Chapter 744

“How did you know it was me?”

Jishuka’s eyes were shining brightly behind the mask. She was happy that Grid recognized her instantly. It was a happiness that couldn’t be satisfied even with her natural beauty and wealth.



“...I knew when I took a close look. Haven’t we been together for a few years?”

Grid didn’t answer honestly because he was concerned that he might be accused of sexual harassment. His roundabout words would cause anyone else to be suspicious, but Jishuka just laughed.

"You recognized me despite changing my voice and covering my face...? Huhut.”

“Huh...? I’m not a stalker. Please don’t misunderstand.”

“How interesting.”


Grid was worried because he didn’t understand Jishuka’s mood. It was because he couldn’t assume she liked him, when she had topped the list of women that men were attracted to for the third year in a row.

[An axe has been acquired.]

[A long sword has been acquired.]

[A tanto has been acquired.]

[A short bow has been acquired.]

[Four arrows have been acquired.]

[A ★ backpack ★ has been acquired.]

[★ Backpack ★]

Hidden Item. 

Increases the maximum number of health potions and mana potions that can be held by one.


The French trio had taken over Caroline and hunted numerous competitors so they obtained plenty of good stuff. It was natural that Grid would see great benefits from killing them.


Grid hummed with pleasure and handed the bow and arrows to Jishuka.

"The Red Phoenix Bow is more of a short bow than a great bow right? Use this as a replacement.”

"Grid, you’re giving me this?”

Jishuka had been thinking of returning the bow that she received before to Grid. It was originally Grid’s item. Grid thought she didn’t want to be in debt to him and explained with an uncomfortable expression.

“I’m a cleric, so I can’t use the bow.”




Jishuka naturally thought that Grid was a producer. Yet he was a cleric?

"...You’re not a magician or warrior? A cleric?”



Grid and a cleric. Was there any combination stranger than this? Grid shrugged at the confused Jishuka.

"I would’ve given it to you even if I could use the bow. Your archery is the best. Now drink this potion.”

That’s right. Grid had already made up his mind.

"Jishuka, team up with me. Survive together.”


Jishuka smiled and nodded vigorously. This was a terrible survival game where only three players could survive. She was relieved and happy that she could be with someone more reliable than anyone else.


One and a half hours after Battlefield started.

『 Now it’s hard to see a solo exhibition. 』 

Most of the 166 survivors started teaming up. It was a natural phenomenon. As the number of survivors decreased, the participants in Battlefield could be identified relatively easily. They used their connections and ideas to hold hand with people of the same purpose.

『 Battlefield is an event designed to just every player’s abilities... It’s doubtful that the current flow is precisely what the S.A. Group wanted. 』

It was clear that a solo exhibition had been transformed into a team game. While there were people who thought like this...

『 Communication can also be considered to be an individual’s ability. Anyone who can get a competent and trustworthy team in this difficult situation has already proven their worth. I don’t think it’s a problem. 』 

Teaming up was also an ability. There was many people who welcomed the situation. Generally, there were more of the latter.

-It’s a survival game of three people, so it isn’t strange to have teams of three.

-The ability to enter a good team or not depends on personal capabilities.

The Internet started to heat up. The 166 survivors were big names so the audience engagement increased. Who would be the last three among these strong people of each country? One person was for certain.


The moment Battlefield started, many people escaped to the underpass. The relatively weak judged that it would be easier to defend in the dark and complex underground rather than the relatively open ground. After escaping to the underground, they picked the right terrain, hid themselves and took the ideal defense posture. It was with the belief that they would be safe for a limited time, unless the map disappeared. But it was wishful thinking.

A disaster occurred. The identity of this disaster was Sword Saint Kraugel.

Dark visibility and narrow, complex terrain. From a general point of view, the underpass was a disadvantage to attackers. It was beneficial to the defenders that were established first. Other people didn’t go underground but Kraugel’s interpretation was different. Kraugel determined that it was possible to complete hunting in an enclosed underground space. The defenders lost items and lost escape routes in exchange for safety. He personally descended underground in order to knock down competitors who would be a potential threat. All the people he encountered died.

