Chapter 711

"Chase the enemy! Don’t let a single one of them leave alive! Show no mercy! Carve fear into the empire!”

After Braham and Mumud turned up in Liberon Forest. The Red Knights and imperial army started their retreat without looking back. A last hurrah to destroy Valhalla and the Undefeated King’s descendant? It couldn’t be done. After the defeat of the Third Knight, there was nobody left to deal with the descendant of the Undefeated King, the monster who even chased away one of the five pillars.



The imperial army wanted to escape from his hellish place as soon as possible. Unfortunately, their retreat rate was very slow. The rugged terrain and climate of Liberon Forest captured their ankles. On the other hand, the Valhalla soldiers had been trained in Liberon Forest. Their morale rose and they quickly caught up with the imperial army.


Puk puk puk!


A terrible sight! The Valhalla soldiers were like devils. They didn’t spare the imperial soldiers begging him to live. They didn’t accept the surrender. It was a warning to the empire not to take Valhalla lightly. 

"These guys...!”

The Fifth Knight gritted his teeth as he witnessed his soldiers being slaughtered. He deeply hated Valhalla, who dared to go against the empire. But he didn’t move to help the soldiers. He had to take care of the Red Knights, not the soldiers who could be replaced at any time.

‘While Mercedes wasn’t here, our Red Knights suffered great damage. I don’t deserve to see Mercedes if I lose all these knights.’



Dia blew away the enemies chasing after the Red Knights. He was relieved by one fact. It was regarding the emperor.

‘Kyle, who His Majesty so favors, couldn’t stop the descendant of the Undefeated King. It’s natural that our Red Knights would fail this mission.’

The emperor couldn’t punish the Red Knights. If he wanted to punish the Red Knights, he had to punish his favored Kyle.

‘...But it’s surprising.’

Dia recalled Kyle, who became helpless in front of the magic bombardment of the lich and Undefeated King’s descendant.

‘He’s weaker than the rumors. Even if he is the weakest of the five pillars, he is below Lorex.’

Kyle couldn’t defeat the Undefeated King’s descendant, who killed Lorex. It meant Kyle was weaker than Lorex. The reputation of the five pillars was exaggerated.

‘What about Mercedes and Lucas?’

The First Knight and Second Knight. Their reputation, which was incomparable high, was much weaker than the reality. It was the result of the emperor not acknowledging their achievements.

‘In fact, Mercedes is superior to the five pillars.’

Dia was running at the very rear of the Red Knights. It was a location where he intended to protect the Red Knights from the pursuit of the enemy. It was a dangerous situation and he had to take responsibility.

"Look at the Red Knights running like rodents! Puhuhu!”

Luck of Valhalla. He held a horse’s reins in one hand and a huge guandao in the other hand as he moved to Dia’s side. (Guandao: type of Chinese pole weapon) Once the distance was narrowed.


Luck’s guandao moved in an arc and Dia’s upper body shook after blocking it with a sword.


Dia was surprised. He had fought Luck several times, but it had always been an exchange of swords on the ground. At that time, Dia had overwhelmed Luck. Now Luck’s attack power was twice as strong when he was using a spear on the horse. Dia became alert. Luck laughed.

"My horse riding ability level is really high. And a sword isn’t a weapon suited to being used on a horse!”


Luck’s guandao fell at a right angle this time. It was with great power. Dia’s balance slightly collapsed as he blocked it with his sword.

“Sir Dia!”

Once he heard a cry from behind, he turned his head towards the Red Knights. Dia called out as he saw them turn their horses around.

"Keep moving forward! You should go to Mercedes’ side!”


The Red Knights knew the situation. Dia, who overcame thousands of Valhalla soldiers while Lorex was dealing with the Undefeated King’s Descendant, was already weary. Now he was facing the enemies with high morale alone.

The Red Knights were worried.

“I am the Fifth Knight! My duty is to protect you!” 

Dia shouted.

He thought. A leader should be willing to protect his subordinates. Just like Mercedes.

"I will protect you! Go! Don’t think about anything and head to the capital!”

Jjang! Jjang! Jjeejeeeong!

Dia groaned while defending against Luck’s bombardment. He gave up on survival. He turned around and stood in front of Luck. There were dozens of famous enemies, including Scott, supporting Luck. But Dia wasn’t afraid.

“The Red Knights are eternal...!”

Piaro, whose name it was a sin just to mention. As a young man, Dia had been a member of the Black Knights and admired him.  He dreamt of someday destroying the enemy in the front as a Red Knight and protecting his friends.

'In the end, I couldn’t achieve my dream...!’

Jjejeong! Jjang!

His sword twisted and cut at Luck’s chest.


Luck coughed up blood.

“I have no regrets!”

Dia roared. Scott leapt from behind Luck and stabbed Dia’s chest, but his sword didn’t stop moving for a moment. He kept cutting at the approaching enemies, keeping them firmly in place. In the end.

"...A brilliant guy.”

