Chapter 712

[Braham’s soul has left.]

The friend he built up many memories with had left him, but there was only a short notification window.

The system didn’t understand the friendship between the two of them.


Grid was left alone and felt depressed. He could no longer feel Braham’s soul in his chest, causing him to be overwhelmed by a sense of loss that was difficult to describe.


His legs wouldn’t fall. Grid stood firmly in place, looking at the blue trail that Braham’s soul left in the sky. He continued for a long time after the trail had completely disappeared.


Oasis. He became a candidate to be the Undefeated King’s descendant, but he was gradually moving away from his dream. He was stunned in this war. Pagma’s Descendant, Grid. The hero of this era who became the first king with natural talent (?). Wealth, fame, and women.  Having secured everything, now he used the Undefeated King’s swordsmanship.

Oasis felt a sense of deprivation. Why was the world so unfair? This world was for main characters only! The awful reality made Oasis sad. He felt that Grid was dominating all the luck in the world and resented the world’s unfairness. But now.

'...He is truly an amazing person. Yes, like Ares said, good luck doesn’t exist. Grid was qualified, so he could become a main character.’

Oasis no longer blamed the world. He couldn’t envy Grid. The five pillars. Oasis shook as the Ares Army dealt with the remnants of the empire and observed Grid. 

‘Grid... He has been locked in thought for five hours...’

Why was Grid staring up at the sky after the battle?

‘He’s replaying the fight.’

Oasis was convinced. Grid was like this all the time.

‘After experiencing some incidents... Grid always spent hours replaying the situation. Then he would use it as food for growth to develop constantly.’

Replaying the battle. It was easy to say, but who could do it every time? In particular, Grid invested a few hours.

‘Amazing... Really amazing. I can’t even be jealous. Grid is different from me.’

Well, of course. While he was an ordinary person, Grid was the best ranker who achieved countless great feats. No, he was one of the best. He couldn’t be compared.


Oasis gripped the Undefeated King’s old sheath tightly. He was conflicted. Could he really keep this sheath? He had lost his qualification to become the Undefeated King’s descendant. After much struggling.

‘I can’t.’

The Undefeated King. It was impossible for Oasis. He realized reality.

‘The rightful owner of the sheath is Grid.’

Grid already had the Undefeated King’s swordsmanship. If he obtained the old sheath, he would be immediately chosen as the Undefeated King’s descendant.

‘He is already Pagma's Descendant... He has a second class.’

Step, step.

The determined Oasis approached Grid.

Dugun dugun!

He looked like a tycoon from afar. Oasis’ heart beat like crazy. Finally.


Oasis was so nervous after greeting Grid that he bit his tongue. Grid glanced at him.


The moment he met Grid’s black eyes, Oasis got goosebumps all over his body. Grid’s eyes were so deep that he couldn’t believe they were the same age. It was a totally different feeling from looking at a distance or through the screen. Oasis was confronted with the reality of Grid and gulped.

“What can I do for you?”

Grid asked politely. If someone who knew Grid was in this place, they would be shocked. Why? It was because originally Grid wasn’t polite. Since a long time ago, Grid rarely used honorifics on his opponent.  In fact, this wasn’t a problem of Grid’s nature.

It was an overall feature of Korean gamers. Korean gamers lost politeness due to the AOS genre game ‘rules’ in the past. Since a certain point in time, informal conversations in game was a basic culture. But at this moment, Grid’s thoughts changed. It was a change that occurred when he looked back at himself and regretted that he had never been polite to Braham, who was hundreds of years older than him.

Grid didn’t know if he would develop a relationship with the person in front of him in the future, but he shouldn’t make this person disgusted with him. He came to know the concept of ‘respect.’

“Ah, t-that...”

Oasis was confused and nervous, since the image of Grid that he knew was different than the one he faced. He was in a muddled state.

"I don't know what’s going on, but feel free to speak your mind.”

Grid smiled kindly. He could see his past self in the obscure Oasis. He always lacked confidence so he bowed his head and was afraid of even meeting people’s eyes a few years ago. Now Grid knew. Even pathetic people deserved respect. He had wanted to be respected in the past.

'But now I am.’

He had never respected the weak. He never harassed anyone unless they were an enemy, but he only helped his allies if they were in distress.

‘I never thought about the position of that person.’

He was vigilant and suspicious of everyone before he got to know them. Yes, it was the same with Braham. He was wary and didn’t feel respect because Braham was a demonkin.

‘Just once.’

If only he talked to Braham about being betrayed by Pagma, if only he said words of warm comfort. When Braham encouraged him, Grid could also give Braham hope.

