Chapter 417

Chapter 417


He was a legendary class, and the most famous one among the informal rankers. He was behind so many topics that even people indifferent to Satisfy knew Grid’s name.

But evaluations were split in two. He was either an inexperienced person lucky to obtain a legendary class, or he had the ability itself to acquire a legendary class. And so on. A person who received both praise and criticism like Grid was rare.

However, those who praised Grid and those who criticized him came to a common consensus. Grid was strong.

But Tarma thought differently.

‘I’m stronger than a blacksmith.’

In fact, Tarma had seen Grid’s battle video several times. Grid was lacking a lot when seen from the viewpoint of a combat specialist. His combat skills were all aggressive and lacked any defense, but he had no control skills to cover for that lack of defense.

'Well, he might seem good when looking at it from the level of the public.’

Tarma ridiculed and made a shooing motion with his hand.

“Get lost, small fry. I don’t have time to deal with you.”

Before the National Competition started, the world predicted that Grid wouldn’t play a big role, and it was the same for Tarma’s client. Tarma’s client didn’t put a bounty on Grid’s head. In other words, Tarma didn’t target Grid. It was a waste of energy to kill him. He intended on sending Grid away, but his tone was the problem.

Get lost, small fry? Grid didn’t like Tarma’s attitude.

"What did you call me? Get lost?”

“What? What are you saying?"

Tarma didn’t understand Grid’s slang. Then Grid raised his middle finger.

"Eat this.”

Grid was more welcoming towards the people around him, but his innate personality was still far from being gentle. The worst of his nature emerged when it came to people like Tarma.

“You bastard...”

Tarma’s face distorted like he was a demon. The second reason for Grid’s grudge was that Tarma was at the point where Grid expected Kraugel to be. Due to that, Grid missed the timing for a perfect surprise attack.

"This can't be forgiven..."

Tarma growled out.

"Small fry, I will give you a chance to die under my glorious hands.”

The world knew Faker as the strongest assassin. Faker was responsible for wiping out one of the seven guilds, the Ice Flower Guild. But those who knew Tarma evaluated Tarma as higher than Faker.

The unofficial ranker, Assassin Tarma. The activities he showed in the world of darkness were greater than Faker’s achievements.

『 Tarma? Who’s that? 』

『 Um, let’s see... A third advancement assassin belonging to Greece. His class is Shadow Master... He’s an unofficial ranker because his level isn’t disclosed. 』

There were currently hundreds of cameras installed on Tira Island, capturing the movements of the participants in real time. However, the videos that the broadcasting stations could show were limited, so the users who weren’t famous weren’t exposed to the viewers. One of them was Tarma.

But at this moment. Grid destroyed the allied teams and came across Tarma, making Tarma subject to the attention of the world.

-Tarma? He has a third advancement class, which means he’s at a minimum, the same level as the 80th ranker.

-There seems to be little exposure about him. He’s probably a person who only eats and hunts.

Most viewers didn’t know Tarma. It was the same for the international commentators. But those who knew the world of Satisfy more deeply were well aware of Tarma.

『 Tarma is a well known assassin. 』

『 There is a rumor that Tarma has assassinated over 100 rankers. Even the 2nd ranked Zibal was assassinated by Tarma. 』

『 Have you heard about that dark gamer group called Blood Carnival? Tarma is one of the monsters of that infamous group. 』

『 There’s a saying that the true god of death is Tarma, not Faker. 』

The Internet was shocked by the comments from the experts. The real time search terms on Internet portal sites were dominated by Tarma and Blood Carnival.

-Wow... This is the first time I’ve heard of Blood Carnival, but their power is huge.

-An unbelievably wicked group... Are they the Triads of Satisfy?

-13 kingdoms have bounties on the Blood Carnival, but their base can’t be found.

-It seems like Tarma isn’t a simple assassin;; Did Grid pick the wrong opponent? Isn’t it dangerous?


Dozens of drones scattered through the forest started gathering around Grid and Tarma. It was proof that the world was paying attention to both people.

“Hah, this is really...”

Tarma scratched his head as he saw all the cameras. He was only in the National Competition to assassinate Kraugel, so he wanted to avoid people’s attention to act more freely. However, this was ruined due to Grid.

"After I kill you, all the participating countries will be alert towards me. I’m being bothered by this little chick.”


