Chapter 436


The drake roared as it was repeatedly hit by Grid. At the same time, its tail moved nervously.



Grid’s body was hit by the quick and sharp tail. He trembled as he coughed up blood.

‘Shouldn’t a dragon type have more magic damage?’

A dragon’s strongest technique was well known for being the breath. Grid thought the drake would be the same. However, he was mistaken. The drake had weak breath attacks and strong physical damage, the opposite of the wyverns.

‘Dammit! I thought it was weak due to the first breath!’

It was actually pretty strong. Every time he was hit by the tail, his health decreased by 6,000 and it caused the ‘stunned’ and ‘stiff’ state. Grid was sure that there was no one who could raid a drake alone.

So what if your raid abilities were excellent?

The first strike from the tail would cause a state where they would die! However, Grid was different.

[You have resisted.]

Grid cleared away the stiff state the moment he was hit by the tail. He moved forward during the opening where the drake pulled back its tail and stabbed his sword. Once again, Grid targeted the drake’s brow.



[You have dealt 635,900 damage to the target.]

The power of the Efficient Hunting Sword was amazing. Criticals kept bursting out every time he used a skill, causing amazing damage. The situation was very pleasant for Grid, who was under the influence of 50% damage reduction in PvP during the National Competition. It felt like the shackles binding his hand and feet were released!


Why did it keep being hit? The drake was upset by Grid and fired a breath. A huge fire pillar headed straight for Grid. The drake was relieved. It laughed because it was confident that the human would be roasted. But Grid was fine! Grid wore Lantier’s Cloak, which had the option to raise various resistances depending on the climate. Grid wrapped the cloak around himself as he advanced through the flames and attacked the caught off guard drake.



There was a critical and the drake wailed like a newborn baby. It didn’t seem so dreadful now.

“Wow... Really bad.”

“He keeps hitting the same place... A demon, a demon.”

The Korean representatives muttered at Grid’s brutality, but they knew. How difficult it was to hit and hit the same spot again and again. To be honest, the Korean representatives were extremely impressed.

‘It’s common sense that if you continue to hit the same area, the defense will weaken and the damage will become bigger.’

‘It’s really hard to hit the same spot when the target is moving.’

But Grid was doing it. It was something that completely overturned the evaluation that ‘Grid doesn’t have good control.’

"You finally understand? This is God Grid’s skills!”

Peak Sword jumped excitedly as he watched Grid’s activities and shouted.

“God Grid has always faced enemies stronger than himself!”

Nobody knew it except for the Overgeared members, but Grid was the one who faced the most powerful NPC Piaro and the peak of two billion users, Kraugel. No matter how bad Grid was, it was impossible for him to not improve his control. However, Grid’s control wasn’t noticed during this National Competition because his items were so overwhelming. He didn’t have a chance to show off his skills because he defeated the enemies with his items before he could show his control.

But the drake was strong, giving Grid a chance to show his power.

“Do you know God Griddddddd?”

Peak Sword’s yell reached Grid in the sky.

Grid frowned.

"That person is really loud.”

It was enough to disturb him. His concentration was disturbed. Grid would prefer he be quiet, like during the Hell Gao raid.

‘I should make him a pickaxe soon.’

He could mine minerals during these times. Peak Sword would feel sad if he knew this. Meanwhile, Grid checked the drake’s health gauge. 50%. This was the result after Grid’s serious onslaught that lasted seven minutes. It was poor compared to the US, Japan, Russia, and Spain who were raiding the drake as a team. In particular, the United States and Japan had already reduced the drake’s health by 70%.

Grid also expected this. But Grid wasn’t worried. He wouldn’t stop attacking!

Peeng! Peeng!

The patterns of the drake changed after it fell to 50%, subsequently launching a breath.

'I can’t let this hit.’

The drake’s breath was weaker than expected, but it was still 3,000~4,000 damage. The cumulative damage was a burden. Grid concentrated and avoided it. He had fully adapted to flying magic over the past two years and was able to move freely in the sky. 

However, the problem was that the drake’s breath cooldown time temporarily became 0.

Pepeng! Pepepepeng!

It meant it was impossible to avoid the breath indefinitely. In the end, Grid allowed one breath to hit him and was shaken. It was only for a moment, but the drake didn’t miss the gap and swung its tail hard.


The tail precisely struck Grid’s face. It was a well-timed attack. It was natural that a critical would pop up! The Korean representatives and commentators who saw it were certain.  Grid was in danger. In fact, Grid also felt a chill. But he was lucky. Grid didn’t feel any pain. It was thanks to the low probability of invalidating physical attacks option that was attached to Tiramet’s Shoulderguards. It was the moment when the drake’s tail became useless.


