Chapter 725

 "Did you calculate all your actions?”

The 7th vampire city.

Lauel asked Grid after he logged in.

Grid was surprised when he heard a voice as soon as he logged in.

“W-What is it Lauel? Why are you already here? There is still a long time until the appointment time.”

"I was working diligently to create a plan for the raid attack. Isn’t it the same for you?”

Unlike the previous direct descendants, the two remaining in the 7th city would cooperate.

Grid and Lauel knew they couldn’t afford this. Unlike the other guild members, they were the leaders. It was necessary to act quicker than the others and make more plans.

It was truly Lauel. He was reliable. 

Grid thought about it and belatedly cocked his head.

"But what action did I calculate?”

Lauel smiled slyly.

"The act of yielding Cray’s Bracelet and Yetima’s Greatsword to Euphemina and Chris.”


"Didn’t you learn from experience that raising the rating of an item isn’t easy? Didn’t you give them the items so that they can raise the item rating instead of you?”


"You can be the king of the direct descendants. Euphemina and Chris knows this so they will be willing to return Cray’s Bracelet and Yetima’s Greatsword depending on the circumstances."


"Well, it won’t be a big loss for them if they return it. At that time, they will return it and ask for a new item from Your Majesty in return.”


Grid never thought about this part. He just yielded the item to his teammates. He never thought they would give back the item later after raising the rating of the item.

But it was quite plausible when he heard Lauel’s words. Grid, Euphemina and Chris, it was a win-win for all of them.

“Great... I didn’t think so deeply...”

Lauel shrugged at Grid’s bemused mutter.

"You don’t have to act stupid. I have already witnessed many times where your thinking power has evolved.”

‘I am acting stupid...?’

He would be a fool if he told the truth.

In the end, Grid found it hard to deny Lauel’s speculation.

“Ha...hahaha, right. I guess I can’t fool you. Yes, as expected. I planned everything in advance and gave the items to the two of them.”

“Huhuhut... No matter how smart Your Majesty is, it is still far from deceiving me.”

Lauel didn’t know the truth and laughed.

Grid vaguely felt some remorse.


“Keep this in mind. If I send a signal, retreat immediately using the retreat path you have already seen. Don’t look back. Understood?”

“I understand.”

"I will keep it in mind."

After the Yetima raid, the boss of the 7th city hadn’t regenerated yet. The city still didn’t have an owner and the entrance was always open.

The two surviving direct descendants didn’t leave the city. The existence of this open entrance became a great support for the Overgeared members.

‘There is zero chance that we can fight two earl class vampires at the same time and win.’

The purpose of today’s expedition was simple. They had an understanding of the earl class vampires. Their goal today was to figure out who was weaker among Ruson and Noll. 

‘Then we will try again tomorrow and attack the weaker vampire.’

Once one earl was defeated, they could rechallenge the remaining earl the next day.

“It is better to check the side that has lower physical resistance than magic resistance. Then the full damage of our main damage dealers will be applied.”

"As soon as the two earls appear, launch a full-fledged attack. The magicians will check which side has higher magic resistance.”



The Overgeared members moved slowly with the earls in mind. They hunted the familiars and vampires as they headed into the deepest part of the city. They reserved their skills and magic for the earls.


“Ho...?” Those guys came back?”

“Look, what did I tell you? You said they wouldn’t return?”

“Bah, the stupid Cray and Yetima reduced the dignity of our line to nothing.”

It was around an hour after the Overgeared members entered the city.

Thanks to the hunting of many vampires, the experience gauge of Ruby and Sexy Schoolgirl went up by 10%. Then Earl Ruson and Noll appeared.

They once again emerged in the sky.

They looked like bats as they hung upside down from the ceiling. No, it was really cool.

Grid frowned.

‘Good looking guys are cool even when they do something crazy.’

Why was the world so unfair?

Why wasn’t he handsome?

Grid embraced his anger and shouted.

“Zednos, Laella! Start!"



Laella’s powerful fire magic combined with Zednos’ wind magic.

The fire hurricane hit Ruson and Noll at the same time.

[You have dealt 41,700 damage to the target!]  

[The target has resisted.]


Zednos and Laella were surprised when they saw the notification windows.

They were upset because their cooperative magic damage was too weak. Noll even resisted it.

