Chapter 710

Kraugel was the first person to be mentioned when it came to geniuses in Satisfy. The whole world recognized Kraugel as a collection of talents. They thought the reason why he reached the peak of two billion users was because he was a genius among geniuses.

But what was the truth? The world was wide and there were many monsters.  If Kraugel was a human only blessed with natural talent, he would never be the best. The reason he could be the best was because he worked hard. In order to be the best, Kraugel was also striving to keep his top position and to climb higher. Strictly speaking, he was a superior version of Grid.

On the other hand, this place.

‘Kikik, yes, the fool finally figured it out. Otherwise it wouldn’t be worthwhile saving him.’

There was a person who became the best with relatively little effort. Agnus. The person who stayed at 7th in the unified rankings despite being one of the first to obtain a epic hidden class. The world tended to underestimate him. He didn’t take first despite his epic class, so his talent was somewhat lacking. But those who knew Agnus’ disposition didn’t undervalue him.

Unlike other rankers, Agnus wasn’t afraid to die. He only pursued pleasure. He played this game in pursuit of the fun of the moment, rather than profit. Therefore, he received countless penalties and caused others to fear him. If an ordinary person played the game like this, he could never be a high ranker. Agnus not only held the 7th place in the unified rankings, he also had the title of one of the strongest. He had a collection of talents gathered in his body.

At this moment, Agnus saved Grid’s life and summoned Mumud based on instinctive calculations. 

One of the five pillars of the empire, Kyle. He was the weakest of the five pillars, but his level was at least 450. Agnus determined that a special method was necessary to beat him and he instinctively grasped that particular method. It was the power of Mumud and Braham, who received the quest correction.

“Summon Lich! Mumud!”

[Lich Mumud has been summoned!]

[Mumud has detected Braham’s soul!]

[The quest Braham VS Mumud has been triggered!]

[Lich Mumud’s level is increased to 400. Some of the sealed magic will now be available. However, control is impossible.]

Mumud who was magician whose talent transcended legends. He pulled out some of his strength.

"Hey, you crazy guy!” Fireball!”

The magic of Braham, a top talent and legend, could also be used. What was the destructive power that would occur when these two powerful forces collided with each other? Agnus estimated it would be enough to kill Kyle.


Giant flames emerged from Lich Mumud and Braham and collided. The two spells exploded with Kyle in the center.

“Avoid it! Everyone avoid it!”

The panicked Ares hurriedly moved his army back. On the other hand, the imperial army was confused after losing their commander and didn’t escape. The result was terrible.


Kwa kwang! Kwa kwa kwa kwang!

Liberon Forest was ruined by the subsequent explosion and the imperial army was swept away. Agnus burst out laughing as he saw the blood and corpses all over the place.

“Kik...! Hahahahahat! Interesting! Interesting!! Go on a rampage! More! More! Rampage further! Mumud!”

"...Agnus, please don’t forget your original purpose.”

Veradin had a hard time calming Agnus, who was constantly losing focus.


[Braham’s soul has found Lich Mumud!]

[The quest Braham VS Mumud has been triggered!]

[Your level has increased to 400. Some of the sealed magic has been opened because of increased intelligence. You can’t control your body.]

[Braham has taken control of your body and equipped Belial’s Staff.]


After Agnus summoned Lich Mumud, Braham controlled Grid’s body and used magic. He targeted only Mumud and Mumud responded by releasing his unique magic power. At this time, Grid thought that things were ruined. But.



There was a white man, Kyle, at the point where Braham and Mumud’s magic collided. He couldn’t escape the magic flying from both sides and experienced a catastrophe.

[You have dealt 3,250,900 damage to the target.]

This was the power of a legendary magician using Fireball with a myth rated staff! The heaven and earth shook as Kyle suffered terrible damage.

‘Don’t tell me...!’

A shiver went down Grid’s spine as he experienced what happened with Kyle. He wondered if Agnus had deliberately induced this situation. He couldn’t help thinking that the position of himself, Agnus and Kyle was exquisite. But that thought disappeared.

“Hahahahahat! Interesting! Interesting!! Go on a rampage! More! More! Rampage further! Mumud!”

'...No, that crazy person can’t do such computations.’

Once again, this situation was dangerous. Braham and Mumud were only aiming at each other. There was no stopping Kyle if he recovered from his wound and started acting.

‘Kyle can hit us in the back if we fight against each other. Braham, please calm down!’

Grid shouted.

“Mumud...! I will give you rest!”

It didn’t reach Braham. His consciousness was focused only on his old disciple.

'...Damn troll.’

Grid cried out.



On the burning ground. The entirely white man was lying with ragged clothes. It was Kyle.

“What are those monsters...?”

