Chapter 437

The drake descended and tried to pin down Grid’s body. 

The commentators foresaw the worst.

『 Grid is in trouble. The drake is too fast and Grid’s posture is off. He can’t avoid it. 』

『 He can’t use a skill because he is falling like this. Pagma’s Swordsmanship is a skill that can only be activated by moving his legs. Now that I look at it, Pagma’s Swordsmanship is a skill that is limited in many ways. 』

『 Why didn’t Grid use Revolve? If he countered the drake’s attack, wouldn’t he be able to take the lead in the battle more efficiently? 』 

『 He didn’t use it because he couldn’t. Is it so easy to get the right timing for the counterattack? It was more luck than skill that he succeeded in countering Bondre’s spell. Originally, a counterattack is very hard to use. Is there anyone in the world who can freely do it except for Kraugel? 』

There was no one who ignored Grid. They all acknowledged Grid’s skill. But looking at it from a realistic perspective, the drake was stronger than Grid and fought well, so it was natural for Grid to be defeated.


Yura, Peak Sword, and the other Korean representatives urgently cried out. They somehow wished to save Grid from the plunging drake. But except for Peak Sword’s attack, the drake wasn’t hurt and its momentum didn’t decrease. Peak Sword’s attack was relatively strong, but it wasn’t enough to change aggro.

In the end.


The drake surrounded by fire was on the verge of seizing Grid. The drake seemed to be laughing. It revealed its fierce fangs as it got closer, but Grid was smiling rather than looking frightened.

“You can’t kill me.”

Grid said something meaningful the moment it happened.


A trident came flying and struck the back of the drake’s neck.


The drake was shocked by the sudden attack, but it wasn’t at a level to stop its anger towards Grid. It ignored the trident in its neck and attacked Grid.  But the drake couldn’t reach Grid. It was because the rope attached to the trident pulled the drake’s neck backwards.

It was the trident of the Dragon Harpoon. Who could use a weapon with such absurd usage conditions except for Grid?

The God Hands. Since it reproduced Grid’s hands, all items can be worn without restrictions. A fraudulent item that could use weapons and magic! While Grid was fighting the drake, they repaired the harpoon and combined items. They flew towards Grid and handed him a sword.

It combined a blue shark-like sword and the long crescent shaped sword.

[Failure + Efficient Hunting Sword (Combined)]

Rating: Legendary (Transcendent)

Durability: Infinite

Attack Power: 1,500~2,180   Attack Power: 120

* Agility +100

* There is a certain probability of blocking the enemy’s attacks.

* There is a certain probability of activating the ‘5 Joint Attacks’ skill.

* There is a high probability of activating the ‘Cutting’ skill.

* Deals an addition 40% damage to monsters.

* Increases critical rate by 60% when attacking monsters.

* The chance of a monster dropping items when killed is increased by 30%.

* There will be a fear effect if the enemy is more than 15 levels lower than the user.

* Attack power +30% in dark places.

A weapon that maximizes the merits of the legendary rated ‘Failure’ and ‘Efficient Hunting Sword’ after being combined by the legendary blacksmith G.

Conditions of Use: Pagma’s Descendant

* The combination time is 2 minutes.

* This item can’t be traded.

Grid had made two Efficient Hunting Swords, not one. The reason he made more than one was because he wanted a legendary rating. In the end, he failed and only got a unique rating. Still, it wasn’t bad for Grid. 


As the drake was floundering from the Dragon Harpoon, Grid replaced the Largest Gloves with the Holy Light Gloves. The sun set behind him as he grabbed the new weapon. It was one of the reasons why Grid didn’t use Item Combination from the beginning. Grid wanted to maximize the option effect of Failure by calculating when the sun would set after the drake appeared. It was called looking at the big picture.

“Now die and leave your materials. Leather, bones, teeth, claws, heart, eyeballs, everything.”

At this moment, Grid didn’t recognize the drake as an enemy. It was only seen as prey.


Grid stepped forward with dark energy around him, making him look cruelly beautiful.


The drake was exposed due to the Dragon Harpoon and panicked. It roared pathetically and struggled, but it couldn’t escape because a God Hand kept hammering at the pillar. The combination of the Dragon Harpoon, Dragon Hammer, and God Hands could truly be called overgeared. If the durability of the harpoon was infinite then the target could be bound forever.


