Chapter 425

Chapter 425

There was a total of three events on the 2nd day of the National Competition.

The first game was ‘Keep the Base.’

The goal was to defend against an infinite amount of monsters, installing defense turrets and traps from goods present in the base, surviving longer than anyone else. The placement of the turrets and traps was the key, requiring a high amount of strategy and wits.

Park Jonghwa was the Korean representative who participated in this game.

『 Lauel of the United States has won the gold medal and Bondre of France has won the silver medal! 』

『 Bondre was doing well until the middle of the game, where he rapidly lost concentration in the second part. 』 

『 In a situation where the anti-aircraft guns were insufficient, the appearance of the flying monsters on a large scale was a critical factor.  』

『 On the other hand, Lauel had enough anti-aircraft guns. Despite the fact that flying monsters didn’t appear until the second half, he didn’t neglect the existence of the anti-aircraft guns on the list, consistently installing them. 』

『 The bronze medal went to Vantner of Canada, who used the traps well. 』

『 Using his taunting and charging skills properly, he placed the monsters into the traps. It’s to be admired. 』

『 It’s hard to believe he’s the hot-blooded person who grabbed Chris’ ankle during the target processing. 』

『 Um... Originally, tankers should have good teamwork. However, Vantner seems more specialized in solo play. He’s a person who would act like a variable in Overgeared. 』

The Spanish representative, Pon, snorted as he watched the match.

"He’s a vacuum, not a variable.” 

Pon smiled sarcastically. He fought with Vantner every day, but they had known each other for a long time. Pon congratulated Vantner and was happy.

The second event that followed was ‘Catching Pigs.’ Out of the thousands of identical pink pigs, the participants had to find the pigs with black dots and handle them. The pigs without dots had unlimited health and couldn’t be killed, so their numbers continued to grow.

The gold medal winner was the person with the ability to observe their target and not lose concentration...

『 Brazil's Jishuka! 』

『 Her observation abilities are great. How can she find the dots among all the identical pigs? 』

『 It must be Hawk Eyes, Hawk Eyes. It is the ability to see 30m away while maintaining a safe distance from the target. 』

『 The crowd became mixed up again when a target was handled, but she didn’t miss any shots. She has great concentration. 』

『 Jishuka alone scored higher than the sum of the scores of the 2~5th places. 』

『 In one word, it’s overwhelming. 』

In the second event, Brazil won the gold medal, Britain the silver medal, and the bronze medal went to the United States. The countries with outstanding archers monopolized the score.

"Grid, did you see? Later in the night, I will go to your room and receive your congratulations!”

At the press conference after the event. One of the sexiest women in the world, Jishuka made a remark that caused shockwaves.

-Going to his room? -_-;;

-An adult man and woman, what are they going to do in the room...?

-Hah... I’m jealous of Grid... Doing things at night with a sexy girl like that...

-He probably saved the planet in a past life.

-Damn Grid...

“Why are my ears ticklish?”

As Grid become the public enemy of the men of the world, the competition was becoming heated up. 

Then the third game in the afternoon.

Hell running. It was a map that embodied a part of hell. The first person to arrive at the destination while avoiding obstacles and the threat of the demonkin would be the winner. The interest of the Satisfy players was very high. It was comparable to their interest in team events and PvP.

Hell. It was a great opportunity for them to indirectly experience the land that no one had visited yet.

“You should pay attention. Hell is likely to be the ultimate content in Satisfy.”

The reserved audience seats. Lauel suddenly came to the place where the Korean representatives were gathered and sat beside Grid.

"Hell will be one of the countless lands that you will reign over.”

Except for Grid and Peak Sword, the Korean representatives moved away from Lauel. They still didn’t have resistance towards his chuuni nature.

"Hell... It was a little strange.”

Grid was currently wearing an interpreter. Thanks to that, Lauel understood his words and was shocked.

“Have you visited hell before?”

“Just for a short time.”


He visited hell? It sounded like a joke or a bluff. But the one saying it was Grid. Lauel had to believe him.

“What was it like?”


Lauel’s eyes shone like lanterns, but Grid turned his gaze away. Yura was participating in ‘Hell Running’ for South Korea. The match was about to start.

“Confirm it with your own eyes. It’s much better than hearing from me, since I only experienced it for a few minutes.”

Grid was also interested in hell. His demonic power was now at 830, so Grid never knew when he would go back to hell.


It was very meaningful to experience certain contents ahead of others. They were able to acquire faster and more accurate information than others, becoming a driving force of their growth. In that sense, hell running was a very important event and the participants were spectacular.

