Chapter 418

Chapter 418

[Spiral Quick Fire Bow]

Rating: Epic

Attack Power: 215~249   Firing Speed: +17%

Accuracy: -30%

* Every time you shot an arrow, the firing speed will increase by 0.5%. This effect will only be applied up to 50%.

* It is difficult to control the trajectory of the arrow.

* If you hit the ‘desired target,’ you will gain additional Bow Mastery experience.

A bow made by the legendary blacksmith Grid.

The structure of the bow and arrow is unusual. It is difficult to predict the trajectory of an arrow the user even hit rate is very poor.


Grid took out the bow that he made after much suffering. Then a notification window appeared in front of him.

[The effect of Beginner Weapons Mastery Lv. 8 is higher than the effect of Beginner Bow Mastery Lv. 3.] 

[The passive Weapons Mastery skill is applied.]

Grid learned Bow Mastery much faster than Weapons Mastery. However, the level of Weapons Mastery was much higher than Bow Mastery because Grid’s main weapon was a sword. Weapons Mastery accumulated experience with any type of weapon, while Bow Mastery only gained experience when using a bow.

‘When I use the bow, both Weapons Mastery and Bow Mastery increases. If the level of the two masteries is similar someday, I will start to see the advantage of Bow Mastery.’


Unless they were some combat specialized class, more ordinary users only learned one type of mastery. Blacksmiths didn’t have any mastery skill at all. Grid was a blacksmith, yet he possessed Weapons Mastery, Bow Mastery, and Magic Mastery.

He had endless potential.

『 H-He is really shooting a bow! 』

One arrow left Grid’s bowstring. The spectators looked on as it moved in a zigzag, the movements hard to predict. It was the moment that the dignity of the legendary Pagma’s Descendant class was howed to the world.

Grid was confident.

'I’m no longer someone you can ignore.’

Grid had lived a life where he wasn’t acknowledged by people. He had always been despised for his lack of talent. But now it was different.

Satisfy. In the end, it was a game where Grid broke the prejudices of the people who knew him and became the best.


『 Grid has accurately hit the target!!! 』

[Firing speed has increased by 1%.]

[The arrow has hit the desired target. Additional Bow Mastery experienced has been acquired.]


Grid pulled the bowstring again with calm eyes. As the stagnant score of South Korea started moving again...

[Your arrow has missed.]

[Your arrow has missed.]

[Your arrow...]

"...This is rotten.”

Indeed, his luck was bad. It happened when Grid saw that the arrows were flying in a different direction.

『 The situation is turned upside down! The United States has surpassed South Korea’s score! 』

『 Russia and Canada are also close to South Korea’s score! 』

『 The other countries are finally fully engaged in the target processing, but South Korea has only three survivors. They will keep falling behind. 』

『 Hah... Regas and Seuron are still fighting. I want to express my sympathies to the people of Britain and Argentina. 』

『 To the people of China and Japan... 』

‘Is there nothing I can do?’

Grid’s heart weakened for the first time in a while. He had been trying so hard for the past year, so he felt frustrated because he couldn’t achieve his desired result.

‘...No, it isn’t over yet.’

Grid bit his lip and firmed up his heart. The bowstring was pulled close to his red lips. Grid was extremely focused when there was a new change on the battlefield. The scores of the US and Russia stopped.


{Shit! East cliff! Check it! }

{U-Uhh? What? Why isn’t magic working?}

{There’s a reason. Haven’t you heard the rumor that it is impossible to hit him with non-targeted skills?}

{I thought it was an exaggerated rumor.}

{An exaggeration? There is never any exaggeration when describing him. Rather, it’s too lacking.}

Economies, industrial, science, culture, arts, military, academics, sports, etc. The United States had always been the leader in every field. There was nothing comparable to the largest and strongest country in the world.

It was natural that the United States would hold the title of the strongest in Satisfy. But the strongest United States was currently in turmoil. It was due to only one person. The sky above the sky.


Lauel’s face distorted as he clung to the top of the mountain and looked at the battlefield.

‘It’s my mistake.’

It happened the moment he was convinced that Kraugel would target South Korea’s Yura.

‘We should’ve adjusted the pace of our scoring until Kraugel had a direct conflict with South Korea.’

But that didn’t happen. The United States overtook South Korea’s score before Yura was attacked, causing Kraugel to switch targets. Kraugel was only aiming for gold. From his point of view, it was natural for him to target the most threatening country.

“Ugh... My health...”

There were some rules in the 2nd National Competition’s PvP field. First, damage was reduced by 50%. Second, various recovery potions and buff potions couldn’t be taken. Third, pets couldn’t be summoned.

