Chapter 415

Chapter 415

Tira had three mountains.

The highest mountain was 723 meters above sea level and was the closest area to the sky. There was no better place to aim for the targets moving around in the sky. The team that won this spot?

The United States. This was the inevitable result. The seven US representatives were all third advancement classes and had the best names.

1st among the 10 Rookies, a Genius among Geniuses, Grid’s Brain, Chunni...  Lauel had many titles, and even he was merely ordinary in the US team. They had many business cards among them.

'Lauel, this child.’

Pon, who had been struggling to occupy the highlands, was hit by a landslide and fell down a cliff. The culprit who caused the landslide was Lauel.


Pon barely inserted his spear into the cliff and saved himself from crashing down, but it was dangerous.  It wouldn’t be unusual for Pon to be logged out if he fell down.

{Attack Zibal... Ugh!}

{This! Zephyr is preventing the use of my skills!}

{Dammit! Skull is behind you!!}

{L-Lauel is causing another landslide...! Kuaaack!}

Pon was isolated and the Spanish team’s party chat window was frenzied. The seven Spanish rankers were strong, but it wasn’t enough against the United States. The average power of the United States was overwhelming.

‘That Lauel, he’s the same as always, but now he is so scary.’

It was unfortunate that they overlapped with the US team.

‘We need to give up on the medal.’

Pon saw his colleagues being logged out one by one and pulled out the spear rammed in the cliff. Then as he fell, he used his last remaining mana to fire a blow. The target was the back of Zibal’s head at the top of the mountain.

"I will make you a friend on my journey.”

Pajik! Pajijik!

Lightning formed around the red spear held in Pon’s hand. It was the precursor of Rail Spear, which used electromagnetic force to shoot the spear faster than the speed of sound.


The cliff where countless joys and sorrows were taking place. Light shone in that dark place and a thunderous roar was heard. The moment the sound was heard, the spear was already almost at Zibal’s head.


Zibal’s eyes widened.

“Dragon Claws. Wind Dragon’s Roar.”


Lauel considered Pon’s nature and predicted this situation, using two skills at the same time to protect Zibal. He summoned a wind to slow down the speed of the Rail Spear, then caused the ground to raise, creating a barrier to block the weakened Rail Spear.

But it was useless. The power of the Rail Spear was too strong. It simply tore down the wind and earth barrier in its way. Lauel failed to protect Zibal and Zibal received a big blow. He would need to withdraw from battle for a while.


"...Hat! Hahahahat!”

Zibal’s shriek of rage was heard from the top of the mountain, while Pon laughed loudly from the bottom. This battlefield was becoming more intense.


『 Pon has been logged out! The Spanish team has been annihilated! 』

『 Spain couldn’t win against the United States. The United States is really strong! I can guarantee that the United States is the strongest at team events! 』

At the start of the event, the Korean team and the teams that allied against them were struggling against each other. The Brazil team, led by Jishuka, moved secretly and reached the depths of the northern forest.

“Is there a need to fight? You shouldn’t forget the fundamental purpose of shooting the target.”



Truly a godly archer. Jishuka fired without a break, quickly taking care of the flying targets in the area. Jishuka handled several more targets and asked the team members.

“Huhu, how about it? Aren’t we first?”

"Of course! Eh?"

A Brazilian ranker responded and then checked the scoreboard, only to feel shocked. No matter how they looked at it, the score was strange. Jishuka became anxious when she saw him stiffen and checked the scoreboard. Then she was shocked.

1st. South Korea - 41 points.

2nd. Brazil - 23 points.

3rd. United States  - 18 points.

4th. Russia - 11 points.



“What... What?”

How could Korea flourish, despite being the target of various teams from the beginning? The confused Jishuka burst out laughing.

‘The God Hands.’

Grid was facing the allied teams, while the God Hands were destroying the targets in the sky. The God Hands were very simple and easy to control, so it was possible.

“He’s truly a great man.”

Jishuka couldn’t understand why Grid destroyed the targets and attracted aggro the moment the game started. But now she sensed Grid’s deep meaning.

‘The God Hands have completely disappeared from the minds of the enemies. Grid is taking advantage of his presence.’

He even used Yura as bait. On the current battlefield, it was rare for people to be aware of the presence of the God Hands in the sky. If South Korea was able to withstand the barrage, they would obviously obtain the medal.

Since the allied teams were mostly weaker countries that couldn’t have won medals in the first place, it was likely that Korea could endure the alliance’s offensive. Apart from Grid, South Korea also had Yura and Peak Sword.

