Chapter 743

“Reap what you sow...”

Grid remembered how he treated Hao to jjampong when he came to South Korea. It was also 1,000 won more expensive than ordinary jjampong.

“I will repay this favor.”

Grid vowed as he watched Hao turn to grey. He would live by killing many people in the future. He wouldn’t sacrifice himself, but he realized it was better to help people in the proper limits.

‘I will pay back those who helped me, like Hao!’

A heart full of evil intentions! Grid’s intentions to advance weren’t pure. However, he was developing. Grid was originally a person who hated the act of giving to others. But this was changing. It was bit by bit in the process of making friends, sharing with colleagues, sharing love with his family, and making new bones.

“...Thank you once again, Hao.”

Grid confirmed the blue booklet that Hao gave him. It was a scripture. Hao had stopped by a shrine at the beginning of the game.

"The next time you go to South Korea, I will treat you to more expensive jjampong...”

Grid placed the scripture on one side of his inventory and approached the place where Hao and the Australian representative had died. He was hoping they would drop items. Unfortunately, all five items that dropped were arrows.

‘Not all items that you own will drop if you die. The drop rate is like Satisfy.’

The cleric couldn’t use a bow. Grid took the arrows and moved to the rear of the cabin. The cabin was located at the edge of a cliff and a small village could be seen beneath the cliff. This was the end of the forest.

‘I should stop there and secure a few more swords.’

The Battlefield items also had durability like Satisfy. Every time he used it, the red gauge on the weapon was slightly reduced. Grid assumed that the item would be destroyed when the gauge disappeared. He needed extra weapons because half of the gauge was reduced when he fought against Hao.

Grid decided and went down to the village. He moved secretly and carefully so he wouldn’t be seen by people in the village.


There was a small village on the mini-map with the name of ‘Caroline.’ It was a village located below a high altitude forest. Located on the outskirts of Battlefield, there were only nine small houses in this village. Now in this place.

“Pant... Pant...”

Brazil’s representative, Jishuka was isolated. It was a mistake to stop by Caroline in order to get an item.

‘I didn’t think a team would be hiding.’

As soon as she entered the village, she was attacked by three people and barely survived. Now she had only 7 health left and her weapon was on the verge of breaking.

‘If only I had a bow...’

Jishuka was a person praised as a godly archer. The weapon she was most familiar with was the bow. The bow was a tool to prove her true abilities. But she had no luck after entering Battlefield and couldn’t see the bow.

"Girl, you will die anyway, so don’t waste time. Huh?”

"What are you doing? You’re also a representative of a country. Aren’t you ashamed to hide like a rodent?”

“Or do you have no honor because you are the representative of a poor country? Kilkil.”

The three men surrounded the house where Jishuka was hiding and shouted. For safer hunting, the French representatives provoked and attracted their prey. Those who were allies created a signal to confirm their identity immediately before accessing Battlefield. Since then, they were lucky to find each other and had been working together as a team of three. The number of people they hunted in this small village of Caroline had already reached 40 people.

"...She isn’t coming out to the end.”

"Dammit, we have to be careful. This woman is a ranker.”

The French representatives trembled as they looked at their injuries. They were trying to hunt the women hiding in the house and suffered great damages. They were nervous. They had to deal with this fierce beast before starting the next hunt. Drain, the leader of the three men, calmed his teammates.

"It’s time for the supplies to fall. We can recover using the potions, but not her. Wait calmly. In the end, that woman will become nervous.” 

Time was on their side. The map might become narrower and they had to fight more competitors, but there were three of them. 

"We will be the last three people.”

"That's right."

"Yes, let's wait."

His teammates leaned on Drain. He was always cool with facing the enemy and his unified ranking was as high as 10,000. His strength was also excellent. The moment that the French representatives believed they could be the final three with him.


A parachute fell from the sky. It was a parachute loaded with a supplies box.

“It came!”


The French representatives shifted their gaze to the sky at the same time. Fortunately, the supplies were falling near here. It was 40 meters away.

Drain said, "You stay in your positions. I will bring the potions.”


"She isn’t weak, so defend well.”


Drain confirmed his colleagues’ trustworthy answers and moved away. The place where the supplies dropped was inside Caroline. Drain judged that the risk was low since they had occupied this area for more than an hour.



The box of supplies was still in its place. Drain smiled as he rushed out of the alley which had four houses side by side. Drain left the alley and his hand stretched out to grab the box of supplies.




Something sharp flew twice in a row and cut at Drain’s hand. Drain was physically shocked from suffering 2 damage and missed the supplies box.

“What bastard...?”

Someone sneaked into the village without them knowing? Damn, they paid too much attention to the female high ranker. They didn’t guard the boundaries. The angry Drain hurriedly pulled out a weapon. Then he swung it in the direction that the sword was flying.