Due to Dia’s skills actions, the Ares troops missed the Red Knights. The Red Knights had completely disappeared from view. There were even dozens of Ares troops killed. He was truly a solo number knight.

"Your last will?”

Ares admired Dia’s outstanding dance and sacrifice and asked him. It was the greatest honor given to an enemy in a war.


Dia’s eyelids were growing heavy. His vision blurred.


Dia, who endured to the last moment, finally fell to his knees. His legs were weak and he couldn’t stand anymore. But he still didn’t let go of the sword in his hand.

“...I... Believe in Piaro... I never once doubted you...”

One day.

"One day, your stigma as a traitor will be washed away.”


Who was this last will for? Dia coughed up black blood and his body turned to grey. Ares was silent.


Kyle fled and Agnus took his own life. Grid sat to one side and regained his stamina. He watched the strength of Valhalla’s army end this war. Then Braham’s heavy voice was heard.


“What, you’re fine?” Grid grumbled at Braham. “You fainted the last time you saw Mumud. How did you hold on today? Oh my, how great.”

Braham never helped in the critical moments. This time, the result ended up well, but Grid still didn’t like it. Braham sincerely said to the dissatisfied Grid.

-I’m sorry.


A person who thought he was the best in heaven and earth! There was no phrase more suitable to describe Braham. Yet he was apologizing to a human?

“W-What? Did you eat something bad?”

Braham questioned the confused Grid.

-I failed to recover my body and went to meet you in the Behen Archipelago. Do you remember what I said when I borrowed your body?


Unlike usual, Braham’s voice was gentle. It was almost kind.

‘Why is he doing this?’

Braham was different from usual! Grid was feeling confused when he suddenly recalled a quest.

[Legendary Great Magician]

★ Hidden Quest ★

Braham has failed to recover his original body. He wants to stay in a safe space until he recovers his exhausted magic power, and has chosen your body as that space.

If you accept Braham’s soul, you will gain a powerful force.

Quest Acceptance Reward: 50% increase in affinity with Braham, the legendary second class ‘legendary great magician.’ 

It was an ongoing quest. Grid got a legendary second class thanks to this quest and since then, he had been with Braham’s soul. Then Grid realized one fact.

‘That's right... Braham asked to borrow my body for 1~4 years.’

Now it had been three years since they were together. This was in terms of Satisfy time.

“...Have you recovered your magic power?”

Grid’s voice shook as he asked the question. Once he was reminded that he wouldn’t be with Braham forever, he felt agitation and sorrow. Grid couldn’t help feeling affection for Braham. He liked Braham. Despite being a troll, how much had Grid won thanks to Braham? There were many enjoyable days. Braham was a strong assistant and also a precious friend.

Braham read Grid’s feelings and sniffed.

-Yes, I have recovered. It’s something to be happy about. But what is with your reaction? Do you really like me?


Grid didn’t deny it. Braham was too precious to deny just because he was ashamed.


Braham remained silent when Grid didn’t speak. In fact, this wasn’t the normal Braham. After being expelled from the world of vampires and living as a human, he became aware of feelings of affection. He treasured Pagma, felt jealous and worried of Mumud, and now he liked Grid. In the midst of this awkward atmosphere, Braham spoke in a forced cheerful voice.

-This is a happy occasion. Now you and I are free. I will restore my body and you don’t have to be hurt by my actions.

Hurt. Braham’s words made Grid’s chest feel numb. Grid noticed. Braham blamed himself for being out of control every time he met Lich Mumud. Grid hurriedly denied it.

"No, Braham. You have never done any damage to me. Think about it. Can’t I be here now because of your presence? I was always happy and thankful to be with you.”

-...Thank you.

Braham said with difficulty. His voice was also trembling. There was a lump in Grid’s throat.


A source of great power was nestled deep in Grid’s chest. Braham’s soul started to stir. He was going to leave.

Grid hurriedly exclaimed. “What? Why are you in a hurry? Take it slowly! Slowly leave!”

-Kukuk, I have been waiting for this moment for three years. I want to leave. I want to recover my complete body as soon as possible.

‘But even so! It is too abrupt! Haven’t we been together all these years? Unburden your innermost thoughts!”

Grid shouted tearfully. It was difficult for him to accept the sudden separation.


Braham’s soul shook. He was deeply moved by the fact that he became a precious person to someone.

-...I will give you a present. I will put my magic formulas into your bodyLater, you will be able to learn new magic once you have sufficient intelligence. You won’t feel my absence.


-Kukuk, don’t be a girl. Didn’t I tell you? I will reclaim my flesh. We live in the same age. We will meet again.


Braham’s soul emerged from Grid’s chest. Braham’s voice was no longer heard.


Grid reached out to Braham’s soul which had reached the sky in an instant...

‘Stay well.’

Braham’s soul disappeared into the sky without looking back. A blue soul moved as a beam of light.

More and more cracks appeared in the blue soul but Braham didn’t care. He focused on saying goodbye to Grid.

‘New legend, I praise you, feel awe towards you and love you.’