Chapter 307

Chapter 307

A vast body of water. There was a flash of light over the endless sea and a man appeared.

Grid. As Braham’s soul occupied his body and immediately teleported to this place, he opened up the status window.

Name: Braham Eshwald (Grid)

Class: Great Magician

Title: Possessor of Great Knowledge

* The best intellectual of this time. The truth hasn’t been learned yet, so he is still obstinate. This pursuit of knowledge is very strong, sometimes acting as a poison.

* Intelligence will rise by 35%.

* There is a low probability of running wild.

Title: One who Became a Legend

* Abnormal conditions don’t work well on you.

* You won’t die when health is at the minimum.

* Easily acknowledged.

Title: ???

* ???

Level: 545

Health: 858,310/858,310 (Correction)

Mana: 13,964,000/13,965,000 (Correction)

Strength: 258    Stamina: 3,400

Agility: 1,009     Intelligence: 15,880

* In this human flesh, Braham Eshwald’s full strength can’t be drawn out. Most of his stats are sealed.

Every level up gave 10 stat points. In other words, it meant that the sum total of Braham’s stats at level 545 exceeded 20,000, which was beyond common sense. Of course, there were many ways to raise stats apart from levelling up, but even considering this, Braham’s stats were too unrealistic.

Grid’s total stats exceeded 14,000, but that was because he had a large variety of stats. Grid only had around 6,000 points in his combat related stats. It was ridiculously high, but it just seemed shabby in front of Braham.

‘It even says that Braham’s stats are sealed. What was his original strength?’ 

Considering his health and mana, Braham’s strength and stamina should be at least 10 times higher than it was now.


‘In this human flesh, Braham Eshwald’s full strength can’t be drawn out.’

This phrase really bothered him.

"You, are you not a human?”

[My appearance is no different from humans, and I have a finite life.]

‘...Does that mean he’s human?’

Humans were humans. No. If that was the case, answer simply instead of making it so complicated.

"So, where is this place?”

It was difficult to distinguish the sea from the sky. Grid was confused about whether his feet were in the sky or sea right now, or if he was standing upright or upside down. Braham laughed at him, who was struggling before the overwhelming majesty of nature.

[A legend feels awe at something like this?]

"Isn’t it natural for humans to feel smaller in front of nature?”

[A legend is transcendent. You shouldn’t think of yourself as a simple person. It is no different from making a wall around yourself.]

‘It is plausible.’

Originally, Grid was suspicious of Braham. Pagma was recorded as dying 100 years ago. On the other hand, Braham said that Pagma died 300 years ago, making him a liar and suspicious. But was it because Braham’s soul was now inside him? His suspicions and wariness towards Braham faded and he started to sympathize with the words.

[You should only beware those who can threaten you, and feel contempt towards the rest. That is the attitude of a legend.]

"Then do you fear caution as well?”

Grid sounded him out. Grid’s mouth smiled. It was Braham’s smile.

[I am beyond the boundaries of fear.]

“...Ah, I see.”

It was like this when they met a year and a half ago. Braham had high pride. He was already dead, but what would he have been like when alive?

"In any case, where is this place?”

Grid asked Braham again.

[The Red Sea]

Red Sea. It was the largest sea that separated the East Continent and West Continent. In the past thousands of years, both continents had poured a myriad of resources into crossing the sea, but they failed.

Only a few people succeeded in intercontinental movement. In the process, tens of thousands of victims were said to have shed blood here, turning the sea red.

[This is the center of the world. It is a source of infinite mana. That is where the worst creatures can exist deep in the sea.]

"You don’t have to explain every trivial detail.”

[Okay, I will get to the point. I can obtain something from here.]


Immediately after Braham’s meaningful remark, big waves occurred on the surface of the sea.


A tsunami occurred in a short amount of time. A thunderstorm occurred in the darkened sky, causing a shiver to go down Grid’s spine.

“What is this all of a sudden... Heok?’

The grumbling Grid suddenly realized it. The source of irritation that stirred the endless sky and sea. It was Braham. The notification windows proved this.

[Braham has used Spell Drain.]

[There is no target.]

[The target isn’t limited.]

[Magic power has been stolen from the atmosphere.]

[Magic power has been stolen from the sea.]

[Magic power has been stolen from the sun.]

[Your magic power has temporarily increased.]

[Your magic power has temporarily increased.]

[Your magic power has temporarily...]



‘This is ridiculous!’

Spell Drain. It was a magic that could steal a certain amount of magic power from the targeted user, monster, or NPC. It was a basic spell that any magician could learn, and the effects were insignificant.

Braham’s Spell Drain was showing a power that was beyond common sense. By designating the target as all of nature, the amplification rate of the magic power was unthinkable.

[This is enough.]

Braham stopped Spell Drain when his magic power was several times higher than before and used Teleport. Grid’s body disappeared again with the light.


The location of the Yatan Church’s main temple changed from time to time. There were many hostile forces, so they had to keep the location a secret. Since Satisfy opened, there wasn’t a single user who knew the location of the temple. Even the black magicians who were members of the church didn’t know the location of the main temple.

But today.

“I finally found it.”

The 1st ranked explorer, Skunk’s party succeeded in finding the Yatan Church’s main temple. It was truly a historic achievement.