Zibal of the United States, Hao of China, Seuron of Argentina, Regas of Britain, etc. The strongest people of each country were participating in this event. Their intentions were to experience hell, rather than focus on the gold medal. In a nutshell, they prioritized individual development rather than national honor.

The criticism of the people? In this event, they didn’t mind. They were those who were dreaming higher.

Kraugel foresaw this. That’s why Alexander participated in hell running instead of Kraugel. He judged that Alexander would be able to secure gold. He might miss out on the opportunity to experience hell, but he was doing his best to treat his mother’s illness.

[You have entered hell.]

[You are affected by a strong evil energy.]

[Your body is exhausted. Attack power, defense, and agility will decrease by 30%.]

[Health won’t recover naturally.]

[You have received a mental blow. Mana regeneration rate will slow by 50%.]

“There are a lot of debuffs.”

“There’s no health recovery? Do we have to depend on only potions and recovery skills?”

“Look at the speed of mana regeneration. We can’t abuse our skills.”

“Um... Solo play in hell is impossible.”

The representatives were confused by the debuffs. They felt like they were being rejected from hell. However, Yura was different.

[Hell is a Demon Slayer’s true stage!]

[All stats will increase by 20%.]

[Skill cooldown time will be reduced by 20%.]

[The power of all purification skills will increase by 15%.]

[Magic bullet production rate has increased to the maximum.]

[Health and mana regeneration rate will increase by 50%.] 

‘My stage.’

The Demon Slayer class. Yura was amazed and thrilled by the power of the legendary class, which was superior in all respects to a normal class. However, it fell behind in many ways when compared to Pagma’s Descendant. Of course, Grid had opened up several hidden pieces while Yura couldn’t open even one. Even taking that in consideration, the Demon Slayer was a combat specialized class, yet it had a much weaker impact than Pagma’s Descendant.

Yura wondered if she was wrong about this class and became anxious. But now it turned out that the Demon Slayer had a real stage. In accordance with the name, this was a class that exerted its true power in hell. This was very positive news. Sooner or later, the content about hell would open and Demon Slayer was predicted to be the strongest class in hell.

Yura was looking forward to how she could develop in the future.

『 32 participants representing each country are at the starting line. 』

『 We have all the greatest players gathered together. 』

『 I’m particularly looking forward to Damian, Hao, Sueron, Zibal, Pon, and Regas. 』

『 I don’t know what type of variables the stage called hell will produce... For now, they could be considered the biggest favorites to win. 』

『 In particular, I’m expecting a lot from Damian. A pope who can use the power of the goddess of light will surely do great damage to the demonkin. 』

『 I agree. In this event, there’s more room for Damian to act than Kraugel. 』

『 Is that why Kraugel gave up on this event? 』

People didn’t care about Yura. She struggled against Kraugel, so the expectations for her were low. The hidden class she obtained wasn’t that great and the limitations were clear. But after a while, people in the world were paying attention to Yura.

Hell moon. It distinguished between those who experienced the Behen Archipelago and those who hadn’t. Yura quickly dealt with the demonkin and avoided the obstacles. The other participants were focused on grasping hell itself.

In contrast, Alexander was running alone and complaining about Yura. He couldn’t overlook the fact that she was ahead of him.

‘This damn girl.’

She was beautiful and had excellent abilities. But she was still yellow skinned. Kraugel and Grid were inevitable, but other yellow skinned people shouldn’t be ahead of him. Why? The race itself was trivial.

Alexander thought this and attacked Yura. The hardened aura stretched out and stabbed Yura in the back. Alexander was strong and had a much higher level than Yura. When viewed objectively, Alexander was in a position to crush Yura. But an unexpected result occurred.

The environment was the problem. Currently, Alexander received serious debuffs while Yura received rather large buffs.


Yura stopped Alexander’s attack by turning her weapon into a sword, then she immediately fired a magic bullet. Alexander suffered terrible pain. After firing at him a few more times, Yura shifted her gun into a sword and attacked. After that. The main character of hell running and the one who won gold was Yura. Alexander barely escaped from Yura and received the silver medal.

After the event was over.  n front of reporters, Yura looked at the camera and said.

"Grid, tonight I will go to your room for praise...please let me in.”

Her expression was detached but her voice was shaky. Her white face turned red. Yura was embarrassed, but she didn’t want to lose to Jishuka. There was another uproar on the Internet.

-Grid #[email protected]#

-A man must have no conscience to steal two beautiful girls.

It was the day when the incarnation of jealousy was born all over the world. Grid’s anti-fan cafe, which had been quiet for a while, suddenly became noisy.