Chapter 720

Grid was able to have an even match with Earl Cray not because he was as strong as Earl Cray. It was only possible due to the support of the Overgeared members.

"Peacock Shield!”

Flash flash!

Vantner put away his axe and launched an aura in the shape of a peacock from his very large shield. The purpose was to attract Earl Cray’s attention.

“Holy Roar!” 

Toban’s cry that caused distress to evil beings slowed down Earl Cray’s reactions by paralyzing his ears. 

“Your mother...!”

Huroi kept up a barrage of insults against Beriache, who was long dead. There was an unbroken connection between provocation and debuffs. The three of them used various skills without a break in order to help Grid. Earl Cray’s resistance was so high that he resisted most of the provocations and debuffs. Despite being provoked and debuffed, he recovered within seconds, but even that short gap was an opportunity for Grid.

"Flower Lance!"

Pon saw that Earl Cray paused in attacking Grid due to Huroi’s attack and threw a spear. It was an attack that perfectly captured the moment when Earl Cray’s rear was unprotected.


The spear pierced Earl Cray’s back.


A flower bloomed. It was a skill that caused massive bleeding and an inability to recover by simultaneously tearing apart the target’s whole body. Pon judged that it was the key to blocking Earl Cray’s blood-sucking ability. But the more catastrophic the effect, the lower the accuracy rate.

[The target has resisted.]


Pon had become proficient in cursing during his time spend with Grid. Many female fans attracted to his noble and handsome appearance on a white horse would be disappointed if they saw him now.

"Cowardly western ghost! Come down here! Draw Sword, Annihilate!”

"Rising Sword!"

"Dagger Throwing.”

"I have to throw one rock...”

The close combat members such as Chris, Peak Sword, Faker, and Ibellin. The Overgeared members were restricted the moment Earl Cray had fled 15 meters into the sky. But once the cooldown of a few mid-range skills returned, they used those skills without stopping. If the skills weren’t available, they picked up chunks of rocks and threw them at Earl Cray to accumulate damage.

“It’s ridiculous!”

At first, Earl Cray ignored the small damage.

Suook- Puook! 



Earl Cray’s relaxation disappeared from his face as the overwhelming damage from Jishuka’s myth rated Red Phoenix Bow came constantly. Zednos and Laella’s magic was also a great threat. But.

Kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa!

Earl Cray was only focused on Grid. Grid could fight evenly due to the Overgeared members, but the scene suggested that Grid was the most threatening person.


Shortly after being attacked with Linked Kill Wave Pinnacle and Pinnacle Kill. Earl Cray resisted the Overgeared members by summoning six tails and eventually won.  He failed to constrain Grid with the net of blood and the tails changed to missiles. It created a situation where Grid would be hit from all directions.




Grid was isolated in the threatening onslaught at the same moment the duration of his immortality was over. He felt a sense of crisis and the Overgeared members also expected his death.

Earl Cray. In many ways, he was weaker than Elfin Stone, but his abilities were enormous. Looking back, he had an extensive range of CC that was as threatening as Elfin Stone. Without Katz and Ruby, it would’ve been a much tougher fight. Indeed, an earl was an earl.


The powerful attack caused the God Hands to stiffen and six red tails reached Grid!


Ruby’s scream reached the sky.


Grid’s black eyes were purple.

[The option effect ‘Ecstasy of Desire’ has activated from the Sword Born from Enlightenment and Strong Desires!]





The eyes of Earl Cray and the Overgeared members widened. They couldn’t help feeling surprised that Grid avoided the six attacks with an exquisite orbit. Every time he moved, the purple light in the darkness caught everyone’s eyes.

“What’s this?”

The circle lens were the representative item of millions of people in real life. The circle lens weren’t just loved as an item. They made a person’s pupils very large. Just enlarging the pupils by 1mm made a person look better. It was also noticeable if the eyes changed color.

“What type of transformation is this?”

That’s right. Now all the Overgeared members noticed Grid’s change. Inside the dark vampire city without any light. It was inevitable that the purple light scattered by Grid would be visible. Anyone who didn’t recognize this change must have severe colour blindness.

Earl Cray was furious.

“A trivial human...! How many times do you want to humiliate me?”

The fight was full of disgrace and Earl Cray wanted to finish it quickly and believed it was finally over. He didn’t doubt that his tails would kill Grid. But Grid survived once again. In the past, vampires called humans ‘walking cockroaches’ and there seemed to be a reason for it.

"Why won’t you die?"


