprepared against monsters like you...gasp!”

Ares screamed. The 20 meter deep pit that he had his soldiers dig. The Fifth Knight jumped up from the huge pit that had taken a fortnight to complete. It was a ridiculous physical ability.

"Hey, isn’t this a scam!?”

It was bad. Ares, who tried to kill as many enemy soldiers as possible while the Red Knights were tied up, was frustrated since the physical abilities of the Fifth Knight surpassed his expectations. The moment Ares detected danger.



Large explosions were successively heard from the imperial army. The eyes of the Red Knights, Ares and everyone else on the battlefield turned in that direction.

“What is this...?”

Red lightning fell from the sky. It penetrated the bodies of the armored soldiers and broke through the empire’s military camp.

"Did a demon king appear...?”

Black flames swallowed up the entire imperial camp in the forest. There was constant splash damage and hundreds of soldiers were continuously destroyed. It was unbelievable attack power.

“W-What? A monster without mana restrictions?”

What type of crazy creature could kill a great army with infinite use of such skills? Ares gulped. He didn’t think such a boss monster would be sleeping in Liberon Forest.

“Ares! We can’t let our army get caught up! We should retreat!”

Scott escaped from Lorex in the turmoil and shouted. He expected the mysterious monster to reach here after cutting through the empire’s forces. It was the same for Ares. He was unable to visually confirm the appearance of the monster because it was hidden by the army, but he could imagine that it wasn’t ordinary.

“Full retreat! Retreat!”

Lorex and the Red Knights were busy trying to control their army. Now was the time to retreat. The moment Ares gave the order without hesitation and turned his horse.

"I am the Basic Attack King.”

The unidentified monster who penetrated through the imperial army appeared and introduced himself as the ‘Basic Attack King.’