Chapter 742


As soon as Grid pulled out the blue booklet, Hao got goosebumps. He knew what the identity of this book  was.



Grid’s body was surrounded by light. The wounds that proved the fierceness of the battle disappeared like a lie. Hao’s eyes shook.

‘He selected a cleric?’

In the character selection value, Hao saw the cleric’s value as low. A magician exerted a unique attack power after getting a magic wand, while a producer could make bows and arrows themselves. Both were excellent classes. In particular,  Hao thought that Grid would choose the producer class. It was a speculation considering his identity as a legendary blacksmith. Yet he was a cleric?

Hao gulped.

‘Grid, did you know from the beginning?’

In the character selection window, Hao saw the cleric as a bad class. Immediately after entering the battlefield, he realized after seeing that there were dozens of shrines on the mini-map. In fact, the cleric was the class with the greatest potential. Why? The scriptures, which he thought relied on pure luck, were actually items that could be secured strategically. If a cleric secured a large number of scriptures, Hao predicted that the cleric would be the greatest hurdle.

But he didn’t worry much. He was sure that no one among the high rankers would choose a cleric. 

‘I don’t anyone would’ve realized that the scriptures can be secured so easily just by looking at the character description.’

The scriptures were described as being all over the map. There was no explanation that it could be secured in a specific area. The other rankers were likely to evaluate a cleric lowly. But Grid was different. He selected a cleric.

‘Grid, you read a few steps into the future. Indeed, you are the person that I acknowledge. I can only say that you are great.’

Hao was impressed and thrilled. Now he had 7 health left. On the other hand, Grid read the scripture and had 15 health.

‘I need to hit him 15 times.’

The situation had become worse. The word ‘defeat’ entered Hao’s head. However, Hao didn’t know how to give up.

‘There’s still a chance. The possibility that Grid has secured two scriptures is very unlikely.’

He had to do two or three hits for every time he got hit! Hao held his spear and raised his concentration to the extremes. He had already become accustomed to Pagma’s Swordsmanship.

‘Grid turns when he uses Link and Wave, while he can respond with a faster thrust when he uses Kill. He doesn’t attack when using the footwork of Revolve and will narrow the distance when he uses Pinnacle.’

Hao was a person who was praised as the master of fighting. His ability to identity the enemy’s strengths and weaknesses and reverse the situation were excellent. He had excellent analytical abilities and improvisation so it wasn’t difficult for him to grasp Pagma’s Swordsmanship. Hao believed that he could observe the direction of Grid’s feet during the sword dance and cope with it, allowing him to easily win.

At that moment.


Grid stepped forward. The weight on his leg was different from simply moving. It was the precursor of Kill and Pinnacle.

Hao quickly identified it and moved his right foot backwards. He watched clearly how Grid’s feet moved and took preliminary actions to cope with a stab or avoidance. At this point, Grid moved forward again. He narrowed the distance to Hao more than necessary.


Hao detected it! Hao didn’t want to confront it with his low health and took one step back. He chose to take evasive action. At the same time.


Grid’s sword moved through the area where Hao had just been standing. It was an attack with more sharpness compared to using blunt weapons. A smile appeared on Hao’s mouth.


It was time to counterattack. Hao moved his right foot in a wide manner. The spear in his hand stretched out like a flash. It was aimed precisely at Grid’s heart. Hao was confident that he would completely stab Grid. But at that moment. Grid’s sword falling towards the ground stopped in the air. The moment Hao came closer to Grid. The descending strike was converted into a stab.

Pinnacle Kill.



Hao’s spear stabbed at Grid’s chest.


Grid’s sword pierced Hao’s heart. Of course, Grid was faster. Before Hao could reclaim the spear, Grid retrieved the sword and attacked a second time. It was possible because the length of the sword was shorter than the spear.



Hao’s shoulder was cut. Grid recovered his sword again and Hao, who already finished retrieving his spear, belatedly struck a second time. Hao tried to maintain his composure. If he could hit two more times, they would return to the starting point. Therefore, he decided not to fret. However, Hao’s second blow didn’t hit.


Just before Hao’s spear reached his chest. Grid turned his sword in the air and blocked Hao’s spear. Revolve.

'What happened?’

Hao’s eyes twitched. Not only did Grid’s swordsmanship became more diverse, but it was surprising since it was linked at a faster timing than before. It might be a small change when other people saw it. But in Hao’s case, he was directly dealing with Grid and Grid seemed to have been transformed into a different person.

Hao was confused.

"Sword dance, sword dance. It is no wonder that a sword is more appropriate for it than a blunt weapon.”

Grid informed him of the situation. That’s right. Grid changed the moment he switched from a blunt weapon to a sword. Now he was showing off his true talent.

‘I can’t lose with a sword!’

From the beginning, Grid saw Hao as a tough opponent. Thus, he was keenly looking for a sword from the moment the battle began. On the other hand, Hao saw Grid as below him. He wasn’t obsessed with the sword at first.

