Chapter 419

Chapter 419

『 Skull and Lauel have been logged out!! 』

『 The survivors of the US team have started to retreat. 』 

『 It’s a big matter that Kraugel alone tied up three rankers. Russia has the numerical superiority. 』

『 Zibal survived, but his loss in power is severe. The United States seems to be getting further away from the medal. 』

『 Who could’ve imagined that a strong champion like the United States would be knocked out? Amazing!  Kraugel is really great! 』

Since Satisfy’s opening, Kraugel had maintained his first place ranking on the unified rankings chart. However, due to his nature of acting alone without appearing in public, the public had no chance to get to know his skills. They just guessed he was strong based on the few rankers who were witnesses.

To be honest, the public thought that all the nicknames for Kraugel were exaggerated. But that changed today. They were able to realize it after seeing Kraugel directly.

The rumors about Kraugel weren’t exaggerated. Rather, they weren’t accurate enough.

Kraugel was truly a transcendent figure.


“So what if the trivial monkey is good at fighting?”

The skinheads of Russia showed extreme racism. Over the past century, the number of Asians assaulted or killed by them was over 100,000.

The Koryoin were no exception. Most Koreans voluntarily acquired Russian citizenship and lived in Russia for several generations, but they weren’t recognized by the skinheads. They were treated with threats and contempt. In 2005, there was a well known incident where the Koryoin Russian karate champion, ‘Yakov Khan’ was murdered by skinheads.  

“What are you doing? The competition isn't over yet.”

Alexander. He was a skinhead and 22nd on the overall rankings. He treated Kraugel as less than a human. He didn’t cheer, honor, or respect Kraugel, who played a bigger role than anyone else. He was just like a dog.


Kraugel led Russia to victory by defeating Jishuka, Skull, and Lauel. He couldn’t even hold his body up properly as Alexander whispered to him.

"Shake it off and keep going. Don’t you have to work hard to treat your mother’s disease?”


“What? You’re not getting up?”

Alexander knew why Kraugel was in this National Competition and thoroughly took advantage of it.

"Oh, I’m not feeling motivated anymore. I am tired of playing in the National Competition, so how about I quit and take a break?”

“I’m sorry. I’ll get up.”

Kraugel restrained Alexander, who was about to lie down, and barely got up. His legs were staggering as Alexander pointed to the scoreboard.

"While we were fighting the United States, South Korea took back the number one spot. If you don’t want to miss out on the gold medal, you need to shatter them.”

“...I will do so.”

A new medicine that could treat his mother’s disease. It would take at least two years before it was commercialized. Kraugel couldn’t wait until then, so he firmed up his heart.


1st. South Korea - 244 points.

2nd. Russia - 195 points.

3rd. United States - 167 points.

4th. Canada - 153 points.

5th. United Kingdom - 119 points.



Grid’s face was tense as he checked the scoreboard.

‘The score of the Russians has started to rise again.’

It meant that the battle between the US and Russia ended in Russia’s victory

"As expected from Kraugel.”

The average power of the United States was higher than Russia. The US was only defeated due to the variable called Kraugel. Yura and Peak Sword hadn’t expected the current situation and were surprised, but Grid was different.

‘I can’t play a more active role on this stage than Kraugel.’

In the past, Grid had defeated Kraugel because Kraugel wasn’t in a perfect state. It was natural for Kraugel to achieve all of this, since he was so strong.


South Korea had once again regained first place, but their the situation wasn’t very good right now. Grid’s God Hands were slowly and steadily accumulating points. However, Peak Sword was limited to close range damage, while Yura consumed mana with every shot. Yura’s target processing speed was remarkably reduced and the targets flying through the sky were too small to handle.

‘It would be a great help if Park Jonghwa was still alive.’

Grid judged that Russia and Canada would eventually beat them.

‘The secret to how Russia is able to reach here.’

They actively utilized the weapon called Kraugel. Kraugel moved through Tira, fighting the elements that threatened Russia alone. And right now, the country threatened Russia was South Korea.

Kraugel needed to move again for Russia to get a more definitive victory. South Korea would be a target.

‘Kraugel will soon attack.’

What will be the result if I fight against him?

‘South Korea will lose.’

Even if Grid caught Kraugel’s ankle, Yura and Peak Sword were the only ones handling the target, so the speed of scoring will be slow. In the end, Russia would catch up.

‘If Yura and Peak Sword can confront Kraugel...’

