Chapter 717


The remnants of light flashing off Vantner’s bald head was still dazzling. Due to this, he felt eyes focused on him from four directions.

“Hahaha... The helmet designs these days...”


There was an awkward silence. Pon, who would’ve normally laughed at Vantner, could only gulp. The appearance of the four direct descendants was still shocking.

“...Seven is a lucky number?”


Peak Sword couldn’t react to someone’s comment. Four direct descendants in one city. The four earl-class vampires appeared at the same time? It was the worst case scenario that no one expected. How could Peak Sword imagine it?

“How did this happen...?”

Lauel’s eyes were shaken. According to the results of his research, the direct vampires were strongly affected by the Curse of Idleness. They didn’t leave their cities and slept in the coffins for tens or hundreds of years. It was against the setting for them to leave their cities and gather in a certain area.

‘The four of them are all city owners?’

Lauel started to get a headache. He was stressed because the plan changed with unexpected variables. 

“I’m sor...ry.” 

Lauel opened his trembling lips and apologized. As the initiator of the city conquest plan, he thought he should bear all responsibility. He wanted to sacrifice himself to give his colleagues time to retreat. But in order to escape from the vampire city, they had to defeat the owner of the city. Until then, they couldn’t leave the city. Lauel’s sacrifice wouldn’t solve the problem. The party’s chances of survival were zero.

‘This is bad...!’

His carelessness weakened the power of the Overgeared Kingdom. Lauel’s face was white and stricken. Someone placed a hand on the shoulder of the guilt-stricken Lauel. It was a big and warm hand. Lauel couldn’t not know the owner of this hand.

“King Grid...”

Lauel turned his gaze and met Grid’s cool eyes.

"Use your brain if you have time to apologize. Isn’t this the time to be calm? Try it. Regain your spirit.”


Yes, Lauel was aware of his weakness from a long time ago. If things flowed differently from his thoughts, he lost his composure and the ability to deal with it. This was a fatal weakness for a strategist. A strategist should be able to cope with any variable calmly and do their best.

"Don’t look like it’s over.”

Four earl class direct descendants? There was no possibility of fighting and winning. But he didn’t have the slightest intention of being helpless. This was Grid.

"Think while we buy some time. That’s the best thing we can do right now.”

The morale of his colleagues had fallen to the bottom. Regas, who desired fighting against the strong, and Katz, who had a strong spirit, were fine. But not all members of Overgeared were the same. In particular, Ruby was terrified.

‘I promised to be a dependable person.’

A leader had responsibilities. Especially in a tricky situation!


Grid looked up and flew into the sky. He would confront the four direct descendants alone.


This was the end. They would all die. Some Overgeared members were frustrated and desperate at the thought of losing experience and items. They belatedly noticed Grid soaring into the sky. Black demonic energy covered Grid’s body as he reached the four direct descendants.

“Blackening. Quick Movements.”

[Your black magic power has increased.] 

[You don’t have any black magic power. It will be replaced with demonic power.]

[While Blackening is activated, your species will change to half-demon.]

[As a half demon, your maximum health is reduced by 50%. Your attack power, magic power and agility will increased by 30% each.]

[All attacks will be converted to the dark attribute.]

[Your evasion rate is increased by 30% and your agility doubled for 1 minute.]

Grid would directly confront the four direct descendants alone! He put a lot of effort into survival. He was determined to grasp the power of the direct descendants and show the way to his colleagues.




The eyes of the four direct descendants, looking down at the humans with no inspiration, widened slightly. They thought a trivial human was coming to commit suicide but he was as agile as a flying squirrel.




A storm of dark energy blades poured out! Blood started to appear on the skin of the four direct descendants. They weren’t able to avoid the attack of Grid who had reached the highest speed.

'Not even fighting back or defending? Okay, there isn’t completely no answer.’

Grid slightly grasped the agility of the direct descendants and performed a sword dance. This time he intended to measure their defense.




The 20 strikes per second, which was more powerful than normal, cut at the body of Earl Cray. The God Hands firmly guarded Grid against the counterattacks of other earls and Grid identified the notification windows that came into view.

[You have dealt 16,900 damage to the target!]

[You have dealt 18,780 damage to the target!]

[You have dealt 20,600...]



‘Not bad!’

The defense wasn’t at a very good level. It was slightly less than the defense of Third Knight Lorex. Grid had hope.

‘If we all join forces, we can hunt two of them.’

In the end, it was okay to fail in attacking the city. If they took out two out of four, they would unconditionally succeed in attacking the city in the next challenge. The moment Grid thought this.

