Chapter 714

‘Where did it go wrong?’

Recently, Kasim’s worries had been deepening. It was because Prince Lord was quite wicked at age 5. His actions were gradually becoming perverse. Was it a cause for concern? Yes, it was. If Lord was a normal child, his spiteful nature wouldn’t be a problem. What 4~8 year old didn’t act out? Lord was the same as children of the same age.

The problem was that Lord wasn’t normal. His innate intelligence was extraordinary enough to understand when taught and his talent was outstanding enough to adapt quickly to any field. Looking at him, Kasim was convinced that Lord would become a legend in the future. Was that all? He even had power. It was a serious problem for such a smart and influential person to have a spiteful nature.

Look at what happened just before. He had Yang Fei in his hand and Yang Fei wasn’t able to resist simply because Lord was a prince.

‘It is still at the level of a joke.’

But what if Lord became eviler?

‘A prince’s joke can ruin a person’s life.’

The King of Shadows had made assassination as his business and knew the dark side of the world. He saw how dangerous crooked power was.

‘I worked hard on his emotional education but...’

Kasim wasn’t Lord’s only teacher. The legendary farmer Piaro, Sage Sticks, Blacksmith Khan, and occasionally Pope Damian all taught Lord. They all tried to instill the correct way of thinking into Lord. Piaro taught him how to understand the minds of farmers and soldiers, Sticks taught him the moral sense of the whole species, Khan the unassuming spirit of a craftsman, and Damian the spirit of faith. Nevertheless, Lord was gradually becoming distorted.

‘This is a serious problem.’

Kasim had started guarding Lord right after he was born. He no longer recognized Lord as a means of going against the empire and thought of Lord as his own child. That’s why he was more worried. However, he didn’t have an idea of how to fix Lord’s crooked character. Fortunately, his worries were quickly resolved.

“Huh? What? My Lord. Did you suffer from studying today?”

King Grid returned from a war. He saw the sweat and dirt on Lord and anxiously hugged him.

“It’s good to study hard, but I would rather you make a lot of friends and play around. Lord is still young. You don’t have to live with excessive responsibility.”


Lord’s eyes turned red as he was hugged by Grid. The best genius of the continent, the only successor to the Overgeared Kingdom, a legend’s descendant, etc. Lord had the expectations of millions of people on him since he was born and had always been compelled to fulfill these expectations.

It was always stressful. He felt resentment that he was overworked just because of his father and his natural talent. But Lord wasn’t able to express this to anyone. He was afraid of disappointing the people around him and didn’t want to disgrace his great father. Yet at this moment...

"I will be happy if Lord is healthy and happy. I want Lord to make a lot of good friends rather than being alone. It would be great if my Lord is always happy and makes other people happy.”


The most respected and loving father in the world was revealing his heart.


Lord buried his face in Grid’s chest and bit his lip. He was trying to stop himself from crying. At the age of 5, Lord had started to become skewed from his burdens. This little boy was getting his act together today.

‘Father, I’ll study harder from today onwards. I won’t make other people embarrassed. I will be a great person like Mother.’

The smell of iron from his father’s arms was too good. The feeling of his father’s large and rugged hands stroking his head made Lord feel happy. Lord barely managed to hold back his tears and smiled. Kasim gave a warm smile from where he was watching in the shadows.

‘I can’t fill a father’s role.’


“You’re safe.”

Grid’s office.

Lauel came to see Grid. He was still unfamiliar with the sight of Grid whispering to Lord in his arms. Wasn’t it just a few months ago that Grid was trying to teach Lord everything? Grid laughed bitterly.

“Whenever I see a sweaty young child, I’m reminded of Sehee.”

“Do you mean Ruby?”


A child who received the expectations of their parents due to her terrible brother. Sehee went to all types of private academies and would come home late at night. Grid knew how hard it was.

“There is no reason to be overworked just because a person is talented. Well, he needs the minimum level of education as a prince, but...”

“It’s not that I don’t understand your mind. But Prince Lord will be the biggest power in the future of the Overgeared Kingdom. Stopping the gifted education will directly lead to weakening the power of the Overgeared Kingdom...”

"Do I have to rely on my son? This time, I have obtained the political power stat. I will try harder, so let’s stop putting the burden on Lord.”