Once Earl Cray roared, everyone on the ground was affected by a status condition. The cooldown time of Direct Pressure had returned. However, Grid was a legend. He resisted abnormal conditions.


Grid’s strongest weapon cut at Earl Cray’s heart.


The black flames exploded. They swept over Earl Cray. He let out a rare loud scream. It was the power of Ecstasy of Desire, which raised fighting energy to 100 and attack power by three times. The current Grid was three times stronger than before.



Grid wielded the sword again and Earl Cray was caught up in the black flames. He spread two tails over himself as a net in order to restrict Grid’s movements, while the remaining four tails attacked Grid from all directions. It was the same technique as before. Grid’s purple eyes shone like jewels.

"It’s a simple battle.”

Obvious ridicule! Did he ever think there was a day where humans would laugh at him?


The furious Earl Cray was amazed.



It was because Grid avoided all six tail attacks in a single action.

‘It wasn’t a coincidence?’

Grid’s movements were projected into Earl Cray’s eyes. A dance. He was dancing. He avoided all the red tails coming from everywhere.

“Pagma’s Swordsmanship, Link.”




It was 20 strikes with the 100 points in fighting energy and the triple attack power of Ecstasy of Desire, exerting havoc that surpassed Linked Kill Wave Pinnacle.

“Ugh...! Yes...! I see...!”

Earl Cray just noticed.

A dark sword with red flames flashing. There was also an intermittent blue light coming from the weapon whose attack power transcended common sense.

“That’s a dragon’s weapon!”

Dragon. The strongest creature on the earth that could threaten a god. Ironically, there were times when the absolute beings became interested in trivial human culture. At one time, they transformed into human form and travelled around the world, equipping humans with weapons and armour. It was a legacy left behind.

Yes, Earl Cray was trying to rationalize the current situation. It was a rationalization that originated from a firm belief that he wouldn’t be hit by a human unless the human was armed with a dragon’s weapon. Grid gave him a cruel reality.  

"A dragon’s weapon? No, I made this.”

“Nonsense! I don’t believe you!”

As expected, there was no limit to a human’s bluff. Earl Cray determined that this conversation was pointless and produced a tornado with all six tails. It was to create an inevitable despair for the human who couldn’t escape anywhere.

“It will soon end.”

“I’m sleepy. I will go to sleep.”

"Me too.”

The direct descendants watching the battle with blank expressions started to leave. They were convinced of Cray’s victory once they saw the six blood tornados that controlled the entire area.



The vicious tornadoes started swallowing the ancient structures, barren trees, and towering cliffs.


“Avoid it!"

The blood tornadoes fused together and the increased momentum swallowed up the Overgeared members on the ground. It was a gigantic whirlwind that would undoubtedly destroy the entire city.  The Overgeared members couldn’t do anything. Laella was especially scared and fell into a panic. It was Jishuka, leader of the Tzedakah Guild, who calmed and led them.

"Earl Cray is also in a critical condition. If Grid can endure this blow, we will be able to counterattack. Understood? We must protect Grid.”

In this situation, they had to succeed in the Earl Cray raid. They had to kill him here. Then once they re-challenged the 7th city in the future, their odds would increase.

"Guard Grid with all your power!”




The Overgeared members’ defense magic and skills started to focus on Grid. At the same time, explosion magic and skills were used to slow down the momentum of the whirlwinds hitting Grid. The whirlwinds covering the Overgeared members? Nobody cared. Everyone was preparing to sacrifice themselves for Grid.

“Grid! Be sure to kill Earl Cray!”

This cry was delivered. The Overgeared members had doubts as they shouted towards Grid inside the whirlwind.




[You have suffered 12,430 damage.]

[You have suffered 11,650...]

The whirlwind started to hit the bodies of the exhausted Overgeared members. Death had arrived.

Ku kwa kwa kwa kwa! Ku kwa kwa kwa kwa!

The Overgeared members heard the roar of the giant whirlwind swallowing the city. They felt resentment for always relying on Grid at important moments and closed their eyes. At the same time.


The whirlwind that tore at their flesh and the roaring sound in their ears disappeared like a lie.



Rain fell. No, it was blood. The blood that had been moving with force fell like rain.


The Overgeared members didn’t understand the situation. Then they saw it. Earl Cray was started to turn to grey and Grid held a sword that pierced his heart. Grid’s hair was raised from the effect of Transcend.

"Tornado? I can avoid it.”

He wanted to reassure his colleagues. The ragged Grid laughed brightly as he endured the suffering in his entire body. His purple eyes were returning to black.