Chapter 438


The darkness of the world was split apart by a huge spark of light. A great flare! Just like a candle on the verge of being blown out, the injured drake was surrounded by flames.


The presence of dragon’s blood in its body was weak. The pressure of the drake’s roar was enormous. It showed off its presence as a superior species that human beings couldn’t afford to look up to. But the drake was just a trivial existence to the man facing him. 

The man flew up and wielded his blue greatsword without any signs of nervousness.


A blue light in the darkness, like the Milky Way. The drake’s huge head was split in two and flames flew all over the place.



The black haired man with a blue greatsword that split the drake in half with one blow. The man with the wreckage of the drake pouring on him, his name was Grid. He confirmed that the drake had turned to grey and turned his gaze to the camera, opening his mouth.

“Comet Group.”


What was with the Comet Group? Grid only spoke two words. But that alone was enough. At this moment, the hundreds of millions of viewers focused on Grid discovered the Comet Group. Whether it was positive or negative, the Comet Group enjoyed astronomical advertising thanks to Grid’s words!


The employees of the Comet Group watched the broadcast in real time and rose from their seats, clapping. In particular, the chairman felt like dancing. Thanks to Grid’s words, the Comet Group built global awareness and took a step to becoming a global company. He was so grateful that he wanted to introduce his granddaughter to him.

On this day.  Grid’s professional attitude as he didn’t forget about PPL became the basis of capitalist society.


The waiting room of the US team. 

"That is pure luck!”

Zibal shouted angrily as he saw Grid’s raid video from the beginning. He didn’t say it was due to items. He acknowledged that Grid had the excellent ability to utilize his items. But there were parts he couldn’t admit. It was Grid’s nonsense attack power that wiped out half of the drake’s health with one blow.

"There was clearly a critical attack, as well as the options of his items and title being triggered!”

It meant that all the potential of the items had been pulled to the extremes. This was a phenomenon that was impossible, equivalent to the luck of winning the lottery. Zibal was in denial.

"That... That damn bastard has been blessed by the god of games...!”

He said this because he didn’t know how unlucky Grid normally was. Lauel laughed silently as he heard.

‘If Grid was truly blessed by the god of games, by now all of his items would have the legendary rank.'

The value of legendary items compared to unique items varied by dozens or even hundreds of times. To Lauel, a legendary blacksmith who couldn’t produce legendary rate items was the most unfortunate person in the world. The occasional good luck kicked in, but the cumulative bad luck made Lauel think.

‘How many countries did you sell in your past life…?’

No, maybe he was a demon who destroyed the world.

‘Then you and I must’ve been enemies of the past. Well, it’s good. The ghosts of the past life are born again with a connection to the present life.’

It happened when Lauel was thinking about his past life.

『 Oh my! Thailand didn’t give up to the end, but eventually failed in the raid! 』

『 Of the 32 countries participating, only 23 succeeded in the raid. 』

The raid event ended. The final ranking was South Korea 1st, US 2nd, and Japan 3rd.

‘None of the countries that the Overgeared members belong to failed the raid.’

It was beneficial since the Overgeared members would acquire the items dropped by the drake. In fact, Lauel couldn’t imagine that Yura and Peak Sword didn’t get any benefits as he headed to the press conference.


"Did you make the harpoon set that restrained the drake?”

“How did you come up with the idea of creating such a large secondary weapon? Coming up with repair tools to overcome the limitations of secondary weapons, I’m impressed. Do you mind showing the production process for that harpoon set?”

"What are the God Hands? Let the public see the options of the God Hands!”

“How much power is gained when two swords are combined?”

"You killed the drake when it had 48% of its health left. The experts predict that Grid did approximately 20 million damage. Is this true?”

“When the drake’s health was at 50%, the high ranking players found that they lost one-fourth of their health every time they were hit by the drake, but you only lost one-tenth of your health. Can you disclose the approximate level of your defense and health?”