"Isn’t it small and unimpressive? I thought it would be a nice place like the Rebecca Church’s Vatican.”

"The Vatican is unnecessarily big."

Eighth Canyon. The steep walls were in the shape of the number eight, and the temple was located on the outskirts of the canyon. At first glance, it was like a shabby temple in a rural village. However, the three pillars placed at the entrance of the temple looked exactly like those described in the book.

"Contact every guild and church. Sell this information at an expensive price.”

The Yatan Church had committed a lot of evils. There were many users with quests to subjugate the Yatan Church. Skunk’s party could become rich if they traded the information.

"Hao is offering 1.5 million gold.”

“That dog.”

“The Giant Guild is offering 1.8 million gold.”

“It is still lacking.”

"The Violet Guild is offering 2.35 million gold.

"Violet? Oh, the first paladin of the Dominion Church.”

Damian of the Rebecca Church, Toban of the Judar Church, and Violet of the Dominion Church. They were often called the three main paladins. Among them, Violet’s ranking was the lowest. However, it was rumored that her combat ability was the best. In the first place, it was natural that the Dominion Church’s paladins would be more specialized in battle than the paladins of other religions.

“2.53 million gold... It’s a little less than I expected.” 

Skunk made an ambiguous expression while his companions tried to persuade him.

"It has already been one year and eight months since the massive war between the allies and the Yatan Church started. But there are fewer people obsessed with the Yatan Church’s quest than I thought.”

"The Dominion Church is a religion that admires war.”

“I don’t think anyone will offer more than Violet. Make the deal with Violet.”

Skunk nodded.

"Hmm, okay. Instead, I have a condition.”

"What condition?" 

"She should come with reporters from at least 15 countries.”

Skunk’s party had found the Yatan Church’s main temple! Skunk was planning to increase the value of himself and his party by spreading this great news all over the world. The party members nodded.

Then three days later. Skunk’s party met up with Violet. Dozens of reporters filmed their meeting.

"The publicity is excellent.”

Skunk shrugged at Violet, who handed over the advance with a cynical smile.

"Don’t you want to spread the word that you are the one who shattered the Yatan Church’s main temple? Take them to the Yatan Temple and have then film you in action.”

"Our guild operates an internet broadcasting station. It is more profitable to spread the quest’s progress through the guild’s station rather than sell it to other broadcasters.”

“Ah, is that so? Then the reporters should go home alone.”

Violet paid the reporters for their work. Then she followed Skunk’s guidance and headed towards the main temple.

“Chase after them.”

The reporters weren’t going to miss this scoop. Unlike their promise to Violet, they secretly followed her group instead of leaving. The next day. The Violet Guild were able to reach the Yatan Church’s main temple, hidden in Eight Canyon.

“This is the place....”


Violet’s party members couldn’t hide their tension as they stood in front of the main temple. Tallos, the Yatan Church’s First Servant, was at the main temple. Could they really succeed in raiding him?

There were over 90 of them and their preparations were complete, but the information about Tallos was lacking. They only heard rumors that he was the strongest black magician.

Violet encouraged her uneasy troops.

“The class combination of our group is ideal, and there are four people who have third advancement classes. Our strength is enough to kill the First Servant, and then we will shatter the main temple of the Yatan Church.”

There was a reason for Violet’s confidence.

[Kill the First Servant of Yatan (SS+)]

It had been one year and eight months since she received this quest. Violet was only a first advancement paladin who hadn’t reached level 200 yet when she got it. Now she was a third advancement paladin.

Couldn’t she defeat Tallos, who was a named grade boss that she received at the time of the second advancement? Tallos’ level was likely to be lower than everyone expected. Violet made this positive analysis and her group entered the main temple, with the reporters following closely behind.

Then after a while. Violet’s group fell into misery.

"Look at these trivial things.”

Yatan’s First Servant, Tallos. His strength was beyond belief. As a fourth advancement black magician, he overwhelmed Violet’s group alone. Even his subordinates were third advancement black magicians.

Violet’s face distorted as she fell victim to a curse.

“This is crazy...!”

She would miserably fail the quest that she had for one year and eight months! Violet thought it was unfair. Her stomach cramped because she paid 2.35 million gold to Skunk and 300,000 gold on the preparations. She wanted to split apart the head of the alliance general who gave her this difficult quest at level 200.

On the other hand, the reporters were busy capturing this scene. They forgot about acting secretly so that they wouldn’t be seen by Violet.


‘A huge scoop!’

Yatan’s First Servant that was wrapped in a veil of mystery, Tallos! He was more than expected. The audience ratings would be huge the moment they showed the large scale group that included four third advancement users being overwhelmed. The reporters could get this year’s press award and special bonuses.

The moment that Violet’s group was feeling desperate.

"Magic Missile."

It was a basic spell that level 10 magicians who just started the game could learn. The weak spell pierced through the temple and struck Tallos’ chest.




What was wrong with him? Tallos, who hadn’t flinched despite being hit by the third advancement users, was screaming with pain. It was natural for all eyes to move in the direction that Magic Missile came from.

“A fake. Hey, where is Amoract’s soul hiding?”

The white haired man speaking in a haughty manner to Tallos. The people who identified him were astonished.

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