What were these items? The Korean representatives felt like this was what the drake was shouting.

‘If I was the drake, I would feel like dying.’

‘Me too.’

‘I would feel like cursing him now.’

On the other hand, Grid rushed into the gap caused by the drake recovering its tail and was once again beating it up. The drake’s tail was powerful and fast, but was vulnerable after the gap was revealed. Grid was thoroughly taking advantage of this.


The drake screamed as its health fell below 50%. It felt danger. Then the changes begun.

[The drake’ survival instinct has kicked in!]

[The drake’s heart is beating faster!]

[The drake’s body is burning!]

[The drake’s defense and resistance drops, while its speed, attack power and magic power is greatly increased!]


The drake was surrounded by flames and looked like a volcano. A volcano floating in the sky! The pressure was so great that it made Grid’s chest tremble.


The drake narrowed the distance to Grid. It was a speed that was above Grid, who had 2,000 agility. Grid borrowed the power of the Slaughterer’s Eye Patch, but still couldn’t fully capture the drake’s movements. It flapped its wings once and the drake’s foreleg hit Grid’s nose, making his face distort with pain.

[You have suffered 9,300 damage.]

[You have suffered 1,710 damage.]

It hurt. His armor increased physical resistance and Tiramet's Belt reduced damage by 10%, but he still lost one-seventh of his health from that blow. There was also additional fire damage.

‘The level difference can’t be ignored.’

Grid dismissed the drake’s strength as nothing more than level. The other representatives would’ve been outraged if they heard this. Why? Flying monsters had the advantage of being able to fly in the sky, so they were originally supposed to have low stats.

Despite being a flying monster, the drake was superior in all aspects of attack, magic, defense and resistance, so it was really abnormal. Zibal had raided 20 named bosses and even he found it to be one of the strongest. The experts currently relaying the situation expressed their fear of the superior species, calling the drake unbalanced.

But Grid didn’t think so. 

The Yatan Servants, Malacus and Neberius. Pope Drevigo and pope candidate Pascal. The great demon Hell Gao and Braham’s golems. Vampire Earl Elfin Stone and Vampire Viscount Tiramet. Piaro and Kraugel...

The drake wasn’t particularly special compared to the absurd enemies that Grid had fought. A top species? They were just mass produced anyway. They were different from enemies where only one existed. And Grid was the poster child of unbalanced.



Grid’s skin turned pale and the whites of his eyes became black. At the same time, there was a gaze of demonic energy around him.

[Your black magic power has increased.] 

[You don’t have any black magic power. It will be replaced with demonic power.]

[While Blackening is activated, your species will change to half-demon.]

[As a half demon, your maximum health is reduced by 50%. Your attack power, magic power and agility will increased by 20% each.]

[All attacks will be converted to the black magic attribute.]

He constantly allowed the drake’s attacks and lost half of health. Anyway, his maximum health would be reduced by 50% if he used Blackening, so it was good timing.

'From now on, it’s dangerous to allow an attack.’

The drake’s tail whipped and Grid wore Doran’s Ring while thinking. Grid tried to counterattack by using Quick Movements to evade the attack and aim for the gap, but the drake blocked it by launching a breath. It was evidence that the drake was capable of learning. The drake might have less intelligence than a wyvern, but it wasn’t a fool.

The tail was no longer the drake’s weakness.

‘Learning faster than me...’

It wasn’t just fast, but several times faster. Now Grid was dumber than a monster. The drake swung its forelegs at the frustrated Grid. It was ridiculously small compared to the huge body size, but its strength was powerful. The claws were harder than steel and the speed was like a jab from a world boxing champion.

However, it wasn’t enough for Grid who had used Blackening and Quick Movements. Grid avoided the drake’s attack by borrowing the power of the Slaughterer’s Eye Patch and triggered Blacksmith’s Rage, instantly boosting his attack power and attack speed. Then he once again hit the drake.


The drake suffered a great deal of damage compared to before. It was the result of its resistance and defense weakening after its health fell below 50%. But the drake didn’t back down. Despite the blood pouring down from it, the drake cried out in a berserk manner, shooting a breath while flapping its wings at the same time.


Flames filled Grid’s vision. His body failed to withstand the strong wind pressure generated by the drake and he fell to the ground. A great crisis! The drake descended and aimed at Grid’s upper body!

It was like a meteor falling towards Grid, so everyone in the world sensed it. Grid would fail the raid. This meant there was actually a higher chance of Grid succeeding in the raid. Grid’s main feature was to overturn people’s expectations!