Chapter 727



"Hey! How can you roll to avoid the attack? Every side of the battlefield will be full of enemies waiting to kill you! Stop! Grit your teeth!”

Capital Reinhardt. Constant bellowing sounds were heard from the training grounds. In the morning, daytime, and evening, sound rang out without stopping 24 hours a day. It was due to the unique training policy of military commander Asmophel. Asmophel advocated that ‘war was just a matter of time’ and emphasized night-time training.

Of course, it didn’t mean to train 24 hours a day. He rotated the soldiers and paid attention to their stamina. Thanks to this, the Overgeared soldiers were able to demonstrate their abilities at night. The same was true for the Red Phoenix Group who had come from the East Continent.

"I realize that I’m getting stronger every day. I can’t help acknowledging this training method.”

"Lady Sua acknowledges it.”

Despite his high position, Asmophel was at the training grounds every day. Sometimes it was hard to distinguish him from a soldier. He was always there among the soldiers and trained with them. The members of the Red Phoenix Group genuinely respected him.

“How many people in a high position would try and understand the poor soldiers?”

"Pangea’s Duke of Virtue... No, he’s the aide of King Grid.” 

There were good people under a great master!

The Red Phoenix Group believed there was a subordinate like Asmophel due to Grid. They also aspired to become like Asmophel. They didn’t despise the soldiers because they were stronger, nor did they seek special treatment. They were always enthusiastic about training with the soldiers.

Therefore, the knights of the Overgeared Kingdom felt a sense of crisis.

“The people who are already strong are training harder than us...”

The Western Nova, Royman. She was originally an ordinary soldier of Reidan until she was unearthed by Asmophel and became a knight. Since then, she was trained directly by Piaro. As a named NPC with no limits on her stats, Grid had high expectations for her.

She had the best potential. In fact, she was one of the most powerful knights, despite only being promoted a few years ago. But compared with the Red Phoenix Group, she was still somewhat lacking. It was because the Red Phoenix Group of the East Continent had very high levels by default.

“We can’t catch up to them if we spend the same amount of time in training. We have to work harder in training.”

“Okay! We can do it!”

The knights were filled with great passion, beginning with Royman. The existence of the Red Phoenix Group was a positive effect to further develop them. This was the fun part.


Now most of the knights knew that Royman was a woman. They had been living together for a few years, so it was natural to find out. However, Royman didn’t know that she was discovered. She was still trying to pretend she was a man. She used pressure bandages and tried to use the bathroom or changing room with her colleagues. She didn’t know that her colleagues fled every time she went into the bathroom.

“Yes! It’s good to be sociable among colleagues!’

Piaro was still unaware of Royman’s reality. Despite being the closest to her due to training her, he never imagined that she was a woman. He believed Royman without a doubt because she had declared herself a man. As a result, Piaro didn’t realize that the knights were treated Royman like their sister. He thought that people followed Royman well because she was a great leader.


Asmophel sighed deeply. He was worried his old friend would forever be a bachelor. At that moment.

“A royal order!” Several horses entered the training grounds. They shouted loudly so that all the soldiers and knights could hear. "Apart from the defense troops. the Overgeared King has ordered all troops to gather in the desert of Reidan tomorrow morning!”


Piaro and Asmopehl’s eyes widened. They were worried something had happened to Grid.

“I will go first!”

Piaro was the commander of the army and he tried to leave Asmophel alone. Asmophel stopped him.

"If His Majesty was in a critical situation, he would summon his knights. Don’t worry too much and take command of the soldiers.”

“Umm... You are right.”

He was so worried about his king that he got carried away. Piaro was able to calm down thanks to Asmophel and directed the soldiers.

On this day. All the troops of Reinhardt, except for some defenders, made their way to Reidan. The training grounds always filled with the shouts of soldiers was as quiet as a mouse.


“Huh, what the hell is going on?”

Duke Steim. He was regarded as the man closest to becoming a grand duke in the Overgeared Kingdom.  He ruled six cities in the north and was always dignified. As the father-in-law of Overgeared King Grid, he always made sure not to lose face. But today, he couldn’t stay calm. He was filled with worry when he heard that all of Reinhardt’s troops were going to save Grid.

“What happened?”

Duke Steim forgot about his dignity as he worried about his son-in-law. The young knight Laden, who was once praised as the Northern Nova and was now the ‘Strongest in the North’ tried to reassure him.

"If he was in a dangerous situation, he would’ve sent a request for troops from the north.”

However, Grid didn’t make a request for troops from the north. It meant he didn’t need the north. Laden judged that Grid’s situation wasn’t dangerous enough to Duke Steim to worry. But the older one got, the more anxious they became. Duke Steim couldn’t erase his worries.

