Chapter 724

Who came to mind when thinking about assassins? From a 3 year old child to an 80 year old person, most people would think about the shadow protecting the Overgeared Kingdom. The killing god, Faker. Despite having a normal class, he showed the strongest PK skills and his stage was increasing every day. It was natural to think of him first among assassins.

However, the story changed when it became ‘assassin who plays in the National Competition.’ Since Faker had never made public appearances other than the Overgeared Kingdom’s founding ceremony, people naturally thought of Tarma.

Assassin Tarma from the dark gamer group, Blood Carnival.

At the time of the 2nd National Competition, he entered for money and showed off his skills. At least, until he met Grid.

‘I will avenge my loss in the National Competition.’

Since Blood Carnival was destroyed by Grid, Tarma had hid in a sandy kingdom of the East Continent. Over the past few months, he performed all types of quests, learned to deal with sand and wind, and realized how much stronger he was. He was able to easily hunt the creatures that he couldn’t three months ago, so it was impossible for him to not realize. Grid, who felt so strong every time he looked back, now seemed inferior.

‘If I have this power, even Grid...!’

The fox’s sword was caught in Tarma’s hand and it instantly turned to sand. It was the power of Erosion, a racial special skill that Tarma had obtained. It was the ability to decompose’ objects classified as ‘things.’ Items that monsters or players were armed with were classified as ‘things.’ It was an ability that was the perfect counter for Grid’s items.

‘The duration of Erosion is 5 seconds.’

After destroying the monsters in the canyon, Tarma closed his eyes and concentrated. It was the beginning of the simulation. He imagined a battle based on the past Grid who had grown stronger. The result?


Tarma saw it. Grid’s appearance after all the new items he was proud of became eroded!


A sly smile crossed Tarma’s sharp face. He was convinced that he could pay back the grudge from the National Competition and raise his reputation to a higher level than before.

‘Then I should find a sponsor.’

Who would benefit the most if Grid was damaged? As he pondered this, Tarma was reminded of the Belto Kingdom war.

‘Wasn’t Agnus hostile to Grid?’

He was the master of Immortal who proclaimed to be the king of the living and the dead, but he retreated before Grid and Ares. Agnus would definitely perceive Grid as a big barrier.

‘If I make it so Grid wins only one gold medal in the National Competition, it will be a temptation that he can’t resist.’

Like the previous National Competition, the S.A. Group promised special rewards to the medalists. Making Grid unable to obtain medals would be a big loss and it would be a tremendous boon from the perspective of Grid’s enemies. Tarma was convinced of this and contacted Agnus. Then he realized why Agnus was called crazy.

“You want money to kill Grid? I don’t understand what this mad dog is saying. Huh~~?”

“Why don’t you understand me? Don’t you know what a huge profit it will be for you if Grid can’t win a medal?”

“Kikikik? Grid is my target. Do you think you can beat him?”

"No, what does beating Grid have to do with him being your target?”

"I will kill those who touch my prey.”


Was he crazy? The conversation kept going wrong and didn’t make sense. It was like talking to an alien. Tarma clicked his tongue.

‘Is he just acting because he doesn’t want to pay me? He’s this type of person.’

....No, it was better to assume that he was surprisingly clever than a miser. 

‘He knows that I will defeat Grid, even if he doesn’t accept my request.’ 

The fact that Tarma had a grudge against Grid was something that most people in the world could guess. Agnus was also the same. Tarma guessed this and nodded.

“Then I will search for other clients.”


Tarma escaped into the darkness. Agnus stared at the spot where he disappeared and asked Veradin.

“Who is he?”

“Haha, you don’t remember small fries? I don’t know if you should be treating him as a small fry...”

Veradin smiled pleasantly. His eyes were filled with anticipation.

‘Tarma has already fought against Grid several times. He must have a sure basis for being so confident about hunting Grid.’

Wouldn’t Tarma unexpectedly play a big role?

‘I’m especially looking forward to this year’s National Competition. It’s unfortunate that Agnus can’t participate.’

Agnus had already appeared to the world since the battle in the Belto Kingdom. But he still wasn’t in a position to attend the National Competition. He was unable to control himself, so it was unknown what he would do in an event with rules. 


The sky would never fall. Hao was confident of this as he followed Kraugel. 

"Congratulations on reaching level 260.”

