Chapter 716

Among the players, there was one party called the ‘all-time best grade.’ It was the Belial Raid party. The party contained Grid, the top rankers of the Overgeared Guild, Sword Saint Kraugel, and Pope Damian. It was the evaluation of most people that the strongest party wouldn’t be born again twice.

But now, breaking the expectations of people, another strongest party was born. The name of the radiant party was ‘Let’s Obtain Loot!’ party.

[The party ‘Let’s Obtain Loot!’ has succeeded in capturing the 8th vampire city!]

[The party leader ‘Grid’ has acquired two advanced vampire rings.]

[The party leader ‘Grid’ has acquired a stamina elixir.]

[The party leader ‘Grid’...]



1 hour and 48 minutes. After capturing the 9th city in two hours, the Let’s Obtain Loot! party set a new record again. It was the advantage of the guild party. There was great teamwork because the party gathered people who shared the same ideals.

"Wow, aren’t we invincible?”

“That... We can’t lose with these members.”

The power of the current party was comparable to the Belial raid party.

Kraugel’s space was filled by Chris, and Damian’s space was filled by Saintess Ruby. In particular, Ruby’s percentage heal, great heals, and divine power abilities exerted a unique power in party play. The only areas were Ruby was inferior to Damian was that her personal combat power was weak and she couldn’t use various buff skills. This was despite the fact that she was only level 200.

In addition, compared to the time of the Belial raid, the average power of the members was very high. It was natural, since most of them were equipped with weapons made by Belial’s items. 

“As Lauel says, the current members can raid Belial.”


Haha hoho!

The 9th and 8th cities were easier than they expected, so the Overgeared members had a friendly atmosphere among them. They were especially delighted with the drops of the vampire rings and the elixirs.

Advanced vampire’s ring. It had a longer cooldown and less effect than Elfin Stone’s Ring that Grid possessed, but that was when compared to Elfin Stone’s Ring. 

A vampire item with a healing effect; the value of the vampire rings in Satisfy was so rare that it was hard to find an alternative. Among them, the Advanced Vampire’s Ring was the most effective. The drop rate was so low that only a few members of Overgeared had them. The vampires rings were popular with the Overgeared members, but most of them had inferior ones.

What about the value of the elixirs, which increased a stat permanently by 10? The elixirs had the worst drop rate. Since becoming lord of Reidan, Chris had only drank an elixir three times. The value was astronomical.  But the elixirs dropped continuously in two cities!

“Luck is following us. We will be able to grow tremendously during this expedition.”

All the party members were excited. All of them were hopeful for the future. Except for Grid!

‘...I’m anxious.’

Grid was gripped by an anxiety that couldn’t be expressed in words. The reason? He was too lucky. The elixirs that he never found dropped in succession in two cities? Unfortunately, Grid was fortunate enough to experience it. 

‘It’s unusual... In the 9th city, three true blood vampires appeared at the same time.’

Originally, it often happened. Looking back at the city that Tiramet guarded, the direct descendant Tiramet and several true blood vampires appeared at the same time. Yes, Grid’s anxiety didn’t have a clear basis. But Grid’s emotions didn’t dissipate.

'What if Marie Rose appears in a city other than the 2nd city...?’

No, he wanted to believe that wouldn’t happen. Grid trusted Braham.

'...Or will several direct descendants appear at the same time?’

Was it because he experienced so much misfortune? Grid was getting better and better at anticipating it.


As Grid got goosebumps, the morale of the party members rose into the sky.

"Next is the 7th city! Number 7 is lucky in South Korea! Haha! As the chairman of the South Korea Patriotic Society, I will confidently say that two elixirs will drop in the next city! Puhahat!”

“Ohh! You’re feeling good? Okay, let’s move onto the next city!”


Don’t be too excited. Grid wanted to say this, but he couldn’t open his mouth. He didn’t want to lower the atmosphere for no reason. 

‘It’s sad that I haven’t played around with friends... There’s no need to unnecessarily worry them.’

He could worry about it alone.

Shake shake.

Grid shook his head and headed to the next city with his colleagues.


As it became two months to the National Competition, the attention and expectations of the world focused on it. What countries would be active this year and what types of scenes would be produced.

『 Once the new rules are applied, it’s clear that the United States will win an overwhelming number of gold medals. It can’t be denied. The United States will be number one. 』

『 There are so many players from the United States... Zibal’s whereabouts are still unknown, but won’t Kraugel fill his empty seat? 』

『 Yes, it’s the most noticeable part of this National Competition. Kraugel’s nationality changed from Russia to the United States. 』

『 In interviews with the Russian people, it seems that Kraugel had suffered considerable racial discrimination in Russia. It’s understandable that he moved countries. But why the United States instead of South Korea? Considering his Korean background, shouldn’t he move to South Korea? 』

『 There’s a lot of speculation about this part. Among them, the most likely speculation is... 』

Kraugel was dreaming of a rematch with Grid. He deliberately avoided South Korea with the aim of fighting Grid.

