Chapter 306

Chapter 306

Braham Eshwald.

One of the nine direct descendants of Shizo Beriache. He was one of the cleverest in the clan, and one day he had a deep question.

‘God Yatan gave us the Curse of Idleness because of our strength and ambition, but why?’

God Yatan had a destructive desire. He wished to bring destruction to all the beings blessed by the goddess of light, Rebecca. Absolute strength and cruelty was necessary to accomplish this desire, and the right species was the vampires.

Vampires were powerful and could achieve God Yatan’s wish. So why seal their power with the Curse of Idleness? He couldn’t understand it.


'Why wasn’t any prohibition placed on the great demons?’

It stunk.  Braham smelled something nasty and started to explore deeper into the gods. Then after 483 years, he discovered a fact. God Yatan’s destructive instinct only activated in a certain cycle.

‘Once human desires reaches the peak, chaos will come to the world.’

In other words, it happened when Goddess Rebecca could no longer control the world. Only then would God Yatan’s destructive instincts be exercised.

'God Yatan will emerge to destroy the world, then Goddess Rebecca will once again create a new world.’

Yatan and Rebecca. The two opposing gods on the surface were actually cooperating with each other.

“Kukuk... We’re just playthings in the hands of the gods.”

Even now, the creatures of Yatan and Rebecca were hating and slaughtering each other. It was originally designed like this. Yatan and Rebecca were actually in a relationship to maintain the balance of this world?

Braham felt a great sense of betrayal. His infinite reverence for Yatan vanished. He suddenly realized the reason why Shizo Beriache, originally one of the great demons, was expelled from hell into the human world.

‘Mother was like me.’

The clever Beriache would’ve known about the reality of Yatan. She questioned him and was cursed with the Curse of Idleness, as well as being expelled from hell.

‘What about the other great demons?’

Did they know the truth, or were they just obedient puppets?

‘No matter what.’

There was only one thing Braham wanted.

‘I will overcome the Curse of Idleness.’

Shizo Beriache was a great demon of predation. The vampires who inherited her blood also had the same tendencies. Among them, Braham wanted to eat knowledge. However, due to the Curse of Idleness, he slept most of the day and it was almost impossible.

‘There is deep meaning in the great god’s curse.’

He must’ve cursed us to restrain our appetites. But what was the reality?

‘There is no god in the first place.’

Yatan. In other words, the omnipotent entity they thought of as a god didn’t exist. He was a passive machine that existed just for the providence of the world. There was no reason to serve it or endure the current trials.

'Yatan, I will overcome the curse you laid on us and will be faithful to my instincts.’

He would accumulate knowledge and become a perfect existence! On that day, Braham pledged to explore all the disciplines and magic of the world. Over hundreds of years, he built up his knowledge and devoted himself to magic research by using all types of species as his test subjects. Among them were his clan members.

And this was the beginning of the worst situation.


“Braham! I’ll kill you!”

A vampire was crying while hugging his lover’s dead body. It was Elfin Stone, the 9th child of Shizo Beriache.

“Leah, you dare do to her...! Leah!!!”

Elfin Stone was enraged that his lover was the victim of the research. Braham asked him, “Brother, do you fail to understand my inquiring mind even until the end? Don’t you wonder about the source of my inquisitiveness?”

"I don’t understand! How can I understand your strange behavior when studying magic, to the point of even sacrificing your clan members? You’re just crazy!”

"...You’re saying this as well?”

He blamed the Curse of Idleness. They didn’t question anything. They found everything annoying and only coped with the things in front of them.

“There is no value for our clan.”

Braham confirmed it.

"Brethren, listen to me. You’re worse than the humans you treat as livestock. You have no right to grab at my ankles.”

"Stop talking such sophistry!”

Elfin Stone used Blood Field and summoned Iyarugt to attack Braham. But he wasn’t his match from the beginning. Braham was a duke while Elfin Stone was just an earl, so the difference was clear.

“Dammit...! Dammit! Brahammmm!”


The sight of the screaming and bleeding Elfin was sad and funny. Even as Elfin Stone was about to be killed by the enemy, he couldn’t endure the drowsiness and his eyes were closing.


A woman appeared in front of the laughing Braham. Shizo Beriache.


Braham was shaken. Beriache had been sleeping for hundreds of years after being directly cursed by Yatan, so why was she awake at this time?

‘She should’ve woken up in 50 years.’

Braham was confused when he suddenly felt something strange from Beriache.

‘I can’t feel her vitality.’

Beriache was dying. Why? She should have eternal life.

‘That girl...!’

Braham belatedly noticed the girl standing next to Beriache. It was a black-haired girl who looked exactly like Beriache.

"Is this my 10th sibling?”

Braham’s expression distorted. The magic power coming from the girl was far beyond Beriache’s power.

“Mother! You gave birth to a being beyond yourself!”

"...You broke the taboo that the clan members shouldn’t be harmed, no matter what.”

"Mother, that...”