The two sounds let out a loud sound as they collided in the air. Drain threatened the intruder.

"I'm a warrior...! I’m different from you who can only deal 1 damage!”


Drain used all his strength to bounce the other sword back and then pushed against the opponent’s hard shoulder. Once the opponent lost his balance, he wielded his sword. As a ranker in the top 10,000 of the unified rankings, he had excellent combat ability. However, the viewers watching this scene didn’t admire Drain’s abilities.

Drain was ordinary compared to Hao, who was the main character of the screen a while ago. The intruder he was dealing with right now was the 2nd ranked on the unified rankings, who even beat Hao.




The opponent naturally rotated his body as he was falling to block the attack and counterattack at the same time? Not only did Drain’s blow fail to hit, he also suffered 1 damage. Now he realized.

‘This guy is a high ranker...!’

The opponent was a different level from him. The top 5,000. No, maybe this ranker was in the top 1,000. 

‘I have no chance!’

He had to join his teammates. Drain judged and started running without looking back. He was heading to where his teammates were. He easily gave up the supplies box. Thanks to this, Grid could easily obtain the supplies.

[One health potion has been acquired.]

[Two mana potions has been acquired.]

"There are three potions?”

Grid especially welcomed the mana potion. This made it possible to use a few more scriptures in the future.

“A dog profit.”

He could easily obtain this without receiving any harm! Grid wanted to hum but he was worried he might be discovered by someone else. He was about to search the houses when he stopped.


It was because he heard a woman scream. The direction of the scream was the same direction that the man had run towards.

‘Let’s take a look.’

Of course, he didn’t intend to help the owner of the scream. He wanted to watch the people fighting among themselves and then profit from it.


“Dammit! We have to finish soon!”

Drain was in a hurry after being struck by an unidentified high ranker and being deprived of the supplies box. His teammates thought it was strange since he was a leader who always kept his cool.

“Why? What's going on?"

His teammates were uneasy. Rather than bringing back supplies like potions, Drain was wounded. They were worried about what the problem was. Drain aimed his sword at the door of the house where Jishuka was hiding and explained.

“Another high ranker appeared. He will obviously aim for us. We have to get rid of the woman in this house before he comes.”

They could run away and abandon the village. However, the unforeseeable danger from moving to another place was too great. Drain didn’t want to leave this place. His companions read his intentions and responded. One pulled out a mace and the other pulled out an axe. The three of them attacked the door at the same time.

“You guys...!”

Jishuka hurriedly pulled out a sword from where she was hiding in the house. She intended to fight, but it wouldn’t be easy.

Jjang! Jjejejeok!



It was a tough fight because she was attacked by three people in a small space. In particular, Jishuka wasn’t proficient at close combat. It was absolutely impossible for her to overpower the French trio who had good control. In the end.


Jishuka suffered a series of critical blows and screamed. The pain and fear she received psychologically was tremendous as she was hit by the weapons. In particular, the French trio were warriors. Jishuka drank all the potions she secured in advance but she only had three health left. 

"It is really terrible.”

“This is the end.”

Jishuka was also a warrior. The French representatives were also damaged by her fierce resistance. But it was finally over. The French representatives completely suppressed Jishuka. Now the fight would be over if Drain dealt the last blow. The moment Drain was about to stab Jishuka’s chest.




Suddenly, there was an eerie voice behind them and the three French representatives were simultaneously hit.

‘Wide area?’

The French representatives made disbelieving expressions. Weren’t there no attack skills on Battlefield? How were they suddenly hit at the same time? As they turned their heads with trembling eyes, Grid retrieved his sword.

"Three men shouldn’t be mean enough to attack one girl. Come here.”


Grid and Jishuka’s eyes met across the French trio. The two of them immediately recognized each other. Jishuka used Pagma’s Swordsmanship as a clue while Grid used her chest as a clue.


‘E cup...’

Grid was convinced the masked woman was Jishuka. Both the size and shape matched. He could tell even if he couldn’t identify her face or voice. Grid know only one woman in the world with this ideal figure.


Grid swung his sword at Drain again, before pulling the bow and arrows out from his inventory and throwing them to Jishuka.

"Fly up!”


The advent of the godly archer.

“A bow in this narrow place...! Keok!”

The arrows fired at the French representatives in succession and Grid was able to finish them off easily. The moment the scattered bonds gathered together.

-He’s completely a prince on a white horse.

-He’s protecting his girl.

-Jishuka is really sexy and pretty... I really envy Grid.

Grid’s anti-cafe members started to increase as much as his fan cafe members. It happened every year due to the men’s jealousy. 

Finally, Battlefield was moving to the second half. The current number of survivors was 166.