Chapter 309

Chapter 309

"The Violet Guild is famous for their excellent raid skills. A month ago, they raided the Rotten Horned Rayon. They couldn’t compete with Tallos’ strength, but you succeeded with just Magic Missile and Fireball. Please give us an explanation.”

The questions of the excited reporters continued. Grid was troubled because some of the questions were are sharp as knives.

‘Rumors might spread that I am a bugged user, or that the S.A. Group is supporting me from the rear.’

Based on the experience he gained, Tallos was far more powerful than Pascal. It was impossible for a user to kill him alone, especially with just basic magic. Grid was troubled by the suspicious reporters.

“I don’t think you understand me.”

Braham borrowed Grid’s mouth and started to chatter.

“I am a legend. I am omnipotent. Trivial beings like you can never imagine, let alone understand me. It is normal.”


The reporters were shocked. At this moment, Grid was beyond arrogance...


He was calling himself omnipotent with a serious expression? It was also in front of dozens of cameras! Grid wanted to curl his hands in shame.

‘How embarrassing.’

Grid used to be a chuunibyou. But at the age of 27, Grid met the chuunibyou Lauel and was able to overcome it. Therefore, the 28 year old Grid had a stigma towards being called a chuunibyou.

'Braham, please act more moderately for me!’

He was thankful for gaining a level, but that was it. He didn’t know how to get rid of the mess that Braham had entangled him in. As Grid was feeling troubled, Braham used Teleport and left the reporters behind.


“13 minutes ago in real time, the guild master of Overgeared, Grid, destroyed the First Servant of Yatan with Magic Missiles and Fireball.” 

"Tallos, Yatan’s First Servant, is a fourth advancement black magician, and even Violet’s group failed in the raid. Grid killed him with basic magic, so his strength is beyond common sense...”

“People all over the world are raising suspicions that Grid is a bugged player. The S.A. Group has issued an official position that this isn’t the case. However, the suspicions of users isn’t fading. There’s a conspiracy theory that there is some type of deal between Grid and the S.A. Group.” 

The international media covered the Grid incident. Of course, the public opinion wasn’t good. Most people were suspicious of Grid’s overwhelming strength. There was a lot of speculation on SNS.

Then the experts from various fields stabilized public opinion.

"Grid is likely doing a story-driven quest.”

"Story-driven quest? Ah, you are talking about the ‘Bring Chocolate to the Mother Wolf’ type of quest?

"Correct. A typical quest that occurs only when the user meets certain conditions. A story-driven quest is often to ‘experience something.’ A typical example is ‘Bring Chocolate to the Mother Wolf’ quest that most of us would’ve experienced in the early days.” 

Bring chocolate to the mother wolf. It was a quest acquired at level 8. The user who accepted the quest wouldn’t be able to control their body, as they turned into a young wolf and brought chocolate to the mother wolf. The user’s role was just to observe the story of the wolf and appreciate it.

“Grid’s appearance and tone are different from usual. The fact that he also easily handled a named boss is proof that it isn’t Grid. It is likely that he is experiencing something very special.”

“That’s right. However, who is that special being?”

South Korea, the United States, France, Canada, Russia, China, Japan and so on. The international experts came up with a common thought.

“Braham Eshwald.”

“The legendary great magician.”

After that, the portal sites around the world became dominated by articles about Grid.

[The legendary blacksmith, Grid! He is experiencing what is it like to be a legendary great magician!]

[Is a great magician the second class that Grid will acquire?]

[The arrogance of a talented and handsome man is charming? Women all over the world are raving over the white haired Grid!]

[Grid’s arrogant way of talking is trending on SNS... It’s likely to become a social problem.]

[The popularity of Grid in Japan, the origin of chuunibyou, is huge! Is this the advent of the 5th Korean wave?]

[The number of Grid’s fan club members have doubled in 3 hours... The advertisements are soaring.]


‘It would’ve become a mess by now.’

Grid sighed. He was afraid of the aftermath of Braham’s words.

‘I saw the reporters’ faces. Their reactions were disgust.’

He could easily imagine how they would write the articles. Grid chuunibyou, Grid is arrogant, Grid is bugged, Grid is crazy, and so on. All types of malicious articles would spread on the Internet, and he would gain millions of anti-fans.

‘I am probably taking over the real time search words...’

