Chapter 719


Puk puk puk!

The union of Link and Kill led to a new state. It was the appearance of Linked Kill which was the precursor to Linked Kill Wave Pinnacle. Earl Cray was struck four times in a row! Black blood poured out from him. He was overwhelmed by the terrible pain.

‘How can a human exert such power?’

Earl Cray’s eyes shook. Grid opened the Rune of Darkness, used Blacksmith's Rage, and his fighting energy had reached 80 points. His attack power when he wielded the ultimate weapon made with Item Combination was so high that the direct vampires were dismayed. The more desperate thing for them was that Grid still had a lot of power remaining.

[Fighting energy has reached 83 points.]

[You have hit the target with Linked Kill more than four times! The damage of Linked Kill is increased by 200% and Wave is summoned!]

Puk! Puk puk!

‘Kuk...! He is getting stronger?’

Earl Cray was hit by the Linked Kill of Linked Kill Wave Pinnacle seven times. Earl Cray coughed up blood again after he was hit another three times by Linked Kill.



Then a turbulent energy started to rise from the end of Grid’s sword. The energy soared and seemed like it was blow everything away in the sky and on the ground. It was the usage of Wave. This was something not even Yangban Garam could avoid. The wide area skill Wave was aimed at only one person, making it unavoidable. It was a definitive attack.


“Kuk...! Kuaaaaak!”

Earl Cray was trapped by the energy and gave a terrible scream. He felt his skin being peeled and his flesh and bones separating.


[The effect of the title ‘Death in One Shot!’ has been activated, adding 30% critical damage!]

[...The option effect ‘Black Flames’ has activated!]

[Wave has reduced the speed of all targets hit by 60%.]

[The target has resisted.]



Strong damage continued to accumulate. Earl Cray had just been hit by the Overgeared members’ pincer attacks and now his health fell down to 40%. Was this the end? No.  There was still the final blow.


The energy around Earl Cray started focusing above his head.


It was Pinnacle, which ignored 80% of the target’s defense and deals 1,800% of his attack power as physical damage. It was aimed exactly at the crown of Earl Cray’s head.

[Fighting energy has reached 90 points.]


[The effect of the title ‘Death in One Shot!’ has been...]

[The black flame explosion...]

[A red lightning has been summoned...]


Earl Cray let out a scream as he was hit on his head. Earl Cray became stronger when bleeding and could absorb 100% of the damage done to the target. The concept of health wasn’t important to him in everyday life, but now it was different. This was why Earl Cray’s combat method was to summon as many tails as possible and use the blood as a wide range weapon, inflicting damage on the enemy and absorbing their health. This was now useless.

Why? It was purely due to Blood Warrior Katz. Earl Cray was unable to summon any more tails because of him. He feared that the damage would be bigger if he summoned more than three tails and lost control of them. As a result, he couldn’t exert his unique combat power.

‘Should I run away?’

After being hit by all stages of Linked Kill Wave Pinnacle, Earl Cray only had 20% of his health left. The image of him becoming a dog with his tail tucked in filled him with rage.

‘Run away...? I...! A great earl has to run away from humans?’

Braham’s ridiculing words echoed in his head.

"A person who believes in the power of his mother and has become a big sloth. You’re insignificant compared to Elfin Stone, who’s full of trivial emotions. You’re someone who shouldn’t have become an earl, let alone a marquis candidate."


A lunatic who murdered his kin using the excuse of getting rid of the Curse of Idleness. Earl Cray having to flee despite all the taunts and humiliation from Braham remained a strong trauma. Earl Cray swore to never run away again. He firmed up his heart and faced the crisis.

"Innate power is also my strength...! I will prove that I’m better than Elfin Stone!”

The unlucky guy who looked down on Earl Cray despite not even being a marquis candidate. The vampire who talked about love. The vampire, who due to the awful Curse of Idleness, fell asleep in front of Braham, who killed his lover!

“I...! Don’t look down on me!”

He was above all of them. He would prove it by tearing apart the human who killed Elfin Stone!



Earl Cray roared and summoned six red tails. Power. It was proof that he would no longer pay attention to Katz. He was worried that he might lose control of the tails, but he would rather use his whole power to resist than to run away. No matter what the consequences might be, he wanted to leave with no regrets.


Grid’s eyes widened after driving Earl Cray to the extremes. Earl Cray had previously overwhelmed Grid with four tails, and now there were six? It was a frustrating situation for Grid, who didn’t know that Earl Cray had such hidden strength.




The Overgeared members continued to support Grid. All of them made an effort to attack Earl Cray. This was possible because the other three direct descendants were once again taking the attitude of a bystander.

"A memphis and Iyarugt? This human really isn’t ordinary.”

"I’m not...curious about his identity. Everything is annoying.”


“Shit... Once I regain my power of the past, you vampires...!”

