Chapter 722

[The owner of the 7th city, Vampire Earl Yetima is forced to sleep after exhausting all his powers.]

[The level of party member ‘Faker’ has risen by 1.]

[The level of party member ‘Jishuka’ has risen by 1.]

[The level of party member ‘Ruby’ has risen by 2.]

[The level of party member ‘Sexy Schoolgirl’ has risen by 3.] 

[The party leader ‘Grid’ has acquired Yetima’s Greatsword.]

[The party leader ‘Grid’ has acquired Yetima’s Gloves.]

[The party leader ‘Grid’ has acquired the ??? Piece.]

[Party leader ‘Grid’ already knows the information of the ??? Piece. The ??? Piece has been updated to the Red Mirror Piece.]

[The party leader ‘Grid’ has acquired 7 blessed weapon enhancement stones.]

[The party leader ‘Grid’ has acquired 10 blessed armour enhancement stones.]

[Yetima’s Strength is engraved on the Rune of Darkness possessed by party leader ‘Grid.’]

[Party member Chris’ ‘Rune of Supplementation’ has been engraved with ‘Cutting Attack Resistance’ and ‘Vampire Swordsmanship’ techniques.]

[The entrance to the 7th city has opened.]

“Pant... Pant...”

Yetima was an easier opponent than Earl Cray. Yes, he was easy compared to Earl Cray. However, he was a strong and demanding opponent infinitely more powerful than other normal named bosses. It was a relatively quick raid due to Grid’s overwhelming attack power. But in the process, the damage caused to the Overgeared members was great. 

In particular, Grid was physically and mentally exhausted. It was strange if he wasn’t tired because he played the role of tanker and damage dealer in two consecutive raids. Grid was very tired because he had to keep up his high concentration. He wanted to log out and rest right away.

“Isn’t it always too hard?”

No matter how strong he became, it was hard every time.  It would’ve bought a deeper despair to the average player. But it wasn’t enough to frustrate Grid.

"It’s good that it’s always rewarding.”

A dark smile appeared on Grid’s face as he checked the items he acquired.

[Cray’s Bracelet]

Durability: 8/30

Rating: Epic (Growth)

* If you are in the ‘bleeding’ state, your magic damage and defense will increase by 19%.

* The lower the health, the faster the magic casting speed.

 * If this bracelet grows to a legendary rating, the wearer can summoned Vampire Earl Cray.

A bracelet that contains Earl Cray’s unique magic power.

The more that the wearer falls into crisis, the more power that can be achieved.

Weight: 5

[Yetima’s Greatsword]

Rating: Epic (Growth, Set)

Durability: 609/1,300

Attack Power: 500~2,890

Attack Speed: -5%

* When the maximum damage is achieved, twice the damage will be applied.

* When worn in a set with Yetima’s Gloves, the critical damage will increase by 100%.

 * If this greatsword grows to a legendary rating, the wearer can summoned Vampire Earl Yetima.

A greatsword favored by Earl Yetima.

It is safe to say he had no sense of aesthetics based on the crude appearance. In addition, it is very big and difficult to handle. 

However, if you can bring out the function perfectly, you will achieve ultimate attack power.

User Restriction: Level 320 or higher. More than 3,000 strength. Advanced Sword Mastery level 6 or higher.

Weight: 3,200

[Yetima’s Gloves]

Rating: Legendary (Set)

Durability: 29/100

Defense: 65

* There is a low chance of activating 2 Joint Attacks.

Attack speed will increase by 1.8 times.

* When worn in a set with Yetima’s Greatsword, the chance of a critical hit will increase by 10%.

Leather gloves loved by Earl Yetima.

It is easier to swing a greatsword when wearing them.

User Restriction: Level 320 or higher.

Weight: 20

[Red Mirror Piece]

Pieces of a round mirror made of blood stones.

The exact function of the mirror isn’t known.

The third prince of the Saharan Empire is looking for this mirror. It is recommended that you gather all the pieces and give them to him.

* If you collect two more pieces in the future, the Red Mirror will be completed.

This was the list of loot from the raid. In addition, he obtained 19 blessed weapon enhancement stones and 26 blessed armor enhancement stones. The rewards were tremendous since it was a tough raid. If he converted the value of the items he received today into cash, it would’ve easily passed billions of won. It was obvious but the distribution of items was a sensitive and important issue since it had substantial economic value. The party members couldn’t take unjust gains or losses. It must be carried out fairly.

“If you need the dropped item, please raise your hands.”

In the past, Grid would’ve kept them due to his pure greed. But not now. He felt a strong sense of responsibility since he was in charge of the party. Despite them being items that could summon a direct descendant vampire, he didn’t have the desire to monopolize them. Once Grid started to distribute the items, Euphemina, Zednos, and Laella raised their hands.

The item they coveted was naturally Cray’s Bracelet. Cray’s Bracelet gave the magician the necessary magic power and the lacking defense. It was natural for them to covet it. The condition that they had to suffer from ‘bleeding’ was difficult, but the increase in magic casting speed when health declined was a reliable and stable function.

"Well, is there anyone else who needs Cray’s Bracelet?”

Grid was conscious of Lauel and asked again, but Lauel never raised his hand to the end. It was because it was more suitable for damage dealers like Zednos, Laella, and Euphemina than Lauel, who adjusted the weather and environment. It was similar to why Grid didn’t covet Cray’s Bracelet.