“What is the principle behind Blackening? It is the power of an artifact?”

At the press conference, representatives of Korea, the US, and Japan were all gathered. But the hundreds of reporters only asked Grid questions. It was testament to the fact that the world’s attention was focused on Grid. Grid couldn’t reveal his own abilities, so he kept stating ‘No comment.’

"As of today, the team events are over and there are only four individual events left. One of them is the blacksmith production game. Grid, you declared that you won’t participate in the blacksmith production game. Is that declaration still valid?”

What if? If he really won three gold medals in the individual events, it was a situation where South Korea would be looking at first place. It was common sense that Grid would participate in an event where he was likely to win a gold medal, and the most likely event for Grid to win a gold medal was the blacksmith production game.

The Korean reporters wanted Grid to change his mind and declare that he would participate in the blacksmith production game. But Grid thought differently.

"I'm not going to participate in the blacksmith game.”

No, why? The moment that the reporters were going to tear their tongues out at Grid’s stubbornness. One of the US representatives, the 1st ranked blacksmith, Panmir suddenly opened his mouth.

“Grid, are you avoiding me because you are afraid?”

It was an obvious provocation. At this moment, the hearts of the US representatives and the people were crying out. They were surprised at Panmir’s foolishness in allowing Grid to take the gold medal by making him participate in the blacksmith game.

But Panmir had his own pride as a blacksmith.  He had no doubts that he was a much better blacksmith than Grid, who got a legendary class and would’ve obtained good items without any effort.

"If you’re a man, try it. Don’t run away like last year.”

Panmir wanted to prove himself. He improved his blacksmithing abilities from the beginning to now. His accumulated effort and passion! Thus, he continued to provoke Grid.

“I will reveal to the world that you are just a legend in name!”


Panmir was a middle-aged man with grey hair. He was an older person, so Grid just listened at first. But it was impossible any longer. A legend in name?

"This is outrageous."


Grid turned from the front towards the direction of the US team. The side profile of his high nose and sharp jaw gave off a masculine charm that females liked.

Snap snap!

There was the sound of camera shutters snapping in unison.


What scoop would they obtain? As the reporters watched Grid and Panmir, Grid finally opened his mouth.

“Let me show you the difference between you and I.”


It was the moment when the showdown that the people of the world desired, excluding the US, was achieved.


Lauel, the US representative, formed a fist underneath the table. Lauel’s gaze moved further, to where Kraugel was standing alone at the back of the wall.

‘Congratulations, Kraugel.’

There was hope to obtain the precious medicine for his mother.


The theme of the blacksmith production game was to make a longsword. It wasn’t a special sword. It was an ordinary sword with a level limit of 300. It was a game where the participants would all receive the same production method and materials.

This was the biggest reason why Grid didn’t want to participate in the blacksmith production game. In the end, the production relied on luck! Grid was the icon of bad luck, so he wanted to avoid any game involving a gamble.

[Ordinary Longsword]

Rating: Normal ~ Legendary

"...It will be embarrassing if I make a normal item.”

In the case of items created by Grid himself, the minimum rating was from epic~ unique, while ordinary production methods started from normal~rare. Grid was afraid of the worst, but he soon controlled his mind.

‘I have produced more than 3,000 longswords.’

Longswords were weapons with excellent balance. It was the weapon with the highest demand, so Grid had a lot of experience making longswords.

Reidan’s 1,000 soldiers... No, it was almost 2,000 soldiers now. Grid had been steadily making longswords to distribute to them.

To be honest, he could make a longsword with his eyes closed. Grid believed in his experience and know-how.

‘Let me prove it.’

He was a legendary blacksmith and he never once neglected that role. Grid worked harder than anyone else because he knew he wasn’t lucky, so his pride wasn’t any lower than Panmir’s.


Grid headed towards the capsule as soon as he returned to the hotel and connected to Satisfy. First, he wanted to verify the information of the items dropped by the drake.