Chapter 426

Chapter 426

『 This year’s National Competition has reduced the number of participants in each country. 』 

『 Thus, the siege system has been changed. 』

『 Now that the siege is ahead of us, let’s take a look at that changed system. 』

Siege was classified as a team event. All participants from 32 countries had an obligation to participate. It would be held in a tournament form, the matches determined by drawing lots.

『 Up to here is the same as last year. However, there are a few things added. Every country will get 50 NPCs that are level 300. It’s the organizer’s intention to expand the size of the siege and diversify the strategies. 』

 『 Level 300 means they are third advancement NPCs. The presence of these NPCs will be overwhelming given that only 47 out of the 224 National Competition participants are third advancement. 』

『 That’s right. The key to this siege is how effectively you use the NPCs, rather than the strength of individuals. 』

『 Will they destroy the enemies or take possession of the enemy’s castle? The two countries with the highest probability of winning are... 』

『 It’s the United States and Japan. The United States has Lauel’s strategies while Japan has Damian’s buffs. 』

『 Lauel’s strategy and Damian’s buffs... Doesn’t Damian have a high chance? So what if Lauel has an outstanding strategy? The Japanese team’s NPCs who receive Damian’s buffs will be overwhelming. 』

『 We can’t ignore Bubat of Turkey. He might be defeated by Grid every time in PvP, but Bubat’s true strength shines in large scale battles. Bubat might sweep through the battlefield. 』

『 We also can’t miss Canada. As the peak of the guardian knights, Vantner has wide range taunts and the strongest tanking power. If this is combined with Chris’ overwhelming damage, they can neutralize the NPCs. 』 

『 These five countries can be considered the best candidates. 』

『 What about Russia and South Korea? They have Kraugel and Grid. 』

『 Haha, that’s impossible. It’s true that Kraugel and Grid are the strongest. 』

『 But Russia and South Korea don’t have any obvious buffers or strategists. 』

『 If the third advancement NPCs can tie up Kraugel and Grid’s feet, Russia and South Korea will collapse. 』

『 In particular, the South Korean players are weak... I think it will be hard for them to even move to the round of 16. 』

The second day of events finished. Yura and Jishuka really came to Grid’s room. The purpose of their visit to Grid was very pure, unlike people’s dirty imaginations. They each won a gold medal. Therefore, they wanted to celebrate with their favorite man. They just wanted to have a good time talking with Grid.

That’s right. Both women had no dating experience and were acting cautiously. Fortunately, Grid didn’t misunderstand Yura and Jishuka’s visit. It was because Grid lost confidence in relationships after being trampled on by his first love, Ahyoung. He thought that Yura and Jishuka treated him this way because they were friends and colleagues. He never imagined that the world’s greatest beauties and talents would like him. He treated them as friends.

He sat on the couch and watched TV with them without any agitation. Grid was even chewing dried squid.


Even so, was there no mood? Yura wore a white dress down to her ankles and showed an innocent beauty. Jishuka wore a figure revealing dress that reflected her sensuality. They wanted to maximize their charms to appeal to Grid. They gazed at Grid who was scratching his stomach while wearing a t-shirt and shorts.

In this uncomfortable atmosphere, Grid spoke after being deeply immersed in the news for a long time.

"No matter how hard I think, it will be difficult to win a gold medal in the siege.”

Grid knew better than anyone about Lauel and Damian’s strengths. He couldn’t beat them when it came to a siege. Jishuka leaned her chest on Grid’s forearm and responded.

“Aren’t you giving up too easily?”

Grid was aiming for the top. It was to reign as the absolute existence. Jishuka thought that Grid should try his best in any situation. Grid felt Jishuka’s soft chest and Yura’s cold eyes and cleared his throat. Then he spoke while chewing on dried squid.

"I have directly experienced Damian’s buff, and it’s a complete scam. If it’s given to 50 third advancement NPCs...”

Was it adding wings to a tiger? No, more than that. It was giving birth to a monster unit. It was terrible when he imagined it.

"Then Youngwoo, do you think that Japan will win the siege event?”

Grid nodded at Yura’s question.

“Japan or the United States.”

The arena selected for the siege was Anterava Forest. Two large castles faced each other across a forest. But this forest was huge. The thorny road that couldn’t be cut, the misty road where it was impossible to see in front, and the swampy road that was hard to escape from. There were many dangerous areas judged to be impossible to move through, so there were only eight ways to make it through the forest.

