Chapter 435

Grid pulled out new items.

There was a very large hammer that could be swung with both hands.

[Dragon Hammer]

Rating: Unique

Durability: 400/400  Attack Power: 250

A hammer made by the legendary blacksmith Grid.

It is designed to hit the ‘Dragon Harpoon Pillars.’

It is very big and heavy and the attack power is excellent. It can be used as a weapon, but it isn’t easy to swing.

Conditions of Use: More than 3,000 strength.

Weight: 5,500

The Dragon Harpoon was a pillar with a trident. Yes, this large harpoon was designed to block a dragon’s flight.

[Dragon Harpoon]

Rating: Unique

Durability: 500/500  Attack Power: 620

* There is a 100% chance of hitting the target when the ‘restrain’ effect is activated.

* The restraint effect will last while the pillar is embedded in the ground.

* The pillar will come out a little bit every time the opponent resists.

A secondary weapon made by the legendary blacksmith Grid.

The harpoon optimized for throwing is made of jaffa, while the pillar designed to be embedded in the ground is made of a large amount of steel.

The harpoon is thrown after the pillar is embedded in the ground, so the super large weapon is extremely difficult to handle.

The ridiculous weight and the long time it takes to install makes it impossible to be popular.

However, the effect is absolute.

User Restriction: More than 4,000 strength. More than 2,000 dexterity. A skill in the javelin series.

Weight: 30,000

Putting aside the weight, the conditions of use were ridiculous. 4,000 strength was a stat that damage dealers only dreamt about, and 2,000 dexterity was impossible to obtain unless they were production class users. There was also the javelin type skill...

How many people could meet these three conditions at the same time? It might be different in a few years, but at the moment, it was only Grid. It meant there was no material value. It was clear that no one would buy it if he put it on the auction house.

But the power was excellent. The attack power and options were very different from normal secondary weapons, and the durability was high enough for it to not be considered consumables. But secondary weapons had limitations that couldn’t be overcome. Their persistence was weak.

[The target ‘drake’ is struggling with the Dragon Harpoon!]

[The pillar of the Dragon Harpoon is pulled out a little bit from the ground! (4/5)]

[The target ‘drake’ is struggling with the Dragon Harpoon!]

[The pillar of the Dragon Harpoon is pulled out a little bit from the ground! (3/5)]

Five times. The pillar could only withstand the resistance of the object restrained for a certain period of time. The laws of physics didn’t apply. Regardless of the weight or strength of the object being restrained, it could unconditionally resist it five times.


The drake struggled like crazy against the harpoon. Every time the giant body moved, the rope connected to the trident was pulled more tightly and the pillar stuck in the ground shone. Every time the pillar was shaken, it felt like a natural disaster where the ground shook and the earth rose was occuring.

『 The South Korean team’s drake is extremely angry!』

『 The pillar won’t last much longer. It will soon regain its freedom. 』

The relay of the commentators became urgent. They were imagining the Korean representatives who would soon be killed. But Grid was fine. He held the Dragon Hammer and hit the head of the pillar.


[The target ‘drake’ is struggling with the Dragon Harpoon!]

[The pillar of the Dragon Harpoon is pulled out a little bit from the ground! (1/5)]

[The Dragon Hammer has hit the pillar!]

[The Dragon Harpoon’s pillar has sunk deeper into the ground! (2/5)] 

[The durability of the Dragon Harpoon is decreased by 57!]

It wasn’t unusual for it to be pulled out completely, but Grid hammered in the pillar of the Dragon Harpoon again. It wasn’t a hammering machine.


Kaaang! Kaaang!

Grid kept hitting the pillar while the drake went wild. The rope that connected the harpoon and pillar were stretched and loosened repeatedly. Grid confirmed that the durability of the Dragon Harpoon was rapidly decreasing and shouted.

“What are you doing? Attack it while it can’t fly!”

The Korean representatives lost their hearing from the drake’s roar and couldn’t hear anything. They didn’t understand what Grid was saying. But they weren’t fools, so they knew what to do.

“Draw Sword, Sudden.”


“Flame that won’t turn off!”

"Shield Boomerang!”


The Korean representatives attacked the drake using their strongest skills. Yura had already been firing her magic gun from the beginning. However...

[You have dealt 250,040 damage to the target.]

[The target has avoided it.]

[The target has resisted.]

[The skill can’t penetrate the target’s leather.]

