Chapter 713

Name: Hail

Level: 271

Occupation: Soldier

Strength: 1,090/1,700 

Stamina: 1,047/1,700

Agility: 600/1,000

Intelligence: 306/800

Skills: Intermediate Sword Mastery Lv. 1, Intermediate Spear Mastery Lv. 1, Beginner Bow Mastery Lv. 7, Beginner Shield Techniques Lv. 7, Beginner Horse Riding Lv. 3, Beginning Swimming Lv. 1. 

Hidden Attributes: Terrain Adaptability Increase, Climate Adaptability Increase, Increased Amount of Experience Gained, Recover all Resources at Level Up, Status Resistance Correction, Decreased Morale Drop Rate.

Status: Depressed (I was abandoned by King Ares... Did I do something wrong?)

Name: Kan

Level: 275

Occupation: Soldier

Strength: 1,290/1,400 

Stamina: 1,347/1,500

Agility: 810/1,100 

Intelligence: 106/500

Skills: Intermediate Sword Mastery Lv. 2, Intermediate Spear Mastery Lv. 2, Beginner Bow Mastery Lv. 9, Beginner Shield Techniques Lv. 9, Beginning Horse Riding Lv. 5, Beginner Swimming Lv. 1.

Hidden Attributes: Terrain Adaptability Increase, Climate Adaptability Increase, Increased Amount of Experience Gained, Recover all Resources at Level Up, Status Resistance Correction, Decreased Morale Drop Rate.

Status: Confused (It is an honor to serve the famous Overgeared King... My family is left at home...?)


On the way to the Overgeared Kingdom. Grid was astonished as he observed the 500 soldiers with the King’s Sword. Was it due to the outstanding talents of the soldiers? No, that wasn’t it. The measure of a NPC’s talent was the maximum number of stats they could obtain and their special skills. From a general point of view, these 500 soldiers were all had plain talent. That’s why it was even more amazing.

'Being able to raise the ordinary soldiers to this level...’

The more talented the NPCs, the better their learning ability. In other words, ordinary soldiers were slow when it came to increasing their skills. The 500 soldiers that Ares gave him had a very high skill level despite being ordinary. Moreover, the separate attributes they possessed were also the best.

‘In particular, all resources are recovered when levelling up. This is the reason why Valhalla soldiers show great fighting ability in a war.’

It was hard to give original attributes.

They reason why the Overgeared soldiers had the Increased Adaptation in Rice Fields attribute was the result of steadily training there. The Overgeared soldiers did intense drills all day but unlike the Valhalla soldiers, they didn’t have a wide range of attributes. Recovering all resources when levelling up... Grid had no idea how to give that attribute.

‘How strong is Ares’ Fostering Strong Soldiers skill?’

Imagine it. The appearance of Ares as he commanded one million soldiers.

‘...Scary, scary.’

Grid never wanted to be hostile to Ares. If they had to be enemies...

‘I have to hit while Valhalla still isn’t developed.’

Grid was confident. If he, Asmophel Chucksley, Maxong, and the best members of Overgeared devastated the enemy while Kasim and Faker assassinated them in the turmoil, they could conquer Valhalla. But instead...

‘Our damage will be big and we will show a gap to the empire.’

Eventually, they would be destroyed.

‘I don’t want to be enemies with Ares in the first place.’

Grid had a great deal of liking towards Ares. How many people in the world would hate Ares’ straightforward and bold personality?

‘...He has the candidate for the Undefeated King’s descendant by his side.’

Oasis. The man who came to him and handed him an old worn-out sheath. Grid was reminded of him and cheered him on.

‘Don’t be discouraged.’

In fact, he had been confused when a man he didn’t know came up to him and handed him the sheath. Then he used the Legendary Blacksmith’s Appraisal on the sheath and felt anger and sympathy at the same time.

[Undefeated King’s Old Sheath]

★ Quest Item ★

A sheath used by the Undefeated King when he was alive. A part of the Undefeated King’s will is contained in it.

Conditions of Use: A player. After changing to the current class, unable to have died once.

A quest item associated with the Undefeated King. Grid quickly grasped Oasis’ identity. He was the rumored descendant of the Undefeated King. No, he was a candidate to be the descendant.

‘It is a precious opportunity you have won for yourself. You shouldn’t give it to other people.’

Why did Oasis try to hand over the sheath to him? Grid grasped the reason for it.

‘He wanted to give up.’ 

It could be seen in the eyes and the shadows on the face. Oasis didn’t have any confidence. Just like Grid in the past.

'I used to talk to myself all the time...’

That’s right. Grid was projecting himself onto Oasis. Thus, he hated Oasis while at the same time, felt sympathetic and wanted to cheer him on.

‘Right now, the quest is difficult and you want to run away. But don’t give up. Hang on.’

Setting his private emotions aside, wasn’t Grid greedy for the Undefeated King’s old sheath? Didn’t he want it? Certainly not. Grid and his colleagues were people who weren’t afraid of failure. There was no one among them who met the conditions to use the old sheath.

'Well, there is nothing free in the world. If I received the sheath, I would have to give something else instead.’

Rather, it was more urgent to get rid of the depression in the 500 soldiers. Grid reassured the soldiers.

“Don’t worry if your family is in Valhalla. In the name of the Overgeared King, I will take all your family members into the Overgeared Kingdom.”

Of course, Ares would willingly cooperate if he knew. The soldiers were thrilled when they saw Grid’s trustworthy face.

