Chapter 703

[King’s Quest]

It was a large-scale quest created after Grid became king. As the name suggested, Grid had already completed the first king’s quest, the King’s Role (1). The reward he got at that time was the method to make the King’s Sword.

‘The reward isn’t worth the limited quest.’

Grid hadn’t yet been able to proceed with the quest King’s Role (2). The quest’s level limit was 350. However, he reached level 357 after returning from the Behen Archipelago. It was now possible to proceed with the King’s Role (2).

[The King’s Role (2)]

You have experienced the lives of the people and learned their suffering.

Please resolve the troubles of the people.

Quest Clear Conditions: Give the necessary help to 5,000 people.

Quest Clear Rewards: Political Power stat will open. The next linked King’s Quest.

* It counts if other members of the royal family help the people. 


It wasn’t 100 or 1,000, but helping 5,000 people? How long would it take? Fortunately, Grid had experienced the lives of the people as he proceeded through the King’s Role (1) quest. Grid remembered how the people of each class had suffered and knew how to help them. But it was too much to help 5,000 people. It was obvious that it would take a great deal of time.

“Ah... I can’t say anything bad.”

Yes, curses didn’t emerge. He was aware of the intentions of the quest. The King’s Role (2) was to supplement what was lacking in the kingdom. In other words, it was a guide to reconstruction the nation. If he steadily carried out the quest, the Overgeared Kingdom would grow. The problem was time.

‘It is a very long-term quest...’

If he helped 10 people a day, the quest would take 500 days. It would take even more time if Grid had to leave the kingdom.

“Hah... The quest will be completed in a few years...”

The moment Grid was giving a deep sigh.

[The royal princess Ruby has already helped more than 5,000 people. The condition for the King’s Role (2) quest has been fulfilled.]

[The King’s Role (2) quest has been completed.]

[As a quest reward, the political power stat will open.]

[You will be able to proceed with the next King’s Quest ‘Choice’ at level 370.] 


Grid couldn’t understand the situation. Question marks appeared over his head.


What was the relationship between this quest and Ruby? The puzzled Grid then confirmed the phrase, ‘It counts if other members of the royal family help the people.’ 

“Unbelievable... The good deeds Ruby as accumulated as  Saintess counts?”

Of course, not all good works were counted. It only counted the good deeds after Grid set up the Overgeared Kingdom and Ruby became royalty. Yet she already helped 5,000 people...

Grid recalled that Ruby was the person with the biggest achievement when recovering from the damage after the war.

"My sister is really diligent and nice. I will kiss her when I log out later... No, I will be hit if I do that.”

His sister was very good. Grid smiled.

At the same time, Valhalla.

"This is finally the 399th...!”

His level was higher than Grid so Ares quickly started the King’s Role (2) quest. He was once again wandering the capital and doing ‘good deeds.’

"Puah! It is really hard!”

He wanted to hit someone a few times in the middle. He was busy and often felt discomfort doing this. But Ares decided to think positively. It was a pleasure to see the people’s happiness when he helped them but he was comforted to think that Grid, who just broke through level 350, would be suffering the same thing.

'Grid, would you have served 30 people by now? Puhaha, how pitiful.’ 

A laugh emerged.

"Have strength Grid! Let’s share our hardships! Kuhahahat!” 


[Political Power]

Improves efficiency of various domestic activities.

* The higher the number, the higher the effect.


Political power was a stat held by politicians, some hidden classes, royalty, and merchants. Rabbit had a high political power stat. It would apply to various domestic affairs. For example, if he was appointed as head of market development, the rate of market development would greatly increase. Political power and intelligence were totally separate. The political power stat was a necessary virtue for politicians.

‘I got it.’

Lauel, who had been in charge of the Overgeared Guild and kingdom’s internal affairs for several years had only opened up political power after achieving the title of ‘prime minister.’ It was a stat that was difficult to obtain. Grid had believed that the political power stat would never open for him.


The effect of the stat was absolute. In the future, Grid would be able to carry out the role of domestic affairs without any knowledge. He was moved by the fact that he finally became a king and moved. His destination was the smithy. It was to design Lantier’s mass produced cloak and to make a crown for himself. This was Grid’s next task.


“This is enough.”

Designing Lantier’s mass produced cloak wasn’t difficult. He solved it by using the original design of Lantier’s Cloak and replacing the materials with those that were cheaper and easier to obtain.

"Khan, please hand out this design to the blacksmiths. The advanced blacksmiths should be able to easily understand the design, right?”

“Um, I think so.”

Khan verified the contents of the drawing that Grid handed him and nodded. Grid’s expression was very dark. It was because the wrinkles on Khan’s face had deepened after a few months. He felt that time was running out whenever he looked at Khan.

‘Is there no such thing as medicine for eternal life?'

Human life span wasn’t infinite and the lifespan of an NPC was even shorter. Grid was afraid of parting with Khan. He wanted Khan to live forever. Khan saw Grid’s expression and struck his own chest.

"Do you see this steel body? This old geezer is still fine. Your Majesty doesn’t need to worry.”


