Chapter 410

Chapter 410

"Mr. Grid, you didn’t fight back despite the one-sided damage caused by this patch. Are you admitting that it’s reasonable for you to be nerfed?”

Last year, Grid was able to play a role in the National Competition due to his class and items. The result wasn’t due to Grid’s skills. This patch was to eliminate that unreasonable thing, so even Grid couldn’t complain if he had a conscience.

The reporter interpreted it this way according to his taste.

From Youngwoo’s position, it was an unpleasant attitude. He had great pride in himself, so if it was one year ago, he would’ve immediately become angry at the reporter. He would’ve snapped angrily.

But now Youngwoo didn’t do that. He represented Overgeared and South Korea, and this press conference was a live world stage. Therefore, Youngwoo took a deep breath and watched the reporter. The ID hanging from the reporter’s chest had their name, the name of their media company, and their country.


One of the candidates to win in the 1st National Competition. The French pointed out Bondre as the person to win the championship for their country. However, Bondre was defeated in four seconds after meeting Youngwoo in PvP. This shocking disgrace moved France further away from the championship.

The antagonism that originated at that time, as well as vigilance and anxiety that the same thing might occur this time, dominated the French reporter. The enlightened Youngwoo felt more sympathetic towards the reporters.

‘His self-esteem is low.’

Just like Youngwoo in the old days. As a strong winner, Youngwoo was able to respond to the reporter in a calm tone.

“Everyone seems to have misunderstood. I’m not a victim of this patch.”


The French journalist was embarrassed and the audience was agitated.

A confused Chinese reporter asked.

"Mr. Grid, isn’t your greatest strength your unbeatable attack power? Due to this patch, you lost that strength and will inevitably be in a disadvantageous position in PvP. Compared to the other rankers, isn’t your control relatively lacking?”

“Why is my strength seen as attack power?”

"You’re the one who logged out Hurent of the United States in just 5 seconds and Bondre of France in just 4 seconds. Attack power is naturally your greatest strength.”


A smile appeared on Youngwoo’s face. The people watching the broadcast and the reporters couldn’t understand the meaning of this smile. But Yura, Peak Sword, and Regas knew the meaning of Youngwoo’s smile.

‘It’s ridicule.’

‘How absurd.’

‘The worst personality.’

Youngwoo enjoyed the questions spreading through the reporters and opened his mouth.

"You are pure.”


Suddenly calling them pure? That smile seemed to be laughing at them. Youngwoo asked a Chinese reporter who had an unpleasant expression on his face.

“What is the source of my strong attack power?”

"It’s obviously your strong items.”

"In other words, the power of items. That is the right answer.”


Youngwoo explained to the bewildered reporter.

"My strength isn’t attack power, but items. And items aren’t just limited to weapons.”


The eyes of the Chinese reporter widened. He understood the meaning of Youngwoo’s words. Youngwoo turned his gaze away from the reporters and declared towards the camera.

"If I can’t reproduce the strongest attack power because of the patch, then I will show the strongest defense. I will thoroughly use this patch to look much better than last year.”

The nerf sniping at him? He would easily pass through it.


The reporters laughed. Youngwoo’s words were too ridiculous.

"The blacksmith class is known to have low defense and because of the inherent limit of production classes, I don’t think a legendary blacksmith will be much different.”

"I’ve never seen you use defensive skills.” 

"It’s common sense that you can’t play as a tanker by just relying on armor, without any defense skills?”

“You might’ve overcome the limitations of your class with items during the 1st National Competition, where there were only second advancement users, but this year will be different. Other participants have grown stronger by leaps and bounds.”

"Mr. Grid, you are too obsessed with items.”

The reporters weren’t wrong. The reporters were experts in Satisfy and had a basis for their words. However, the problem was that Youngwoo was a special case.

“You will soon see. Ah, I will tell you this ahead of time.”

Youngwoo scanned Zibal and Bubat with ridicule.

“I don’t think anyone who participates in this competition isn’t equipped with items. The high rankers received a lot of money from sponsors, so it is irresponsible if they don’t have good items. Don’t use bad items as an excuse later on if you have a conscience.”

The tone was provocative.

Bubat responded to the taunt.

"Aren’t you the one who relies on items? Don’t speak nonsense! I bet that this year, you will earn 0 gold medals!”

Zibal was the same.

"A person who only relies on items is saying this... I guess there isn’t a lot of talent in South Korea. There is a rumor that Yura, who disappeared from the rankings after obtaining a hidden class, isn’t as good as before. Well, I think it is good enough for South Korea to maintain a low profile in this competition.”

After that, the reporters didn’t ask Youngwoo anymore questions. It was an attitude like they were no longer interested in South Korea. Thus, a Korean reporter asked Youngwoo a new question.

"Grid, do you plan to participate in the blacksmith production competition? As a legendary blacksmith, you will surely get a gold medal if you participate.”

The reporter wanted to show to the world that Korea could also get a gold medal. The international reporters read his intentions and stiffened.

"A gold medal doesn’t have the same value.”

"Winning a gold medal in a non-popular event isn’t a big story.”