“Ohu, that’s right. That ring shows that you’re the human who sealed Elfin Stone.” Earl Cray smiled at Grid after being hit. His gaze was focused on Elfin Stone’s Ring.  “Looking at this, Elfin Stone must be pathetic. Well, unlike me, he wasn’t a candidate to be a marquis.”



Time stopped? Grid fell into an illusion for a moment. The blood that flowed from Earl Cray’s wounds rejected the laws of gravity. The drops of blood floated in the air.

"What are you doing?”


Time hadn’t stopped. Grid heard Earl Cray’s voice and tried to swing the sword again, but it was already too late.

Ku kwa kwa kwa kwa! Ku kwa kwa kwa kwa!

The large amount of blood shed by Earl Cray. The massive amount of blood gathered in the air and shot towards Grid.



Grid’s face distorted with pain and shock once he was struck by the blood.

[You have suffered 19,500 damage.]

[All of your lost health is absorbed by the target.]

A powerful blood-sucking ability! Earl Cray’s bloody attack didn’t stop at massive damage to Grid. 100% of the damage done to Grid was restored as Earl Cray’s health.

‘Shit, this is a direct...!’

Earl Cray wasn’t an intimidating opponent because his physical ability was relatively normal. Just as Elfin Stone specialized in swordsmanship and magic, and Tiramet specialized in physical abilities, Cray specialized in the ability to absorb blood. He wasn’t an easily dismissed opponent. As Grid was hit in the chest and started to fall to the ground, Cray’s hand grasped Grid’s face.


“Blood Tornado.”


Pillars of blood uncoiled around Earl Cray’s body like living serpents. They started to swirl in response to Earl Cray’s order. Grid’s body started to be torn apart.

[You have suffered 17,500 damage.]

[You have suffered 15,900 damage.]

[A great king puts his safety first. Due to the First King title effect, a shield with all the health lost in the last minute will be created.] 

[All terrain adaptability has increased by 100% while movement speed and defense has increased by 10%.] 


The pillars of blood wouldn’t stop until the target was completely dead. Earl Cray, who was convinced that the man trapped inside would soon die, was amazed. It was due to the strong shield created around the human’s body.


Kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa!

The human body, which should’ve been torn easily in the bloody storm, suddenly started to resist the storm. This was because Grid swapped from Triple Layers to the Holy Light Armor set.

“Linked Kill!”


An energy blade shot through the storm. The terrible attack hit Earl Cray’s chest.

Puk puk puk!

Two times, three times, and four times.


Earl Cray coughed up blood and hurried away from Grid.

“Hahahat! This is too interesting!”

Unlike the others who suffered from the appearance of the four direct descendants, there was one person who was happy.

"Black Lightning Ascension!”



It was Asura Regas, who wished to fight strong opponents at any time. He couldn’t fly in the sky like Grid, so he climbed the wall of one building and jumped from the roof towards the four direct descendants. This was the point where Earl Cray moved away from Grid.

"A pincer attack...!”

Earl Cray was surprised when an enemy appeared in an unexpected place!


Regas’ punch struck his face. At this time.

“Fly Up!”

“Rail Spear!"

The other Overgeared members responded by starting the attack. 20 attack skills that killed the true blood vampires at once hit Earl Cray.



Kwa kwa kwa kwang!

Hit, hit, hit, and hit again! The Overgeared members’ attacks caused Earl Cray’s wounds to increase, as well as the amount of blood shed. It was the prelude to a disaster.

“Hmmm... I’m surprised that humans are so strong.”

Earl Cray sincerely felt admiration. The number of blood pillars around his body increased from one to four. The more blood he shed, the stronger he became. This was the reality of Earl Cray. All of the Overgeared members, including Grid, tensed up. They couldn’t imagine how much stronger he had become now that he had four blood pillars.

“Cray has made four ‘tails’ after a few hundred years.”

"Isn’t it the first time since he fought Braham with six tails and was beaten up?”

"These humans are pretty good.”

All three direct descendants, who hadn’t yet participated in the battle, were assured of Cray’s victory. Until a crazy person came forward.

“Kuk...! Kukukuk! Using blood as a weapon in front of me?”

Blood Warrior Katz. He had complained about why they had to all gather together to hunt. He had sat with folded arms when the party conquered the 9th and 8th cities.

“I’m the master of all the blood in this world.”




The eyes of all four direct descendants, including Cray, widened. It was because the four blood pillars around Cray’s body started to run wild.