Chapter 718


The large amount of blood shed by Earl Cray. The four ‘red tails’ moved away from Earl Cray’s control and moved according to Katz’ will. The tails that should’ve killed Earl Cray’s enemies bit at his body instead.



Earl Cray was nervous as the tails squeezed him and dug into his neck. He felt that the flow of blood wasn’t under his control! It felt like he was going to be crushed into powder.

“Damn human...!”

The vampires who perceived humans as a subspecies. In particular, Cray was a direct descendant, so the situation was very shocking and humiliating.

"These humans dare trifle with my noble blood!”

Earl Cray was someone who showed little emotion, despite being attacked by Grid and the Overgeared members. He just treated them like livestock playing around. But now he was different. His face was furious like a demon. The other descendants watched him being threatened by his own tail and laughed. 

“Hahaha! Cray! What is this pathetic state? A descendant of the blood ruler is humiliated by a human?”

Blood ruler. It was one of Shizo Beriache’s numerous titles. In her lifetime, she was the master of all blood. She could even use the blood of the target to control them. She showed the transcendental ability to control the blood in the body of any living creature.

The person who claimed to be the descendant of the blood ruler was none other than Cray. Earl Cray was especially prideful among the earls and felt tremendous pride in the fact that he inherited one of Beriache’s abilities. But now he was suffering from humans. The other earls thought it was funny and ridiculed him.

"Shut up!"

Earl Cray screamed at his laughing brothers. Two of the four tails moving from left to right were destroyed. The two remaining tails no longer reacted to Katz and followed Cray’s will. It was a scene proving that Earl Cray was still incomplete. The reason he didn’t become a marquis was because he could only control two tails perfectly. Once he grew three tails, he could exert a higher destructive power, but he couldn’t control it.

“You..! This garbage dares to give me such shame!”

Earl Cray looked shabby with only two tails wrapped around him. He glared at Katz on the ground.

“Die...! I will remind you that you are just prey! I will bite your neck, suck your blood, and eat all your flesh and hair!”

A cruel declaration of murder!

[Vampire Earl Cray has used Direct Suppression.]

[It’s a force that mortals find difficult to resist! You have fallen into the ‘fear’ state.]


The Overgeared members started to tremble. Their stats declined dramatically as they felt a strong sense of anxiety. At that moment.


Saintess Ruby’s warm light covered the Overgeared members. The Overgeared members were able to overcome the fear and felt fine. Earl Cray and the other descendants were surprised. 

“What is that strength?”

Every creature had a natural role. Just as livestock like pig were destined to be eaten by humans, humans were destined to be eaten by vampires. It was natural for humans to feel fear towards direct vampires. But what was this power that twisted destiny?

The direct descendants shifted their gaze from Katz to Ruby. The aggro shifted from Grid to Katz and now to Ruby. Regas, who fell to the ground after dealing a big blow to Earl Cray, felt alienated.

"No, pay attention to me...”

Was he a small fry that the direct descendants didn’t even care about? Regas was stimulated.

“Haha... I must devote more time to training.”



While the direct descendants were staring at Ruby, Regas’ body started to transform. It was the precursor to the descent of an Asura. 

Katz said to him, "Why are you turning into an Asura when you can’t even fly in the sky?”


As with most transformation skills, Asura had a time limit and a penalty. And Regas only had a high jump. He couldn’t fly in the sky. On the other hand, the vampires had the ability to fly. A normal vampire could fly by transforming into bats or smoke, but the direct descendants had a passive flying ability. They moved in the air with no restrictions. Regas and most of the Overgeared members couldn’t exert their full strength while the direct descendants were floating in the sky. 

Katz decided to change this. He took advantage of the fact that Earl Cray had a big grudge against him. 


Katz snorted as loudly as possible for Earl Cray to hear. He shrugged at Earl Cray, who proclaimed that he would kill Katz.

"You have a big mouth for someone who’s so scared that you’re hiding in the sky. Aren’t you talking so far away because you are scared?”

Katz was famous for his personality in the past. He also spoke provocative words. But there was a fact that shouldn’t be forgotten. He was also a top ranker aiming for the top and had always been competing. Unlike his outward behavior, his thinking ability was always keen and calm. On the other hand, Earl Cray was born naturally strong. There were few competitors and he wasn’t used to fighting. He had a high pride and quickly lost his cool.

“Who’s afraid of whom?”

Earl Cray roared! His eyes moved from Ruby back to Katz.


As soon as Earl Cray fell to the ground, it was shattered by the magic power he emitted. The entire city was shaken by the powerful shock, including Katz and the Overgeared members.

[Vampire Earl Cray has used Magic Power Emission.]

[The earth is turbulent and the mana in the area has reversed!]

[You are affected by the ‘balance loss’ condition. There is a big restriction on your behavior.]

[You have fallen into the ‘mana containment’ state. Mana can’t be used as a resource.]

"First I will tear off your mouth!”


Sweat trickled down Katz’ cheek as he faced the angry Earl Cray. 

‘It’s a tremendous pressure. It’s the absolute difference in species in Satisfy.’

Hidden classes had a special concept. Most of them were specialized in one trait. This was sometimes a weakness, but it was mostly a strength. The ultimate concept of the epic class ‘Blood Warrior’ is ‘master of blood.’ He had the ability to control the flesh of anyone, including himself. This was the greatest strength that Katz boasted.

