Chapter 723

[The enhancement has failed.]

[The enhancement has failed...]

[The enhancement...]

Fail, fail, fail in a row! Grid kept failing in his weapon enhancement. Every blessed enhancement stone was worth 1,200 gold. The Overgeared members started sweating.

"...Doesn’t he have a passive that increases the probability of enhancement?”

"That's right. Therefore, every time I need to strengthen an item, I asked Grid to strengthen it instead.”

Ibellin replied to Vantner. It wasn’t just him. Most of the Overgeared members ran to Grid when they needed to enhance something.

“But looking back...”

"...I feel like the probability when Grid enhances it is similar to when I enhance it...”


It was a fact that was hard to deny. He had the ‘increased probability of enhancement’ passive and was the first to succeed in the ultimate enhancement, but looking at his total experience, his enhancement ability wasn’t very good. His probability of success wasn’t much different from a regular player.

The reason? Grid believed that the probability of the ‘increased enhanced probability’ itself was bad. Otherwise, it was hard to understand why he was so bad with enhancement. Now the Overgeared members dimly noticed it. The real reason why Grid didn’t do well.

'...A poop hand.’

The Overgeared members’ interpretation wasn’t wrong as another blessed weapon enhancement stone vanished.

Shake shake!

Grid’s eyes were bloodshot as he started shaking. He thought he would cry at any minute. It was natural since a huge amount of money was disappearing into thin air. It was a normal Grid reaction, since he didn’t have money like Katz.

"G-Grid, wouldn’t it be better to take it easier?” 

“Do as Toban says. I don’t think this is the time.”

There were countless myths about enhancement. Many people believed that a particular time or place had an impact on enhancement probability. An average person would give up on the enhancement and wait for a better time. But not emotional people like Grid. Having failed so far, he couldn’t stop the unfounded belief that he would succeed next time. He was too angry to make a reasonable judgment.

"Uwaaaaaah! Let’s see who will win!”

Grid cried at the expense of destroying the enhancement stones while continuing to try enhancing the Enlightenment Sword.

[The enhancement has failed.]

[The enhancement has failed.]

There was no reversal. The odds hit Grid in the back of the head as usual. Goosebumps crept over the skin of the Overgeared members as they watched Grid failing continuously.

‘Grid has no luck. We should leave now.’

'Maybe the probability of enhancing myth rated items is lower than expected?’

Normal items could be enhanced up to +6, while myth rated items had a probability of failure from +0. In addition, every time an item failed to be enhanced, the enhancement value would drop.  This was what Grid and the Overgeared members knew.

Nobody knew the percentage of successful enhancement for a myth rated item. They vaguely guessed that it would be a similar probability to a +7 normal item. But now they realized it wasn’t +7. The odds were more similar to a +8 enhancement.

"Jishuka, haven’t you already tried enhancing the Red Phoenix Bow?’

Once he saw Grid’s stress, the worried Peak Sword asked Jishuka. His expression was reproachful since she could’ve given Grid information about enhancing myth rated items. Jishuka shook her head.

"I only attempted a few enhancement attempts.’


It was a myth rated item. It would have explosive growth even at +1. Why didn’t she try to enhance the Red Phoenix Bow when she knew this? Jishuka explained to the confused Peak Sword with a depressed expression.

“How can I afford to buy enhancement items when I’m so busy paying Grid off?”


It was rare for anyone to live in this world comfortably.  Peak Sword once again realized this timeless truth.


* If this bracelet grows to a legendary rating, the wearer can summon Vampire Earl Cray.

* If this greatsword grows to a legendary rating, the wearer can summon Vampire Earl Yetima.

As Grid was drinking a bitter cup of hardships, Euphemina and Chris couldn’t help looking at the information of the bracelet and greatsword they obtained. Items that could summon a vampire lord! Putting aside their performance, Cray’s Bracelet and Yetima’s Greatsword had tremendous value alone as a summoning tool.

That’s why Euphemina and Chris appreciated the fact that Grid gave them the items. They fought together and succeeded in the raid. Didn’t they have the right to claim ownership of the items? Why did they thank Grid? The reason was simple. Grid acted modestly, but he clearly was 1st in this raid. Grid had the strongest right to claim ownership over items. If he claimed the items, Chris and Euphemina could only give up. But Grid didn’t claim ownership of the items. He wanted his companions to use the dropped items more appropriately. This was despite the fact that it was a direct summoning item.

‘As expected, not just anyone can become king.’

When Chris was leading the Giant Guild, he had monopolized the small number of elixirs dropped in his castle’s dungeon. In fact, most organizations benefited from this structure and Chris thought he was exercising his right as a leader. But Grid was different. He gave a lot of concessions despite being a leader. As a typical example, he created, enhanced, and repaired items for his colleagues.