Words were lacking to express the godly talent. Therefore, he was praised as the sky above the sky. In a battlefield of control, Kraugel was invincible. While people couldn’t avoid his attacks, Kraugel neutralized attacks that came from all over the place. He was definitely beyond the category of a human. He was like an absolute figure in a movie.

‘Is it settled here?’

He succeeded in defeating the hundreds of competitors in the underground. He was the only one remaining.

Step, step.

Kraugel was the only person to kill over one hundred of the 1,500 Battlefield participants. To be exact, it was 127 people. This was in a record one and a half hours.


Kraugel put all the usable items into his inventory and stopped as he was about to climb back up to the ground. The number of survivors had stopped at 166 for two minutes.

‘Are they starting to form teams?'

Given the size of the field, it was too early to see a lull in the 166 players remaining. Kraugel instantly realized that Battlefield was no longer a solo exhibition. Therefore.

‘I have to wait.’

Wariness. What did he have to be afraid of when he was invincible? It was naturally Grid.

‘Grid is likely to have assembled the Overgeared members.’

Kraugel was a person who appreciated Grid’s potential from the time when Grid hadn’t yet been acknowledged by the world. He was always wary of Grid. Control, speed, and communication were all considered. As a result of this calculation, he judged that he had low chances of winning at the moment. If Grid gathered the top talents of the Overgeared Guild then even Kraugel would suffer.

‘I will wait.’

Kraugel hid in the darkness of the underground. He was prepared to wait until the number of survivors decreased further. In the meantime, he would knock down anyone who came underground.


It had been two and a half hours since Battlefield started. There were only 30 minutes left and the map had shrunk by a third compared to the beginning. The surviving 32 participants struggled while Kraugel also prepared to move from the underground.

“My Lord...!”

The plane containing the Mongolia representatives. As soon as he entered the Battlefield, he cast a wide area taunt and was honored to be the ‘first’... No, Huroi suffered a bitter cup of hardships. He was watching Grid on the monitor. Since joining up with Jishuka, Grid’s team had focused on securing arrows and scriptures. On the other hand, the other survivors had teams of at least three to five. Kraugel was alone, but he was an outlier.

“My Lord is at a disadvantage...!”

If only he was competent! When he first logged onto Battlefield, he should’ve sworn at only one person instead of using a wide range provocation.

"If I did, I would’ve been by My Lord’s side right now! It’s an irreversible mistake!”


The other Mongolian representatives sighed with relief at his words. If Hurio had survived and kept cursing, they thought that Mongolia would’ve been disgraced. They thought it was good that Huroi was eliminated early.


[After two minutes, this space on the mini-map will disappear.]

Beep beep!

The intervals between the warning windows gradually shortened. The survivors found it hard to find a space to hide. The distance between each other narrowed until they could see each other among several small buildings.  

"Now the real fight will start.”

“There is no party greater than ours.”

The 32 survivors were filled with confidence. In particular, the party of Regas, Pon, and Lauel were amazing. The strongest party that combined the best brain and best control. They believed that they could fight any opponent and win. In fact, they had consecutive winning streaks until now. No one could stop their momentum.

“Huhuhut... Even His Majesty can’t stop us.”

Lauel gave a wicked laugh. In fact, the viewers recognized these three as candidates for the championship. They thought that even Kraugel couldn’t win. So far, the abilities that Pon, Regas, and Lauel showed were great. But they had a poison. It was Grid.

“Everybody listen!”


The survivors gazed at one side after hearing a voice. There was a duo consisting of a man and woman. The man was shouting.

"From now on, I will make an item for anyone who surrenders!”


Who was suddenly saying such nonsense? As everyone was feeling confused, Lauel paled.

“That’s cheating...!”

“I am the Overgeared King!”


The survivors started to shake.