Chapter 728

Titan, the capital of the Saharan Empire, had the biggest Rebecca Temple on the continent. The size of one temple was large enough to overwhelm the size of the Vatican. It was a place where people could see the close relationship between the empire and the Rebecca Church.

"Your Majesty, it’s urgent.”

The temple built on the blood and sweat of countless immigrants. A statue of Rebecca, goddess of goodness, actually existed in this ugly place? People against the empire didn’t appreciate Titan’s Rebecca Temple. However, from the viewpoint of Emperor Juander, this temple was the symbol of absolute power and the sole home of the ‘real’ Goddess Rebecca. Someone came to this sacred place.


Juander, who was sitting in front of the statue and praying, opened his eyes. He was grumpy at his prayers being disturbed. Earl Lisha, who ran to give the report, bowed his head deeply.

“There is a strange trend in the Overgeared Kingdom. It is said that they are gathering a large army in Reidan by mobilizing all allied troops.


Reidan was a city that bordered the empire. The act of gathering troops there could be regarded as a threat to the empire. Juander could send an army to the Overgeared Kingdom under the ‘sin of making the people of the empire nervous.’ But Juander was unable to move his army. It was because most of the empire’s main forces were dispatched to Valhalla.

“Moving after knowing this fact... As expected from the Overgeared King.”

The reason why Juander placed a large number of troops near Valhalla was to keep the Undefeated King’s descendant in check. Juander was very alert to him, who killed tens of thousands of imperial troops, killed the Red Knights, and damaged Kyle. He didn’t express it to anyone, but the feeling was almost like fear. He wondered if it was the second coming of the Undefeated King.

Thus, Juander posted an army near Valhalla to guard against the Undefeated King’s descendant. But Valhalla and the Overgeared Kingdom didn’t know this. They interpreted it as the empire going to invade Valhalla soon. Therefore, the Overgeared Kingdom gathering the army in Reidan was a type of warning. It was a warning that if they invaded Valhalla, the Overgeared Kingdom would strike their rear.

“Sigh... Kuk, kuku! Kukukuk!”

Juander gave a deep sigh before bursting out into laughter. It was laughable. A mere kingdom just born dared to warn the empire. He never thought there would be a kingdom that ignored the empire. Juander was amazed by the changes in this era. He was so pathetic that it was funny.

He laughed for a while before asking Earl Lisha.

"What’s the exact number of the Overgeared army gathering in Reidan?”

The empire had eyes and ears throughout the continent. The empire’s spies existed in every country and region. Any of Juander’s questions could be answered immediately. But not this time.

"I’m ashamed. I haven’t figured out the exact number yet.”


Earl Lisha, the head of the empire’s intelligence agency, had already tried several times to plant spies in the Overgeared Kingdom. But it was difficult. All territories of the Overgeared Kingdom were strictly guarded. Even if a spy was planted, they were caught immediately. In particular, the spies that were planted in Reinhardt were close to zero. Most of the 300 spies dispatched to Reinhardt were unaccounted for. That’s why there was a big restriction on their ‘eyes’ in the Overgeared Kingdom.

Juander frowned.

“The information network in the Overgeared Kingdom is still weak. How disappointing, Lisha.”

"I’m ashamed... It seems that there are many high level assassins in the Overgeared Kingdom... But I will come up with a solution soon.”

“Then can you roughly guess the number of enemies?”

The exact number wasn’t known, but it was possible to guess. Lisha replied once Juander asked again.

"Approximately 40,000."

40,000. It was an insignificant number. From the viewpoint of the empire that had an army of millions, 40,000 was a number that could be erased at any time. But war wasn’t all about numbers. In particular, there were many people in the Overgeared Kingdom who were as good as the Red Knights.  Among these, the Overgeared King had already destroyed two kingdoms and established two new ones. There would be no Valhalla without the Overgeared King.

‘The hundreds of thousands of soldiers and my strong people sent to Valhalla...’

They were just good prey. Juander judged this and was filled with big regret.

‘There’s no talent.’

Sword Duke Limit and the Red Knights were on the side of the empress and it wasn’t the time to send the Five Pillars to the frontlines. They were busy raising knights and magicians who would surpass the Red Knights. Kyle was somewhat idle, but he’d lost one arm to the descendant of the Undefeated King.

Juander wondered when things had become so twisted. Looking back, it had been a long time. Since he lost Piaro...

In the end, the descendant of the Undefeated King appeared and the balance of power collapsed.

“More than this...”


Juander beckoned and a guard came up to him, handing him a cloak. Juander wore the cloak, walked outside the temple and muttered.

"For the time being, I need to drink a bitter cup. Let’s try diplomacy.”

Diplomacy. Juander had never tried diplomacy before. From the time he took the throne of the empire, he became the ruler of the continent and only gave orders to other countries. They were one-sided deals, not diplomacy. But now the times had changed.

“Send an envoy to the Overgeared King. Tell him that we won’t invade Valhalla for the time being. I will ask for a truce with Valhalla as proof.”


The emperor of the world was declaring that he would take a step back? It was unbelievable. Earl Lisha’s eyes widened while the guard captain Bain’s face was red with anger.

"Your Majesty! I would rather go to the battlefield! Instead of the useless Red Knights, this Bain will obtain the heads of the Undefeated King’s Descendant and the Overgeared King.”

“That can’t be. Bain, if you aren’t around then I can’t feel comfortable for even a moment. I can’t even sleep well.”