‘Unbelievable... Despite us not saying anything, he saw our anxiety and prepared a solution...’

‘He’s truly great... As expected from the famous Overgeared King.'

Grid used items to build up the people.



50,000 soldiers wiped out, many Red Knights died, and Kyle’s left arm was gone. Emperor Juander was upset when he heard the report. He wanted to suppress the Red Knights and the soldiers could be replaced at any time. But the fact that Kyle was hit was a problem. It became impossible to pass the responsibility of this war to the Red Knights and the position of the five pillars would become weaker. As a result, Juander was unable to achieve his intended purpose. His prestige even dropped.

“Kyle...! Kyle, this guy! I believed in you!”


The energy of the Saharan imperial family passed down through generations filled the area. Once Juander became angry, the powerful red energy exploded and shook the great hall. Kyle’s face became paler.

"I'm ashamed..."

Kyle couldn’t lift his head. He was ready to die. The emperor’s plan was broken because of him and his position was weakened. However, Juander was cold. No matter how angry he was, he wouldn’t be stupid enough to cut his own flesh.

“Confinement...! Don’t show yourself until I call for you again!”

“...You are sparing my life?”

“Don’t flatter yourself! I’m only leaving you alive because it’s necessary!”

“...I will surely make up for this one day.”

Kyle bowed deeply to Juander and left the great hall. Once left alone, Juander’s body started to tremble.

“The Undefeated King’s descendant...!”

He destroyed half of the Red Knights and damaged Kyle with magic? It was something that couldn’t be compared to what was witnessed in Lubana!

‘He can even use magic?’ 

Magic was an area that even the Undefeated King in the legends didn’t use. Juander became uneasy.

“Don’t tell me... The descendant of the Undefeated King is stronger than the Undefeated King?”


Many people knew that the East Continent had a higher level of difficulty than the West Continent. It was no surprise that the people from the East Continent brought over by Grid to the Overgeared Kingdom performed better than the existing Overgeared Kingdom’s residents.

By default, their level was high and they were distinguished in each field. A prime example was the four blacksmiths, the Red Phoenix Group, Sua, and Han Seokbong. Additionally...

“Uh, it’s time to water the garden. I have to hurry.”

"Don’t worry. Yang Fei has already watered it.”

"Ugh! Prince Lord’s snack hasn’t been completed yet!”

"Don’t worry. I already brought him a homemade pie made by Yang Fei.”

“I’m in big trouble. Tomorrow is cleaning day, but I can’t find the supplies.”

"Don’t worry. Yang Fei has already figured it all out.”

"Prince Lord’s escort, Sir Chucksley has asked for a vacation because of back pain. I will summon Jude, who will temporarily be in charge.”

"No, Sir Chucksley withdrew the request. His back pain was gone after Yang Fei gave him a massage.”

“Yang Fei...”

“Yang Fei...”

Super maid! It was the nickname attached to Yang Fei. Grid’s hand techniques... No, after moving to the Overgeared Kingdom, she was truly very versatile. It was possible because she had to support a large family alone. She was able to cope with any situation and became a senior maid representing the Overgeared Palace. She was from the common people and became a royal maid!

‘I will devote myself even more!’

Yang Fei was very motivated. Being able to show off all her skills was a vocation for her. This was like heaven compared to working in Idan’s restaurant.

"If I work hard... One day King Grid will...”

“What about Father?”

"Come to me at night like the old days...”

"At night?"

“Massage... Kyaaack!”

Yang Fei blushed as she spread her imagination. She belatedly realized and screamed. The cause was the 5 year old boy standing next to him. The black hair and high nose resembled his father. On the other hand, the eyes that resembled his mother was as blue as the sky. His eyes were gentle. The face was a perfect oval shape. It was an amazing small face with that nose and mouth!

“P-Prince Lord...!”

That’s right. The smiling boy whose eyes were shining like lanterns was Lord. As usual, he was covered in grease and dirt. It was incredible that he was the prince of a kingdom. It was inevitable since he worked in the fields in the morning, did martial arts in the afternoon, and royal business in the evening.

“Hello Yang Fei.” 


A bright expression. Yang Fei was absorbed in Lord’s beauty and was stunned for a moment. Lord’s beauty was so perfect in all respects that even the great Yang Fei was amazed. This was despite the fact that he was only 5 years old. Lord asked an innocent question to the staring Yang Fei.

"Does Father massage Yang Fei every night? Is it good?”

“N-No! It was only a few times in the past! It hasn’t happened in recent years!”

It was just a normal massage. But what Yang Fei felt was different. Therefore, she felt guilty for some reason. She couldn’t deny it completely. A strange smile appeared on Lord’s face. The innocence disappeared like it was washed away. He felt more like a sly uncle than a 5 year old boy.

"Teach me how to give a massage. I want to give my girlfriends massages.”


"I will keep it a secret from Mother. Yes? Shall we go to my room?”

Lord smiled again like he didn’t know anything! Yang Fei, who was known for always been calm and impersonal, couldn’t help feeling embarrassed in front of Lord. Lord was enjoying her reaction when a voice was heard.

“King Grid has returned. Prince Lord, please change clothes and greet him.”

The voice heard from the ceiling came from the King of Shadows, Kasim. Since the situation with the empire became uneasy, he devoted himself to escorting Lord and handed over leadership of the Overgeared Shadows to Faker.


Lord's face brightened. He was delighted to be reunited with his father, who he respected and loved most in the world. He really looked like a child when this happened.