“I just don’t know. I just don’t know.”

Grid was the Overgeared Kingdom itself. Grid set up the Overgeared Kingdom and the Overgeared Kingdom revolved around Grid. If there was a mishap to Grid, the whole Overgeared Kingdom would obviously be shaken. In addition, Duke Steim didn’t want to see his beloved daughter Irene and his grandson Lord sad. 

“Maybe I should send the army.”

It would take some time for the army to get get to Reidan. Unlike the western Reidan, the north was very cold and the soldiers in the north were weak to the heat. Even if he sent troops, could he really help his son-in-law?

“It’s better than nothing.”

Duke Steim controlled his mind and was about to give an order to call the army.

"I will lead the army.” Laden offered. "I have already experienced the desert of Reidan. I think I am eligible for this campaign.”

It was during the time when the Eternal Kingdom still existed. Prince Ren had invaded Reidan. At that time, Laden had fought to defend Reidan.

“Um, yes. You’re the right person.”

Duke Steim sent his usual gaze towards Laden. His eyes were filled with trust.

"Lead the Gale Troops. They are able to advance three times faster than normal horses so you can arrive in time.”

"Gale Troops...!”

The Gale Troops were the strongest cavalry that the north boasted. In addition, Phoenix had been in charge of the Gale Troops for over 10 years already. The fact that Duke Steim granted them to Laden meant Laden would be Phoenix’s successor. The deeply excited Laden bowed.

“I will be sure to repay your expectations and return.”

“I hope Your Majesty will be safe.”


“There’s news that a large army is moving from Reinhardt.”

The Water Clan kingdom, Siren.

"What? Tell me more.”


“Um... Ummm...”

Maxong’s face darkened as he received his son’s report. Due to the situation in the Overgeared Kingdom, it seemed that Grid, the savior of their kingdom, was in danger. There was no reason for Maxong to hesitate.

"Convene the whole army immediately! I will lead the army myself to help the Overgeared King!”


There was no disagreement. The moment Maxong gave an order, the army assembled immediately. The water clan. Their innate physical abilities and magic transcended humanity. It was the opinion of scholars that if they weren’t obsessed with the aquatic life, the human-dominated lands would be much smaller than they were now. They were a powerful race.



They came to land only to save Grid. The water clan king, Maxong led them!


“Son. Chew chew.”

"Yes. Lick lick.”

The fortified city of Patrian. High on the walls, Ashur stood with his son. It was like a picture as the father and son faced each other.

“I will tell you honestly. Lick lick. I hated Grid. Chew chew. I didn’t feel very good about joining his side.”

“...I know. Lick lick.”

Marquis Ashur and Earl Bland were eating steamed potatoes as they talked. The taste of the rainbow potato was incredibly shocking and addictive from the viewpoint of the rich nobles.

“But now it’s different.”

Marquis Ashur devoured the big rainbow potatoes. His act of wiping his hand with a handkerchief was full of refinement. He was indeed different from ordinary people. Until he licked the potato pieces off his cheek instead of throwing them away.

"I think it’s good to serve the King Grid, looking at how fast the Overgeared Kingdom is growing.”

The fortified city of Patrian was a city that could be occupied at any time due to the geographical nature. It was normal for a large number of troops to be stationed there at all times. However, the Eternal Kingdom was incompetent and Patrian always suffered from a shortage of troops. Due to this, the residents of Patrian were always nervous. But now? The faces of the Patrian residents were full of vitality. It was because there were strong soldiers guarding the city and the powerful royal family cared for them.

“I know about His Majesty’s past. Thus, I can faintly imagine how much effort His Majesty has put in. Now I admire him.”


Bland smiled softly. He was glad that his father admired a person he respected. Marquis Ashur cut to the chase.

“Grid is this kingdom’s power... No, he’s the treasure of this continent. The hero who can resist the Saharan Empire. He must always be safe. Thus, my son, I want to send troops to Reidan.”

“It’s a reasonable idea.”

"But I can’t leave because of the Gauss Kingdom. Bland, lead the army. Be sure to protect King Grid and return alive. This isn’t a command, but a request.”

"I will live up to your expectations."

The average level of the Patrian soldiers was the highest in the country. Due to the geographical nature of the border with the Gauss Kingdom, both Grid and Lauel were aware of the importance of defending Patrian and didn’t spare any assistance. These soldiers...

“Go to the desert now!”


The son of the great magician Ashur and disciple of the farmer Piaro, the magic swordsman Bland left through the gates.