Who could be in charge of escorting the ruler of the continent? Guard Captain Bain was someone recognized by Juander. Bain was the person Juander trusted most in the world. He was able to walk down the street thanks to Bain. 

“The Undefeated King’s descendant...”

After calming Bain down, Juander thought about the description of the Undefeated King’s descendant that Kyle gave. He got goosebumps.

‘A monster who can use the legendary 100,000 Army Swordsmanship as well as magic... It’s better not to move until all of the Five Pillars have returned. Yes, today’s choice is wise, not a disgrace.’


"Hahahaha! Did you see it? Those scandalous fools ran away!”

The vampire earl Noll. Currently, he was in a peculiar state. He had overcome the Curse of Idleness. It was difficult for him to understand. He just knew that after encountering the human called Grid a few times, the word ‘annoying’ disappeared from his head.

Noll believed this change was based on his feelings of anger. There were humans who weren’t afraid of direct descendants. The moment that his anger rose to his head, Noll interpreted that he was free from the curse. Then he felt joy. It was the first time he felt a distinct emotion since he was born hundreds of years ago. He realized that he was alive now.

‘Now I see why Braham and Elfin Stone tried to overcome the Curse of Idleness.

Braham had a desire for knowledge and Elfin Stone longed for love. Those who opened their eyes to desires and emotions earlier than their kin wouldn’t like the Curse of Idleness. That was why they struggled so hard.

“Kuk...! Kuahahaha! But in the end, I overcame it first!”

Noll thought that he was superior to Braham and Elfin Stone. Then a true blood vampire approached him and asked carefully, “Excuse me... Earl Noll, can we go to sleep now?”


The true blood vampires and ordinary vampires received only a small bit of the Curse of Idleness compared to the direct descendants. But that was just when compared to the direct descendants. They were all annoyed and wanted to go to sleep. However, they couldn’t leave because they had to follow the orders of the direct descendant.

Noll clicked his tongue.

"Sleep here if you’re tired. I don’t know when that human will come back.”


They were noble vampires who slept in coffins, not on the ground! The true blood vampires and ordinary vampires wanted to protest, but couldn’t. Just like the direct descendants honored, loved, and feared Beriache, the true blood vampires and ordinary vampires also felt the same towards the direct descendants.

Some of the vampires who noticed it carefully gave their opinions.

“That... Earl Noll. Humans aren’t stupid. Isn’t it likely that they won’t come back?”

"It would be completely crazy to come back when they know we’re camped here.”

Yes, it was a very common sense interpretation. Grid wouldn’t come back here unless he was a madman. Thus, Noll believed they should stay camped here. Noll was aware that Grid was a psycho!

"That human is crazy. He came back to this place several times, struggled when there were no odds, and killed my brothers one after another. It’s evidence that he’s crazy.”

"You mean he will come again?”

"That's right. He will surely come."


“He will be killed by me. Kuk, kukukuk!”

Noll had already killed Grid once. He enjoyed the blood. It was very sweet. The moment he drank the blood, it felt like his strength reached boiling point. Evolution. It was similar to a class advancement when comparing it to players. After wiping out the Overgeared members, he was stronger than ever. He was confident because he was aware of this fact himself.

“Was it 10 years ago? Do you remember the human army that entered our city?

"Yes, at that time, there were thousands of humans.”

"It was a full feast. It was the first and last time I ate so much.”

"There will be another feast soon.”


"Just like ants, weak people like to gather together because they can’t do it themselves. The crazy human will certainly bring reinforcements to resist us. The number will be similar to ours.”


The eyes of the drowsy vampires shone. By nature, humans were weak. They were a species that was the vampire’s prey. A lot of them coming at once wasn’t a threat, but a buffet. In this warm atmosphere, Noll shouted joyfully.

“Come...! Come at any time! Bring it on! I will feed on all your humans and gain the strength to reach another level!”

At that moment.

"Yes, I’m here.”

A human voice was heard from the entrance of the city. The owner of this voice was unforgettable. Grid. He was completely crazy.

“Kik...! Kihahahaha! You came! You really came back!”

Noll shuddered with joy when he discovered Grid. It was great to see the prey that had come to him. It was so lovely that he wanted to kill. The other vampires also shouted excitedly.

“He didn’t come alone, did he?”

"Did you bring a lot of friends this time? Baby.”

The vampires were too excited! Grid nodded at them.

"Yes, I have a lot of friends.”


Footsteps could be heard from the doorway. It wasn’t the sound of dozens or hundreds of footsteps. Thousands? It wasn’t that either.



Noll and the vampires cocked their heads at the sound. The number of people entering through the doorway seemed to be more than expected. There was a problem.


There was still a lot of noise. Humans were constantly entering the city. The number...

"...I can’t count them.”

“Me too...”

It was a number they were seeing for the first time in their lives! The vampires shrank at the emergence of a large army. In the meantime, humans were constantly entering. Eventually, Noll cried out.

"Why are you so stiff? The long-awaited banquet is right in front of you! Dinner! Shouldn’t a predator be rejoicing?”


Noll’s cry woke up the stunned vampires. It was the power of a direct descendant. The vampires lost their fear and flew to the humans. Noll was naturally in the lead. He was only looking at Grid. He didn’t care about the other humans.

“I will eat something delicious again!”

Noll proclaimed in a threatening manner! Then above Noll and the vampires following him.

“Pounding Mortar.”


Something very big fell from the ceiling of the city.


The vampire city with hundreds of years of history started to collapse.