But Katz had realized from the time he controlled Cray’s tail. His epic rated ability wouldn’t work against the direct descendants. This was sufficient evidence. This was because his special resource ‘Blood System,’ consumed when capturing the blood of a target, had fallen rapidly the moment he took control of Cray’s tails. 

According to Katz’ calculations, the maximum time that Katz could control Earl Cray’s tail was only one minute. Yes, even if Earl Cray hadn’t reduced his tail to two, the tails would’ve eventually reverted back to Earl Cray’s control. But Earl Cray didn’t know this. He reduced his tails to two and Katz looked big.

"Well, I don’t have to use blood magic.” Katz barely moved his trembling hands and pulled out the sword at his waist. "I'm a warrior. Kukuk! I’ll kill you!”


Katz flew forward with his sword that contained a powerful blood-sucking ability. The attack speed was around three times slower than Grid’s full buff state. However, Earl Cray wasn’t specialized in physical abilities. He couldn’t avoid Katz’ attack and was stabbed in the chest. No, in the first place, he had no intention of avoiding it. It was just like humans showing no fear towards puppies.


Kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa!

Katz’ sword penetrated Earl Cray’s heart. Earl Cray’s two tails spread out like a net and swallowed Katz’ body, squeezing tightly. It was a lasso of blood. Katz was unable to counterattack. His health was cut by two thirds with a single strike. But Katz knew.

"This should be enough right?”

Earl Cray reduced the number of tails and came down to the ground because of Katz. He had abandoned his strengths. Katz now believed that his colleagues could take care of it. It was a strong trust. Katz was now melting into the Overgeared Guild. His colleagues repaid his trust.

“Katz! Hide behind me!”

Toban and Vantner rescued Katz from the blood lasso and hid him behind their shields. Then Regas transformed in Asura, Chris raised his sword energy to the limit, and Pon rode on a white horse before simultaneously attacking Earl Cray. This wasn’t the end.



Jishuka’s arrows, Zednos and Laella’s magic, and Lauel’s qigong skills assisted their colleagues.

"Aren’t I the most reliable in a boss raid?”


Ibellin’s ‘thorn’, which inflicted damage to the target in proportion to their health, moved at the perfect timing and struck Earl Cray’s heart. All of this was possible due to the healing abilities of Saintess Ruby.

“Pant... Pant...”

The best healer in Satisfy who gave a heal whenever her colleagues were hurt and a cleanse whenever they were affected by a status condition. The three direct descendants were still watching her. They could feel her mental and physical pressure as she sequentially used magic.

“This isn’t good. It’s a dangerous presence.”

"I agree.”

No matter what happened to Earl Cray, the direct descendants just laughed and watched. But their reaction was different towards Ruby. There was no room for it. The vampires instinctively sensed danger from the Saintess, who could even destroy the souls of great demons.

"I will surely kill her.”

The three direct descendants moved to the ground and surrounded Ruby.

“I will protect Sehee!”

Saintess’ Knight Sexy Schoolgirl always tried to protect Ruby.


However, it was impossible for the level 200 Sexy Schoolgirl to protect Ruby from the direct descendants who were stronger than the top rankers. She could block a few attacks with the Sacrifice skill but that was the limit.


“I don’t want to drink your blood. Turn into ashes.”


Dark magic power flowed from the hands of the direct descendants towards Ruby’s small face. Ruby sensed death while the Overgeared members sought to rescue her, but they were caught by Earl Cray.

"Where do you want to go?”

Kwa kwang!

Kwa kwa kwa kwang!


“S-Shit...! Miss Ruby...!”

The two tails swirled in all directions and swept through the Overgeared members. The Overgeared members were turned into rags but didn’t care. They only reached out to Ruby. Everyone in the Overgeared Guild knew she was the most important person in this raid.  But unlike their eagerness, the distance between them and Ruby was too far. The hands of the Overgeared members didn’t reach Ruby.

On the other hand.

"I will guard my sister.”

Grid was already next to Ruby. He felt hope the moment Katz appeared and played an active part. He had been sitting in a corner and using Item Combination. He combined the Lightning Sword Born from Enlightenment and Strong Desires with Failure.




He returned the dark magic aimed towards Ruby back towards the direct descendants with greater damage.

[Fighting energy has reached 80 points.]

In the process of fighting Earl Cray, his fighting energy increased and his purple and red aura became thicker. Grid’s fighting energy exploded as he shouted.

“God Hands! Noe! Randy! Iyarugt!”


It was the God Hands armed with Mjolnir, Noe the best demonic beast of hell who temporarily took away the highest stats of the target and transferred it to his master, Randy who transformed in Grid, and the best swordsman of hell, Iyarugt. Everyone appeared at the same time and tied up the feet of the direct descendants for a while.

“Open Rune of Darkness! Blacksmith's Rage!”

Grid maximized his damage. Then.

“Linked Kill Wave Pinnacle.”

He used the strongest skill in Satisfy on Earl Cray, who already had large wounds. Earl Cray’s eyes widened. No, it seemed he was trying to figure out why he was attacked when the other three direct descendants were nearby.

Huroi shouted instead of Grid, answering the question.

"I always hit the weakest one!”


He was weak? Earl Cray became agitated and his defense fell!


The consecutively exploding red lightning bolt and black flames combined with the option of increasing attack power in the dark and the option of increasing skill damage hit him.