Chapter 715

There were a total of 15 vampire cities. The Overgeared Guild had already conquered cities 10~15.

“The bosses who protect each city are true blood vampires or direct vampires. Everyone here has faced the true blood vampires a number of times, right?”

The entrance to the 9th city. Lauel’s briefing started before they entered.

“The direct descendants are super named bosses. Once killed, they won’t respawn again. Instead, a true blood vampire will appear as a boss.”

Chris nodded.

“Since taking over as lord of Reidan, I have hunted the true blood vampires 53 times. They are all named bosses and are strong.”

"53 times...? You have attacked the cities 53 times in just three months?”

Pon was amazed when he heard Chris’ words. He knew how high the difficulty of the vampire cities was. Unless Grid was with them, it took at least three days to capture a city once. Of course, this was a story for when the top members set up a party.

Chris modestly responded to Pon.

"It’s thanks to the actions of my captains."

The five captains of the Giant Guild! They were the best talents, including the 1st ranked swordsman Zirkan. They were comparable to the top players of the Tzedakah Guild.

‘If we form a party with them, it will be easier to conquer the cities...’

The convinced Pon nodded.

“Wasn’t Chris hunting alone before?”


Grid was the one who asked the question.

Pon was shocked.

Hum hum. Chris coughed and explained.

"That day, I specifically challenged myself. Up to that point, I had always been with the captains. I built up my know-how and was able to challenge it by myself.”

“No, stop. You don’t have to be so considerate." Pon interrupted Chris’ words. "There’s a large gap between us. I will try to narrow the gap in this raid.”

Chris was 1st on the unified rankings and Pon was currently 7th. He didn’t think he was lacking so much. His provocative words stimulated Chris.

“...I will be looking forward to it.”

Chris realized how much he had grown. He had never once won against Jishuka, Regas, and Pon during the days of L.T.S. Now their positions were reversed. Regas’ eyes were blazing as he watched the two people.

"I hope to see a direct vampire. It will be a lot of fun.”

Regas was always longing for a fight with the strong!

"...What fun? It would be awful.”

Vantner clicked his tongue. He was nervous because he had experienced fighting a direct descendant.

"At this point, Elfin Stone would be comparable to Belial.”

Monsters also grew. Just like Satisfy players levelled up over the passage of time, a monster’s level also rose significantly. Once he recalled Elfin Stone’s presence in the past, he wouldn’t be surprised if the current earls were as strong as Belial a few months ago.

Lauel nodded.

“It’s a reasonable reasoning. From now on, the direct vampires we meet will be tough. But...”


Lauel examined the Overgeared members. Overgeared King Grid, 1st ranked Chris, godly archer Jishuka, god of killing Faker, Asura Regas, White Knight Pon, bald-headed Vantner, Blood Warrior Katz, conditional powerhouse Euphemina, Peak Sword, Paladin Toban, Huroi, etc. The best people who deserved to be praised were gathered together. There was also Saintess Ruby, who had the strongest healing ability, and the Saintess’ Knight Sexy Schoolgirl, who protected her.

"Even if we meet Belial again, we don’t have to be afraid with all the members here. Although Yura’s presence would be nice."


It had been a few months since Grid had seen Yura. Her beautiful face was like a drug and he sometimes deeply missed her.

"Yura still hasn’t returned from hell?”

"Yes, I haven’t been able to communicate with her.”

"I’m looking forward to when she comes back.”

In contrast to the smiling Grid.

"She has to come back before the National Competition.”

Peak Sword was worried.


"Our stamina has recovered.”

Saintess Ruby and Saintess’ Knight Sexy Schoolgirl reported. They had just reached level 200 so they were exhausted from crossing Reidan’s desert.


Grid nodded and got up. Then he took the lead with the strongest rankers behind him.

"This is the Overgeared Guild.”


“Let’s go!”

They were the ones with the highest pride. Even the 1st ranked Chris was willing and happy to follow Grid. They all recognized Grid as the best. It had been from the time when Grid wasn’t recognized by the world.


The 9th vampire city.

"When is Earl Cray coming back?”

"I don’t think he’s coming back...”


One year ago. The master of the 9th city and descendant of Shizo Beriache, Earl Cray had left the city. He left for a ‘short’ meeting and said he would be back. Yet he still hadn’t returned. The vampires of the 9th city had half given up. The Curse of Idleness had a stronger effect on the top ranking vampires. The vampires if the 9th city knew that Earl Cray had fallen asleep during the meeting and wouldn’t wake up for decades.