“Both of them have higher magic resistance than Cray and Yetima. In particular, Noll...!”

Laella hurriedly explained.

Then Earl Ruson fell towards her.

White pale skin and transparent red eyes like rubies.

A vampire who gave off a mysterious atmosphere. His sharp fangs were visible between long hair.

"You dare to attack me? I will get your blood in return... Kuk!”

Ruson groaned as he was grabbing Laella’s neck.

Blackening, Blacksmith's Rage, Quick Movements and 100 points in fighting energy.

Grid struck his back in a full buff state.

Then black flames exploded and Ruson’s’ silky long hair became ruined.


Ruson shouted indignantly at Grid but Grid didn’t even see him. He flew towards Noll, who was fighting with his other colleagues, and hit Noll’s back.

“Kuak! A coward who strikes from the rear!”

Noll was angry like Ruson when he was suddenly attacked. 

But Grid just snorted and muttered.

“Noll’s physical resistance is also higher.”

“These humans!”

Ruson was furious at being ignored!

Their aggro was completely focused on Grid.

It was natural.

It was the fate of the dealer with the highest attack to attract aggro. Grid had the highest attack power in Overgeared so he always monopolized the aggro.

And most damage dealers were weak in defense. A powerful attack was a double-edged sword since the dealer’s life was always threatened.

Unfortunately, Grid was an all-rounder.

Both his defense and attack power were high.



At the same time, Grid avoided the attacks of Ruson and Noll.

Grid didn’t fight back as he spoke to his colleagues.

"Noll’s magic resistance and defense is much higher while Ruson has overwhelming superior attack power.”

The members nodded.

"That's right. Our test results are the same.”

Like Grid, the Overgeared members were attacking Ruson and Noll. It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that they poured out all the skills they had.

In the process, the characteristics of Ruson and Noll that they identified coincided with Grid.

Grid confirmed Noll and Ruson’s strengths and opened Belial’s Power.

It was 100% power.

“Okay. We will come back tomorrow and attack Ruson. Retreat while I buy time.”



The Overgeared members didn’t hesitate. Even Huroi left immediately. They weren’t worried about leaving Grid alone.

They believed in him.

Now that Grid used all his buffs, they believed that even two earl class vampires couldn’t kill Grid.


Kwa kwa kwa kwang!

Magic and swordsmanship.

The injuries on Grid grew as the Overgeared members retreated first.

'These bastards, they are dirty.’

[The duration of Blacksmith's Rage is over.]

[The duration of Quick Movements is over.]

Various buffs began to turn off. Blackening would soon be over.

In addition, Grid’s heath gauge was now dropping out of control.

"Don’t think that you can leave alive!”

“You are too naive!”

Dark smiles appeared as Ruson and Noll followed Grid. They were delighted at finally being able to eat humans.

But that joy was brief.



300 metres before reaching the exit.

Several Alarm spells that Grid had installed in advanced were fired.



Ruson and Noll suffered great damage from Grid’s Magic Missiles, which ignored magic resistance. Their momentum while chasing Grid was weakened for a moment. 

Grid used that gap to safely escape.

“See you tomorrow.”


"Good work.”

"Thank you for the hard work.”

The Overgeared members’ faces brightened as they found Grid.

Grid smiled wickedly at his pleased colleagues.

"Tomorrow, we will challenge Ruson as planned.”

Kill the weakest one!

The key players in tomorrow’s raid would be Vantner, Toban and Huroi. 

“The three of you have to tie up Noll as much as possible. The raid will be difficult if he attacks our damage dealers or Ruby. The slightest slip can cause failure.”

“Okay. Let’s keep a tight formation.”

"I have prepared many things for Noll to focus on me. Don’t worry.”

"...Ruby and Sexy Schoolgirl are present, so refrain from speaking too harshly.”


Then the next day.

Grid confirmed that everyone’s skills were back and led the party.

“Go again. As I said yesterday, the target is Ruson.”


They had to take damage.

The Overgeared members and Grid speculated that quite a few people would die today.

Vantner, Toban and Huroi would try but it was impossible to completely bind Noll while raiding Ruson.

But today’s sacrifice would lead to tomorrow’s success.

The Overgeared members had faith and entered the 7th city without hesitation.

Five hours later.

Another direct descendant left the world.