‘Why didn’t I show any interest in Braham?’

Grid knew his position. He could try to help Braham with his resurrection. But Grid didn’t. He just treated Braham the way he wanted. Nevertheless.

“Nevertheless, you... You liked me...’


Grid bit his lower lip hard. He was trying to stop himself from crying. Oasis had a great misunderstanding after seeing Grid.

‘I don’t know anyone who is so kind and looks at me with such friendly eyes...?’

King Grid. It wasn’t just limited to Satisfy. He had a reputation and power to reign like a king in the real world. But rather than being arrogant, he was such a warm person. It was surprising.

‘He can control his mind... That’s how he was able to succeed...!’

The arrogance exposed through various types of broadcasts was a false production. He didn’t want his true self to be seen by potential enemies. It was indeed admirable. ‘Yes, this is the ideal Undefeated King’s descendant.’ Oasis’ tension was released once he saw Grid as such a big person. He had a warm heart like believers in front of a Buddha statue.

"Please accept this."

Oasis handed the old sheath of the Undefeated King to Grid. Of course, it wasn’t without good reason. He wasn’t a fool. In any case, if he made Grid the descendant of the Undefeated King, he might get a separate reward in return.

‘It might be a few legendary items.'

He would be able to live a different life. The moment that Oasis thought so.

“Hey, sh... Is this a joke?”


Grid frowned after being given the old sheath of the Undefeated King. The gentle atmosphere had completely disappeared. His eyes looked like he was going to curse at Oasis.

‘W-What? Why so suddenly?’

Oasis panicked. The angry Grid threw the old sheath back to him.

"A person is trying to suppress his emotions. Why are you giving this japtem to me? What is wrong with you? Eh? What is it?”


An item that provided a legendary class change quest was called japtem? It was impossible. Oasis thought that something was wrong with the Undefeated King’s old sheath. Then he heard a voice that hadn’t been present since he failed the quest in Lubana.

-Do you think you can surrender ownership at will? The choice isn’t your burden.

"...I didn’t lose my qualifications?”

Oasis asked in a quivering voice. The voice from the old sheath hummed.

-It’s a problem for me to judge. Don’t think about it.


Oasis’ eyes turned red. Deep emotions flickered as the dream he thought was long gone appeared again. Grid’s eyes were flat when they looked at Oasis.

‘Talking alone in front of a person... He is completely crazy.’

Once again, he shouldn’t be kind to anyone. This was just a strange and twisted person. Then someone on a horse ran towards Grid. It was Ares returning after the war. Ares got down from his horse and bowed deeply to Grid.

"I really appreciate it this time. Thanks to your help, I was able to achieve a bigger victory than I expected.”

In the war that Ares planned, Liberon Forest was just the ‘first interception.’ Despite taking advantage of the terrain and climate of Liberon Forest, Ares knew that this line of defense would eventually be overcome. He prepared other traps in various places, but was able to get rid of the imperial troops before they were exposed. It was a tremendous benefit in the long run. Ares was truly thankful and grasped Grid’s hand.

"No, I didn’t do it for your thanks.”

"I know."

The reason that Grid participated in this war was for the future of the Overgeared Kingdom, not Valhalla. Ares also knew this fact.

"But it’s clear that Valhalla greatly benefited as a result. Allow me to repay you.”

Clap clap.

Ares clapped and 500 soldiers ran over. At a glance, they were clearly well-trained.

“They are elites who have been given top attributes. The war raised their level to 270. Maybe they can grow into knights?”


"I will give them to you.”


"These soldiers, please accept them.”


Valhalla would supply troops to the Overgeared Kingdom, while the Overgeared Kingdom supplied items to Valhalla. This was the ideal alliance that Ares dreamt of.

“I hope that the exchanges between the two kingdoms will be more active from today."

“...I understand.”

The grateful Grid left Valhalla with the soldiers. Oasis looked at his back and questioned the old sheath.

"Isn’t he a fit for the ruler you’re looking for? Honestly, won’t he fulfil your wish?”

The answer he received in return was:

-He is already a ruler. His vessel is too big for the small part of my soul in this sheath to handle.


An amazing person who was recognized by an arrogant ego item. Oasis’ eyes filled with envy as they looked at Grid’s back.

‘Someday, I will stand side by side with you... No, I will become a person you will be aware of. Until then, please win.’

The footsteps left by a hero of heroes, countless people followed them. Now Grid was someone else’s goal. Just like Grid’s goal was Kraugel.