Chapter 729

Pounding Mortar. It was the Free Farming technique that the legendary farmer Piaro created. It was a technique that created a mortar that was as big as a house in the sky. It lasted for two seconds and the radius was 180 meters. The most remarkable aspect of this technique was that it could distinguish between allies, despite the overwhelming range of the skill.

Jjirak. Jjirak.


Noll who was only aiming for Grid. A large shadow appeared over his head and the air became heavy.


Thunder. No, the sound was more artificial, intense, and threatening than thunder. Noll instinctively felt fear and created Blood Shield.


An unimaginable weight hit the Blood Shield.

Jjejeok! Jjejejejeok!


The Blood Shield shattered. Blood Shield was a magic and robust defense created to protect the direct descendants!

‘What strength is this?’

Originally, Noll would ask this question. But Noll had no doubt about the power that destroyed Blood Shield with one blow. It was due to the terrible pain.





The unbearable pressure crushed Noll’s skin, flesh, and bones. Noll couldn’t even scream. As soon as his mouth opened, the pressure caused his eyes to bulge out. It was useless to grit his teeth.


Noll continued to be squashed. The body that had been floating in the air was pressed close to the ground, while the ground continued to sink in like a meteorite attack.



Hundreds of vampires and familiars around Noll were already turning to grey. It was the scene of a massive number of enemies being crushed to death.

“Kuk...! Kuaaaaah!”

Noll tried to endure and let out a loud scream. It was to emit magic and defy this transcendent power. Then the duration of Pounding Mortar was over.

“Pant... Pant... Pant...”

The pain of experiencing a huge pressure. Noll breathed roughly once he was freed from it. His red eyes looked around as his body shook. The city, familiars, and vampires were all ashes. Everything that stood in a dignified manner was gone. Noll was shocked and lost for a moment. 

“A force deadly to a vampire... Did that guy bring one of Rebecca’s dogs?”


The strength that was powerful enough to almost crush him must be divine power. That’s what Noll believed.  It was a reasonable idea from his position. But reality was much different from what he thought.

“The city’s soil... It is very unusual since it has sucked in a large amount of blood without seeing the sun for so long.”


Normally, humans confronted with a direct vampire were likely to suffer from heart attacks and die. It was because the difference between direct descendants and humans was too big. And Noll was a direct descendant. In particular, he was an earl. Except for a few special people like Grid, most humans couldn’t even raise a finger in front of Noll.

Noll was emitting a fearsome killing intent even in his current state. In fact, the vast majority of the thousands of soldiers who entered the city were frozen in place. All of them were pale and didn’t dare look at Noll. But at this time.

“Hrmm... If I farm here, I might be able to grow something very interesting.”


One human kept making fun of Noll.  At first glance, it was a man in shabby attire. The clothes he wore were covered with dirty and his hands held unfamiliar tools. It was a small tool that looked similar to a sickle but it wasn’t as sharp. It was clearly not a weapon.

“Interesting, how interesting. It’s certainly interesting soil.”


Noll, who had been living in the city for a lifetime, didn’t know about human society. But he still had common sense. He instinctively perceived that a human armed with strange tools and the old, dirty attire was a slave or lower class among humans. However, the slave couldn’t grasp the atmosphere. He kept on touching the ground in front of Noll, mumbling something.

"...All humans are crazy.”

He believed that the Rebecca’s believer who used the technique would need a long time to reuse it. Noll was determined to take care of Grid before Rebecca’s believer could act again. But before that.

"I will drink this slave’s blood as an appetizer.”

Noll wanted to take care of the slave who was disrupting him. He snorted and waved a hand lightly to destroy the slave smelling the ground, intending to leap over and fly towards Grid. However.


The simple slave. The dirty human who didn’t even have a weapon lightly blocked Noll’s attack. Then he took out an unknown tool.



Noll was hit by the unknown tool and suffered terrible pain. He forgot his dignity and let out an unseemly scream. Then he moved away from the slave. He grabbed his injured forehead with a disbelieving expression.