Grid aimed precisely at the sparkling dot on the drake’s head that he saw with the Slaughterer’s Eye Patch. The second reason why Grid didn’t use Item Combination from the beginning! It was to create a weakness to maximize the power of Item Combination, and this weakness was the forehead that had been continuously struck!

“Pinnacle Kill.”

In the darkness, the strongest skill left Grid’s sword. It was an extreme stab that contained killing intent.


[The weak spot has been attacked! Further damage will be dealt!!]

[The Holy Light Gloves’s option effect is activated, causing the skill ‘5 Joint Attacks’ to be generated.]

[Failure + Efficient Hunting Sword (Combined) option effect is activated, causing the skill ‘5 Joint Attacks’ to be generated.]

[Failure + Efficient Hunting Sword (Combined) option effect is activated, causing the skill ‘Cutting’ to be generated.]

[You have dealt 21,300,590 damage to the target.]

[A player has dealt 20 million damage in one blow for the first time!]

[Title: ‘Death in One Shot’ has been acquired.]

[The passive ‘30% increase in critical strike damage’ will always be applied.]

[The savage drake has died and returned to the soil.]

[Your level has risen.]

[The party leader ‘Grid’ has acquired drake fangs (2).]

[The party leader ‘Grid’ has acquired drake claws (4).]

[The party leader ‘Grid’ has acquired drake scales (6).]

[The party leader ‘Grid’ has acquired drake bones (10).]

[The party leader ‘Grid’ has acquired a drake heart (1).]


The drake’s body collapsed. It had almost half its health remaining, but it died in a single blow.


The commentators were at a loss for words. It was impossible for them to describe the current situation to the viewers. The spectators in the stadium and the viewers around the world had their mouths open like a carp. It was the same with the Korean representatives.

But the South Korean representatives were surprised for a different reason.

‘When did he set the item drops to the leader setting?’

No one knew. This meant that everyone was concentrating on Grid’s battle. They hadn’t even realized the God Hands had been hammering in a corner.


[The savage drake has died and returned to the soil.]

14 minutes after the start of the drake raid, the US team succeeded.


"We have the gold medal!"

The US representatives cheered. They might lose first place to Russia, so they were glad and proud about having won a valuable gold medal. On the other hand, Lauel’s expression wasn’t good.

‘It is like this despite the fact that I didn’t cooperate properly.’

Lauel hadn’t given many comments in the operational meeting before the raid. The reason was that he ‘wasn’t a professional when it came to raids,’ but Lauel took this passive stance because he didn’t want the US to win the gold medal. He stayed silent despite knowing various methods to block the drake’s flight.

The problem was that Zibal’s raid abilities were too excellent. Zibal completed a strategy to capture the drake in real time, utilizing the strengths of his team members and leading the raid to success. As a result, the drake was raided in only 14 minutes and 33 seconds, making the US team sure that they had won the gold medal.

‘20 minutes... No, if only it was 18 minutes.’

Grid might’ve caught the drake first. Lauel thought it was a pity and logged out. Zibal also logged out with a bright expression.

‘I have finally proven that I’m not a punching bag.’

He was only weak in PvP. Otherwise, he was top class. He was excellent in all other areas, especially raids. Zibal confidently exited the capsule and waited for the crowd’s cheers.

But the reaction was marginal. Only a small amount of applause was heard intermittently.

‘Are they too surprised?’

They were speechless because the US team defeated the strong drake too quickly. Zibal’s shoulder’s shook as he couldn’t contain his laughter. He was waiting. There would be the call stating that the US won the gold medal! However...

『 At 14 minutes and 33 seconds, the US has succeeded in raiding the drake and won the silver medal! 』


The US team couldn’t believe their ears. Lauel was the same. Their gazes was confused as they turned to the scoreboard. It stated the record of the team that raided the drake before the US.

South Korea: 8 minutes and 59 seconds.


This was ridiculous! It might be possible for Japan with Damian’s buffs, but South Korea took down the drake in 9 minutes? Grid, Peak Sword, and the other weak representatives succeeded?

“It must be a hoax!”

Zibal shouted with a red face. The record of the Korean team was so unacceptable that suspicions of manipulation naturally arose. Then the electric signboard changed to the Korean team... No, it was the highlight video of Grid’s raid.


The mouths of the US representatives fell open as they saw the footage. It seemed like their jaws would completely fall off.

“Hahat! Puhahahat!”

Only Lauel’s cheerful laughter could be heard.