He was full of admiration and dismay. Kraugel’s overwhelming levelling ability was already beyond common sense.  It was hunting that didn’t allow any wasted movements or time. He demonstrated optimum efficiency in any hunting ground and overwhelmed the monsters with force.

Kraugel’s levelling ability was so perfect that it couldn’t be compared. Hao’s levelling speed also increased by 1.4 times as he watched Kraugel from the side. However, Kraugel felt that he was lacking.

“In the last fortnight, Grid had gained close to 10 levels. I’m lacking compared to him.”

Alexander denied it.

"Wasn’t he able to grow quickly thanks to the clear reward of the Behen Archipelago? He also seems to be focusing on named raids after that.”

Yes, Grid’s current levelling speed couldn’t be explained unless it was a named grade boss raid. In addition, the named boss raid target wasn’t always present. Named grade bosses weren’t so easy to find. Kraugel appreciated this part about Grid.

“It’s great to have an environment where we can concentrate on named boss raids. How many people in the world can monopolize hunting grounds where named bosses appear?”

Of course, Kraugel also monopolized many named bosses. Kraugel hunted named bosses that popped up in places that ordinary people couldn’t imagine.

The problem was that Kraugel had trouble finding hunting grounds where a large number of monsters and bosses appeared at the same time. In other words, he wasn’t able to secure a hunting ground like the vampire’s city. Most of the named bosses that Kraugel secured were in weed-infested places.

‘This is why I might not catch up.’

Kraugel smiled as he thought this. The feeling of impatience stimulated him positively. He had always been at the forefront and now he was following someone else. He found it fresh and fun. A heavenly gamer.

‘I would like to achieve level 300 before the National Competition... But at my current speed, I will be level 272 in two months.'

Did he read Kraugel’s grieving expression?

Hao asked carefully.

"Are you going to participate in PvP?”

Grid and Kraugel’s had a close to 80 level difference. Furthermore, Kraugel hadn’t reached level 300, so his stats hadn’t awakened at the third level. Now Grid’s stats were overwhelmingly high. Should Kraugel participate in PvP, which was sure to include the top rankers including Grid? It was a huge penalty. It was an unfair fight. Hao hoped that Kraugel wouldn’t participate in the PvP this year. It would be a painful experience to watch his idol be defeated.

Kraugel nodded at the anxious Hao.

“I will participate.”

Alexander was surprised.

“What? Are you a complete fool? Putting aside Grid, can’t you lose to someone like Chris or Damian? Do you need to decrease your reputation like this?”

"I agree with Alexander. In particular, I don’t want you to fight against Grid.”

Hao respected Grid as much as Kraugel. He knew they considered each other to be rivals. Fighting in a disadvantageous situation was painful for both of them. No, everyone in the world would feel sorry for them.

Hao expressed his opinion. "I believe that your rematch should only occur when you are perfectly prepared for each other. Everyone will share my opinion.”

Indeed, it was a confrontation of the century. Everyone in the world expected a memorable battle between the two. It shouldn’t be meaningless. Hao was certain of this and Alexander nodded in agreement.

At that moment.

"Are you assuming that I will lose?”

Kraugel’s eyes sunk. It was a calm look that was reminiscent of the days when he was alone and was hard to read.

"I am determined to fight and I believe I can win.” 

Hao and Alexander shouldn’t forget. Kraugel was the sky above the sky. Now that he had the strongest legendary class of Sword Saint, he wouldn’t be caught by the notion of level.

"In the first place, my odds are the highest this year.”


Hao and Alexander were pushed by Kraugel’s force and felt puzzled. It was because Kraugel implied that this year was his highest chance of winning. Kraugel shrugged at them.

"How many times have you told me? Grid’s potential is the strongest. He will grow stronger over time. If I try to match my level with him as much as possible, I might not be able to win again.”


It was ridiculous. Someone might’ve thought so. But Kraugel was sincere.

'He’s different from me, who can only use swordsmanship.’

Grid could use swordsmanship, as well as items and magic. At the present time when Kraugel didn’t have a second class, he judged that Grid’s potential was higher than his. Of course, the basis for this judgment was Grid’s talent.

'His unyielding spirit will spur his growth.’

When they competed the first time or when they competed the second time. Kraugel couldn’t forget Grid’s eyes. The more desperate the situation, the more his eyes blazed with determination.

Duguen, duguen, dugeun.

Just like when Grid thought about Kraugel, Kraugel also got excited when he thought about Grid.