Chapter 439

"Panmir, are you crazy? Why did you do that?”

“We have to say farewell to being the strongest country in Satisfy this year. The US will miss out on first place because of idiots like you.”

After the press conference, the US representatives gathered in one place. The atmosphere was the worst. They all blamed Panmir except for Lauel. It wouldn’t be strange if curses emerged. But Panmir didn’t shrink back. He didn’t even feel sorry. He opened his mouth with a serious expression.

“I have been working as a blacksmith since Satisfy opened. From the moment I log in until I log out, I keep hitting the anvil with my hammer.”

He used the same materials and production methods, but did research and used techniques to create better items. Panmir had really trained his skills over the years.

"Most people think that the result when making items relies purely on luck, but that isn’t true. It also depends on techniques and devotion. Zibal, don’t you know? The fact that I have invested 8 hours to create just one item.”

‘Grid takes at least 20 hours to make an item, sometimes it’s two days...’

Speaking like this when it was only 8 hours! Lauel thought while Zibal nodded.

“I know it. Panmir, your working time is twice as long as an ordinary blacksmith.”

"Why do you think that is?”


The dissatisfied American representatives started to show interest. Panmir confirmed the calm atmosphere and explained in earnest.

"I stick to manual labor.”

"Manual labor?”

"In fact, making an item is simple. Open the design of the item you want to make, register the necessary materials, click the ‘Production’ button and the hammering will start automatically.”

This was how most blacksmiths made items. Depending on the item, it would take a minimum of 5 minutes to a maximum of 6 hours. If the time spent was too little, it was likely that defective products would be born. However, since a long investment time didn’t necessarily result in a high rated item, the average time of blacksmiths was three hours.

“But I don’t use the production system. I tap the hammer directly and make the item as best as I can. This is manual labor.”

"What are the benefits?”

"The probability of a high item rating and additional options will increase. Most blacksmiths who do manual labor like me become rankers. It’s clearly something that not anyone can do. How easy is it to concentrate and work for hours on one item? It’s a harsh job that consumes stamina.”

Panmir continued.

“Grid is Pagma’s Descendant and from the moment he changed classes, he learned the finest blacksmithing skills. He just has to press the production button and he will easily be able to mass produce rare and epic items. If he’s lucky, maybe he can create unique and legendary items. What does he know about effort? He will never know about manual labor. Even if he knew, he wouldn’t use it when he can take the easy method.”

This was the point.

“Grid only relies on luck and is different from me. In tomorrow’s game, Grid will rely on luck while I will show my techniques.”

Tomorrow, Grid would simply create top rated items by clicking on the production button as usual. Maybe he could make a legendary item. On the other hand, no matter how much effort and skill Panmir used, he was stuck with epic and unique rated items.

But Panmir wasn’t shaken. He believed that the epic~unique item he made with all his effort would have a better performance than the ‘name only’ legendary items that Grid would create.

Skull, who had been listening to the confident Panmir, spoke a negative opinion.

“In the end, Satisfy is a game. It’s obvious that the dexterity stat and blacksmithing skill level will have a big impact on the outcome. Systematically, there is more grounds for defeat than victory. I don’t understand why you are so confident.”

Panmir burst out laughing.

“My blacksmith skill is also advanced level 6. I have reached the intermediate level of the dwarf skills learned in Talima. This is why the items I make will have 12% better stats than what is seen on the production method.”

Was that all?

"My dexterity has been steadily increasing through manual work and is approaching 1,700. I assure you, my dexterity is much higher than Grid, who doesn’t make anything by hand.”

‘Grid’s dexterity is almost 3,000.’

Was it just this? People always evaluated Grid using their own common sense. Lauel couldn’t help laughing.

‘We can’t measure him.’

Grid worked harder than all of them. Unless Panmir realized this, he would always be below Grid.

Lauel shrugged at this thought.


[Drake’s Fang]

Classified as a class 2 metal, it’s harder than any metal taken from human mines.

It’s bigger, less curved, lighter and more elastic than an elephant’s ivory. It’s less hard than a drake’s claws, bones, and scales.

It’s ideal as a material for a spear or bow.

Weight: 100

[Drake’s Claw]

Classified as a class 2 metal, it’s harder than any metal taken from human mines.

A drake’s claws are formed by several layers.

Every time five years passes for a drake, another layer of the claws will grow. Thus, it’s possible to guess the age of the drake through their claws.