His health gauge decreased from his own attack. Grid’s sadness grew so large that it couldn’t be controlled. But he tried not to express it on the outside. He was afraid that he would bother Khan.

"I'm not worried about your health. Why would I worry when I know how strong you are? I only feel bad because the smell of a widower is getting worse.”

"Hoh, smell of a widower?”

Grid sniffed his body and struggled to look bright.

"Don’t you want to remarry? Won’t a family appease your loneliness?”

Khan had been alone for a long time since his wife and son died. Grid was worried that Khan would live alone and closed his eyes. There were many cases where elderly people living alone were only discovered after a long time. Did he know Grid’s heart or not?

"How can I be lonely? I have a family.”


Khan’s cheery smile struck Grid’s heart.


‘How do I intentionally attach stats to items?’

Among the effects of the First King title, there was an item slot increase. Grid could wear a helmet and crown at the same time. He stood in front of an anvil before making a new crown and longed for the stamina stat.

‘Stamina not only increases defense and health, but also the rate of health recovery. It seems to be directly linked to health.’

That’s right. Now Grid had a desire to present Khan with a stamina item. He had the vague belief that Khan would live longer if his stamina could be increased. In addition, Grid needed the stamina stat. His defense was already so high that it was hard to increase. However, the defense value wasn’t fully applied to those with higher levels and many people had a defense bypass skill. Grid felt the need to increase his total health.

In the end.


Grid left the smithy and ran to the Overgeared Academy. As always, he was dependent on the sage’s knowledge.

“What is a way to make a battle gear that raises stamina?”

"You must use alchemy.”


Grid frowned. He still felt negative about alchemy that attached the coolness option to Iyarugt.

"I’m aware that you don’t believe in alchemy. But alchemy is a field that has a high probability of failure, but a great effect when succeeding. Rather than unconditionally distrust it, you should depend on it. Of course, you need to invest a lot of  money.” 

Typically, high risk gave high returns. This was alchemy. Grid was bound to have the worst luck.


It couldn’t be avoided indefinitely. In the first place, didn’t he invest a lot of money in the alchemy facility with the goal of making Reidan the second Talima?

‘I can’t avoid it forever. I have to use it.’

The determined Grid left the academy and he sent a whisper to Lauel.

-What’s the level of the alchemy facility in Reidan?

-Intermediate level 8.

-Still? Wasn’t it intermediate level 8 a few months ago?

At present, Reidan’s alchemy facility had been steadily producing small quantities of the super restorative potions. Grid thought that the level of the alchemy facility would’ve gone up considerably. Now he felt confused and disappointed.

Lauel explained.

-In order to effectively raise the level of the alchemy facility, we must focus on development rather than production. But a lot of money is required for development. Recently, we haven’t been able to fund the alchemy facility because we’ve been offering a tribute to the empire.

-The damn empire... 

According to Sticks, the alchemy facility needed to be at least intermediate level 9 to have a high probability of attaching stats. The empire was always grabbing onto his ankle. Grid’s grudge against the empire gradually deepened.

-Is there a way to screw with the empire?

-There is one way.

As expected from Lauel. He immediately responded to Grid’s emotional question. 

-What is that method?

-Go to Valhalla. The emperor can’t forgive Ares, who dared to take in the descendant of the Undefeated King. He will certainly dispatch troops to Valhalla.

-Go and help? But then won’t the problem become serious?

-The situation is different from when you joined the Belto Kingdom war.

-If we fight with Valhalla this time, we will become the enemy of the empire. I don’t know what to expect after that.

-Go by yourselfHide your identity.


-As Your Majesty said, the problem will become more serious if the Overgeared Kingdom officially helps Valhalla. The next target after Valhalla will be Overgeared. Thus, help Valhalla secretly. While you are gone, I will plan a strategy to attack the vampire cities.

-Kukuk... This should be interesting.

Grid’s shoulders started shaking. He was glad that he had a chance to strike the empire in the back.

‘I will do it properly.’

The excited Grid! Lauel warned him.

-You do know that if you don’t want to be found by the empire, you can’t just cover your face, but Pagma’s Swordsmanship as well.

-...? O-Of course. In the first place, can’t I use a basic attack?

-...You didn’t know. Act with moderation. Based on what’s going on in the empire, Valhalla won’t fall.

At the same time, Titan.

[Secret Mission]

Difficulty: SSS

You have received a secret mission from Sword Duke Limit.

In order to prevent Kyle from building up achievements, support Valhalla and fight Kyle.

The imperial household has yet to identity the members of the Rose Knights, so you don’t need to worry about your identity being discovered.

However, please avoid killing as many Red Knights as possible.

Quest Clear Conditions: Kyle’s death or making him flee.

Quest Clear Reward: Death Ruler’s Staff. Affinity with Sword Duke Limit will increase by 50.

"Kikikik, what type of quest is this? I have to help Ares fight the five pillars?”

"You should refuse. Kyle might be the weakest of the five pillars, but...”

“What if I don’t want to~? Why would I refuse this interesting quest? Kikikik! Kuhahahahat!”


An unidentified person also headed to Valhalla.