‘Grid, you’re great. But I'm sorry. The gold medal is mine.’

Jishuka only started the target hunting after entering the forest and securing her safety. In other words, she started the match very late compared to the South Korean team. Nevertheless, the gap was gradually narrowing.

The Brazil team could safely concentrate on the target hunting, while South Korea had to deal with enemy teams. Thus, there was a difference in speed. In particular, Jishuka’s archery was very great.

'Grid, be satisfied with the silver medal.’

Jishuka knew how to distinguish between public and private matters. She didn’t worry about her colleagues and wanted respect.


Jishuka pulled her bowstring while feeling sorry to Grid in her heart. She would win the gold medal, become stronger, and get the title of strongest woman. Her gaze became more intense and sexier. However, her brightly shining eyes soon became shaken.

“I can’t leave you alone, so I came after you.”

A low voice was heard from the dark forest. The owner of the charming voice showed up between the trees. Jishuka and the Brazilian rankers paled as they saw him.

“T-The sky above the sky...!”

The 1st ranked user, Kraugel. His waist long hair was tied up and his beautiful eyes shone.

"I’m sorry, but I have to do this.”

He would make Russia 1st on the overall rankings. It was the condition of payment for the new drug developed by the Russian government that would help Kraugel’s mother. Kraugel only accepted these terms for his mother.

He vowed to knock down the competitors, trample on them and lead Russia to victory. His goal in the target processing match was to assassinate the ranged dealers, and Jishuka was his fifth victim.

That’s right. Unlike Grid, Kraugel had stealthily and faithfully acted in his role as a close range damage dealer to assassinate four ranged dealers while Grid was attracting the public’s attention. They didn’t even know it.

“Who said I will be easy?”

She didn’t think she would be caught by such a big person...

Jishuka felt astonished, frustrated, and desperate as she pulled back her bowstring.


The bow that originally aimed at the target switched to Kraugel...


Godly archer. The arrow of the godly archer that exceeded the human condition left the bowstring.



The arrow rotated and split into five arrows, exploding and blocking Kraugel’s escape. Jishuka pulled her bowstring again during the time when Kruagel was delayed. She was hoping that Kraugel was alone.

‘First of all, I will deal as much damage as possible while the team members take up a pincer formation.’

They had a chance of winning, even if the opponent was Kraugel. The 14th ranked Jishuka was qualified to make this positive analysis. However, her opponent was the sky above the sky, who made even gods insignificant.

His innate skills and Keen Senses passive skill meant that he escaped most of Jishuka’s exploding arrows. Kraugel avoided big injuries and rushed through the blast towards Jishuka.


She didn’t think there would be someone who could emerge unscathed from that attack. Jishuka was at a loss, but she calmly fired her bow.


Sharp arrows rained down on Kraugel’s head.


Kraugel twisted and avoided the arrows. As expected, Jishuka’s arrows exploded to try and inflict damage on Kraugel. Kraugel used White Light Steps and easily avoided it. He steadily broke through the Brazilian rankers.




Kraugel’s moves weren’t as destructive as Grid and Chris, and they weren’t as dazzling as Faker or Regas.  But he was as strong as Grid and Chris, as fast as Faker, and as unconventional as Regas. 

He was like flowing water. All of his actions seemed natural.

"...Why did you lose to Grid?”

Kraugel avoided Jishuka’s continuously firing arrows and eliminated the Brazil team in an instant. A few arrows hit his body, but he exquisitely avoided any fatal blows. The reason why Kraugel was called the sky above the sky, Jishuka understood after seeing it directly.


『 Jishuka has been logged out! The Brazil team has been wiped out! 』

“Once again, the world is wide and there are many strong people. Right?”

Pon and Jishuka. Grid didn’t know that some of the strongest people in Overgeared were eliminated in succession.

The teams from 11 countries also couldn’t have imagined. The fact that they would be crushed by a country weak in Satisfy, South Korea.


The last survivor turned to grey. All of the team members were dead, and Grid was at the center. He was breathing roughly, but there were no obvious wounds on his body.

Armor that looked like it was made out of black dragon scales. Giant red gauntlets reminiscent of an ogre’s fist. A black cloak that changed color whenever it flapped in the wind. Gold leggings and a plate helmet with horns rising up on both sides.

 Armed with new items, Grid’s appearance was like a magnificent mountain. The world was shocked because it looked like he would never collapse.

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