‘Thank you.’

There was a strong feeling of trust in the eyes of Euphemina and Chris, who were looking at Grid. Like their other teammates, they knew that Grid had the Qualification of a Blood King title (although they didn’t know it would be promoted). There was the possibility of him becoming the king of the direct descendants. From Grid’s viewpoint, it was better for him to possess as many direct descendants summoning items as possible. The fact that he suppressed his desires for the sake of his colleagues caused Euphemina and Chris to feel respect. They vowed.

‘I will raise the item rating to legendary.’ 

‘Then I will return it to His Majesty.’

They weren’t just thinking and acting for Grid’s sake. Items could be replaced from time to time. As time passed, it was natural to get stronger items. By the time the bracelet and greatsword grew to the legendary rated, Euphemina and Chris would be armed with superior items.

‘Even if it isn’t the case, Grid will make me a better item. Isn't that right?’

They had faith because the other person was the legendary blacksmith Grid. They thought it was really good that they joined the Overgeared Guild. A wide smile appeared on Chris and Euphemina’s faces.


“It’s better to stop for a while.”

Laeul said as he came up to Grid, who was still busy strengthening.

Grid just snorted.

"If a man pulls out the radish, he has to slice it. I won’t stop until I use all up the enhancement stones.”

"What if you don’t have a knife to cut it?”

Lauel who knew Korean better than an actual Korean! He spoke without hesitation and gave Grid a warning.

"I’m worried about the two direct descendants left.”


Grid came to his senses. The two direct descendants who disappeared with Yetima and didn’t return. If one of them came back, the party would be completely annihilated. It was impossible for the currently exhausted party to deal with the direct descendants.

‘I’m relieved that the city’s entrance is open.’

Grid put the remaining six enhancement stones back in his inventory and told his teammates.

"Let’s leave the city first. Today we’ll rest and tomorrow will be an expedition...”

Before Grid finished speaking.


A bloody magic power aimed at Grid’s face. 


The surprised members were still relieved. It was because the God Hands guarded Grid. Everyone turned their heads in the direction of the magic. They saw the earls floating in the sky next to each other.

‘Che, it’s too late.”

The reason why the direct descendants left Earl Cray earlier was purely to sleep. Lauel didn’t miss this. The possibility of the direct descendants reemerging was very low. He knew that the direct descendants wouldn’t wake up for a long time after they fell asleep. However, Yetima appeared directly after the Cray raid and now the direct descendants appeared after the Yetima raid. Lauel thought that Yetima overcame the sleep because he was the owner of the city. But that wasn’t the case.

"After Cray, you defeated Yetima?”

“They’re insidious bastards. We shouldn’t go out alone, so why don’t we hunt half each?”

“It’s a good idea.”


Once the vampires in the sky talked about cooperation, the faces of the Overgeared members paled. Assuming that they were at least Yetima level, it would be impossible to defeat both of them at the same time. In particular, it was hard to deal with both of them at the same time when they were exhausted.

“I will buy time while you run away.”


Grid stepped forward. He was ready to die. He planned to sacrifice his life to open the path for his companions. But the plan wasn't needed.

“No. Just retreat. The escape route has already been made.”

Lauel had secured a retreat route while Grid put on a strong show in front of their colleagues. Grid had a confused expression.

“That... Really?”

Grid scratched his head and Lauel reassured him.

"I don’t want to repeat my mistakes. Now, let's go."

“You! I won’t let you escape!”

The direct descendants followed as the Overgeared members started escaping with Lauel. They tried to narrow the distance to the Overgeared guild members, making full use of their ability to fly. Originally, they would’ve caught up with the Overgeared members. But it was strange.


‘Why is it so hard to catch them?’

The direct descendants couldn’t catch up with the Overgeared members. It was because their flight path was full of stalactites so it was difficult to speed up. It was Lauel’s plan. He had observed the terrain since he entered the city and resorted to this route to block their flying capabilities. Thanks to this, the Overgeared members were able to escape from the city without any sacrifices.

“Good! Well done Lauel!”

“We’re alive thanks to you!”

The sunny desert. The Overgeared members escaped through the city’s entrance and started to praise Lauel.

Lauel covered half his face with one hand and laughed.

“Kuk... Kukukuk, the residents of the night are helpless in front of this body, who is master of the darkness. They are small fries. Hut.”


It had been a long time Lauel contributed.

"Hum hum, let’s split up here and gather tomorrow.”

Grid settled the atmosphere and logged out. It was the same with his colleagues. 


The laughing Lauel realized after a while that he was left alone. He missed Damian and the evil eyes. It was less than two months before the National Competition.