It’s the hardest of all the drake’s body parts, and is ideal as a solid material for swords or spears.

However, this makes it very difficult to smelt.

Weight: 820

[Drake’s Scale]

Classified as a class 2 material, it’s harder than any metal taken from human mines.

It’s tough and elastic. It’s classified as leather rather than metal, and is ideal as material for armor.

Weight: 250

[Drake’s Bones]

Classified as a class 2 material, it is harder than any metal taken from human mines.

The next hardest part after the claws.

Although it is used as a material in armor, it is very brittle and has a weak impact surface.

Weight: 300

[Drake’s Heart]

A heart with a little bit of dragon’s blood flowing in it.

Generates an infinitely small amount of magic power and flames.

Weight: 1,000

Looking at the mines that existed in the human world, there should be mines in the god world and in hell. It was probably how the god mineral adamantium could exist separately.

“It’s a jackpot.”

Grid’s expression was very bright as he verified the information of the materials. Thanks to the two fangs, he could make the best bow and spear! For Grid, who had Bow Mastery and Spear Shot, bows and spears were excellent secondary weapons and worth the investment.

‘I will make a spear with the claws. I will keep the scales and bones for now.’

Grid had recently produced Triple Layers, the Largest Gloves, and Lantier’s Cloak, so he was satisfied with his own defense. At the very least, he was confident there was no better armor in the National Competition. At this point, making a new armor was no different from a luxury.If a day when he required greater strength arrived, he would use it.

 Grid held the drake’s heart with a desire to deal with new production methods.

This was the biggest reward from the raid. Grid noted that the heart produced infinite flames.

‘If I melt and attach this to a weapon, it will add fire damage every time I attack. If I attach it to armor, it will create a fire to defend and attack the enemy...’

It was a pity that there was only one. Why did a drake have only one heart? It would be good if it had 10 of them!

Khan’s smithy. Someone approached Grid who was in front of the furnace. It was Lauel.

“I wish you victory in the production game.”

Grid snorted.

“Can’t you tell the difference between business and personal matters? Why are you cheering for me?’

The value of the gold medal in the 2nd National Competition was astronomical. They could get the best reward every time they won a gold medal. As a simple example, adamantium was awarded to blacksmiths. Lauel should be praying for the US’ victory, for the sake of his own development.

"Well, you doing well will work out better for me in the end.” 

He swallowed down Kraugel’s story again.

"Don’t worry about it and do your best. When making an item, please be sure to use manual labor.”

"Manual labor? Of course a blacksmith should use manual labor. How else do they make items? What are you saying?”


Lauel was surprised by Grid’s reaction. He thought for a moment before asking cautiously.

"Do you know about the production button?”

“Production button? What’s that?”


Indeed. The legendary blacksmith Grid seemed to be carrying a penalty that he didn’t know about. He didn’t benefit from the production system. Grid had been Pagma's Descendant for over two years and he handcrafted everything individually, even if it was one arrow.

‘This is why he works for so long.’

Lauel glanced at Grid.

“What? Why are you looking at me like that?”

“Just... Have strength.”

Grid felt bad for some reason.


The National Competition’s 17th day.

It was the day when the blacksmith production game was on. There was a total of 23 participants. Originally, the attention of the people should be divided between the 1st ranked Panmir and the 2nd ranked Stein. Now it was directed only towards Grid.

How great was the item made by a legendary blacksmith? The items Grid made were limited and weren’t circulated in the market, so people’s curiosity and expectations were amplified to the peak.

『 The time limit to produce an item is 8 hours! Blacksmiths, please only use the production method and materials you were given! 』

It was prohibited to add additional materials or to modify the design. This was a game to show pure skills under the same conditions.

‘Anyway, it’s a game of luck.’

Grid grumbled as he stood in front of the furnace. The other blacksmiths were the same.

'Grid, you’re a legendary blacksmith who can easily make items. Your skills are fundamentally different from mine.’

‘Can you imagine doing physical labor like hammering for 8 hours straight?’

‘We will show you the power of manual work!’

Before the host announced the start of the match. The blacksmiths standing before the furnaces and holding hammers in their hands gazed at Grid heatedly. But Grid wasn’t conscious of their gaze.

‘Make an item in 8 hours? Why is the time limit so short? Isn’t this bad?’

Grid was more familiar with hard labor than anyone else. The other blacksmiths would be shocked if they knew what he was thinking.