Chapter 709

‘Why is he here?’

In fact, such a question was pointless. Agnus was also a player and it was unknown what quests he had. It wasn’t strange for him to appear anytime, anywhere, or in any form. Grid always had to keep the possibility of encountering him in mind. At this moment, Grid should be having other doubts.

‘Why did he help me?’

Grid was caught by the unknown strong person called Kyle and this was a crisis for everyone. The Ares troops tried to help him, but it was hard since the imperial troops intervened while giving up their lives. At this time, Agnus helped Grid. It could only be interpreted as an obvious favor. Grid found it hard to understand. Even if there were no personal feelings, wouldn’t the quest development make Agnus his enemy?

‘From Agnus’ perspective, he should welcome my death.’


‘Why did he help me?’

The moment Grid was feeling confused.

[The level of the corpse that you raised is too high.]

[Control can no longer be maintained.]

Death Knight Lorex turned grey after attacking Kyle’s back. It was only three seconds after his appearance. A wide smile spread on Agnus’ face.

“3,000 dominance was consumed just to control him for three seconds? Kilkik! Grid, you defeated this monster?”


“Hero King...! Hero King!! I want to see how much stronger you have become! Kihahahahat!”


Grid hurriedly backed away.  Agnus laughed like a madman and started attacking him. Agnus helped and now he wanted to kill Grid.

"What the hell is this?”

Grid screamed wildly as he avoided the attack. Agnus chased after him and stabbed his sword.

“Kik! Kikikik! A last ditch effort! Do it! Give me more fun! Kihahahahat!”

“This crazy bastard...!”

Grid realized. It was impossible to understand Agnus. Yes, Agnus was just crazy. Grid must not make the mistake of feeling like he owed Agnus for his life.

'Saving me was just a mere whim...!’

Grid judged. Agnus’ sword grazed his cheek. It was a sword made of bones.

[You have been cursed.]

[You have resisted.]

'A weapon that triggers a debuff...! Did he get a new item?’

“Kikikik! What are you doing staring blankly? Don’t run away! Hit me! Kuahahahat!”

Agnus became crazier. He wasn’t aware of the Red Knights and Kyle surrounding him and Grid. Fifth Knight Dia grinded his teeth.

“Treating us like a folding screen...!”

Dia was a person specialized in combat. His overall stats were inferior to Third Knight Lorex but he was better in a one on one match. The moment that he furiously tried to fly towards Grid and Agnus.

“Stop.” Kyle restrained Dia. "As you have seen, the descendant of the Undefeated King is strong. The same is true for the unidentified man who appeared late. It is better to induce the two of them to fight.”


Dia didn’t like Kyle very much. He hadn’t been seen at all when Lorex and the Red Knights were in a crisis, only showing up when the descendant of the Undefeated King was exhausted. If Kyle went out a bit earlier, then Lorex could have lived.  But.

‘I can’t criticize him!’

Dia also failed to save Lorex. He was no different from Kyle. Dia barely suppressed his anger at Kyle and nodded.

"I understand.”

The descendant of the Undefeated King was strong and the man who showed up late didn’t seem weak either. Dia thought it would be better for the two of them to fight each other as Kyle said.  But the development didn’t flow according to what they wanted.

“Agnus! Calm down!” Veradin belatedly arrived on the battlefield and grabbed Agnus’ reason. “You can fight him at any time, but not Kyle! If you miss the chance today then you might not encounter Kyle again!”

Kyle and Agnus’ factions were different, but they belonged to the same empire. Originally, they couldn’t be hostile to each other. Depending on the story development, it was highly likely they would be allies the next time they met.


Agnus, who was chasing Grid, barely regained his reason and stood in place. Kyle was classified as one of the strongest NPCs. Agnus thought that fighting Kyle would be much more fun than Grid who was running away.

“Well... I’d rather fight a tough guy than a weary coward... Kik.”

“Pant... Pant...”

Grid was relieved when Agnus stopped chasing him.

‘I almost died.’

It wasn’t just because he was tired. Grid was unable to reveal that he was the Overgeared King,. There was no chance of winning if he couldn’t fight Agnus with all his strength. There was no chance unless Agnus summoned Mumud and forced Grid to use Assimilation.

‘But Agnus won’t summon Mumud unless he is an idiot.’

Summoning Mumud would initiate the Braham VS Mumud quest and Grid would receive the level 400 correction. In addition, the assimilated Grid and Lich Mumud would be forced into combat. Grid was convinced that Agnus wouldn’t summon Mumud after being aware of this fact.