...Many people guessed this.  However, the credibility was low because it wasn’t what Kraugel himself said.

-There are rumors that it is because of his mother’s illness. It seems that the United States promised to fix his mother’s illness. Well, it might be tricky.

-It’s much more realistic than the speculation that he is conscious of Grid and avoided going to South Korea. Didn’t Kraugel already win against Grid last year? Does he need to be conscious of Grid?

-Right. Kraugel doesn’t seem to care about Grid.

The confrontation between Kraugel and Grid was so gorgeous and fierce that it was always in the top 3 best scenes of the National Competition. Regardless of nationality, countless people watched the video of the confrontation between the two. Again and again, repeatedly again and again.

There were many people expecting the reunion between the two and the S.A. Group recognized this fact. It was enough to insert the confrontation scene of the two people from last year into the opening video of the 3rd National Competition.

But people knew the reality. This year, there wouldn’t be a great showdown in the National Competition. It was clear. Last year, Kraugel was praised as the sky above the sky, but he was still a normal class. Nevertheless, he beat Grid, who had a legendary class.

What about Kraugel of this year? A legend. He was also a Sword Saint, the strongest among the former legends. It was clear that this year’s Kraugel would be several times stronger than last year’s Kraugel and Grid wouldn’t be able to endure it. If there was a rematch between the two of them, it would be a one-sided fight.  

-It isn’t that Grid is weak. It’s rare to find someone stronger than him.

-Who doesn’t know this?


-Kraugel is too strong.

-He’s the sky above the sky!

-Kraugel is special among the special people. The most outstanding of all.

-It doesn’t make sense that he would avoid South Korea because he’s aware of someone he defeated.

-The issue this year isn’t the confrontation between Grid and Kraugel. It’s which country will take second place in the overall medals rank.

-Right. The United States will certainly be number one

After the United States, Canada and China were emerging as Satisfy superpowers due to their population. Which country would take second place? Attention was focused on this. South Korea wasn’t even mentioned and the interest in Grid was very faint compared to last year.

There was a person who was stimulated by this.

"...South Korea isn’t a country that could be ignored.”

The protagonist was Dungeon Maker Eat Spicy Jokbal. Recently, he’d been going through many internal changes while drinking with Peak Sword.  He contacted the three friends who he set up Blood Carnival with.


[You have entered the 7th vampire city.]

“It’s the same everywhere.”

The vampire cities all had one thing in common. It was dark without any light. 10 minutes after entering, they couldn’t see anything. And this was a tremendous risk.



It was before the party members’ eyes had adapted to the darkness. The wild beasts hanging around the city came to them. The vampires’ familiars. This timing was one of the most dangerous moments. Most of the first time visitors to the vampire cities were unable to resist the familiars and died.

On the other hand, the Overgeared members had a lot of experience. They had already attacked the vampire cities several times and were aware that they would be attacked by the familiars, so they could cope with it. Even if they couldn’t see in front of them, they could estimate the enemy’s path and use a skill.

Yes, the familiars at the entrance of the city couldn’t threaten the Overgeared members. This was normal. But the 7th city was strange.


"Why are they so strong?”

“Shit! Don’t relax and be alert!”

From the thick darkness, numerous familiars came from all directions. They were different from the other familiars. Their level was well over 50 and there were many of them. The Overgeared members became aware that they weren’t ordinary familiars.



“Ugh! Take your formations!”

“Stay close until you adjust to the darkness! Be careful not to attack a teammate!”

It was a crisis! The Overgeared members were passive in front of the familiars’ onslaught.

“Ahaha! Finally it is our turn!”

It was Toban and Vantner, who didn’t have anything to do in the 9th and 8th cities.

“Sun Guard!”


Splendid light poured from Toban and Vantner’s shields. It was a bright light that caused catastrophic damage to the familiars who had adapted to the darkness for tens and hundreds of years.

Yelp! Yipppp!


The wolf and bat familiars became blinded. They completely lost sight from the two shields and Vantner’s brightly shining head. The Overgeared members started the onslaught and barely overcame the crisis. But the real crisis was just beginning.

"Hrmm... I guess they aren’t the ones who killed Elfin Stone if they’re having trouble with the familiars.

"They’re trivial. Let’s handle it quickly.”


The party members were astonished at the voices that came from the sky.

[Earl Cray]

[Earl Yetima]

[Earl Ruson]

[Earl Noll] 

The best monsters with gold names shining brilliantly... 

Four Elfin Stone level vampires gathered and were looking down at them!


Why was it always him? Grid could only curse.