Chapter 424

Chapter 424

Ture Hotel.

The hotel where Russia, Brazil, and Japan were staying had a special area. It was a capsule room limited for just the National Competition.  The representatives from various countries could play Satisfy any time they wanted in their hotels.

Kraugel visited this place. There was 14 hours and 23 minutes remaining until the start of day two of the National Competition. In the meantime, Kraugel planned to raise his level in Satisfy. Most representatives were exploring Paris or unburdening themselves with drinking, but Kraugel couldn’t afford to enjoy the present.

His only aim was to win the National Competition, and he would do his best to achieve this goal. Kraugel was about to sit in the capsule when someone called to him. It was Alexander, one of the representatives of Russia.

"So what if you play games until you die? In the end, it’s about winning the gold medals.”

Alexander moved in front of Kraugel. He had a height of 190cm and a muscular figure, making him look threatening to anyone. His thick finger poked Kraugel’s chest.

“The sky above the sky? Stop fooling around. In the end, because of your incompetence, Russia missed the gold medal and you won’t be able to fix your mother’s illness.”

The skinhead Alexander treated yellow skinned people as more useless than monkeys. Russia was beaten by Grid and Alexander pushed all responsibilities Kraugel, who didn’t come to save them. Kraugel was silent for a moment.



Alexander’s face crumpled. It was because Kraugel grabbed his wrist and his grip was too strong and terrible.

‘How does a yellow skinned person have such power?’

Kraugel was as feminine as a woman. Alexander couldn’t believe that Kraugel could exert more power than him. With a force that was enough to break the wrist, Kraugel whispered in a desolate voice.

"I was forced to endure it on the opening day, but not anymore.”

Yes, Kraugel hadn’t figured out the team’s tendencies at the start of the match. He was forced to give the lead to Alexander, but not anymore.

"You aren’t in a position to say anything. I am the dominant one in this relationship.”


Kraugel’s black eyes were deeper than the abyss. Alexander felt a strange fear because he couldn’t read any emotions in these eyes. This was just a yellow skinned person. Alexander couldn’t admit it and tried to swing his fist.

"This damn monkey hasn’t grasped who you are going against...!”


Did the physical abilities of the real body affect the virtual reality body? The experts’ opinion was ‘no.’ The body in virtual reality was completely separate from the physical body.  In order to move the virtual reality body better, the important factor wasn’t the physical abilities, but the interaction of the brain.

In this regard, Kraugel thought that ‘experience’ was an important factor. For example, swordsmanship. Swinging a sword 10 times in reality meant it was possible to use a sword in the virtual world without Sword Mastery. Of course, the ability to use a sword was communicated through commands from the brain.

Before Satisfy was released. They were the days when he didn’t know about his mother’s condition. Kraugel participated in many sports and martial arts with pure passion. It was with the attitude of becoming the supreme person in Satisfy.

A slender body? That was only when wearing clothes. Kraugel’s sleek muscles hidden under his clothes were comparable to professional martial artists.



Kraugel evaded Alexander’s fist and punched his face. The process was as fast as lightning, causing Alexander to fall and see stars.


Kraugel placed his foot on Alexander’s thick neck.


“Kek...! Keeek!”

Alexander felt great pain from his vocal cords being pressed on. Kraugel spoke to the terrified Alexander.

“I know people like you. You’re a type of gangster who doesn’t obey until you are trampled on. You decided that I couldn’t be targeted in virtual reality, but reality is different. Isn't that right?"


Kraugel placed greater weight onto the foot on Alexander’s neck. In the end, Alexander’s face turned white. He still couldn’t see any emotions in Kraugel’s eyes. Alexander realized that Kraugel wasn’t afraid of hurting people.

‘This guy... This guy is the real deal.’

He could kill a person. A person who absolutely shouldn’t be touched. 

Alexander shook as Kraugel gave a last warning.

“If you ever mention my mother with that filthy mouth of yours again, I will pull your tongue out. In addition, don’t grab my ankle in the next team event. New medicine? Russia isn’t the only one who has it, so you can’t control me.”


Tang tang!

Alexander, who had difficulty breathing, banged his hand several times on the floor in surrender. It was a signal of surrender. But Kraugel didn’t let him off easily. He pressed down on Alexander’s neck, staring down silently for a long amount of time.