“So what... Whether it is a gold medal in a popular or non-popular event, it still shows in the score. It looks like South Korea won’t leave completely empty.”

“No, that’s wrong as well. Have you seen the performance of the items made by the top ranking blacksmiths lately? There’s no guarantee that Grid can get a gold medal, even if he’s a legendary blacksmith.” 


The Korean reporter’s face reddened with shame as the reaction was different than what he thought. It was a fact that anyone knew, but most of the Korean people watching the press conference were angry at the insult.

Knowing this, Youngwoo abandoned his patience and revealed a bit of his true nature. He would give a thrill to the Korean citizens, as well as enhance the image of himself and Overgeared.

"If I participate in the blacksmith competition, isn’t this too unfair?”


It was natural for blacksmiths to participate in the blacksmith competition. But it was too unfair? Grid was extremely arrogant. Just because he was a legend, he assumed that all blacksmiths were below him. It was a higher assessment of himself than necessary.

In front of the frowning reporters, Youngwoo raised five fingers.

"This is the minimum number of gold medals South Korea will be able to win in this National Competition without me participating in the blacksmith tournament. Expect it."


Everyone was silent from the crazy nonsense.


[Grid, he declared that he will win at least 5 gold medals.]

[Grid won’t participate in the blacksmith competition. Can South Korea win a gold medal?]

[The importance of representatives... South Korea will suffer a great disgrace due to Grid’s arrogance.]

The media headlines of each country were dominated by Grid. On the other hand, there were only a few small articles about the 2nd ranked Zibal.

“Grid, this guy...”

Originally, he was supposed to be the main character of the press conference, but that changed due to Grid. His ego was badly hurt as he threw the newspapers to the side with a red face. Then he asked the young man with silver hair who was enjoying his tea.

"What do you think are the five events Grid is talking about?”

“Boss raid, target match and siege.”

“What? The team events?”

“And all other combat-related individual events.”


Lauel, the youth with silver hair drinking expensive black tea, just spoke ridiculous words. He was the chief of staff of Overgeared and Grid’s chief aide, the person closest to Grid. Still, he was from the United States.

"I knew that Grid was arrogant, but this... Does he really believe that he’s the strongest?”

No, Grid always thought he was lacking. That’s why it was scarier.

‘He’s someone who has already broken the sky above the sky.’

Lauel shook his head and explained.

"Grid said this based on his skills.”

“Ah, really?”

Zibal thought it was absurd.

"How can you evaluate Grid’s skills so highly? Now that the average stats of users are going up and the value of items is decreasing, why are you so obsessed with Grid, who has nothing except for items?”


Lauel burst out laughing and swept back his hair. He covered half of his face with one hand, his blue eyes peeking out from the gap in the fingers.

“This is why I don’t appreciate you, Zibal. Your zeal to judge people and circumstances based on prejudices just proves your limitations. The brightest moment for you is the present, not the future."

Zibal’s face turned completely red as he shook. He tried not to get angry at Lauel, who was disparaging him. Then Lauel spoke some shocking words.

"Tomorrow, in the target match, the US is looking for a silver medal.” 


It was natural that the US would win gold at team events. The US team’s overall ability was high when taking into consideration the average level, equipment, and skills of the participants. Yet they were looking at a silver medal?

Lauel continued to speak nonsense.

"When I pierce through the world with my eyes, the winner of the gold medal is South Korea.”


Zibal pounded on the table, standing up and glaring at Lauel.

"I know that you’re loyal to Grid... But keep in mind that your country is always your priority. You are Grid’s enemy in the National Competition. Don’t mislead your allies and encourage confusion with your words.”

"I will keep that in mind.”

Lauel laughed excitedly, like this was refreshing. Zibal hurriedly left this place. It was because he would crush Lauel’s pretty face if he stayed any longer.

And the next day. After the grand opening ceremony, which was much bigger than the 1st National Competition, the first scheduled event began. It was the target processing match. The rules were simple.

The S.A. Group designated 21 uninhabited islands for this National Competition. The representatives of 32 countries would be on the uninhabited island called ‘Tira.’ Each representative had to destroy small targets 5cm in diameter that were moving at a speed of 40m per second. Each target would give points, and the representatives could be attacked and logged out.

Destroying one target gave one point, and no additional points were gained by logging out another user. The country that earned a total of 400 points first would win.

『 Which country will be the first to win 400 points in this match? 』 


Hundreds of thousands of spectators cheered in the Stade de France National Stadium as the host raised the atmosphere. Among them, very few people were paying attention to South Korea.

Despite Grid’s declaration at the press conference, almost no one predicted that South Korea could win a medal at the team events.

But let’s go back to the situation from the beginning.



White flashes emerged from four golden hands shining brilliantly under the sun. At the same time as the signal to start the match, the small targets were destroyed. The speed was fast enough to be unmatched by other teams.

“Stop him!"

The bewildered representatives from all over the world surrounded Grid.

“Linked Kill Wave.”

Grid used his strongest skill while feeling thankful to the enemies coming at him all at once. The result? Silence filled the agitated Stade de France National Stadium.

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