Agnus summoning his death knights and liches except for Mumud. Then he ordered them to attack Kyle. The death knight that Veradin summoned also hit Kyle.

‘It’s dangerous.’

Grid wore Braham’s Boots and flew into the sky to move as far away from the battlefield as possible and anticipated Kyle’s crisis. He was familiar with how strong Agnus’ death knights and liches were.

‘Kyle is at least on the same level as Lorex.’

But he couldn’t endure the pincer attack of Agnus and Veradin. They were monsters who blocked both Grid and the Ares Army. Grid judged this, but Kyle laughed at this judgment.



Kyle summoned a storm of lightning around himself. It was powerful magic. The death knights were swept away by the lightning storm and fell in all directions.

‘It is beyond Ashur’s magic?’

More than a great magician! Grid was taken aback when he realized that Kyle’s skills were more than imagined. He was reminded of one of the empire’s greatest powers, beyond the solo number knights.

“Don’t tell me, the five pillars...!”

Grid now noticed Kyle’s identity.

“I don’t know who sent the assassin, but it’s stupid. Do you think you can beat me with such skills?”


Kyle, surrounded by lightning, disappeared from his place and reappeared. He appeared behind Agnus without anyone in the battlefield knowing, a dagger in his hand. He wasn’t just a magician, but a person specialized in combat itself.


Puk puk puk!

Kyle’s dagger stabbed Agnus’ side again and again. Six times per second. Kyle reached the maximum speed that the buffed Grid was capable of.


Grid flinched in the sky.

‘Should I help?’

He didn’t like Agnus. Grid was clearly enemies with Agnus and was in a position to desire Agnus’ death. However, he was aware that Kyle was a much more threatening enemy than Agnus.

‘As long as the five pillars exist, the empire will maintain its power and pressure the Overgeared Kingdom forever.’

Maybe he should take advantage of this opportunity? It was a great opportunity to break down the five pillars and weaken the empire!

'...I don’t want to have a debt owed to that crazy man.’

His health, mana, and stamina had recovered to an adequate level. Grid checked his condition and pulled out the Enlightenment Lightning Sword. At the same time, the Ares Army broke through the imperial army and joined Agnus. The Ares Army made the same judgment as Grid.

“Agnus! I know roughly what you are up to! But it’s okay! I will use it! If I can get rid of the five pillars, I will join hands with a mad dog!”


Agnus’ death knights had been swept away by the lightning storm and scattered all over. The members of the Ares Army attacked the rear of the Red Knights fighting them. Thanks to this, Agnus’ death knights were able to regain their freedom. Agnus kept up the onslaught on Kyle using all means and methods. He laughed on the battlefield.

“Okay! Good! Furfu’s Power!”

The moment a great demon was mentioned.


The sky stained by the setting sun was filled with a white light. It was a change in landscape caused by the frost that started to pour down like rain.



This was the power of Great Demon Furfu! Agnus’ death knights became more powerful and the isolated Kyle clicked his tongue.

‘How annoying.’

In fact, Kyle’s goal was achieved the moment Lorex died.

‘As a result of the Third Knight leading the army, the imperial army was routed in combat and the Third Knight and numerous Red Knights died. It was proof of the incompetence of the Red Knights. ‘There’s no need for the Red Knights.’

The emperor would be delighted when Kyle made this report to him. That’s right. Kyle’s real mission this time was the collapse of the Red Knights.  As a result, the empress’ power would be weakened.

‘It would be better if I could handle the Undefeated King’s descendant here but...’

The two necromancers who unexpectedly appeared were difficult. In particular, the crazy necromancer was a skilled man who escaped from common sense.

‘The power of a great demon... I’d rather leave while the surviving Red Knights are serving as shields.’

Valhalla was a rural area from the standpoint of the empire. Kyle didn’t want to make his official debut in this village. He felt this place was too small a stage to announce his dignity, so he decided to leave.

“Blue Dragon’s Dance.”



Kyle used the power obtained from the East Continent to maximize his physical abilities. He planned to escape the death knights persistently sticking to him. But his plan was ruined by an unexpected event.

“Summon Lich! Mumud!”

"Hey, you crazy guy!”


As soon as Agnus summoned Lich Mumud, Grid fell towards Kyle and his black hair turned white.




Braham and Mumud fired magic at each other at the same time. It was natural for Kyle in the middle to be caught in the blast.