The four God Hands, Noe, Randy, and Iyarugt were defeated by the three direct descendants. Yet they still didn’t help Earl Cray. They forgot their purpose of destroying Saintess Ruby and stood idly in place. It was due to the Curse of Idleness. Not only were they annoyed, they felt a strong desire to sleep.

Right now. The Overgeared members judged that they couldn’t miss this moment to kill Earl Cray. In particular, Lauel was eager.

"We must get rid of him!”

Grid and the Overgeared members only attacking Earl Cray was due to Lauel’s plan. It was unlikely that the four direct descendants would rule one city. The owner of the 7th city was just one vampire and if they could kill the owner, they would be able to retreat.

In addition, the owner of the 7th city was likely to be Earl Cray. He was the one who took the most active position among the four direct descendants who appeared. In other words, killing Earl Cray would open the possibility of escaping from the 7th city.

That’s why the Overgeared members and Grid focused on Earl Cray. Until a little while ago, they felt hope. Then Earl Cray roared and summoned six red tails.

“I’ll show you the difference between us!”


Kwa kwa kwa kwang!

The six red tails summoned by Earl Cray. Some of them unfolded like a net and captured several Overgeared members, while some of them acted like a whirlwind and blew several Overgeared members into the sky.  Some of them struck the earth, causing a lot of damage to all members of Overgeared. Based on this, Earl Cray’s health was recovering.


The tail shot like a missile and caused a serious injury to Grid.

[You have suffered 29,000 damage.]

[All of your lost health is absorbed by the target.] 


Grid barely refrained from screaming as a red tail pierced his heart. He feared that if he looked weak, the morale of his colleagues would fall. Therefore, he had to push through the pain.

-Katz, can you control the tails like before?

The pain Grid hurriedly sent a whisper and Katz replied gloomily.

-I’m sorry. As mentioned earlier, it’s impossible with my remaining resources.

-I understand. Don’t worry.

Rather, he was in a position to be grateful to Katz. He gritted his teeth and started thinking.


Due to the God Hands attacked the attention of the three direct descendants, Sehee’s heal managed to fall on Grid who was defending himself against the red tail.

[Saintess Ruby has restored 18,900 health.]

A warm light. The pain became blurred. However, Grid wasn’t misled by it.

"Heal the others!”

Grid felt how powerful Earl Cray’s attack power was after he used his full strength. Even Sehee’s percentage heal couldn’t cope with Cray’s attack power. Also.

"I’m immortal!”

Grid was currently the only legend among the party members. He was the last fortress remaining.

‘Focus the aggro on me!’

Grid was prepared! There was around 40 seconds left on the duration of Item Combination so he flew into the sky. Earl Cray floated in the sky with six tails and welcomed him.

“Come human! I’ll pay you back for the shame from before!”

Earl Cray was several times more stronger than before. This was his true appearance. The confident tails of Earl Cray shot towards Grid.


First, one tail spread out as a net.

Kwa kwa kwa kwang!

The two tails behind it shot forward like missiles. It was to capture Grid and then deal a powerful blow. But Grid avoided all it with Freely Move.


What was this perfect movement compared to the past? Earl Cray was amazed and made the three tails around him into a blood tornado. It dominated the field by expanding three large-scale zones at the same time. It was a perfect decision to neutralize Grid’s ‘no-targeted skill and approach the target.’



[You have suffered 8,900 damage.]

[You have suffered 8,730 damage.]

[You have suffered 9,100 damage.]

[All of your lost health is absorbed by the target.] 


Blood tornadoes spread all around Earl Cray, grabbing Grid and tearing his body apart. Grid’s vision started to flash red. It meant his health was depleted.



The Overgeared members did their best to help Grid, but once Earl Cray’s focus was on Grid, it didn’t shift to any other place. He only aimed at Grid.

“Kukuk...! Kuhahahaha!”

Earl Cray burst out laughing. He was thrilled watching Grid be trapped in the blood tornado.

[A legend doesn’t die easily. You can resist all attacks for 5 seconds with a minimum of health.]

Then Grid pulled out his last hand.



Grid believed in his immortality and broke through the blood tornadoes.

“Pinnacle Kill!”

Sakak-! Puoook!

The most powerful combination of Failure + the Enlightenment Sword was stabbed. Then he tried to grab a way to win.


The problem was that the damage of Pinnacle Kill was too high. Earl Cray was wary and threw his body higher into the sky, opening the distance from Grid.


Grid hurried to catch up with Earl Cray.

"I won’t allow you to approach!”

Earl Cray’s six tails spread out like a net.


[The duration of immortality is over.]

The worst notification window came up as Grid evaded the net in a breathtaking way with Quick Movements, whose cooldown had run out.


The six tails that scattered in the air without being able to restrain Grid was changed to missiles and hit Grid.



Everyone. Everyone thought it was the end.  They all predicted Grid’s death. At that moment.

[You have entered the Ecstasy of Desire state.]


Grid’s black eyes turned purple.