Tarma complained while pulling out the logo of the Lion Group. The Lion Group. One of the world’s top 10 companies, they were the ones who sponsored Tarma.

"Since so much attention is being paid to a small fry, I might as well get money from it.”

Tarma attached the logo of the Lion Group to his chest. Then he started to emit a dark aura as he pulled out two yellow daggers. It was a PK only weapon that he acquired from quests in Gaya, the sandy kingdom on the East continent that most users hadn’t even seen yet.

"This is the strongest weapon that makes those on the West Continent look stupid. Overgeared? Pffft! That’s a word that describes me!"

Tarma shouted with confidence and shadows emerged from everywhere. The ground, bushes, trees, rocks, etc. Tarma’s shadow spread all over the place and deceived the viewers.

“The shadows are moving!”

Tarma disappeared into a shadow. It was perfect. It was at a level that could be called the strongest hiding technique, so the comments, experts and viewers around the world admired it.

But Grid was different. In the past, Grid had experienced the shadow assassin called Kasim. He was able to grasp Tarma’s identity the moment that Tarma’s shadow started wriggling. Based on this, he used Magic Detection (Enhanced) Lv. 2 in advance.

Magic Detection Lv. 2 had a long casting time and couldn’t accurately detect the position of an assassin moving in real time. However, Grid’s Magic Detection was one developed by the legendary great magician, Braham. It transcended common sense. 

Furthermore, Grid had his high insight and the Slaughterer’s Eye Patch. All the conditions were in place to make it a perfect disaster for Tarma.


Tarma emerged from the shadow of the tree next to Grid. He stared at Grid, intent on killing Grid before he was detected. But Grid’s Greatsword was aiming towards the point where he appeared.

“Linked Kill.”


Puk! Puk! Puk.


An assassin’s weaknesses were their low health and defense. They were proud of their excellent stealth and lethality, but their bodies were the weakest of all damage dealers. How could an assassin survive Linked Kill, which was superior to Linked Kill Wave when it came to just attack power? It was only fortunate if they could avoid it.

Tarma couldn’t even scream as he turned to grey.

『 Wow. 』

The commentators and experts took a deep breath. The 1st ranked real time topic on search portals was ‘3 seconds.’ After logging out Hurent in 5 seconds and Bondre in 4 seconds in the last National Competition, now Grid had set a new record. It was very cliche, but the world was once again astonished.

From the first day of the National Competition, Grid was overturning the world several times.


‘A very strong guy.’

Grid realized the moment he read where Tarma would emerge and used Linked Kill. Tarma didn’t give up and fought back, cutting Grid’s wrist.

‘I received 3,000 damage...’

Grid resisted it, but the attack also caused poisoning and paralysis. The power was tremendous. If he couldn’t kill Tarma with one blow and if Linked Kill had only done three strikes, Grid thought it would have been dangerous.

That’s right.

Grid had eyes that could measure an opponent’s ability just by exchanging one blow. It was something he developed after numerous battles with enemies stronger than him. Now Grid was becoming a real powerhouse.

『 The US team has started catching up with the South Korean team! 』

『 Currently, there are only three survivors in the Korean team. It’s inevitable that their speed will slow down compared to other teams. Isn’t it possible for them to lose their first place to the United States? 』


The words of the commentators alarmed Grid. After confirming the scoreboard, Grid used Fly and flew in the direction where targets were concentrated, unleashing Wave. Dozens of targets exploded.

However, there was a limit to his mana. Grid had the God Hands continue to handle the targets and dropped to the ground after his mana was depleted. The Korean viewers who saw it were frustrated. The targets were difficult to deal with from the ground and South Korea only had one ranged damage dealer, Yura, so the US team was able to catch up. Maybe Russia and Canada would also catch up. 

But who was Grid? He was a legendary blacksmith that could use all weapons. He had acquired the Weapons Mastery skill in the Behen Archipelago. The commentators and viewers were shocked as they saw him take out a bow.

『 Bow? Why is he bringing out a bow? 』

『 Don’t tell me... Surely a blacksmith isn’t trying to shoot a bow... 』

Pagma was a legendary blacksmith and great swordsman. Everyone could understand why Pagma’s Descendant would use a sword, but they never imagined that he could shoot a bow.

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