‘This is the result of carelessness!’

Hao realized the difference between himself and Grid. Grid was humble, while Hao was arrogant. This difference showed in the current results. Hao thought so. But the reality was somewhat different. Hao used various weapons thanks to Weapons Mastery. He was skilled with all weapons because of his excellent talent. That’s why he wasn’t obsessed with a specific weapon. On the other hand, Grid had no talent like Hao. He used a variety of weapons but he wasn’t accustomed to weapons other than swords. Therefore, he had no confidence with other weapons. This was why he was so obsessed with the sword.

One who had talent and one who had not. The two of them were divided here. It wasn’t because Grid was humble. It was a truth that no one knew.

‘I can’t win.’

Hao judged. He sensed it the moment Grid used two sword dances in a row.

‘Achieving such complicated sword dances with the stats of this body... His talent is comparable to Kraugel.’

The difference between heaven and earth! Hao was enlightened and abandoned the weapon on his hand.

“I lost. Kill me.”

“Huh?” Grid was confused when his opponent surrendered at the end. “Why are you surrendering? Shouldn’t you accumulate as much damage on me as possible, even if you lose?”

“I would’ve done this if I hated you.”

Hao had a great liking for Grid. That’s why he visited South Korea. He didn’t want to cause damage to Grid by fighting to the end. He wanted to cheer on Grid rather than grab at Grid’s ankle. Grid noticed his heart and smiled.

“You are truly Pon. Thank you.”


This guy, he still didn’t know Hao’s identity despite fighting for so long? Hao became frustrated once he realized how weak his presence was.

‘My skills are lacking.’

Hao was once Grid’s enemy. If Grid had been impressed by Hao, it would’ve been possible for him to identify Hao in this match. But Grid didn’t know Hao’s identity. It meant Hao didn’t leave an intense impression on Grid. Hao blamed himself for being lacking. But it wasn’t true. The reason why Grid mistook Hao as Pon wasn’t because he trivialized Hao’s ability. It was the opposite.

"How about it? You are Pon right? Only Pon can use the spear in such an amazing manner.”

“...Haha, I am Hao.”

A big smile appeared on Hao’s face.


-Hao is pathetic!

-Surrendering without fighting to the end...! It’s the disgrace of a great nation!

The Chinese viewers were indignant. The top ranker of China was defeated by the ranker of a ‘small country.’

-Hao should be banished forever from China! 

-Right! It is unacceptable for a representative of 1.5 billion people to kneel to a Korean representative! The entire world is watching as China surrenders to South Korea! It’s an absolute disgrace!!!

-Banish Hao!

-Send him to the trash!

The Internet was in chaos. The Chinese people were angry on various communities and social networks. Of course, this wasn’t all Chinese people. But some people disgraced the country of China with their selfishness and arrogance.

-I pity Hao.

-Yes. How many medals has Hao obtained for China so far... One result has caused him to be called a complete traitor.

-Aren’t they particularly sensitive because Grid is Korean? The Chinese seem to ignore South Korea quite a bit.

-Why are they taking the competition between Grid and Hao like the competition between South Korea and China? It’s a solo exhibition anyway.

-That's right. What does a person’s nationality matter?

The moment when netizens of each country were accusing some of the Chinese netizens, the Korean netizens felt a great deal of pleasure.

-God Grid alone can turn the continent upside down. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Really amazing.

-South Koreans seemed to be genetically excellent. Our population isn’t high, but one person in each field is always unique.

-Ah, I really like Grid. Thanks to Grid, I’m happy at every National Competition.

-Eh? What is this?

-Wow. It is big.

The people watching Battlefield grew restless. As Grid and Hao were facing each other, an Australian representative aimed at Grid through the bushes. Just before Grid was caught off guard.

-Avoid it!

-Notice it!

No matter how fast the netizens typed or the shouts of the audience, the contents couldn’t reach Grid. Grid was thinking if it was better to kill Hao, who already acknowledged defeat, or team up with Hao. Then.


An arrow flew through the bushes and hit Grid.

[You have suffered 2 damage.]


High destructive power! Grid turned a perplexed gaze in the direction that the arrow came from.

“Take this. If you beat me then you better win.”

Hao handed the blue booklet to Grid and rushed through the bushes.


An arrow struck Hao’s chest. Now Hao’s health fell below 3. His vision started blinking red as a warning. However, Hao didn’t stop. He moved accurately in the direction of the arrow and stabbed the spear in the opponent who ambushed Grid.

“Shit...! I thought I could eat for free! Aren’t you enemies?”

The Australian representative shook as he was stabbed by the spear. He was also in a state of low health from fighting against other representatives.


Hao and the Australian representative turned grey at the same time.


Thanks to Hao, Grid preserved his health. There were now less than 400 people left on Battlefield.