The Korean representatives couldn’t damage the drake except for Peak Sword. Was it because the drake’s defense and resistance was ridiculously high? That was a secondary problem. The real problem was the low level of the South Korean team members.

Apart from the level 306 Grid and the level 309 Peak Sword, the level of the Korean members were in the 200s. In severe cases, there was a 200 level difference with the drake. If the level difference was that big, then damage wasn’t applied properly. It was like smashing an egg against a rock.  No, maybe worse than that.

‘I’m not helping at all.’

Yura was firing her gun. However, her beautiful face distorted as countless MISS messages emerged in front of her. She had reigned for a long time so this helplessness was difficult for her to bear.


The drake fired a breath like this resistance was futile. It was powerful enough to turn this place into a sea of fire with one breath.


Screams were heard. Peak Sword and Yura endured the breath, but the remaining representatives suffered a deadly blow and fell into confusion.


Grid checked the damage of the breath. While the other team members were feeling stress and despair, he had a smile on his face and made an absurd remark.

“Maybe I should do this alone? If so, all the drops belong to me okay?”


He would hunt that huge monster alone? The Korean representatives heard an absurd remark as soon as their hearing was restored, while the pillar of the harpoon was pulled out.


The durability was severely damaged and the Dragon Harpoon was a mess as the drake recovered its freedom. Grid placed the Dragon Harpoon to the side and looked at the monster flying into the sky.

“You’re much weaker than Elfin Stone.”

Vampire Earl Elfin Stone was a named boss with overwhelming abilities and skills. Despite the combined Overgeared elites, they experienced despair several times. On the other hand, the drake wasn’t named and only had a high level. It needed to be raided by combining the strength of the seven representatives, so the organizers came up with this gap between the drake and Elfin Stone. The only part where the drake was more tricky than Elfin Stone was that it was a ‘flying monster.’

“I can move in the sky.”

Grid armed himself with Braham’s Boots and flew up. The weapon he held in his hand as he shot through the sky wasn’t Iyarugt, Grid’s Greatsword of Failure.

[Efficient Hunting Sword]

Rating: Unique

Durability: 410/410  Attack Power: 720

* Deals an addition 30% damage to monsters.

* Increases critical rate by 50% when attacking monsters.

* The chance of a monster dropping items when killed is increased by 20%.

A longsword made by the legendary blacksmith Grid.

A weapon made by combining the advantages of the weapons that monster hunters love.

User Restriction: Level 300 or higher. Advanced Sword Mastery level 3. 2,000 strength. 1,000 agility.

That’s right!

Grid successfully produced an item that dealt additional damage to monsters! It was possible because he collected hundreds of production methods during the two years since he became Pagma’s Descendant. It was unfortunate that he only strengthened it to +7 because he was lacking enhancement stones. But in this state, the monster hunting ability was better than the +9 Iyarugt, the +9 Failure and the +8 Grid’s Greatsword.

"Above all, there is an option to increase the item acquisition rate.”

A weapon optimized for hunting like Debirion! Grid held a blade that was reminiscent of a half moon and unleashed his swordsmanship.


The drake wanted to kill this dirty human.


The drake exerted a great pressure on the atmosphere as it headed towards Grid. But Grid didn’t shrink back. He held his posture to the end. 

“Linked Kill!”


He stabbed strongly at the large target that was thankfully coming towards him on its own.


Two hits.

Puk! Puk! Puk.

Three hits, four hits, five consecutive hits.


The drake hit Grid’s chest, but thanks to the strongest armor Triple Layers, Grid was able to endure the pain and link another sword technique.






A small human facing a monster that was bigger than a house. How many of the viewers watching thought he was like a flame in front of the wind?


The monster’s fall!


『 This is impossible! 』

The commentators of the raid were silent. Were they admiring the systematic strength of the US team, which quickly recovered from the confusion and started to hit the drake?


Were they admiring the stability of the Japanese team, which relied on Damian’s buffs and tank?


Were they admiring Kraugel’s control skills as he completely controlled the drake’s aggro? That also wasn’t it. The representatives from each country were obviously impressive as they raided the drake in different ways, but it didn’t leave a deep impression.

Only a single person. Only Korea’s Grid was able to create this feeling of thrill in the commentators. Grid faced the drake and played the role of tanker and damage dealer alone. Control? Strategy? He just smashed at the drake with overwhelming attack power. He also did it alone.

"God Grid fighting!”

The 15th ranked Peak Sword was cheering hard for Grid.