It was a siege map with eight available routes to invade the other team’s castle. This was enough to make Lauel’s strategies shine.

‘It will happen like this as long as the US and Japan don’t meet in the beginning.’

In the end, Grid assumed that the US and Japan would play in the finals.

“Then what about South Korea?”

Jishuka asked Grid, who was locked in serious thought. Grid’s response...

"As the experts said, we would be lucky to enter the round of 16.”

Yura didn’t deny it. South Korea relied on Grid too much, but it wasn’t difficult to tie Grid up with the third advancement NPCs.

"Well, Brazil is the same.”

Brazil was classified as a minor country in Satisfy. Furthermore, Jishuka was a normal class and didn’t have Grid’s potential.


Jishuka smiled bitterly and rose from the couch. She looked around at Grid’s room with curiosity and interest. She was trying to grasp Grid’s taste and tendencies.

"Hehe, isn’t this bed quite big? It isn’t a bed for people to sleep in alone.”

It was too hard on her yesterday and today and she fought for the honor of her country and Overgeared. Jishuka was mentally and physically tired, so she lay on Grid’s bed without any impure intentions. Then she literally fell asleep.



Grid was embarrassed and Yura was caught in a crisis. Yura thought she might lose Grid to Jishuka and eventually lay on the bed as well. Thanks to that, Grid slept on the couch. To be honest, he wanted to enjoy the luxury of sleeping next to Yura and Jishuka. However, he was afraid that he would be reported as a sexual harasser.


Shang X Lila Hotel’s 3rd floor hallway.

One man was hiding at the entrance of the corridor and watching Grid’s room. It was the representative of the United States and the 2nd ranked user, Zibal.

“Ugh... In the end, he’s going to sleep with both of them?”

Zibal was a man. He particularly liked pretty girls. In other words, like most men in the world, he had instinctive feelings for Yura and Jishuka. But they were very tough. He didn’t tell anyone this, but he actually had an experience where he was rejected.

But Grid! This person who seemed worse than him was currently having a frenzied night with both women. It had already been three hours since Yura and Jishuka entered Grid’s room, and no one had come out. Zibal couldn’t understand why such bright women would fall for Grid.

‘You... You are big.’

He had items in the game and boundless energy in reality? Zibal was feeling envious when a hand touched his shoulder. He looked back in surprise and saw Lauel.

“I’ve been looking for you for a while. I didn’t expect you to be a voyeur.” 

"I’m not a voyeur! What do you think of me...?"

“Ah, calm down. It doesn’t matter what sickness you are suffering from. Come back to my room.”


"Why not? Are you going to hide here all night in front of Grid’s room? Do you want to get a glimpse of Yura and Jishuka’s ankles? Kukuk.”

“That’s not it! Why do I have to go back to your room with you?”

"I’m holding an operational meeting to prepare for the siege tomorrow.”


Zibal had been blinded by jealousy and couldn’t make a reasonable judgment. Lauel followed him into the elevator and thought.

‘The ideal flow of the siege tomorrow...’

It included Japan’s early elimination and had Russia fight well. Lauel wanted to eliminate as much risk as possible so that he could confront Russia. The reason was simple. He hoped to use the bait of a gold medal to have Kraugel join Overgeared.

But he was worried about whether Russia could do well in this siege event. The skills of the Russian representatives, including Kraugel, were greater than he expected. However, he wasn’t sure if they had any talent for strategy.

‘I will feel sick if Russia meets Japan or Turkey early and are eliminated.’

At this moment. Even Lauel, who acknowledged and worshipped Grid as much as Huroi and Damian, didn’t think much of South Korea’s chances. There was little room for South Korea to play in the siege event.


『 The 2nd National Competition that the whole world is paying attention to! It’s now day 3! It has started! 』

『 The siege is the only event on day 3? 』

『 Yes, it is a tournament format and team event, so it has to last a long time. 』

『 At this moment, a representative from each country is climbing onto the stage. 』

『 They’re drawing lots to determine their opponent. 』 

『 The representatives who pick the United States or Japan as the opponent will receive the grudges of their team members and people. Haha! 』

Who would have the golden hand and who would have the dirt hand? The whole world watched the monitor with anticipation. Then after a while. The world’s greatest dirt hand appeared. A character born with bad luck. Of course...


It was Grid.

Grid picked the United States. The Korean people were frustrated, while Grid started sweating.