Grid was trying to be more responsible since Braham left. At this moment, he realized he hadn’t been trying his best. He made up his mind to do even more.

"Have you decided on the strategy to attack the vampire cities?”

The named bosses sleeping in a vampire city dropped the best items. It was important to raise the power of the Overgeared Kingdom by occupying the vampire cities.

"Yes, I have excluded the 2nd city, which is believed to contain Marie Rose and the 1st city, which is estimated to have the highest level of difficulty, from the attack list. We will clear the remaining seven cities sequentially.”

“The raid group members?”

"A party will be formed with Your Majesty and the viscount members.”

The viscount members included the top members of the Tzedakah Guild: Jishuka, Pon, Regas, etc. There was also Peak Sword, Euphemina, Chris, and Katz.

“It’s great...”

"At first, I thought to include a wider variety of people in the party. But I thought an overall power boost was necessary.”

The empire failed to destroy Valhalla and the cause of the failure was placed on the Undefeated King’s descendant. Right now, they were afraid to approach Valhalla and might detour to the Overgeared Kingdom first. Lauel thought it would be better to raise the power of the Overgeared Kingdom.

"If the third advancement users don’t grow now, they won’t have the ability to deal with the solo number knights. I think it would be better to focus on raising the high level members in preparation for going against the empire.”

Grid had directly witnessed the skills of the solo number knights and agreed.

“That’s true...”

In particular, the growth of Chris, Faker, and Regas were necessary. If they became more powerful than they were now, maybe they could fight one on one with a solo number knight. Grid nodded and Lauel added.

"Ah, Ruby and Sexy Schoolgirl will also go with you.”

"...Do they have time?”

“The two of them have decided to focus on Satisfy rather than their studies.”


Grid felt sorry for the vampires. And at this moment, Grid’s misfortune was triggered.



The national cemetery of the imperial capital, Titan. The Red Knights were gathered where the empire’s lords were sleeping. They were dressed in black mourning clothes. It was to honor their colleagues who died in the war against Valhalla.

“A moment of silence.”

The black outfit made her white skin more noticeable. Mercedes bowed her head and everyone followed her. 

"...Sir Lorex, I will surely avenge you.”

“SIr Dia... I won’t forget your sacrifice.”


The Red Knights started to sob. Pain filled their chests. However, their leader Mercedes was silent and didn’t shed any tears. Her role wasn’t to share in the sorrow, but to get revenge.

“Prepare to leave.”

After the funeral. Mercedes broke through the heavy mourning and gave an order to her aide, Sky. At this moment, a quest window appeared in front of Sky.

[Blood Revenge]

Difficulty: SSS

First Knight Mercedes wants to honor her deceased colleagues. She’s determined to go to Valhalla and find the Undefeated King’s descendant in order to kill him.

As Mercedes aide, you have the obligation to act with her and help her achieve her goal.

Quest Clear Conditions: The death of the Undefeated King’s descendant.

Quest Reward: Join the Red Knights. Once you join the Red Knights, you will gain benefits such as increased stats and new skills.

Quest Failure: Level -5.


He was the first player to receive the opportunity to become a Red Knight. The ambitious Sky had been working only for this moment.

'...Climb up the ladder step by step.”

One day, he would become a solo number knight and stand side by side with Mercedes.

'Then I will make you my girl.’

An ugly smile appeared on Sky’s face. His gaze swept over Mercedes’ white neck.


"Three brothers have died."

The nine direct descendants of Shizo Beriache. Among the vampires, they had transcendent power, but were under the Curse of Idleness. They spent most of their life sleeping. They belatedly received the news that Elfin Stone, Tiramet, and Latina had died.

"I don’t know about Tiramet and Latina, but I can’t believe Elfin Stone...”

Earl Elfin Stone. The nine. No, if Braham was included, then Elfin Stone was one of the top members among the ten direct descendants. 

"But to be killed by humans...”

"Is it one of the rumored legends? People like Muller.”

“Hasn’t it been a few hundred years? Muller and the other legends are long dead.”

“Eh...? Then who killed Elfin Stone...? Um... Ummmm...”

“...Kuooh... Kuoooh...”


The direct descendants gathered after hundreds of years. Apart from Duchess Marie Rose and Marquis Fenrir, all of the direct descendants gathered in one place started to fall asleep. It was the fearful Curse of Idleness.