Chapter 730

“You...! You!”

Was it towards the water clan’s king, Maxong? No, it was Piaro and Asmophel. Noll no longer used the expression ‘human.’ Yes, Noll was forced to admit it. The human species wasn’t insignificant. Their power was too amazing to be dismissed as mere livestock.

‘I can’t believe it!’

The hand plow caused terrible pain and Noll’s chaos accelerated. He was a direct descendant. He was the child of the great mother Beriache. A great demon’s blood flowed through him. At the very least, he would reign as an absolute being in this middle world.

‘Then what is this situation? Am I actually an insignificant being?’

Noll never dreamt that the people he was dealing with were the strongest party that even destroyed a great demon. He fell into a frenzy.



He blocked Maxong’s trident and magic with a shield, as well as Asmophel’s sword with blood magic.


He was struck with a hand plow again due to the gap that was revealed when dealing with the two.

‘Why is it so painful?’

The tool that the human calling himself a farmer wielded was too ambiguous to be called a weapon. The efficiency was very low compared to conventional weapons. It hurt every time he was hit. This made Noll angry. At the very least, he was embarrassed and humiliated about being hurt by this tool.

“I’ll take it seriously!”

Thanks to Piaro, Asmophel, and Maxong, Noll’s health was reduced to 40%. Like most named bosses, Noll entered a new phase.



Direct Suppression Lv. 2. Due to eating Grid in a previous battle, the Direct Suppression had evolved to be much more powerful than those used by the previous earls. By overwhelming all targets that he was ‘aware’ of, it dramatically lowered stats and at the same time, caused the abnormal state of fear and silence. The duration had doubled.



Asmophel and Maxong spat out as they felt their minds and bodies shrinking back. The inherent gap was difficult to overcome. Maxong of the water clan overcame fear more quickly than Asmophel, but the gap between them was a big one. There was a grim smile on Noll’s face.

“Kik...! Kikikik! Yes, things are finally aligning. People in front of me with frightened expressions... Eek!”

He would reverse the situation. He would transfuse the blood of humans, who were frozen like mice, recover from his wounds and fight back. Noll suddenly screamed. It was because a hand plow hit the back of his head. Noll’s eyes widened.

"Why are you perfectly fine?”

Noll shouted with an incredulous expression.

"A legend doesn’t yield.” Piaro started to introduce his real self. "In fact, I’m not usually a farmer.



Noll swallowed his saliva. As soon as Piaro resisted the Direct Suppression, he realized that Piaro was a legend, just like Grid. But the question was, what type of legend? Maybe Piaro was the strongest among legends, a Sword Saint. In other words, he would have to fight against a frightening new Sword Saint.

‘What legend are you?’

Noll trembled as he watched Piaro, waiting for his introduction. Then Piaro revealed himself.

“I am a...”






Before the vampires were kicked out of hell. It was the evil language that vampires used hundreds of years ago. Noll might be born in this middle world, but he knew the demonkin language because of his natural knowledge as a direct descendant.   The vast majority of the demonkin language consisted of terrible profanity...

Piaro’s face hardened as the worst language emerged from his mouth. Piaro naturally couldn’t understand the words of the demonkin language. However, Piaro noticed they were curses because the words used were similar to those usually spoken by Grid and Huroi.

“Perhaps... Did you curse me just now?”

“What are you going to do?”

"I will find your dead parents!”


This was too much. Even great demons didn’t mess with their parents. 

‘I’m not evil like that fellow!’

Noll’s gaze moved towards Huroi, who was standing far away from Grid. He was a bastard who cursed at the dead Beriache several times. Noll hated that he was being treated like that by a garbage human. He wanted to actively deny it.

"It’s hard to forgive...! You will have to fix this habit if we will do field work together in the future!”

Piaro was already emitting killing intent. It was the first time since the Great Demon Belial raid that he had such a ferocious expression. His momentum seemed like he would strike Noll immediately. But it wasn’t so easy in reality. Noll had very high innate stats as an earl class vampire while Piaro had already consumed Pounding Mortar and Fated to Perish. In addition, Maxong and Asmophel were suppressed and couldn’t actively support Piaro.

‘This guy is great, greater than necessary. But does he believe he can win against me in a one on one situation?’

Noll’s red eyes calmed down. He was looking for a safe victory. Yes, he was too focused on Piaro that he forgot reality. The fact the he was alone while Piaro had an army!



Saintess Ruby’s skill! She was able to restore all of the allied forces caught by Direct Suppression. At the same time, Asmophel and Maxong struck Noll while Piaro used Free Farming and gave Noll another critical strike. This wasn’t the end.






The elite soldiers of Reinhardt started firing their bows and using magic. Thanks to Ruby’s Purification, the soldiers overcame their fear and started acting.

"We are going too!”

Laden and Bland, who arrived late into the city, joined the front lines. The amount of damage increased to a different level than before.

“These small fries!”


Noll no longer clung to just Piaro. He threatened all the Overgeared soldiers who stepped into the city with a wide area spell. The new phase, berserk mode.

“E-Everyone avoid it!”