‘Divine power...? Is his attack so painful because he has divine power?’

Then this person who looked like a slave was actually one of Rebecca’s dogs?

“What...? I heard Rebecca’s dogs always wear white and clean clothes!”


How pathetic. After Pounding Mortar, Grid and the Overgeared members watched Noll being hit. Noll felt worse.

“What? What are all of you doing?”

Noll’s confusion reached the extremes! If his magic resistance wasn’t so high, he might’ve suspected that he was caught by a spell without knowing it. But as it happened, Noll was highly resistant to magic. It was safe to say that there was no possibility of him being enchanted. This confused Noll even more. How was that human called Grid able to draw some many supporters and what was the identity of the powerful force that crushed the vampires and familiars? More than anything else.

“You... Who are you?”

The identity of the slave was the thing he was most curious about. The man mistaken for being a slave, Piaro replied.

“A farmer.”



"A farmer...!”

As mentioned earlier, Noll had some common sense. He knew that food was necessary for humans to live and there was a group of humans who grew the food. Yes, he knew what ‘farmer’ meant.

“This crazy guy!”

Noll was agitated, It was scandalous that a mere human could cause him such confusion. It was the first time since Noll was born that he met such a nasty person. His anger soared.

“Eat...! I will eat you!”


Blood magic was released as Noll roared. It was the manifestation of the high grade blood magic that only the direct descendants could use.


The blood magic that burst out swallowed up Piaro. Noll was invigorated by the sight. He thought that the damn madman who appeared once in one hundred years would disappear without a trace. It was just for one second.

"The ability to breathe blood like water...! I think I need to build a farm here!”


Piaro was surprisingly alive despite being swallowed up by Noll’s blood magic. It was natural. He was someone who survived Great Demon Belial’s attacks several times. In addition, he was now being thoroughly supported by Ruby. The strong support from Grid’s party meant that Piaro’s death should never happen.

Flash! Flash!

The heals of Saintess Ruby were overlapped on Piaro’s body. Holy Weapon was also included. The hand plow in Piaro’s hand started to shine brilliantly.

“Hit me now!”

“Shut up...! Just shut up!”

It wasn’t enough that this crazy person much stronger than Grid lied about being a farmer. The farmer dared to directly challenge him. Noll felt extreme confusion and anger every time Piaro opened his mouth and his composure fell.  It was due to the Farmer’s Provocation skill that the legendary farmer Piaro acquired unintentionally. It was a powerful skill that Piaro learned in the process of training many powerful people including Kraugel and Damian.

“Die...! Die!”

He cried out dialogue different from predators who saw humans as food usually said. It was ‘die’ instead of ‘be eaten.’ This meant that he recognized Piaro as special. Now his eyes didn’t see anyone other than Piaro. Now only Noll and the farmer were in this place... No, he focused only on Piaro as Piaro was the only one who existed. That was the problem.

“Wrath of the Sea!”

“Grey Strike.”

Maxong summoned a tsunami using powerful magic and the eternally second place Asmophel wielded a glowing sword at Noll. The two attacks were powerful enough to threaten Noll. In particular, the current Noll had lost his composure and the impact was greater.




Noll lost his balance as he was swept away by the tsunami and the sword stabbed his heart. Piaro didn’t miss this gap.

“Fated to Perish.”


The hand plow deeply pierced Noll’s chest. Noll couldn’t even scream. Grid checked Noll’s heath gauge and clicked his tongue.

“...How did this happen?”

"Hey look. Shouldn’t you wait your turn?”

“What do you mean? Don’t you know that our Gale Troops arrived one second earlier then you? It is our turn to enter next.”

“Ha...? One second? Is there any evidence? I will swear on this potato.”


On the other hand, at the entrance of the gate behind Grid, the soldiers who couldn’t enter the city were still making a fuss. Grid and the other Overgeared members only played a ‘part’ of the disaster.

“Isn’t this a complete cheat key?”

Vantner muttered. It was the power of the ‘royal order’ used by Grid.