Alexander felt dizzy due to lack of oxygen and couldn’t meet Kraugel’s eyes. The hierarchical relationship was perfectly established.

'An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.’

Kraugel was forced to be an eternal outsider in Russia, where trash like Alexander lived. This personality was revealed during his first meeting with Piaro. Alexander ran away after Kraugel let him go.

Kraugel lay down in the capsule with an uneasy expression.

'Russia is the only one who has the new medicine.’

Satisfy was the largest culture and business in the world, so Kraugel’s value was astronomical. There were countless countries who wanted him to immigrate there. However, none of them had developed a new drug that could treat Alzheimer’s.

Yes, Kraugel needed to lead Russia to victory. 

[Scanning your body.]

[Recognize your iris.]

[Verifying the user’s information.]

[The capsule protection system is working.]

[Log in to Satisfy.]


Kraugel’s eyes slowly cleared. His five senses were sucked into Satisfy. Then after a while. A capsule in the corner opened. The person who got up was Jishuka.

“Kraugel had this story.”

She had laid down in the capsule before Kraugel and heard a noise before logging in. Then she unintentionally learned Kraugel’s story. This information, she needed to tell Grid and Overgeared. Jishuka rushed over to Shang X Lila Hotel.


"The combination of sweet and salty is very good.”

"It melts in my mouth.”

Shang X Lila Hotel’s restaurant.

The South Korean representatives were dining there. The restaurant had three Michelin stars, so the food was excellent. Even Peak Sword, who was an enthusiast about Korean food, had to acknowledge this taste.

“The cooking skills are great. I want to try the kimchi stew made by the chef of this restaurant.”


It was hard to understand why he would want to eat kimchi stew made by a French chef. In this atmosphere, Grid felt frustrated.

"Why is the rate of service so slow when the amount of food is so small? The restaurant owner is incredibly lazy.”

Grid was a typical modern Korean used to delivery food. The average time was 15 minutes. However, the French restaurant took 2~3 hours on average for a course, causing Grid to feel horribly frustrated.

"In this case, it would be better to just boil ramyun. Michelin is a waste of time.”

“Um... I would like to try the soybean paste stew made by the chef of this restaurant...”


The frustrated Grid and Peak Sword who was talking nonsense. The two people made it difficult to relax and enjoy the food. The party thought that they shouldn’t eat with Grid and Peak Sword from the next meal onwards.

On the other hand, Yura was glad. She felt a strange happiness just sitting at the same table as Grid. If she was with Grid, she could endure eating instant noodles three times a day for the rest of her life.

"You’re this far from home, how about having a glass of wine?”

A restaurant where a nice piano melody was flowing. A youth with silver hair approached the raucous South Korean table. His blue eyes was as beautiful and clear as the sky. It was Lauel. Despite his casual appearance, he looked like a noble as he held out a bottle of red wine.

It was a relatively recent vintage of Romane X. Only 6,000 bottles of wine were produced a year, it was one of the finest limited quality wines. Lauel had prepared such a precious wine for Grid and was touched by his own loyalty.

“This body of wine, like the blood that flowed in my body for thousands of years, is lavish and sublime. This red wine is the symbol of me, Lauel... It reflects my will to be in your heart forever.”

The Korean members paled. Their hands and feet shrivelled up from Lauel’s words. But Grid, Peak Sword, and Yura were fine. Yura had outstanding composure, while Grid and Peak Sword didn’t have good English.

"Okay, okay."

“Do you know God Grid?”

Grid and Peak Sword responded as they accepted the wine that Lauel brought. However, drinking soju and rice wine was still the best.


Lauel was speechless as he watched tens of thousands of dollars disappearing in vain. In this chaotic atmosphere...

“Listen to my story!”

Jishuka ran in and started to tell Kraugel’s story. But there wasn’t a translator so the only people who could understand here were Yura and Lauel. Lauel watched Grid and said to Yura and Jishuka.

“For the moment, keep this a secret from Grid.”

Lauel knew that Grid and Kraugel had a great affinity with each other. If Grid knew about Kraugel’s circumstances, he might not be able to fully concentrate on the National Competition.

“I will fix this problem.”

He learned how to get Kraugel into Overgeared. Lauel smiled with satisfaction and headed to his room.

Then the next day. The 2nd day of the National Competition began.

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