The knights tried to minimize the damage to the soldiers but the problem was that too many troops were gathered in a narrow city. The soldiers could barely move. If the Overgeared members tried to avoid the flying magic, they would cause greater damage to each other. But the Overgeared soldiers were elite soldiers trained by the best commanders. They realized that moving back and forth was counterproductive. All of them stood still, closing their eyes tightly without escaping the magic flying towards them.

At this moment, there were hundreds of soldiers ready to die. No, there were thousands. However, the actual damage was small. It was because there were Overgeared members beside the soldiers.

"Protect the soldiers!”

These people, the army was their national power! The Overgeared members moved actively, despite Grid and Lauel not commanding them. Each one of them came up with the best method to protect the soldiers.

Katz consumed special resources to block the blood spell while the tankers, including Vantner and Toban, defended the soldiers using all types of defense skills. Meanwhile, the damage dealers like Chris and Pon tried to weaken the power of the magic. They even threw their own bodies to defend the soldiers.


"Cough! Cough!”

The screams and groans of the Overgeared members resonated through the city. Noll was truly strong. He was a direct vampire for a reason. However, it was somewhat shabby in front of the legendary farmer Piaro.

“Fly Up!”

Jishuka fired the Red Phoenix bow. It was an effort to damage Noll and heal his allies. Thanks to her, the damage to their allies was smaller than expected. But Noll in berserk mode didn’t stop.

"Die! All of you will die!”


Kwa kwa kwa kwang!

Noll used wide area magic again. It was at this point that the soldiers started to grab the ankles of the Overgeared members.

Due to the nature of the Overgeared members, who were unable to recognize the soldiers as consumables, the Overgeared members were obliged to protect the soldiers from Noll’s wide area attacks. This caused the Overgeared members to suffer damage.

"Block it!”

The water clan were also acting. They continued to use magic to weaken Noll’s blood magic. Then Piaro, Asmophel, and Maxong trio also continued to attack Noll, attempting to stop his running wild mode. But Noll’s infinite health recovery after using the wide area skill was phenomenal. It was the vampire’s unique ability to convert the damage done to the target into health. This ability along with the large number of enemies combined to give Noll wings. The hundreds of soldiers and Overgeared members were hit by Noll’s magic and his health gauge kept on going up.

"This monster has no waiting time on his cooldown...!”

Vantner shouted as the durability of his shield fell to a dangerous level. It was the aftermath of protecting the soldiers with the shield and blocking big magic. He couldn’t endure the speed at which the durability fell.




Vantner’s shield cracked. It wouldn’t be strange if it was broken. A chill went down Vantner’s spine. He was worried that if the shield broke, him and the soldiers he was guarding would be destroyed. He was feeling frightened when he heard a hammering sound in his ears.

Teeong-! Teeong-!

[The durability of the Lud Shield has been restored.]

[The durability of the Lud Shield has been...]


Vantner opened his eyes again and grasped the situation. Was there anyone other than a legendary blacksmith who could restore the durability of the items at such a fast pace? Grid put his hand on Vantner’s shoulder.

“I’ll finish it soon, so hold on a bit longer.”

Grid was also protecting the soldiers in real time. In the process of counterattacking against the large scale magic spell with Revolve, blocking with a shield, and offsetting the power with attack skills, his fighting energy rose to 80 points. He was surrounded by a purple aura as he used Blackening, Blacksmith's Rage, and Quick Movements.



His body flew up. His goal was naturally Noll.

“You...! You finally came!”

Noll was wielding a weapon against Asmophel, Piaro, and Maxong when he discovered Grid and roared. It was an opportunity to get revenge on the person who created the situation, making him full of enthusiasm. He ignored Piaro’s attack and only reached out to Grid.


“Pagma’s Swordsmanship!”

Grid had already used Item Combination. The combined Enlightenment Sword and Failure aimed at Noll’s heart. At this time, Piaro, Asmophel, and Maxong also attacked. Here, Grid had a new experience.

[You have joined forces with people you absolutely trust!]

[The player common hidden piece ‘Cooperative Skill’ has been opened for the first time!]

[As a reward for first opening the skill, the damage when using the Cooperative Skill has permanently increased by 20%!]

"Splitting the Sky!”

Piaro’s skill, which Kraugel copied, broke the sky.


Blood gushed out like a waterfall from Noll’s chest.

“Fire Sword!”

Asmophel’s sword was surrounded with fire and repeatedly cut Noll’s side. Noll’s wounds became ashes and the direct recovery ability of a direct descendant was blocked. Then...

“Sea Sting!”

Maxong’s trident shone with blue magic power and stabbed at Noll’s heart with the force of a tsunami.

“Linked Kill Wave Pinnacle!”

Grid’s sword followed. The Cooperative Skill was activated when a player used a skill at the same time as an NPC they had the maximum affinity with and the target was the same. It was the moment when a powerful system hit one of the strongest beings. Now it seemed like Noll had no choice but to pray for his soul. 

But the abnormal character Grid inadvertently blocked the natural flow.

[The title ‘Pangea’s Duke of Virtue’ is activated!]