It was counterproductive. Yura had grown quickly through the vampire cities and the Behen Archipelago, but she was still only level 260. Peak Sword wasn’t Kraugel’s opponent in the first place. Grid could only handle dozens of targets before the two people were logged out by Kraugel. Then Grid would be left alone.

The result where South Korea was defeated didn’t change.

‘How to get first?’

If Grid was an ordinary player, he would’ve abandoned the gold medal. But Grid wasn’t a common player. Like Kraugel, he had a destructive power that overturned common sense. Thus, he could do something.

‘What if I hit Russia?’

Yes, he didn’t have to take the risk of facing Kraugel. While Kraugel ran to this place to confront Yura and Peak Sword, he would run and smash the Russian team.

‘Afterwards, avoid Kraugel’s pursuit and handle the targets with the God Hands.

Canada remained a problem, but Korea, Canada, and Russia weren’t the only countries remaining on the battlefield. Britain, Argentina, China, and Japan were still in a relatively good condition. They were also aiming for a medal, so they would read the situation and keep Canada in check.


The cooldown of most skills had returned and his mana had recovered by quite a bit. Grid made a decision and spoke to Yura and Peak Sword.

“Stand out so that you will be Kraugel’s target. Then when Kraugel attacks, escape as far as possible and buy some time.”

“Grid, don’t tell me...”

Yura was smart and Peak Sword had been the leader of a guild. They figured out Grid’s plan at once.

"Are you going to strike Russia alone?”

"It’s too dangerous, even if you’re God Grid! Russia didn’t beat the United States just because of Kraugel. The average power of Russia is strong, especially Alexander...!”

“Isn’t it high list, high return? If we want the best result, I have to take this risk.”

Grid cut off Peak Sword’s anxious words and entered the forest. Peak Sword looked at his back with dismay and muttered.

“It is high risk, not high list...”

Kindergartens taught English these days, so shouldn’t he know more? Peak Sword felt very good about his English, despite only saying ‘Do you know?’


“South Korea’s scoring rate has slowed down?”

"Is Kraugel already raiding Korea’s base?

“No, Kraugel is tired. It will take him a considerable amount of time to reach the Korean base, and even if he reaches it, he won’t pose a great threat to Grid.”

“Then why is South Korea’s score rising so slowly?”

“Are they frightened of Kraugel?”

"Well, there is Yura in the Korean team. She will quickly identify that she is Kraugel’s next target."

“Hahat! Cowards.”

The Russian representatives were on top of the mountain that was originally the US team’s base. As a result, the speed of their scoring was very fast. It was at least five times faster than South Korea, so a reversal would happen soon.

“But Alexander, isn’t it better not to bother Kraugel so much in the National Competition?”

"I also agree. Kraugel is currently our largest power. It could backfire if you keep crushing his pride and morale.”

Apart from Alexander, the Russian team representatives didn’t know the real reason why Kraugel participated in the National Competition. They just thought he wanted a gold medal and a reward like themselves.

Alexander snorted.

"Don't worry. He wants to win the championship for Russia more than anyone else. He will do his best to the end, even if he’s treated as a dog.”

Alexander disliked Kraugel. He felt honored to participate in order to make Russia great, and couldn’t stand the attitude of someone who participated for personal reasons. Thus, he wanted to crush Kraugel even more.

The Russian representatives were chatting while handling the targets.

“Are you harassing Kraugel? Hyenas are bothering a lion?”

It was a familiar but also unfamiliar voice. Alexander and the other Russian rankers looked in the direction of the voice.



Why was this bastard here? The Russian representatives quickly figured out the situation.

“Hoh, I see. You want to hit us while Kraugel hits South Korea?”

They felt grateful.

“Planning to raid us alone, you’re crazy. Didn’t you just come here to die?”

"You hit a couple of small fries and think you are so great?”

“You aren’t Kraugel. Did you call us hyenas and Kraugel a lion? Then you are a dog, a dog.”

Grid had been bullied throughout school and disliked harassment. He could roughly guess Kraugel’s position after hearing the conversation of the Russian rankers, so his eyes were sharp.

“I’m a tiger, dumb bastards.”


Before arriving here, Grid used the Item Combination skill. By combining Grid’s Greatsword and Failure, he held the weapon with the highest attack power.

“Transcended Link. And Linked Kill Wave.”

The bombardment struck the Russian team.

Kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa!


The energy blades, which were more threatening than a storm, destroyed the edge of the mountain peak. Unlike Lauel, who caused a landslide by taking advantage of the terrain, Grid caused a landslide using pure destructive power.

The Russian representatives screamed as they were hit.

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