These were measures to ensure that the participants fought purely with their combat abilities, and to allow the viewers to watch entertaining scenes for a longer time. It was why Zibal still wasn’t fully functional after receiving a large injury from Pon’s Rail Spear. Only two-thirds of his health had recovered.

How could they deal with the monster called Kraugel in this state? It was a very regrettable thing for Zibal. But he couldn’t stay still.

Lauel restrained him.

"You should try to recover a bit more. If you rush it, you will just be hurt worse.”

Healers were rare and precious in this game. He realized it again. Therefore, the value of Pope Damian and the Rebecca Church, which could train healers, was more important. He needed to be turned into a perfect ally.

In this dire situation, Lauel was still thinking about Overgeared.

{Russia is approaching through the western path. All personnel, except for Skull, should prepare to face the enemy. I will stop Kraugel in the east with Skull.}

The United State’s power was certainly unique. They completely overwhelmed Spain. It should be relatively easy to deal with Russia if Kraugel’s feet were tied up. Lauel believed so and used Dragon’s Stretch to cause a landslide.

Kraugel confirmed that most of the US rankers moved away, used White Light Steps to avoid the 8th ranked Skull and came face to face with Lauel.

‘Indeed. He always targets the head.’

Smart people were always a target. Lauel predicted that Kraugel would aim for him. It was the reason why he made Zibal keep recovering here.

“Zibal! Let’s see if your hands can reach the sky!”

“I’m ranked 2nd! I’m the only person qualified to crack the sky!”

Zibal received Lauel’s provocation and jumped up to face Kraugel. He had shown excellent skills in hunting and boss raids, but nothing in PvP. He didn’t participate in the 1st National Competition’s PvP event, so he had to prove himself now. The reason he neglected PvP was because he wasn’t interested, not because he was weak!


Zibal screamed and pulled out a grey rod. It was the emergence of the ego weapon made by the 1st ranked blacksmith, Panmir, who used the techniques learned from the dwarf city Talima.


The grey rod was 1m in length and soared into the sky. The length quickly grew to 3m in an instant and aimed for Kraugel’s chest.


The moment that Kraugel avoided it.


The end of the grey rod turned at a right angle and hit Kraugel’s temple. Kraugel couldn’t overcome the shock and fell down.


"...This is items.”

Lauel never imagined that Zibal could do this much. On the other hand, the world was in great disorder.

『 T-The sky above the sky...! The sky above the sky!!! 』 

『 He fell!!! 』

『 It’s because of Zibal! 』

They were skeptical of his abilities since he was assassinated by Tarma who was logged out by Grid in 3 seconds, but he truly was the 2nd rank. The rumor that he had a close fight with the crazy farmer of Reidan wasn’t a lie.


“Zibal! Zibal! Zibal!”

The Americans cheered and stomped their feet. A stir filled the Stade de France National Stadium.

“I am Zibal! I am the most powerful American!”

Zibal shouted excitedly. Kraugel responded by slowly raising his body. His condition wasn’t good. Was it due to the injury from Zibal? No. Kraugel’s defense wasn’t so poor that Zibal’s blow would cause a big injury.

Kraugel was just tired. It had been 30 minutes since the target processing started and he had wiped out more than 10 countries alone. His stamina was low and as a result, his concentration dropped, and his movements became less stable.

"It’s very unfortunate that it isn’t Grid, but this is a chance to break down the sky in front of the whole world...”

Lauel finished casting Dragon Stretch and reached out towards Kraugel. The 8th ranked Skull had climbed the cliff and was aiming for Kraugel’s back.

“Just rest.”

Lauel proposed.


Dragon Stretch crumbled the floor around Kraugel.

"Open Arms!”

Skull continuous hit Kruagel’s back.

“I will wash away the stain on my reputation today!”

Zibal controlled the grey rod and aimed it at Kraugel’s head.


Kraugel faced strong skills. He was sweating so much it was like raindrops, but he remembered his sick mother. A deep desire filled his black eyes. He struggled and endured because he only wished for his mother’s recovery.

“Super Sensitivity.”


The strongest skill that only a person who obtained the title of great swordsman could use was activated and the owner moved between Zibal, Lauel, and Skull.




America’s strongest players were shattered by the combination of a speed that couldn’t be followed with the eyes, an attack that seemed beyond cognitive ability, and the hard to match destructive power.

At this moment, Kraugel was invincible. This was a truth that nobody in the world could argue against. The sky that Grid wanted to reach was endlessly high.

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