Braham tried to explain, but closed his mouth. He knew that his actions of sacrificing his clan members for his greed wouldn’t be forgiven. Beriache looked at him with hatred.

“I have loved you more than anyone.”


Tears appeared in Braham’s eyes. It was because Beriache, who should be enjoying eternal life, now had wrinkles on her neck. All of this was due to that girl! Braham struck at at his new sibling. And he failed to hit the girl, Marie Rose.

"Excuse me for doing this from the beginning.”


The power of Marie Rose was absolute. Despite being a newborn, she defeated Braham who was the strongest of the clan.



Braham groaned angrily as he grabbed his injured wrist. Beriache’s hate-filled gaze didn’t leave him. She was merciless.

"I have warned all of you that our clan has a craving for predation, so an unimaginable situation will occur if we hurt each other. You have killed many clan members while I was sleeping, and now you want to harm your sibling in front of me? I will punish you to set an example!”


Braham’s expression twisted. Marie Rose’s little fangs bit his neck and all the blood in his system was sucked out, causing unimaginable pain. On this day, Braham lost his eternal life. He was banished from the clan.

After 100 years.

Braham concealed himself as a human while studying magic and succeeded in overcoming the Curse of Idleness. But now he had a finite life. He needed to regain eternal life in order to eat more knowledge.

Braham started to explore immortality magic, and in the process, he gained the title of great magician. In the end, he couldn’t complete the magic of eternal life. But there was no need to feel despair. It was the next best thing, but he completed the resurrection magic.


Braham finished recalling the past and returned to reality. He stood in front of the human called Grid.

[I asked you to make me the Vessel of the Soul. Then I will be resurrected. I will be able to repeat this resurrection several times in the future. But you said that you can’t create the Vessel of the Soul because you can’t receive God Yatan’s blessing?]

“Yes. It’s impossible, since I have a hostile relationship with the Yatan Church."

Braham begged Grid.

[If so, please give me permission to possess your body.] 

"Possess... What?”

Grid doubted his ears. Possession! It meant that a ghost would be inside his body! Wasn’t this the material of a third-rate horror movie?

“W-What if I don’t want to?”

Grid disliked supernatural phenomena. Braham tried to persuade him.

[There is no need to worry about your body. The only thing I will do is fly to the Yatan Church to receive Yatan’s blessing.]

“Will it be that easy?”

Grid asked suspiciously, but Braham answered without hesitation.

[I can smash the Yatan Church, even if I was occupying the body of a five year old child.]

Indeed, this was the confidence of a legendary great magician who survived fighting against the dragon Trauka.

[I will give you all the pavranium I possess if you let me borrow your body for half a day. In addition, I will teach you one spell.]

"Why does an already dead person want to be resurrected?”

Braham’s answer was simple and concise.

[I want to explore all the knowledge that exists in this world. I will become immortal!]

Then a notification window popped up in front of Grid.

[The Second Class Quest: [Great Magician’s Resurrection has been updated.]

[Great Magician’s Resurrection]

Great Magician Braham is insatiable. He has no intention of stopping his search for knowledge.

It is part of his natural instincts, so he can’t be condemned.

Quest Clear Conditions: Accept Braham’s soul and make a Vessel of the Soul out of the pavranium that has been blessed by God Yatan.

Quest Clear Reward: Learn a magic spell. Acquire all the pavranium scattered throughout the continent. 

‘The total number of pavranium was 28.’

Out of that number, Grid currently owned 11 pavranium.

‘I need at least 18 pieces of pavranium to perfectly reproduce Lifael’s Spear.’

If he obtained all the pavranium, he would have 10 pieces remaining, even if he made Lifael’s Spear. No, he didn’t need to cling to Lifael’s Spear. He should be able to create an even better item if he took advantage of all 28 pavranium. But the reward of the magic spell attracted Grid more than the pavranium.

‘Can I really learn magic as a blacksmith?’

It might be only one spell, but it was a spell taught by a great magician. Obviously the spell would be terrific. The thrilled Grid accepted the changed quest without hesitation.

“Okay! I will accept your request!”

At the same time.

[An excellent choice!]

Braham’s soul fragment shouted and flew towards Grid.

[Braham is trying to enter your body. Would you like to accept?]

"Of course!"

At the same time, Grid’s body was surrounded by light.

[You have accepted the soul of the great magician, Braham.]

[Your class will be changed from Pagma’s Descendant to Great Magician.]

[From now on, your body will move according to Braham’s will.]


The party members watching the situation let out impressed sounds. It was because Grid’s status window was amazing after he accepted Braham’s soul.

Grid (Great Magician)

Lv. 545

Health: 858,310

Mana: 13,965,000

The party information window didn’t show detailed information such as attack power, magic power, defense, skills list, etc. However, they could guess it based on the level, health and mana. The white-haired, red-eyed Grid spoke to the open mouthed party members.

"I am thankful to everybody. The securing of the pavranium is now meaningless, so return to Reidan first.”


Grid’s body disappeared with the light.

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