Despite the fact that Braham had left, Grid still maintained his second class of great magician. He could use magic and as his intelligence increased, he could learn new magic. But for him, magic was just a secondary concept.  In particular, the stronger the opponent, the less he tended to rely on magic.

Just look at this raid. Grid didn’t use magic throughout the battle with Cray and Yetima. No, he couldn’t. Grid wasn’t able to calculate magic one by one against opponents who unleashed an offensive without rest. 

‘They didn’t give me any room, just like Kraugel in the National Competition.’

Well, in the first place, he was unlikely to fall into a bleeding condition. Even if he had Cray’s Bracelet, he wouldn’t be able to bring out the functions completely. Grid knew this and gave up ownership of Cray’s Bracelet. In the end, only Euphemina, Zednos, and Laella seriously competed for ownership of the bracelet. Everyone watched as they focused intensely.

“Rock, paper, scissors!”

“I won!”

“Ugh. I lost.”

“Sob... Congratulations.”

It was truly a fair fight...

As a result of the game, the owner of the bracelet was Euphemina. There was a cute smile on her cute face as she spoke to her teammates.

"After deciding the value of the bracelet, I will divide goods worth the same value equally.”

“Yes, take your time.”

The next item to be distributed was Yetima’s Greatsword and Gloves. Grid also didn’t covet these items. It was natural. First, there was Yetima’s Greatsword which had the strongest conditional attack power. Grid didn’t want it because it was only strong in attack power and lacked separate options. It couldn’t compare to the Enlightenment Sword. There was no reason for Grid to covet it.

‘In the first place, my luck is too bad.’

Grid was sure that if he swung it, he wouldn’t be able to achieve the maximum attack power. On the other hand, Chris greatly desired Yetima’s Greatsword. The average stats were definitely below Grid’s Greatsword, but the maximum damage value was too high. In addition, Chris prided himself in being the best with the greatsword. He believed he could easily achieve the maximum damage.

All the Overgeared members gave up ownership to Chris. The problem was Yetima’s Gloves. There were no warriors who didn’t covet the 1.8 times increase in attack speed and 2 Joint Attacks. Apart from Grid, who had the Holy Light Gloves and Alex’s Quick Gloves! 

The conclusion.

“This must be a set with the greatsword.”

"Chris, you take the gloves.”

“Thank you!”

All the Overgeared members yielded the item to Chris. Chris was grateful to his companions.

"One day I will pay you back.”

“It’s natural to have the right type of items.”

A warm sight! As Chris and the Overgeared members smiled at each other, Pon was squatting in a corner with a dreary face.

"Please have a spear come out next time... Please a spear...”


He kept repeating ‘spear.’ Vantner clicked his tongue and asked Grid.

"The Finest Opals is an accessory? Grid, can you handle it?”

"No, it isn’t my field. I can handle it with my dexterity, but the items won’t be good."

“It’s a pity that there are no jewel craftsmen in the guild...”

Most production class players were based in the empire. It was difficult to bring over those who greatly benefited from the empire.

"I will keep the jewels safe. Someday I will find a jewels craftsman. The only thing left is the Red Mirror Piece...”

If he collected two more pieces in the future, the Red Mirror would be completed. There was also the Amethyst Shield. Why was 3rd Prince Benoit looking for such items? There was no way of knowing his ulterior motives.

“Well, I will know someday.”

Grid put the Red Mirror Piece into the inventory. Then it was the turn of the blessed weapon and armor enhancement stones.

"Let’s share this fairly.”

At this moment, Lauel came forward.

"Your Majesty, why don’t we share the armor enhancement stones while you keep all the weapon enhancement stones?”

“Me? Why?"

They fought together. Of course, looking at the achievements, Grid was the most brilliant. But Katz, Ruby, and Jishuka also played a role. If even one of the party members hadn’t been present, the Cray raid wouldn’t have succeeded.

“I don’t need such consideration. I’ll share it fairly.”

Until now, Grid had always monopolized the best items in each raid with the Overgeared members. A typical example were the items from the direct descendants. Every item that could be useful to Grid was given to him by the Overgeared members. Grid couldn’t forget that favor. He didn’t want to take all the necessary items like the blessed enhancement stones.

Katz snorted as Grid rejected it.

“I don’t need japtem that I can buy with money.”


Grid and the Overgeared members would’ve once been offended, but they now knew Katz’ personality. Katz took care of Grid in his own way.

"You have a weapon to enhance. You have been suffering the most and we want to see you enhance your sword."

[Lightning Sword Born from Enlightenment and Strong Desires]

The myth rated weapon that Grid produced. The Overgeared members hadn’t forgotten. The weapon still hadn’t been enhanced. That’s right. Grid’s weapon hadn’t been enhanced at all, yet it had killed the imperial army, the Red Knights, and even the direct descendants. It clearly showed the fraudulent ability of the myth rated weapon.

"Then I should share with Jishuka...”

Jishuka’s Red Phoenix Bow was also at 0. But Jishuka frowned and refused.

“Are you going to make me even more in debt? I won’t accept it. Don’t make me owe you anymore.”


Jishuka still needed to pay Grid off. She wanted to use this opportunity to pay back a bit of her debt and give Grid a boost. In the end.

“Okay, I understand. Thank you.”

Grid agreed. He was eager to see the brilliantly glowing Enlightenment Sword after it had been enhanced. Of course, he needed to succeed.

[The enhancement has failed.]