Chapter 416

Chapter 416

There was nothing in front of strength.

This was one of the truths of the game. It was an undeniable law.

An extreme example of this law was applied in boss raids. Bosses that had millions of health? If they suffered from tens of thousands of damage from dozens of players, they would eventually fall.

But what if the boss monster had the power to knock down the players in one go? This truth was likely to be broken. In that sense, it wasn’t impossible for Grid to wipe out 37 people from the allied teams alone.


South Korea vs the allies.

Despite the efforts of Yura and Peak Sword, South Korea went increasingly on the defensive because the numerical disadvantage was too much. All of the Korean players except for Yura and Peak Sword were logged out.

This was the end for South Korea! The moment that the people of the world were thinking the worst.

“The protagonist appears.”

After defeating Bondre and Bubat, Grid finally joined the battlefield. As always, he appeared with truly exquisite timing. Originally, the commentators and spectators would be thrilled to see him...

『 Grid’s outfit is really unique. 』

『 Um... It is vague. 』

The commentators and spectators were embarrassed as they saw Grid. Black armor and cloak, golden leggings and helmet, and red gauntlets. Grid’s appearance was ridiculous after he wore different armor.

“He has no sense of aesthetics.”

“How can he go around looking like that? Isn’t it embarrassing?”

"My daughter is in elementary school and she has a better grasp of colors than Grid...”

If they looked at Grid’s armor individually, all the pieces were beautifully designed and nicely colored. But the harmony of colors together was a mess. The black armor and red gauntlets were okay, but the armor was the same color as the cloak, as well as the leggings and helmet...

The combination didn’t look good. It was a funny outfit that comedians would wear when they played punishment games.

"Grid, what are you doing? Are you aiming to kill us with laughter?”

“How thick is the sheet of iron in front of your face that you can go around like that?”

"I would rather be naked.”

The momentum of the allied teams rose. They laughed at Grid’s state and lost their tension. In the first place, Grid had wasted a lot of skills and mana while dealing with Bondre and Bubat, so the allied teams believed that they could easily kill Grid if they worked together.

But the result? They were all wiped out. Most of the team members had second advancement users and weren’t able to penetrate Grid’s defense. Meanwhile, Grid’s attack power shattered the defense of the allied teams.

Grid paid back every blow with 10 blows and slaughtered 37 people.

Hit, hit, hit, and hit. Grid’s simple battle strategy caused the enemies to feel an enormous fear.

"If I can’t reproduce the strongest attack power because of the patch then I will show the strongest defense.”

He didn’t keep this declaration. Unlike his declaration, he showed the strongest attack power and the strongest defense. It was truly an overwhelming display of items. It was a show of hope for millions of people dreaming of being overgeared.

『 A-Amazing... Amazing! 』

『 The current Grid can probably deal with two third advancement classes alone... 』

『 At the end of Grid’s performance, the allied teams have been knocked out! 』

It was the moment when the commentators praised Grid for the annihilation of the allied teams.


Zibal was sitting down and resting to recover from the powerful damage dealt by Pon. He watched the scoreboard with bloodshot eyes.

1st. South Korea - 83 points.

2nd. United States - 68 points.

3rd. Russia - 47 points.

4th. Canada - 36 points.




The allied teams, those guys were useless. Not only did they not destroy the South Korean team, they couldn’t even stop South Korean from hitting the targets. Lauel saw that Korea was ahead and said.

"I hoped that we could catch up while South Korea’s scoring was slowed down. Now that they can concentrate on the target processing, we’ll be forced to defend second place.”

"What if we hit South Korea?”

“We have a chance. South Korea is tired and we’re all strong, except for you.”

Lauel emphasized the ‘except for you’ part. Zibal frowned at the words, causing Lauel to laugh.

“But I can’t say how long it will take to defeat Grid. Currently, Grid has at least 3,100 defense and he seemed to have an extreme resistance to physical attacks.”


The average defense of the third advancement tankers was at least 2,500. Yet it was estimated that Grid had a defense that easily surpassed 3,000, despite being a blacksmith and not a tanker. He didn’t even have any passive skills to increase his defense.

‘Damn items.’

Zibal also had excellent items due to the 1st ranked blacksmith, Panmir. It was why he wasn’t killed by Pon’s Rail Spear. But somehow, it seemed shameful in front of Grid.