"What will happen if the humans that kill Earl Elfin Stone attack at this point?”

"At that time."

"We should have the true blood vampires go out.”




True blood vampires. Vampires made by the direct descendants.  They had high pride. In particular, Earl Cray was better than Earl Elfin Stone, so they believed that they could stop the enemy invasion. At that moment, intruders appeared in the city as if to prove that belief.

"Around 20 humans have entered?”

"Heh, humans are crazy. Invading our city with such a small number of people.”

The true blood vampires who were the guardians of the 9th city! Three of them barely shook off their sleepiness and raised themselves from their coffins.


The flesh of the vampires scattered into smoke and flew through the city where sunlight didn’t enter. Then.

“There they are.”

"How long has it been since I smelt human blood?”

"Dinner, dinner! Kihahahahat!”

The true blood vampires discovered the intruders and regained their original bodies. Their red eyes watched from the sky in the position of a hunter. The humans surrounded by hundreds of vampires were just good prey.

“The vampire who eats first will be the owner!”

The three excited true blood vampires descended to the ground. It was fast enough to exceed the ridiculous speed of a griffon descending to snatch prey. Usually humans couldn’t follow along with their eyes!




The true blood vampires rapidly descended and attacked the humans with their claws, magic, and weapons. The humans buried their heads in the cold floor without being aware of it. The true blood vampires believed so and smiled coldly.  However...


Kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa!

‘Keok... Huh?’

‘Ugh... Eh?’

Those whose faces were on the cold floor weren’t human, but the true blood vampires. All of them were attacked without noticing and crashed into the ground.


A technique? The confused true blood vampires raised their bodies.




Three sharp flashes of light moved silently in the darkness. At the same time, blood rose from the back of the true blood vampires. The god of killing, Faker. Despite having a normal class, he was a master of swiftness who won against the sun-grade Black. His master level Assassination skill exerted maximum power due to his exquisite control skills.



They felt pain in the necks. The true blood vampires grasped the situation late and screamed. The moment they noticed Faker’s existence, Faker’s assassination skill was already lifted.  


A man with cold eyes appeared in the darkness. There was no fear on his face despite standing alone among three true blood vampires. It was enough to disturb the true blood vampires.

“You’re crazy!”

“Damn humans!”

“You son of a bitch."

Due to the assassin’s surprise attack, the anger of the true blood vampires pierced the sky. Their feelings were evident in their attacks.


Kwa kwa kwa kwang!

Brilliant magic aimed towards Faker. The true blood vampires were planning to slaughter the assassins in front of them and then the humans fighting fighting the vampires in the rear. But their plan didn’t work. The assassin was so fast that 70% of the magic bombardment missed.

“Pagma’s Swordsmanship.” The power was enough to remind them of Earl Cray’s magic. It was due to the strong aura. “Linked Kill Wave Pinnacle.”

Chukak. Chukakakakak!






The true blood vampires. As long as a direct descendant wasn’t present, they were the head of the general vampires. They forgot their bodies and gave a terrible scream.  They were embarrassed by the acute pain.

‘These humans...!’

‘They are well prepared...!’

After they were surprised by the assassin, a powerful person attacked. Indeed, humans were smart. The moment the true blood vampires barely endured the pain by using the unique resilience of the species to counterattack.

“Your parents are sloths! You are lazy and don’t care about food, only sleeping!”


Someone cried out the truth that couldn’t be denied and the defense of the agitated true blood vampires fell. At this time.

“1,000 ton Sword!”

“Rail Spear!"

“Fly Up!”

"Draw Sword, Extinguish!”

It was the skills of the most powerful members of the team after they received the Overgeared Guild’s buffs.


The 9th vampire city was conquered in just two hours.

[The party ‘Let’s Obtain Loot!’ has succeeded in capturing the 9th vampire city!]

[The party leader ‘Grid’ has acquired a intermediate vampire ring.]

[The party leader ‘Grid’ has acquired a strength elixir.]

[The party leader ‘Grid’ has acquired 21 weapon enhancement stones...]



[The level of party member ‘Ruby’ has risen!]

[The level of party member ‘Sexy Schoolgirl’ has risen!] 

"...I didn’t have to do anything.”

Toban and Vantner, the tankers of the party, felt isolated. It was because the vampires died without giving them a chance to tank the monsters. They just stood still and ate experience! It was like a meal.