Chapter 308

Chapter 308


The man who made Tallos scream with just one Magic Missile. The ID ‘Grid’ was above his head. Violet’s group and the reporters were extremely confused.

"Is that Grid?”

The first legendary class, Grid! How many people in this world didn’t know him? Except for children under six years old and elderly people over 80, most people had probably heard Grid’s name.

Violet’s group also knew about Grid. How he lived a hard life before obtaining a legendary class, how he absorbed the Tzedakah Guild, and so on. There wasn’t much that the rankers and reporters didn’t know about Grid.

That’s why the impact was larger.

‘How could Grid use a spell?’

He often used Fly. However, it was already analyzed that it was a magic that only showed up when he was wearing certain boots. Then what about now? They didn’t know why, but Grid wasn’t wearing a single item. He was wearing the basic clothes that were provided to everyone.

In other words, the Magic Missile he used a while ago wasn’t magic attached to an item, but a spell he used directly.

‘How can a blacksmith use magic...? Heok! D-Don't tell me?’

‘Perhaps! A second class!’

The mysterious Mongol was the first to earn a second class. Over a period of a year and a half, more than 100 people with second classes had appeared. They couldn’t rule out the possibility that Grid was one of them.

‘A legendary class and now a second class...!?’

‘This is a headline!’

The cameras of the excited reporters were focused solely on Grid. They had completely lose interest in Violet’s group.

‘This is...!’

Violet felt bad for many reasons. She invested millions of gold in this raid, reporters were filming this failure, and now Grid interfered? It was tiring and annoying. She threatened the reporters with legal action, then shouted to Grid.

“Grid! Don’t you know the basic etiquette? Intervening in an ongoing raid without permission, it is an act that deserves criticism!”

Violet was a woman, but she spoke like a man. In addition, her outward appearance was no different from a man. Her hair was short and she was wearing heavy armor with no embellishments. The complex about her physique was a large reason behind her neutral appearance.


Grid slowly descended from the collapsed ceiling. He looked down at Violet with a chilling gaze and smirked.

“You want to impose etiquette on someone superior to you?”


Violet’s face reddened. Speaking in this tone to someone he met for the first time? And he was superior? What a bunch of crap!

“It’s the first time I’ve seen such an arrogant expression!”

Grid was a legendary class, duke of a kingdom, and master of the Overgeared Guild. As a representative of all of them, he should be more careful with his remarks and behavior. Violet was extremely disappointed and embarrassed about these arrogant actions.

The same was true for Grid.

‘Braham you bastard...!’

Braham currently had control of Grid’s body. He was the one who just said those words.

“I didn’t say that!”

Grid shouted, but it only echoed in Braham’s brain. He was feeling frustrated while Braham approached Violet. Redness appeared on both of Violet’s cheeks.


Originally, Grid’s appearance was ordinary. His cool eyes and prideful attitude made him look not bad, but he couldn’t be called handsome. But now he was different. The white skin that was in harmony with the white hair, the sharp jaws, and the ruby eyes. The subtle difference highlighted his facial faces and brought Grid’s appearance to another level.

Even Violet’s heart started pounded, despite lacking confidence as a woman and building up a wall against the opposite sex. The reporters also realized that Grid’s appearance was different from normal.

‘What? How is he so handsome just from dying his hair?’

‘This is obviously...’

The puzzled reporters suddenly recalled something.

‘Plastic surgery!’

The reporters were convinced that Grid received plastic surgery, since South Korea was famous for it. But it was a misunderstanding. Grid didn’t get plastic surgery. He had no major complaints about his face, and was brave enough to endure it if he ever received a terrible injury.

If it wasn’t plastic surgery, how did Grid look like this? It was the aftermath of accepting Braham’s soul. Grid’s appearance was partially assimilated with Braham’s appearance. Just as women had the power of makeup and celebrities had lighting, Grid currently had the power of a soul.

"I am not the one being rude, you are. You should be thankful that I saved you, yet you dared speak to me in such a way.”

‘Wow, really arrogant.’

Violet’s group and the reporters all clicked their tongue at Grid’s arrogance. Violet was filled with anger. She wanted to apply for a PK duel with Grid right away. But her opponent was the leader of Overgeared. She didn’t know how her guild would suffer if she did.

Violet refused to talk to Grid anymore, but he didn’t mind. No, Braham liked it.

"Yes, lower your tail. It is your duty.”

'I'm screwed!'

Grid wanted to cry. He was scared about gaining a large number of anti-fans because of Braham.

‘I will be cursed in every Internet article about me!’

The number of fan club members would decrease and there would be a flood of personal attacks. In the worst case, people might curse his parents, like how Huroi normally spoke. As Grid was grieving, his body moved on its own. 

He ignored Violet’s group and faced Tallos.

“Where is Amoract’s soul hiding?”

During the time Grid wasted speaking to Violet, Tallos had restored his wounds.

"What is Amoract’s soul? Why are you asking me?”

"Magic Missile."