He was afraid to log out. Knowing his bad luck, he might be chased around the streets.

'Should I hire bodyguards?’

How long would his suffering last? Grid had no idea of the actual situation and was feeling frustration, while Braham scoffed as he moved through the Ludhadan Cave.

'Amoract, you are as careful as Mother said.’

The level of the veil placed over the cave was considerable.

‘But it isn’t at a level to mislead me.’

Grid asked as Braham moved deeper into the cave without hesitation.

"By the way, who is Amoract?”

Why did he need to hide himself behind a representative? Braham’s answer was simple and concise.

"The great demon of conflict.”

“Great demon...! The First Servant of Yatan is a great demon?”

Grid was completely shocked by the unexpected answer.

“Surely you don’t mean to fight a great demon right now?”

“The Amoract here isn’t in a perfect state. It’s just a part of Amoract’s soul, so there’s no need to feel scared. A soul fragment is helpless against me.”

A great demon wasn’t his opponent. It was like he was declaring that a great demon wasn’t tough.


The deepest part of the dark cave. There was a white soul floating above an altar in the center of a large space.

[You came.]

The soul greeted Braham. The response was as if it had been waiting for Braham. Braham borrowed Grid’s mouth and said.

"Amoract, you were aware that I would look for you.”

[Of course. I know you need the blessing of the gods to get rid of your mortality.]

"If my guess is correct, you’re going to listen to my demands?”

[That’s right.]

"Kukukuk, Marie Rose must be pretty annoying to Yatan.” 

‘Marie Rose?’

It was a familiar name to Grid. A vampire duke who showed absolute dignity. A chill went down Grid’s spine as he recalled her existence.

‘If she’s somewhere in the vampire cities...’

It would’ve been impossible to obtain all the pavranium. It was fortunate that he accepted Braham’s soul to complete the quest.

[God Yatan favors you, regardless of Marie Rose. Always remember this.]

"He isn’t a god.” 

[...Be careful with your mouth.]

Amoract’s sweet voice hardened. It was a level of intimidation that made Grid’s chest tighten. However, Braham wasn’t agitated at all.

"Shouldn’t you step foot on this land before trying to intimidate me?”

[It isn’t about intimidation, but manners.]

"I won’t show courtesy to Yatan. I don’t serve him anymore.”


Did this mean Braham once served Yatan? Grid had doubts, but it wasn’t a question that could be resolved at this time. Braham ordered Grid.

"Take out the pavranium.”

[You have temporarily gained control of your body.]

The notification window popped up and Grid regained his freedom.

‘Now I got a little taste.’

It wasn’t pleasant to give up control of his body to others. Grid felt peace of mind as he summoned Lifael’s Spear. Then Braham commanded Amoract.

"Now give it Yatan’s blessing.”

[I don’t like it but... Okay. This is the will of God Yatan.]

Amoract’s white soul grew bigger and bigger. Then after a short period of time, a dark beam fell from the ceiling.


Lifae’s Spear was struck by the dark light and shook. Then the notification windows were updated.

[God Yatan’s blessing has fallen on the pavranium.]

[Pavranium has gained the ability to increase magic power.]

Goddess Rebecca’s blessing boosted recovery speed, God Dominion’s blessing increased attack power and God Judar’s blessing increased defense. These blessings were always applied to Grid, who was the owner of the pavranium.

Grid had been expecting a lot from God Yatan’s blessing. However, the magic power buff was disappointing. Magic power wasn’t very important since Grid couldn’t just magic.

‘No, no.’

Given that he would learn one spell from Braham, it wasn’t so bad that his magic power increased. Grid thought about it positively, while Braham was feeling thrilled. Their souls were assimilated so Grid could feel his intense joy.

“Finally...! The time has finally come!”

The resurrection that he had been desiring for hundreds of years. The excited Braham shouted.

“Now Pagma's Descendant! Make the Vessel of the Soul!”


Braham’s dubious elements weren’t important to Grid right now. Grid just wanted the enormous rewards from Braham.

Ttang! Ttang!

Grid stripped a small amount of pavranium from Lifael’s Spear and made a small bowl. It was a bowl that seemed somewhat rough, but the craftsmanship of the maker could be seen.

“Kukukuk! Kuahahaha!"

Braham’s soul left Grid’s body and moved to the Vessel of the Soul.

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