Kyle’s eyes shook as he confirmed Braham and Mumud’s appearance. He sensed that the magic coming from the two beings was comparable to himself. Kyle was confused. Since acquiring a magic power that was far superior to a great magician, he also prided himself on surpassing the legendary magician.

Then what on earth was this? There were two magicians as good as him? In particular, the descendant of the Undefeated King.

‘How can the descendant of the Undefeated King use magic...?’

The legend of the Undefeated King was so great that it was unbelievable. The absurd record of him killing hundreds of thousands with a sword wasn’t false. However, there was no record of the Undefeated King using magic. But now. The descendant of the Undefeated King was using magic!  The magic power that transcended the magic of a great magician!



Kwa kwa kwa kwang!

The descendant of the Undefeated King and the lich used magic against each other.


Kyle was once again touched by the magic bombardment of the two monsters and moved away fearfully. He had no choice but to get out of here first. But there was a problem. The descendant of the Undefeated King and the lich were fighting around him.


Kwa kwa kwa kwang!


Due to the clash between powerful magic, the radius of the explosion was huge. Kyle was swept up in the explosion and coughed up blood. He couldn’t believe it.

‘This is Fireball? It isn’t Meteor?’

Fireball was the lowest grade magic. The only advantage was that the casting speed was fast. The weakness in power and accuracy meant it could only be given the lowest rating. That’s right. The original Fireball couldn’t threaten Kyle. But the Fireball cast by the descendant of the Undefeated King was different from an ordinary Fireball. The casting speed was as fast as the lowest rated magic but the accuracy and power was as good as the best magic.  It was reminiscent of the legendary great magician Braham... It contained such a force.

‘No, it doesn’t make sense to think of Braham in regards to the Undefeated King.’

Shake shake.

Kyle viciously shook his head and denied it. The descendant of the Undefeated King acquired Braham’s magic? It was a ridiculous assumption!

“What... There’s something I don’t know.’

He needed to escape. Please, quickly. He needed to go back to the empire and analyze today’s big events. Kyle barely moved his trembling body and opened the power of the blue dragon.

"Kyle, you have excellent natural magic power, but your ability to understand magic formulas is significantly reduced. It’s useless for you to walk the same path. I will give up my hopes for you. Leave. Just looking at your face is hard.”


Every time the power of the sacred creature filled his body, he recalled the moment when he was abandoned by his teacher and father figure. The moment that Kyle was surrounded by lightning.

“Fireball! Fireball!”



Kwa kwang! Kwa kwang!

Kwa kwa kwa kwang!

The Undefeated King’s descendant and unidentified lich accelerated their magic casting. They continued shooting at each other, causing massive damage to Kyle in the middle. The result was terrible.


Kyle was surrounded by light. He was able to escape from the range of the explosion but lost an arm from the shock. He was a pillar that supported the empire. He couldn’t be hurt like this.

“Ik...! Ick!”

Kyle’s eyes were bloodshot.

Kwaduk, kwaduduk! His gaze focused on the descendant of the Undefeated King.

“Someday...! I will pay you back...!”

"What is it, smallfry?”


Kyle would run away now but it would be different when they met again later! Kyle was in a hurry as he was making this resolution. It was because the descendant of the Undefeated King, who was watching only the lich, suddenly turned his gaze to Kyle. It was like Kyle was a bug. There were no emotions in the eyes. The moment he met the descendant, Kyle felt like a bug.

“A guy like you has an unusually violent temper. Do you want to die?”

The Undefeated King’s Descendant. In other words, Braham borrowed Grid’s body and threatened Kyle in his distinctive tone. It was towards one of the five pillars of the empire, Kyle.

“I-I’m really sorry!”

He bowed his head and ran away. Kyle wouldn’t forget the face of the Undefeated King’s descendant that he saw underneath the tip of the straw hat. Yes, it was Grid’s face. Later, this would be a huge variable.


[Kyle has retreated!]

[The quest Secret Mission has been completed!]

Agnus completed his purpose for coming to this place.

“Kill me.”

He ordered his closest subordinate, Veradin. He chose the extreme method of death in order to recover Mumud who had flown into an uncontrollable state. Was it because he didn’t want to hurt Grid who he fought with for a while? No way.

It was because due to the intense attack from Grid and the Ares Army as he made his way through the forest, he was about to die. Agnus didn’t care about dying, but it would be a huge loss if the Braham VS Mumud quest was considered a failure. It was a good idea to end his own life and stop the quest. Veradin also respected his choice.

"I’m glad your mind has returned.”



Agnus died and Lich Mumud also disappeared.

“Then I’m going now.”

As Grid’s black hair started returning, Veradin immediately left the battlefield.