Tallos was appalled. It was because the Magic Missile used by the white haired person penetrated his chest once again.

‘How can this be?’

Tallos was a fourth advancement black magician and one of the 10 great magicians on the continent. Strong magic power was always surrounding his body, so weak spells couldn’t penetrate through it.

Now a Magic Missile pierced his chest. It was something that shouldn’t have happened.

"No way... What the hell is your identity?”

He tried to repair the wound while asking the question, but Grid once again launched a Magic Missile. Tallos was hit in the thigh and fell to his knees.

‘This is crazy!’

Tallos was about to go crazy. He was elected as the agent of Amoract, yet he was suffering because of Magic Missiles? He couldn’t accept it. Grid fired another Magic Missile at Tallos, who realized the seriousness of the situation.


Tallos screamed as his heart was pierced this time. He coughed up a large amount of blood, as Grid casually asked.

"Just answer my question. Where is Amoract’s soul hiding?”


Unlike what the world knew, Tallos wasn’t Yatan’s First Servant. The true First Servant was Amoract, the great demon of conflict. The only ones who knew this truth were the servants of Yatan.

Tallos questioned it.

‘What is his identity? How is he so strong, and how does he know about Amoract?’

Grid fired another Magic Missile at him after he didn’t answer.


Tallos fell after being hit. It was painful, but his shame was greater. He was one of the continent’s 10 great magicians! On the surface, he was Yatan’s First Servant! The dogs of the Dominion Church were watching as he was humiliated by Magic Missile! It was an absolute disgrace!

The incensed Tallos started to attack.

“I won’t forgive you...! Death Fear!”


The illusion of hundreds of evil spirits appeared behind Tallos, and a powerful shock wave occurred. The members of the Yatan Church, Violet’s group, and reporters from various national television stations. 

All of them felt terrible pain and panic under the influence of the magic that didn’t distinguish between friend or foe. They collapsed and their blood vessels turned black. But Grid was fine. Tallos was greatly confused, but he didn’t make a mistake and linked the next spell.

“Dark Rage!”

Kwa kwang!

Grid was hit by black magic power. It was a spell that could even penetrate the thick leather of a basilisk. Tallos smiled with satisfaction but was still alert. Magic was linked continuously and the ground around Grid was devastated as it burned with flames summoned from hell.

He used all his power. It was normal for Grid to be turned into ashes. However, he was fine.

"O-Only Shield...!”

The lowest level defense magic, Shield. It absorbed a certain amount of damage. This extremely simple and basic magic disabled four of his strongest black spells. Did he have trouble? No, it was simple!

“Does this make sense?”

20 years. Tallos had been playing the role of Amoract’s representative for that long. He always maintained his grandeur, but now he was suffering like this.

“You monster! I’m not a match for you, so kill me quickly!”

Grid’s attitude towards him didn’t change at all.

"Magic Missile."

"Kuaaaaak! Shit! Shit!! Kill me in one blow with Meteor!”

"Magic Missile."

“Kuheok! You cruel bastard!”

The First Servant of Yatan, killed by Magic Missile! If this rumor spread, he was concerned that the image of the Yatan Church would be severely damaged. Tallos hoped that the white haired man would kill him with higher level magic.

However, the white haired man continued to use Magic Missile, making Tallos go crazy. It didn’t take long for the strong mental power of the strongest black magician to succumb.

“P-Please... Please stop with Magic Missile...”

Tallos was begging. Grid stopped just as he was about to use Magic Missile again.

“Where is Amoract’s soul hiding?”

"L-Ludhadan Cave...”

Magic Missile was more effective than any mental spell. The stronger the opponent’s pride, the more they were affected. It was enough to open Tallos’ mouth, despite his deep loyalty to Amoract.

“Okay. I will take your trivial life in exchange for that answer.”

Tallos begged. He wasn’t begging for his life. He wanted something separate.

“P-Please kill me with advanced magic.”

He would be too embarrassed if he was killed with Magic Missile. Tallos didn’t want such a situation. Grid nodded at Tallos, who was desperately asking for advanced magic.


"This dog ㅅ...!"

Tallos’ curse didn’t last long. He was swallowed by flames that were as hot as hellfire and turned to ashes.

[You have defeated Amoract’s agent, Tallos.]

[2,620,090,770 experience has been acquired.]

[Your level has risen.]

[A Dark Rune has been acquired.]


Grid confirmed that Braham was still level 545 in the status window. This meant that Grid was the one who levelled up, not Braham.

‘S-Such profit...’

The Overgeared members would be shocked. Grid raised his level and received an unidentified rune just for accepting Braham’s soul! He was feeling thrilled by the unexpected gain when the reporters rushed towards him.

"Did you acquire a magician as a second class?”

“Why is your Magic Missile so powerful? That was Magic Missile, right?”

"Your shield’s defense was beyond imagination! How high is your magic power?”

"The fireball seemed like hellfire! What’s the secret behind this great skill?”

The reporters looked at him with envy. Their resentment towards Grid’s arrogant attitude disappeared.

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