“If we fight Korea, we’ll be giving a chance to Russia and Canada. It’s better to be satisfied with second place.”

The top of the mountain. Lauel handled the targets while looking down  at the Russian team. It was honestly surprising. Despite Kraugel not being present, the six people were handling the targets quickly while confronting the Italian team.

‘The four third advancement class rankers have better skills than rumored. Is Kraugel raising their morale?’

『 Sofia has been logged out! The Hungary team is eliminated! 』

“...A monster.”

After crossing the forest and mountains, Kraugel assassinated famous ranged damage dealers. His destructive power was beyond common sense. It was unrealistic. Lauel questioned if even Grid could withstand Kraugel’s onslaught.


Looking at the situation, Kraugel was the most active person on the battlefield. Maybe he was aiming for gold? Lauel had overlooked Russia’s power and realized it late.

‘If that’s the case...!’

Kraugel’s next target would be...

‘Yura of South Korea.’

Would the biggest match of Grid vs Kraugel occur in the opening event? Before being Lauel of Overgeared or Lauel of the United States, Lauel was a player of Satisfy. His honest desire as a pure player was to watch the confrontation between Grid and Kraugel.

It was the common wish among the hundreds of millions of people watching the National competition.



The Chinese and Japanese teams were facing each other on the lowest of the three mountains on Tira. Both teams believed themselves to be Asia’s ambassadors, so they couldn’t focus on target processing because they were busy interfering with each other.

However, there were three people who weren’t tense. They were Japan’s Damian and Katz, and China’s Hao.

“Indeed! Grid truly is great!”

Damian. The strongest paladin who rose to become the first pope user was merely watching Grid’s activities and feeling admiration.

"Bah, how boring."

Katz. One of Japan’s top rankers and an epic class user, he yawned without any hesitation. 

“The sky above the sky...”

Hao. The draconian and king of fighting was only conscious of Kraugel.

"...Hey guys. What do we do now?"

Yoshimura, who was once called one of the best rankers in Japan. He was strong against the weak and weak against the strong.

Then Katz stepped forward.

"Indeed, it’s less boring to kill these uncivilized bastards than to stay still.” 

The faces of the Chinese rankers reddened.

“What? Uncivilized?”

"This nasty brat is speaking nonsense!”

“I will kill you!”

The Chinese rankers were hot-blooded. Once Katz provoked them, the rankers rushed forward at once.


Katz laughed and pulled out a sword from his waist. It was the moment when the might of the Blood Warrior, which absorbed the enemy’s health with every attack and could use wide range skills using blood, was exposed. Hao saw Katz’ strength instantly and finally came forward.

The struggle between the two Asian countries started in earnest. The Chinese mainland and Japanese island simultaneously went wild. But Damian’s remark poured cold water on them.

“Korea will be the best anyway.”


It was the moment when the ‘Damian is Korean’ theory became stronger.


‘A 10 billion won neck.’

Tarma was part of a dark gamers group, Blood Carnival, which committed all types of bad acts. He participated in the National Competition for Greece and his goal was to assassinate Kraugel. He was involved in all possible events that Kraugel would participate in, and he would aim for Kraugel’s neck every time. He didn’t care about the gold medal.

‘I will gain additional benefits if I kill him three times in PvP... Killing other famous rankers will also gain me benefits. Kukuk, I will make hundreds of millions of won and migrate to the US.’

He would enjoy a luxurious life in a mansion with beauties every day! He dreamt of a brilliant future as he moved after Kraugel. Then a golden hand hovered around him? It was Grid’s famous God Hands.

‘This is very irritating.’

Armed with a sword, it was flying alone and handling the targets. It didn’t care about what was happening in the surroundings. Tarma was afraid he might be spotted by Kruagel because of the God Hand, so he nervously hit the hand with a dagger.


The hand was hit hard and stiffened.


He hit it hard enough for it to go flying, but it just stayed in place?

“Go away!”

Jjang! Jjang! Jjang!

Tarma scowled and hit the God Hand several more times. Then all of the scattered God Hands gathered and headed towards Tarma. They recognized him as an enemy.


They not only moved by themselves, but had the ability to make decisions. There was a reason why Grid was famous for his items. Tarma was feeling confused when he heard an unfamiliar voice.

“What are you doing, assaulting someone else’s item?”


Grid appeared in front of Tarma, who had promised to win against Kraugel.

Tarma snorted.

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